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  1. Hey guys, an update on what I've experienced. In the first few weeks I have managed to get to the NavyBrig with my limited time. I have immensely enjoyed playing Naval Action, and cannot wait for the game to go into Open World. However, I do also see the argument that the players online are dwindling. When I first came online (a month or so ago) there were around 75 players online. Now, however, it has gone down to 25 players online. This means that the games are very small and very quick, or not even getting into a game and just having too do PVE instead. Letting in fresh blood would definetly increase the players online, as well as having the same class ship to play against, as, because I was late to the party, I have to play against Victory's and Santisma's. This makes learning to play more difficult than if you were just playing against your own class or a couple 'tiers' above or below your 'tier'. Anyway, that is just what I've experienced since I was allowed in after the pre-orders closed. Thanks, The Flying Dutchman
  2. I bought my laptop computer around about 4 years ago. It had (and still has) Windows 7 installed. No idea if I can change the card on this (probably not as its a laptop), but is there a way of checking what I have and what I need?
  3. Oh, that's because I have my gallery on private...I'll change that right away. Also, I can't use the URL image thing for some reason, so that's annoying (it works on other forums).
  4. Ahoy! I have just recently bought Naval Action, and installed it. When I start the game, this happens (see image). I am not a computer genius, so could someone please help? I think it's a problem with my computer and not Naval Action, even though its in alpha test. Many thanks, The Flying Dutchman
  5. Game-Labs are trying to put in place moderators and community volunteers so opening pre-orders up is not their priority (as of what I have seen, I may be wrong).
  6. @juv95hrn - not that I know of. I'm just checking the forum every day, as well as the pre-order page. I sent an email to Game-Labs and they are allowing me to join in, so if you can't wait then explain your situation and there is a chance that you get in (as stated by admin on page 1). Happy sailing!
  7. Because its the Flying Dutchmen I was just making a suggestion.
  8. Are we allowed to suggest captains? Or myth/legend captains? If so, Hendrick Vanderdecken from The Flying Dutchmen is my suggestion! (you probably know why, considering my name).
  9. Aussie_Fox is actually a Russian that does not like vodka
  10. Easter Island...Wanna see those giant statues :3 Also, wouldn't it be cool to see some "easter eggs" in the game (such as famous made-up islands, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.) Would love to see some of these modeled in game
  11. Well, if you want more players, let pre-orders come back! I, for one, am willing to test thoroughly, but was too late in pre-ordering...
  12. Ok, thanks, did that. Hope they can give some clearer info when pre-ordering will be back up, or allow me to pre-order
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