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  1. That "To Battle" one. Daaaayum. I hope Game-Labs decides to pay you for that.
  2. I've asked this before, I know, but I didn't get an answer: When is the next poll, anyway?
  3. I agree with Laik and Brigand. We don't need players having the "you have a X stat of less than Y; FU noob" attitude. If the devs want to add a whole bunch of stats, that's fine to me (although I find a lot of them to be pretty pointless, myself), but make them private. The only people who I think maybe should be able to view another person's stats should be clan/guild leaders and recruiters, since the competitive clans will want to recruit the statistically best players available. Also, about global leaderboards, which some games seem to like to implement: Forget 'em, IMO. The only use I can think of for them would be boards to show like the 15 players with the highest bounties on their heads that have been recently spotted around whatever port or island or area of land that you're docked at. Otherwise, they seem like a pointless waste of time and UI, if you ask me.
  4. I really doubt that that sort of thing is likely to appear ingame. Although, I wouldn't mind if it did.
  5. Holy crap. That's a lot.
  6. For the record, my support, too, lies with the proposal(s) made by Akd, Brigand, and Wind. Their ideas for improving those suggested by the OP make the whole system seem more thorough and "down to earth", in my opinion.
  7. Looks like a pretty place to woo a lady, if you ask me. Standing together on a balcony of a big ship like that, looking across the water, et cetera...
  8. The best in-general historical movie I've seen that I can think of right now (I watch a lot of movies and shows, so I've probably forgotten something good) is Apollo 13, which is downright excellent, IMO. The best historical movie/show set in the Age of Sail era that I've seen is the Hornblower TV series with Ioan Gruffudd. I've been watching those episodes on YouTube lately and falling in love with them again, having not seen them in quite a while until recently.
  9. The little 20-something gun one in the second drawing from the top is a beauty.
  10. You probably should list the Ocean-class ship in the OP, btw.
  11. I thought The Tonnant-class and Bucentaure-class ships had 80 guns?
  12. Arvenski

    Ship Classes

    Thank you, Wind. This thread is a great thing to have around.
  13. Ooh, I think I like the looks of her more than I like what I've seen of Christian VII.
  14. Will these be getting introduced with Damage Model 4.0, or will they come at a different time?
  15. The only thing I'd recommend changing would be some of the links in the Excel file, specifically the links to threads containing multiple ships, like the 2nd Rate thread. I noticed that you posted the links to the pages that the ships in those kind of threads were mentioned on, but since Goodness knows how many ships can be posted in a single page, I'd recommend posting links to the individual posts where the ships are mentioned. So, instead of this, for HMS Atlas... http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/2425-ship-request-2nd-rate/ Your link would be like this: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/2425-ship-request-2nd-rate/#entry49976
  16. Hmm, a nice, early American 36. I wouldn't mind seeing that in-game.
  17. Ignorant assumption here, but wouldn't the flat inward-facing sides of those double hulls have created tons of resistance whenever you tried to turn the ship? It just seems like a poor design.
  18. How the heck are we supposed to pick three ships (judging by how the last poll worked) from amongst all that? Edit: Btw, I'm curious, how often are these polls run?
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