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  1. Okay, a single line on a Wikipedia page says Ambiteux carried 96 guns. Of course, that's Wikipedia, so it could be wrong. Also, here's Le Rivoli:
  2. Some other pictures: Le Ambiteux: I presume she's got about 80 guns or so. Does anyone have any specs for her? I haven't found any yet.
  3. Wow, not much love for the Dons in the poll. I wasn't expecting that.
  4. So you have teammates with low durability. So what? Have them use their repair kits or go into a port and repair, and go on as normal. Hell, as I understand your suggestion, you'd have to go into port anyway to do this ship-merging, so why not just get your ship repaired while you're there? No ship-merging necessary. With just repairs, the result (replenished durability) is the same, and there isn't a very weird mechanic (this ship-merging crap) in the game that has to be explained somehow.
  5. The way I read the part about durability and captured ships was, when you first capture a ship, it only has 1 durability point because it's been battered to bits in the fighting, but you can repair it (the same as any other vessel with low durability) and get it back to 5 durability points. I presume the only things that are permanently lost when a ship is captured are the officer slots/upgrade slots/hidden traits. However, just to be clear, this was just how I read it. I may be wrong. There might be less confusion, btw, if the OP was a bit clearer on certain subjects.
  6. That's true. I guess what I was trying to say was, being damaged shouldn't make you feel safer; it should make you fear for your life even more than usual. It should mean that if you're not careful, you could end up being fresh meat for any barracuda who's brave enough to try and take a bite.
  7. I can't say I like that. A lot of what makes an open world interesting is that you can run into enemies at any time, and often when it's not your idea. This includes times when you're not in a fit state for battle against the opponents you encounter. That means you've either got to do your best to fight them off, or run like hell for safely. Things aren't always going to happen on terms favorable to you. Not only is this realistic, but I believe it improves gameplay and immersion as well. Also, Admin already mentioned in the OP that a battle between ships of two nations will bring all nearby ships of those nations into the fight, anyway, so damaged ships might not be at risk of "battle campers" who sit on the world map right near a battle and wait to ambush the survivors, as much as random other ships who they encounter while trying to limp back to port. Also, chasing down and attacking damaged ships could be a very useful role for frigates to play. Suppose there's a big SoL battle, and afterwords, the survivors split up and try to limp back to friendly ports. This is where frigates could be very useful. Fast and maneuverable, they could come in like wolves hunting a bear. One or two frigates each could take on a lone, damaged SoL. The SoLs would still be dangerous, but the frigates could outmaneuver them and focus fire on their weakpoints, while perhaps staying on the side of the SoL that has the fewest working guns. Etc. Etc. That's just an example that came to mind. However, if the damaged SoLs stayed close enough to protect each other, the frigates might be unable to mount such attacks. You see what I'm saying, I hope, in that having damaged ships be as vulnerable to attack (more vulnerable, even, if their sails and masts are damaged and they can't sail away as quickly) as anyone else adds another level of tactics and such to the game.
  8. Pardon me, but am I the only one who isn't overly worried about premium ships? Sure, if you have a premium ship, you won't have to worry about losing it permanently, but if someone blasts you full of holes then you've still got to pay the piper (aka the repair bill) in port. It doesn't sound like having a premium ship will mean having a licence to sail around and attack everything in sight without giving a damn. You can still be boarded or sunk; you just won't have the risk of losing your ship permanently when that happens.
  9. Suppose I'm in a frigate, and I capture a sloop or other inferior ship that I don't want to use for myself. Can I just have it exchanged for prize money, instead of adding it to my roster of ships that own? Also, about "battle rating" and trolling: I'm not sure an anti-trolling system such as that is a good idea; it'll just make things more complicated than necessary, and could possibly get in the way of legitimate gameplay. Suppose a very good player in a small ship wants to attack a big ship and see if he's good enough to win, but the big ship can just decline battle and run. That's not exactly fair... Food for thought.
  10. Sounds fine to me. Hopefully by the time this game is available for sale again, I'll have a pretty powerful PC to play it on, as well.
  11. "Some ships might get delayed by storms." - the blog on the Naval Action website. Also, the offical first day of spring (spring equinox) was only 6 days ago, so I wouldn't say we were anywhere near the end of spring.
  12. I'll probably spend a bunch of my time in the larger frigates, like the Indefatigable or the Le Renommee, but what I'm really looking forward to are the 80/86-gun French two-deckers of the Tonnant and Bucentaure classes. I don't know if you'd call them 3rd Rates or 2nd Rates, but I view them as the ultimate variant of the 74-gun 3rd Rate (and 74s and ships similar to them are probably my favorite ships from the Napoleonic era).
  13. She's alright, imo. I think I've seen worse-looking 17th century ships posted here.
  14. Unfortunately for the man who originally said that, though, a certain Captain Geoffrey Thorpe got in the way. I hope you can be a bit more cautious of those English privateers than he was.
  15. I agree. If there were further incentives to play different factions, it is very likely that one or two countries' buffs would be more appealing to the populace than the rest, which would just result in imbalance and a screwed-up situation for the game. The ports and starting locations sound to me like they provide enough advantages/disadvantages.
  16. Vive la France! (That's my vote, btw.)
  17. Not only that, but as someone else already said, there'd probably only be a few people playing as Denmark, for example, compared to a country like England. So not only would people playing as the Danish have fewer friendly ports to use, but they'd also have a lot fewer friends out there to help keep them safe from attack from the numerous players from the other nations. However, if Denmark and Sweden were part of the neutral faction, they'd have more available ports and more (presumably) friendly players.
  18. That stern looks like it'd be beautiful right up until somebody fired a few cannonballs at it. Then the shipbuilders in the next port she went to would be trying to figure out how the hell to put it all back together again. :lol
  19. I'd suggest making Denmark and Sweden available through the "neutral" category, like the other nations you suggested (Venice, Ottoman Empire, Russia). That way, the map is controlled by the English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Americans, and the neutral players; that sounds to me like it would make for a cleaner map and a better distribution of players among the nations.
  20. I'd like to see animated marines to go along with this, but if the devs think adding the mechanics in now is a good idea, and the marines will get added later, I'd say go for it.
  21. Uh, are you sure you didn't mean to post this in the Ultimate General: Gettysburg end of the forum?
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