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  1. Somebody posted a map of the Caribbean a while back, which marked the shallow-water areas. There was a lot of shallow water, if I recall correctly. Remember, the devs said that bigger ships wouldn't be able to enter shallow areas. That's where the little ships can play, while the big ships stick to the open sea. No artificial matchmaking required. Also, (and this is something that I've thought ever since the devs first mentioned their idea for a "battle rating" system) if some guy in a big ship is sealclubbing by sitting in an area populated by small ships (like right outside a starter port) and preying on them, and you've died to him a couple times already, call the bastard's bluff and stay in port for 15 minutes. He's bound to move on eventually, after he gets bored of waiting for you to come to him.
  2. Uh, what? I don't think that's the case, unless the devs have started inviting the "old testers" already and I haven't heard of it or I'm not remembering something. Also, a friendly bit of advice: better communication = people understanding you more. Good English helps.
  3. Also, I wouldn't use War Thunder's current matchmaker/tiering system as an example, since it's pretty over-complicated and flat-out doesn't work.
  4. I'm thinking frigates at first, like La Belle Poule, La Renommee, and Indefatigable. (I'm not really interested in the later frigates or super-frigates like the Connie or the Trinc.) After that, 3rd Rates: 64s; then 74s; and if they add a Tonnant/Bucentaure (80-86 guns), I'll very gladly play that a lot. Eventually I might get a 2nd Rate for occasionally using in big fights, like clan battles and such.
  5. I've also gotten a big increase in spam email in my Yahoo email account lately. I didn't know if that was related to the increase in spam here, since that's the email account I used to register with.
  6. If the forum moderators here are looking to get advice in dealing with spambots from someone more experienced, I'd suggest emailing one of the global moderators or administrators on the Taleworlds forum. That forum gets a lot of spambot traffic (and I know, because I've been a member there for almost 3 years now), and the mods have had quite a lot of experience with dealing with bots and perfecting techniques to use against them (as far as I know they've gotten good at banning a lot of bots before they can post, for example). They're pretty friendly to talk to, so I think they'd be happy to answer your questions.
  7. 1.) I'm all for Xebecs. Just saying. 2.) The Swedish Hemmema/Turuma designs might be very nice as well, especially in shallow waters.
  8. He (Veyron) seems to be trying to express his excitement for the open world and make suggestions at the same time, but his writing and communicative skills are unfortunately lacking.
  9. I hardly see the fun or the historical accuracy in that. If players from the same nation could fight each other, that mechanic would just be used by jerks to screw over their allies when said allies least expect/need it. Source: Too much time spent playing Dark Orbit when I was younger.
  10. Yeah, but if they're going to have the players from the sea trials conduct the first rounds of testing on the open world, it could be a few months before the general public can buy their way in.
  11. https://youtu.be/hFtnf1sSpnw?t=12m44s You can watch until about 13:00. That covers what I wanted to point out, anyway.
  12. -A ship is particularly vulnerable when attacked from astern. Try to get into a firing position behind your enemy, and make sure that he isn't able to do the same to you. (Or something like that.)
  13. I believe you are misunderstanding it, Jeremiah. In the earlier post, Admin was referring to module (upgrade slots/officer slots) degradation, not durabilities.
  14. No worries, I'll just bring my GTX 970.
  15. We've already got a thread about her in the History board, fyi.
  16. Now that's a grand sight. I'm really at a loss for words as I browse those pictures.
  17. Thanks, Wind. At least this way I can enjoy the game's beauty, even if I can't play it yet for myself...
  18. Just by counting ports, it looks like she's got around 100 guns or so. o0
  19. Sigh. The expression "cry me a river" comes to mind. Or, alternatively:
  20. Huh, I don't recall reading that. That actually sounds interesting. In that case, it sounds like the hunter (the ship that chases down another on the world map) could quickly become the prey (the guy who gets chased in the battle instance) if he gets in over his head.
  21. Well, like Plerrick said. This sort of thing is what alphas and betas are for, I suppose. We (the players) can test it, and if we don't like it, we'll say so, and hopefully the devs will listen (then). I guess, if you attacked (as in, forced into an instance) an escorted ship and found that its escorts were too powerful for you to fight, you'd have to just turn around and run to the edge of the instance so you could return to the open world. In that case, I can see a lot of time being taken by indecisive "actions" where you'd attack/be attacked, and then, once both sides could see each others' escorts and numbers, one side would turn and run and go back to the open world map, rather than engage the enemy.
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