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  1. When I use your resources.assets as per your instructions, the game tells me that it's corrupted and that I should verify integrity.
  2. The issue still remains that you can hide in port and still join a battle. If we are to try 3 minutes, why don't we adjust the cool down put in place to prevent hiding in ports as a viable tactic? It seems like an attempt to compromise, which is fine, but it fails to address the real issues. It's great that there's a restriction lasting for longer after invisibility. That'll hopefully make it harder to abuse the invisibility. Why did the invisibility time get lowered though? It's like you fixed the issue with abuse of invisibility, but then also removed the usefulness of it... It's going to be even harder to escape from revenge fleets, and it was already nigh impossible.
  3. I think it's a lovely map, and I would love to have it in-game. My only issue is the amount of clutter in some areas (e.g. Lesser Antilles), so I'm thinking that the in-game map could do without the port names since they are already there through the UI. Then all the islands could be named instead (St. Thomas and St. John aren't named in the map currently for example).
  4. Good point. So, when they change it back to 2 minutes (wink wink) a 2 minute restriction should suffice. If this turns out to effectively combat abuse of invisibility, perhaps something akin to what I suggest here might be desirable. PS. See also Neptune's concern about possible abuse underneath.
  5. Invisibility can work, but there has to be an even longer restriction on joining, attacking and being attacked to prevent this kind of thing. So, for example, if we have one minute invisibility, we should have a two or three minute restriction on joining, attacking and being attacked. (The restriction on being attacked is something I want to prevent revenge ganks, but it might cause other issues or possible abuse).
  6. Jodgi, get some trader to back you or go out hunting for them? OP: Nice clickbait, love it. More OW fortune transportation, please!
  7. Sorry for being a bit of a snob here, but could you change "u" and "ur" to "you" and "your" too? My brain dies after the first couple of paragraphs.
  8. This works fine for big clans, but for small groups or solo players this isn't quite that easy and requires you to invest a lot more time and resources into building/acquiring ships that you don't really want to sail, but that you need because of this arbitrary ship knowledge tree. Just one more feature to add to the many that favour the big clans...
  9. The only reason for the teleport to exist is that you may get stuck - bugs do happen. I think teleporting to the nearest deep water port providing that your hold is empty would be a good solution. I can't see how that could be abused for any purposes.
  10. The problem with that is that it's too useful (for other purposes than trade): You can sail out into enemy territory, fight battles, then sail away from activity and teleport home without "risking" the return journey.
  11. Or just disallow teleporting with anything in the cargo hold.
  12. Oh sorry, I didn't mean the ship knowledge itself, which I think is a fine replacement of the old upgrade system. What I'm asking about is the need to link ship knowledge between the ships. - i.e. why you need to have a certain ship knowledge in the Renommee before you can gain high ship knowledge in the Surprise, for example. ... What is the thought behind it? What do you hope to accomplish with it?
  13. Can you just remind us again why this is needed in the first place, Admin?
  14. Superb hotfix. All of them great changes, but please, from me and all my friends playing this game: can we get entirely rid of this system where you're forced to sail ships you absolutely do not like sailing to be able to sail the ships you want? It reminds me of the time when we had to make a certain amount of "kills" in specific ships to be able to gain ranks. Horrendous. PS. I have a personal grudge against the Renommee and the Frigate, and those two turn out to be the most important bottlenecks currently... It doesn't make sense, it adds extra grind to an already grindy game, it forces people to have less fun, it removes freedom of choice when it comes to a player's chain of ships (I'd personally go something like: Cutter->Pickle->Navy Brig->Rattlesnake->Surprise->Trincomalee->Bellona, but neither the Navy Brig nor the Rattlesnake are needed in this tree, and I'd have to use several for me undesirable step stones), etc. etc. and for what purpose?
  15. It shouldn't be hard to integrate some kind of management screen for all outposts, so you can harvest resources etc. without having to teleport there. That'd make the teleports redundant, right?
  16. I think it's a good idea. Now that we have land in battles, this would make sense (and should be possible). It would have to be balanced though. I don't remember how long you can stay in the instance after the battle is over, but depending on how long it is, it could allow the players in the instance to cover some distance from the starting point (slowed down only if they have to sail back and assign prize-crews etc.). This would also make it a little bit harder for revenge fleets to position their tagging ring.
  17. I dd not consider this. I keep getting surprised when I realise people use alts, but I suppose you have to close all the loop holes you can. Perhaps 5 minutes is a bit much anyway. As long as it's longer than the invisibility and the speed increase; the main reason for me to suggest this was to prevent abuse of those two.
  18. I don't understand why it can't have the same restrictions as it had before: You can only teleport with an empty hold. If it's only meant for getting unstuck from a buggy OW situation, which might happen once or less in a thousand hours playtime, I can't see why you shouldn't be able to sacrifice the goods and repairs. Back last time when we had free teleports with goods, I used it as well. Very effective, no risk cargo hauling. It's ridiculous though, and it ruins the game. How can you have an Age of Sail game where you won't ever have to risk losing your cargo? Who's going to feed the poor pirates and privateers...
