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    It doesn't really like people who aren't members, though, does it?
  2. Haven't bought the game yet; I'm just here to follow the development and because I like the ships. :P

  3. Yeah, I've had enough Russian for a while, too. Don't get me wrong, St. Paul, Cherubim (Frigate), and Mercury are fine-looking ships, and I'm sure Ingermanland will be a decent ship as well (through she might not be my thing), but that's plenty of ships for any nation to get within a relatively short amount of time. If you ask me, it's time for some diversity again.
  4. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/4471-hms-agamemnon-1781-3rd-rate-64-guns/ Still, we need a Napoleonic-era 64, and I can't think of a better one than Agamemnon.
  5. Hang on, Wikipedia says Formidable was a Tonnant-class, so why does that painting apparently portray her as a 3- or maybe even 4-decker? Also, HMS Caesar is interesting: I guess I wasn't aware until the other day that the British had built a couple of their own 80-gun two-deckers. It'd be interesting to see how she'd compare to St. Paul and Bucentaure in-game.
  6. They seem to me like they've got a lot more boom than the gun sounds we have in-game now. The only thing that occurred to me was that they might not be as historical, but I watched this, and that didn't sound too different from those old sounds...
  7. Thanks. I'd never seen a video of the old Bellona before. EDIT: By the way, how come the gun sounds heard in this video weren't kept? They sound really good.
  8. War Thunder started out as what seemed to be a more historical alternative to the World of Tanks/Warplanes series (which makes heavy use of prototypes and paper projects and more-or-less imaginary vehicles), but eventually started to throw that away by adding some weird-looking prototypes and such. More significantly, apparently a lot of the flight models or stats for the different planes have, at one point or another, been really out of line with how they were in real life. Whether that was due to Gaijin having hard-ons for different nations/planes at different points* or general incompetence
  9. If only. As far as I know, we've heard/seen nothing about Ingermanland, Amsterdam, Indefatigable, and Le Commerce de Marseille in ages.
  10. What he meant was, was the list in the OP outdated (have there been ships posted since the last time the OP was updated)?
  11. Oh, for crying out loud. You gotta love it when some dummy quotes a massive post just to make a one-line reply. Could you not edit that, please? There's a reason people sometimes just write "*snip*" where the quoted text normally goes. It's so that other people don't have to scroll (and scroll, and scroll) through something they're probably already read and which is only being used to provide context.
  12. It's just weird, because whatever it is looks as big as a bloody Victory, and yet it's a two-decker. Sure, the model looks like it's from Naval Action, but I can't tell if that's the Bellona or not...
  13. Bart, I know this is off-topic, but what ship is that in your signature? Is that one of the earlier versions of the Bellona, or is that a ship that isn't in Naval Action (yet)?
  14. I think that's a must-have later in the game's development, but I think that the devs are focusing on mechanics right now, rather than graphics.
  15. Still. Nothing. When there is news, I'm sure it'll be posted here or in another thread or both.
  16. Ah, screw the Black Pearl. And Pirates of the Caribbean. I second what OlavDeng said.
  17. Don't we already have like, two threads for naval terminology and such?
  18. Well, I certainly wouldn't mind seeing her in-game.
  19. She's a good-looking ship. I like that kind of long-and-straight hull design style.
  20. Yeah, the bottom section (with the greyed-out entries) of the list on the first page shows the ships that we know are coming, or are at least likely to come. However, that may not be all the ships in development, because the devs occasionally surprise us (like they did when they showed Niagara recently).
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