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  1. So much for not having to sail far from a friendly port to find something to fight. As someone who hates spending much time fruitlessly sailing around the open world, waiting for my ship to get from A to B or for an enemy ship to appear, it looks like missions, and maybe the areas around free towns, could be the only reliable options left, unless I get lucky and find a spot were lots of AI frigates tend to hang out... In other words, this sounds like one more reason for me to not play this game, because now I'll be even less likely to find something to fight than before. 

  2. 10 hours ago, thanatos-tg said:

    Galleon Class ships in general
    the Concord (better known as the Queen Anne's revenge) - frigate class 44 guns
    The Couronne - Flag ship special build, up to 72 guns, speciality is the fore and aft chasers were in a towerlike structure on the sides of the ship
    the USS Pennsylvania - first rate ship of the line
    the USS Ranger - Sloop of War (sixth rate)
    the USS Constellation - 38 gun Frigate
    The Fancy - 46 gun Man of war
    The Whydah - 28 gun galley
    the Royal Fortune - Man of War?
    HMS Sapphire - 32 gun fifth rate frigate
    HMS Torrington - 32 gun Fifth rate
    HMS Pearl - 42 gun fourth rate frigate
    HMS Royal Anne Galley - 42 gun fifth rate frigate
    HMS Aldborough - 24 gun sixth rate


    The Shipyard is the place for discussing individual ships in detail: Come on down, it could use some discussion to liven the place up a bit. :) 

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  3. Which country built the Hercules? I've looked at the Wikipedia page for "Hercules (ship)", and the only ships listed there that fit the bill are a French 38-gunner from the mid-1600s and an Argentinian "frigate that served as flagship of the second Argentine squadron during the Independence War". I'm assuming this is the Argentinian one? Was she originally a Spanish ship, then?

  4. On 4/13/2018 at 2:03 PM, Liq said:
    • Christian VII (1767, Dano-Norwegian 90-gun ship)
    • Montañés class (1794, Spanish 74-gun ship)
    • Wreker class (1798, Dutch 80-gun ship)
    • Téméraire class (1782, French 74-gun ship)

    This. Also, don't forget Diana (1792, Spanish 32-gun frigate). :) Also, the Patch 23 Announcement thread revealed the Hercules frigate as well. 

    On 4/13/2018 at 4:14 PM, Capt Aerobane said:

    I just want a xebec :D

    There was a xebec seen in the background of a WIP screenshot that the devs posted ages ago, but AFAIK we haven't heard much, if anything, about it since then.

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