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  1. I used to sail the shallows in SSU many moons ago, have been in Sweden for a long time (just got going again before the wipes) if you are sailing about in the Bahamas in mercs (or whatever the latest must use ship is) then I would live to tag along if you have the space

    1. Teutonic


      Hey Ci'Ki.

      We regularly sail in the shallows when we can and have plans to continue there.

      We also like to do group activities. If you're on in the US evenings give a shout to me or @Velhelm Von Marrius and we will get you going :).

  2. I had a lot of redeemables, I wish I had collected and used them at the time but I left them in case they carried over. However they are all lost in the wipes, the only thing I kept was my crafting rank and captain level.
  3. I have not been in this game for a very long time, I can recall when the Pirates left to go fight France for deep ports and ignored the shallows from Pitts to Green Turtle. Those clans that went their had successes but in the end either rerolled or left. The Pirates that remained in the shallows were pushed back by the US, mostly from a clan called USS. There were a few die hard players but Pirate moral had taken a hit and some of the most vocal of its members called USS a zerg fleet. However as you point out about Black the truth was not the same as the belief, USS was a fist full of half decent players that worked hard. USS had its fair share of issues culminating in about 8 members jumping over and going Pirate, they formed the SSU. The few made a difference in the moral of the pirates and they pushed the US back and then started to take other areas. SSU didn't really have any structure to it, everyone was a leader or no one was. SSU fought with anyone that needed numbers and could be counted on. They were not the best individual pvper's but they worked well as a team. They went to the EU server to fight for the Swedish who were good but small, but they I think they burnt out and drifted away. I think Curse and DC and a couple of other Pirate clans were emerging at that time as clans that could get fleets together and get stuff done, but what happened then no idea as I had stopped in April 2016. Just popped back to have a look an see how the game was.
  4. Curse, now I wish I had redeemed the other ships, I wondered if I would get to keep them if I didn't claim them
  5. Way back when i started it was Dickbeard until he quit (i was US then and he was a Pirate) later it was USS clan, now after a long break no one as most of those people seem to have gone In game -The Exile
  6. really, seems to me you want an extra redeemable ship for all the work you have put in...................begging for more than you were already promised
  7. no, there will be an asset wipe and a map wipe, this is an alpha, you bought it as an alpha, they have been very clear about what you will keep. Stop begging for more, you wont get it. If you didn't want to lose the work them perhaps you should not have invested the time in the game until it was released
  8. First day in this war for me on pvp 1 , have to say was a decent morning of fighting with my new allies and enemys
  9. Before then there is going to be an asset wipe. So moving then will cost nothing. So I will start again just like everyone else
  10. or not, you knew the cost of moving from pvp2 to pvp1 at this time so stop begging and suck it up
  11. Aww and the pirates on PVP2 also took cayo biscayno tonight too, that is spooky
  12. dammit you frence are mean, can't believe you didn't spare my Renommee when i asked so nicely. it took me ages get over the emotional trauma of losing a whole durability
  13. Perhaps the time has come for everyone to consider a re roll onto pvp 1. Tho whether we should keep our nations as the are is another thing. We can leave this server for the pve fleet grinders that like to feel there is a little risk on a pvp server. Spain on pvp 1 could use a few good players
  14. Who are you and what have you done with mr Roberts
  15. It is surprising what impact a few can have both to the nation they join and the one they leave.
  16. i thought 30 went british.
  17. so would you be willing to throw out some pardons then, as a curiosity
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