  19. It's obvious to me that you play NA for the RvR, and this conflicts with smaller scale PvP. For you it's all about big clans and national power struggles: who's biggest, and who can outlast the enemy. Because you're in one of the biggest clans currently, this is what matters to you. I, on the other hand, play this game on a smaller scale. I'm not interested in the big power struggles. What's important to me is that I can have good, engaging small scale fights, hunts for enemy traders, close escapes, etc. The current system favours the big players: that is, those who can summon most of their friends. But it's not only that. All you need to be able to catch "evil" people who try to steal from your traders or create PvP is to have a few friends online that you can alert when you get attacked, and they can come rushing in with all the expedience and precision of satellite communication and positioning. I'll give you an example from the other day: I was sailing along some routes that I knew Swedish traders might take with goods towards Gustavia, and lo and behold: I found a lone Trader Brig heading NNW just far enough from the port he came out of so that he had no chance to turn around. (Just for good order's sake, I'll say that this was a lot closer to Plymouth than it was to Gustavia). I went in, crippled him and took my time graping his crew down. Turned out he was carrying "historical artefacts" which I could not fit into my small cargo hold, so I had to take the crippled Trader Brig with me (probably crippled it too much, and I didn't have rigging repairs with me). When I came out, I didn't see anything, but only shortly thereafter while I was heading west (N of Plymouth), I saw a Renommee and a Cutter coming towards me from the direction of Gustavia. Funnily enough these were from the clan that the trader had been a member of. They chased me westwards and first tagged me badly so I could cover the escape of my crippled fleet Trader Brig and escape myself, but I knew it was a lost battle because they would inevitably catch me no matter what point of sail I chose, so in the second tag I took what I could off the Trader Brig and gave order to sink it (though I believe the Cutter managed to stop that). I actually didn't mind having to give up the cargo ship; I felt it was my own fault for not bringing repairs. (Just as a side note I'll say that I love the fact that you now have to sail prizes home - which is one of the reasons I can't support the teleport after battle solution anymore). That aside, I hope you can still see the lack of realism when a ship far away from the home port can instant-message his friends at home to come to the rescue - after which they can sail at full OW speed towards a battle that is going on in an ultra-slowmotion instance. I realise this is a game and you can't enforce realism at the cost of playability etc. but I do think the discrepancies caused by OW vs. battle instance time have to be counter-measured in some way. In the time it takes to fight a battle in the battle instance time, you could've sailed between Christiansted and Gustavia several times in OW time. I don't think that bringing back teleportation after battle is the solution to this issue, but I think you should be given a fair chance to escape even if friends of the losing side are waiting outside the battle instance. (This is almost inevitable anywhere in Swedish waters). You say that "Invisibility gives already a good chance to them", and I say that is false. The short invisibility that you get now has no effect at all when the battle instance (conveniently marked) is surrounded in a big circle: No matter where you go, you'll find yourself within tagging distance of these "purveyors of justice". Isn't it already enough that they get instant distress calls? I think invisibility is part of the solution, but it has to be extended. There are some extra measures that might give the battle instance leavers a more reasonable chance of escape. Here's a suggestion I made earlier: 1. An increased speed for about a minute, or during invisibility, when coming out of a battle, and possibly without wind direction having an effect on speed during that time (to somewhat make up for the time lost in the instance compared to OW, and allow for some distance from the point of exit). 2. A slightly longer invisibility timer (90 or 120 seconds, to make it harder for revenge fleets to see the direction of those coming out of battle). 3. A long restriction on attacking, joining, and being attacked - around 5+ minutes (to prevent abuse of invisibility and speed on passers-by when exiting, and allow for the relative speed difference to take effect: that is, faster ships will less likely be griefed by repeated tags from slower ships).
  20. Like I suggested in another thread, I still think, if the signalling perk mechanic is to be integrated permanently, it should have a time limit. I'd suggest an extra 3 minutes on top of the 2 minutes; not only is it more realistic (for a battle to stay open for up to half an hour or more is just preposterous), it also balances out the 20-25% extra BR that the defenders could potentially get... Attacking in a crowded area like close to KPR will probably result in you being outnumbered, but if you're further away, you won't get ridiculously late joiners. I also had some suggestions for the revenge fleet issue in the post I linked above.
  21. It's not entirely true though. He has a point: It's silly that enemies can jump right into your battle/mission four-five minutes after it started. Awareness couldn't have helped him much there, since these enemies could've easily been far out of sight on the OW when he started the instance. But I'd like to say this: It's always a risk when you're taking your ship out (and it should be): you can't know for certain that you'll reach the mission you "designed". So, maybe you think it's no risk bringing out a strong ship to a mission - you should be able to beat the summoned NPCs every time - but you see, you should've taken a less difficult mission, suitable for a ship that you could afford to lose. Anyway, 60 000 isn't that bad, I can't see what the issue is. I think you should not expect to be able to sail heavy frigates risk-free so soon after a wipe - at least not as a solo player. (I'm still using fore-and-aft-riggers since I'm a very slow, and reluctant, grinder - and I've learnt to appreciate the fun that can be had with them too).
