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  1. Challenge to a duel. Can challenge both friendly and enemy. Can challenge only in a very small area around free port (same area that you can click enter port) to prevent exploiting. No gain of exp. No loss of ship when concluded.
  2. This is not an issue of mast-to-hull hp ratio. Current 'demasting meta' comes from 2 things. First of all, there is no damage fall off at distance against masts while there is against hull. So, at distance it's easier to hit masts and you can do this at 100% efficiency. Secondly, removal of double-shot made the fights mostly long range, since there is no efficient way to spike someone quickly up close (you can do the same from medium or even long distance) Therefore, imo, tweaks to masts/hull hp won't fix the issue. What I would love to see is most importantly damage fall off against masts at distance, some form of double shot reimplemented, as well as repairs for sails when out of combat (you're not tagged - you hit survival - you repair sails).
  3. It used to be like this in the game. There is a reason it's not anymore.
  4. First of all, ships of the line and especially 1st and 2nd rates' viability for Open World use should be greatly reduced. Reducing their durabilities is a welcome change, but it's still not enough. What I would like to see i have them limited to docking only at Regional Capitals (since not every port was big enough to harbor such a massive ship). As for nations bringing 25 1st rates to port battles which makes lesser nations unable to compete in the long run. I think the solution to this problem could be mixed. For a start capturing Regional Capital should require capturing regular ports around it at first. Those regular ports should have either be limited by BR or limited by ship size (e.g. up to 3rd rates). This way a lesser nation can defend against a bigger one as long as they keep hold of the regular ports with the 3rd/4th rates and save their 1st rates for the decisive battle for the Regional Capital if need be. This limits big nations using 25 1st rate fleets to just roflstomp everything in it's way with endless supply of them.
  5. This is a terrible idea. A fight took place, was finished, why should the participant be forced to fight the people who didn't make it in time anyway? It defeats the purpose of timers. You have one try to defeat someone, if you cannot do it once, then it shouldn't be possible to force him into fight again and again and again. Camping instances en mass shouldn't be encouraged, quite the contrary.
  6. Laik

    Respect for Brussels

    I'm sure the victims will appreciate such a show of solidarity. /sarcasmoff
  7. Just put an open world timer (preferably shortened one) on the missions and the problem is solved.
  8. As far as I can see, one of the biggest problem for spanish nation was the fact that they had abundance of ports with no time windows which allowed other nations to rapidly conquer multiple ports at once (sort of like neutrals). Another basic solution (or rather a band-aid) to low population and different timezones - port battle should start 24 hours after delivering the flag. This way nation can actually organize a defense.
  9. I wouldn't mind to see such a system at all however I'd rather see it applied to some sort of PvP missions (long entry timer, fixed BR for both sides). For port battles, with current population numbers port battles are filled pretty much all the time anyway so this might only frustrate people unable to join because they didn't bother to calculate. Hence why I think capping certain ports at Constitution max would be better and provide much needed gameplay for the frigates in the long run, which IMO is clearly lacking (though I would prefer to see frigates have dedicated role on the open world). As for tiered shipyard making every level apart from highest useless, here's another idea (more of 'specialized shipyards'): Big shipyard: efficient SoL production, inefficient non-SoL production (increased cost/time to build, lesser quality) Small shipyard: inefficient SoL production, efficient non-SoL production
  10. What I would love to see in this game is sepration of ports into 3 main categories (as opposed to 2 right now) and thus 3 levels of port battles - small ships, frigates, ships of the line. Then having different levels of shipyards would have some merit and frigates would actually have some use for the RvR (right now they are just a stop on the way to a SoL). 'Small ports' with small shipyard for ships up to Niagara - current shallow water ports. 'Medium ports' with medium shipyards (Cerberus - Constitution) - capturable with Cerberus - Constitution. 'Large ports' with large shipyards (3rd rate - Santisima) - capturable with ships of the line
  11. Also worth mentioning that Pirate vs Pirate mechanics don't work and haven't for a while. You can only join the defensive side which makes Pirate vs Pirate group fights impossible.
  12. In no particular order. 1. Instances not disappearing after being closed - as a result every time you try to PvP relatively close to enemy waters you click out to find yourself surrounded from all sides. 2. Ability to call reinforcements before the instace closes - it means that in a group fight one side can call in reinforcements before all of their players join to get extra NPC support. 3. Boarding interrupted. 4. Ability to disengage even at very low crew relatively easily. 5. 5 minute timers - yes it starts to be more and more of a problem due to population. To do a solo PvP you need to go to a relatively remote area and hope to find single enemies there, otherwise you'll get ganked. Right now PvP, as expected, comes down to 'swarming'. 6. No tiered events (small ships/frigates/sols) - playing small battles with square-riggers is a masochism due to yacht swarm. 7. No duel room. 8. 0 prep boarding. 9. Uselessness of ships with no chasers in PvP. 10. The grind.
  13. Obviously what Prater says is right, no arguing there. However, introducing language-specific chat-tabs certainly wouldn't hurt and would curtail a lot of animosities in the chat between nationalities as well as make the general chat more accesible and ease the communication. This is how most games handle it and I see no reason Naval Action couldn't do the same.
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