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  1. For what it is worth, this also happened to me after a combat. I don't believe there was any maintenance cycle starting etc. I managed to fix the issue by restarting the game and steam.
  2. Pirates probably need the option to switch sides or create another side in mid battle. Perhaps this is something the devs will also incorporate as part of allowing multiple nations to battle in a single combat? If fact, on many occasions pirate players have sunk team AI, because they are destroying/damaging a prize... Quartermaster
  3. Map is updated: http://arcg.is/1F3BtOD Great thanks to Wobbly51 for submitting the logs of his voyages. Quartermaster
  4. Creating a new post for those that may not have come across the OW public map, that is buried in the other thread. Map is updated: http://arcg.is/1F3BtOD Still looking to use a better base map with rose compass etc. New content and features have been added: Combat areas Trade Routes Fleets Capitals Lore As always looking for content and submissions. Please submit content by reviewing the location on the OW map and posting latitude/longitude location. Lat/Long tools are available on the bottom of the map. NOTE: content on the map is open to change quic
  5. Map is updated: http://arcg.is/1F3BtOD Still looking to use a better base map with rose compass etc. New content and features have been added: Combat areas Trade Routes Fleets Capitals Lore Quartermaster
  6. Map is updated: http://arcg.is/1F3BtOD Quatermaster
  7. I have updated the map with my newly discovered locations: http://arcg.is/1F3BtOD Since it is my understanding that a number of ports may have changed I will only add new updates going forward. In order to avoid confusion could you please submit new or updated locations with latitude and longitude coordinates. If you go to the map and hover the mouse over the location you will see the correct latitude and longitude coordinates displayed at the bottom of the map. Quartermaster
  8. Quartermaster


    Album of maps
  9. In the top of the OW display there is game performance strip, which shows frame rates etc. I am certain that this was also displaying network usage. When I was playing my network usage was around 4-5 kb/s. This would average out to roughly 18 MB/hour. If you had a 2GB data plan with your cell provider that would roughly give you 100-110 hours of game play in a month, assuming no other cell data usage. Keep in mind my estimates are based on my usage and only from my recollection. Quartermaster
  10. Thanks for the feedback and I appreciate the interest. Since OW is temp down I am working on creating a better basemap: Sir Cloudsley-Shovell had suggested this map: http://historicalcharts.noaa.gov/historicals/preview/image/H01514sup-00-1881 Which I found to be very nice. Originally I had planned to convert OW coordinates from X,Z to Lat,Long for use in the map. However, my initial data points and some of the others I recieved didnt look like a simple linear conversion was going to work. That problem could arise from incorrect reporting or data, assumptions of geo coordina
  11. Map is updated: http://arcg.is/1F3BtOD new flags and content, enjoy... Quartermaster
  12. Map is updated: http://arcg.is/1F3BtOD I just noticed I made an error with Philipsburg, will need to fix later as I am off to work. If you want to add data for ports, send the following: Name Owner (nation) Location - either x,z or lat,long, pic on a map I will add flags for symbology later. Quartermaster
  13. I missed setting sharing settings for some of the data, it should be publicly accessible now: http://arcg.is/1F3BtOD Thanks for pointing out the issue. Quartermaster
  14. As my day job I develop mapping software and related data applications, so I quickly created an OpenWorld mapping application. http://arcg.is/1F3BtOD I am looking to add more content. Ports, PVP areas, NPC areas, trade lanes etc.. I won't add any content unless someone offers or gives permission. Post your content here in the following format and I will add: A location (lat,long or pic of location on a map), Type of content (port, PVP area, trade lane etc), X, Z - OW map location, hit F11 to view the position Comments All content is welcome, it will be up to others to verify or
  15. This is also an interesting map: http://mediamaps.esri.com/real-pirates-of-the-caribbean/
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