  22. Maybe this would be a way to let us capture NPC ships again (in a naval officer fashion).
  23. This reminds me of Jack Aubrey when he's on land. Quite amusing, but I do feel your frustration. I think you want to play as a naval officer exclusively, and I understand, but I don't know how the mechanics allowing that could be implemented in the game; it's not like you can just give players free ships matching their rank every time they lose one - that kind of undermines the whole economy, etc. One thing I do agree with you about entirely, however, is the battle timers. In general they should be lowered to 2 minutes or less, rather than the 5 we have now, but missions especially should close quickly, if not instantly. Personally I hate missions: the worst kind of grind, and bots are so terribly boring. I usually try to find PvP; and lacking that I jump on AI traders or other vessels, but the important thing is that it's all happening in the OW - it's not some summoned enemy tailored for your specific rank that is conveniently placed in a fixed location. I'd encourage you to try that as well, but most importantly perhaps, try to have a reserve of cash: call it risk management or whatever. Take a slightly smaller, cheaper ship rather than the biggest one you could possibly afford, then you won't have to go back to fore-and-aft-riggers unless you're very unlucky two times or more in a row. Another good idea is to sail with other people, though cruising on your own is also enjoyable - as long as you can afford to lose the ship you're sailing.
  24. Right now we have two completely different after battle options pitted against each other: teleport to closest friendly port or invisibility timer. None of them work well. The teleport option is just way too easy for the aggressive part (especially since you could also send crippled prizes). The invisibility timer, as it is now, simple doesn't work: you have a battle that takes about half an hour perhaps, and in that time a huge fleet can (summoned by TS-communication and the like) amass and cover all possible escape routes with fast ships even quite far from their capital. One minute invisibility is way too little time to have even a theoretical chance of escaping unless you're in a fore-and-aft-rigger. Teleport could work if you didn't get sent to port but rather got placed far away in the OW; perhaps you could select a compass direction and you'd be sent in that approximate direction more or less randomly (taking into account landmasses in the way, so you won't get freak teleports across Cuba's thin parts for example). This would probably be extremely hard code wise though. Invisibility could work as well, but it would have to be tweaked to give the leavers a fair chance to get outside the revenge fleet ring of doom. See my suggestions here (under "after battle options").
  25. Timers: Most people in here seem to be in favour of lowering the default entry timer to 2 minutes, which makes me glad: this makes awareness of your surroundings a useful skill, and means that neither enemies nor friends can warp into your battle instance from ridiculous distances, and it also works with the 2 minute battle joining restriction upon leaving port. Now, I've been a staunch opponent of the signalling perk because it broke with the principle of "what you see is what you get", but I think it would be a good tool for compromising (balancing gameplay and realism). It has to change somewhat, however. Suggestions for implementation of the signalling perk mechanics: - If these mechanics are going to be available in any form, it should be the same for everyone. We can't have uncertainties as to how the ROE works - it must be very clear and beyond doubt - i.e. permanent mechanic instead of a perk. - The instance will be all open for 2 minutes (no restrictions), then the signalling mechanics kick in for an additional 3 minutes (not open forever like before), where joining is limited by BR. - Reinforcements after the default 2 minutes should only be available to the defending side, and it may surpass the attacking BR with about 25%. This will give us a pretty realistic scenario where you get what you see unless the attacking side has a higher combined BR than the defending side, in which case the attacking side risks being outnumbered by the defending side during the extra 3 minutes (signalling mechanics have a time limit, thus closer to realism, but it can stack in clear favour of the defending side if allies are within reasonable range). You can defend from gankers in your home waters within a five minute radius, but more or less fair fights will not be ruined by late joiners completely tipping the scales. After battle options: It seems to me that we're all interested in making it harder to revenge-gank. The old solution allowed you to teleport to the closest friendly port, and while it may have eliminated the revenge fleet issue (and had other beneficial qualities as I pointed out here), it may have made things a bit too easy for the aggressive part, and had other potential problems. An alternative solution would be to have: 1. An increased speed for about a minute, or during invisibility, when coming out of a battle, and possibly without wind direction having an effect on speed during that time (to somewhat make up for the time lost in the instance compared to OW, and allow for some distance from the point of exit). 2. A slightly longer invisibility timer (90 or 120 seconds, to make it harder for revenge fleets to see the direction of those coming out of battle). 3. A long restriction on attacking, joining, and being attacked - around 5+ minutes (to prevent abuse of invisibility and speed on passers-by when exiting, and allow for the relative speed difference to take effect: that is, faster ships will less likely be griefed by repeated tags from slower ships).
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