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  1. Hmm. She might do as a merchantman in game, I suppose.
  2. Might be a nice light merchantman in-game. Something smaller than an Indiaman, but still usable for trading. Not much good in a fight, though, so you'd better have a friend with a corvette or a frigate sailing with you in case you get jumped.
  3. @Maturin: While pointing out something before it can potentially become an issue is good, I don't think there's a lot of sense in panicking right now. I mean, if the Leander's introduction into the game would prove to be truly game-breaking, perhaps the devs will have the sense not to introduce it.
  4. Less cool, once you noticed how faked it is. I mean, sure, they'd probably risk damaging the ship if they actually tried to fire one of those cannons (nevermind a whole side of them), I get that. But smoke launchers clamped on the ends of the cannon barrels combined with more launchers out of sight in the dock framework (to make the smoke cloud thicker) seems a little cheesy, if you ask me. Plus, the smoke coming from the launchers in the dock framework is unrealistic and isn't simulating anything; it's just there to make things look cooler. Plus, they didn't even bother with the lowest gun deck. eh/10.
  5. I like it. Normally I don't like flush-deckers, but there's something about this one that I find attractive...
  6. Yeah, but the British gave their ships inspiring names like Indefatigable, Renown, Victory, etc; the French gave their ships, well, various names that sound very French ( ); the Spanish used a bunch of religion-based names afaik; and most of what the Danish could come up with for a ship name was one of two names followed by a number? lol
  7. Judas Priest. Did the Danish ever try using some variety in regards to ship names? lol
  8. Does anyone know where I should look for the plans for the French 110-gun 1st Rate Bretagne (1766) (she was later renamed Révolutionnaire)? I was going to make a thread for her, but I haven't been able to find the plans. Here's a picture of a model of her, if anyone's interested:
  9. I'm just going to bump this question, since I believe it got buried by a debate the last time I asked it. lol
  10. "But that won't happen in this game." You've no way of knowing that. "Even amongst pugs, it is a team match that requires team coordination on a micro level and so anyone worth their salt will be on TS or have a hard time finding a good group." In clans, yes, I imagine a lot of people will be on TS. In random encounters in the open world, like those "fleet escort" missions the devs have talked about? No, that won't be the case. They'll be using text chat, and if it is possible for people to view each others' stats, inevitably there will be people in these random encounters who start calling each other noobs and so on and so forth because of their stats. "Also, you will get to know a lot of people in a game like this unlike WoT where you will not know anyone 90% of the time." Right now, yeah, you see the same people a lot, because the community is small and the game is small. When the game is fully released and there are tons of people who play the game? No. You'll probably be seeing random, unknown strangers a lot of the time.
  11. @Grim: You think of doing your duty to France, and of using your stats to see how successful you are at that. Others, I fear, will think only of their own bragging rights ("e-peen" I believe is the correct term) in regards to stats.
  12. Oh, I forgot Schindler's List. Lincoln, too. That's a great movie.
  13. That's a cool looking ship. Except for in the last picture, though; that's a pretty sad sight.
  14. Somebody's signature has a quote from Admin that says that they plan to implement rolling broadsides at some point...
  15. I remember seeing that video in another thread. I think the other ship was HMS Trincomalee's sister ship, or something like that. Edit: No, wait, I think that was HMS Trincomalee, when she was known as Foudroyant.
  16. Just try to make sure that your home doesn't end up being a mud beach in Samana Bay... (That's a reference to the book Lieutenant Hornblower, btw, for those who don't get it.)
  17. What the hell? Points 2 and 3 are actually contradictory to point 1. You say "stat grinding must be avoided," and then you suggest adding winrate (one of the most heavily-ground stats in WoT, for example, and one that players love to use to insult each other) and a kill counter (which encourages kill-stealing and the like, and is also a very grindable stat). Not only that, but you say that these should be made public. I... I just... what?
  18. Out of curiosity, how effective were those howitzers, compared to standard cannons or carronades of the same caliber? I barely know anything about the howitzers of that time; they seem to me like an odd choice of weapon in this case. What was it about them that made them preferable, in this instance, to just carrying 6 more cannons or carronades?
  19. *Wikipedia search* The Suffren-class ships look like three-deckers to me, judging by this model... And the Hercule-class ships were kinda late for this game, as far as I know. (Sorry for probably bringing up the timeline debate again, but 1836 sounds a bit late for this game, from what I've read on here.) Besides, they both have that late flush-deck design, which I find pretty ugly.
  20. I think 3rd Rates are my favorite types of SoLs, so the more of them, the better, IMO. I'd especially like to see a Tonnant-class and/or a Bucentaure-class ship in-game, just because they're the most heavily armed (number of guns-wise) two-deckers that I know of.
  21. Some of those, like the fishing ships, merchants, and troop transports, would be good for clans/guilds to have. They'd need an armed escort (to keep from getting blown clear out of the water) which could be provided by other clan members, and their missions (fishing, trading, transporting troops) could help the clan gain money or standing.
  22. That sounds excellent. And it covers a lot of the potential hurdles, too: historical accuracy is dealt with by offering historical/semi-historical awards; stat-grinding is largely dealt with by the unknown requirements; and the '"FU noob"' mentality might also be dealt with, because winning those awards would be a result of luck, daring, and personal playstyle than raw statistics. And you should create a separate thread for this; it deserves more attention, IMO.
  23. Now this is a very good idea. Simple and effective, with no room for the crappy player mentalities that can come about as a result of competitive statistics. Have my +1.
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