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  1. I did it myself, before the wipe patch when I first started. Didn't bother me, I did as SteelSandwich mentions and jumped back in a free lynx for another hour
  2. Yea I read something somewhere about taking a port for your nation, these events are just PvP instances for now though that's what I thought you were talking about sorry.
  3. Its a nice idea, but it would mean sailing to certain ports to have a battle, currently you go to any port to join the same event. They could keep it this way and implement your suggestion but on a lower scale for instance open a few different maps for each event on a random generator so you dont know which map you will be playing but it at least keeps things changing.
  4. Historically Merchants had convoy protection so traders need a guild or community to escort them to their destination safely no trader would wonder off alone with a cargo full of goods would be bankrupt on the first voyage.
  5. Im all for slugging it out and sinking them but it just isnt cost effective, the amount of repairs you need to pay after when a ship that should not be firing back is still damaging you, you end up losing money. I have sent so many shots at cannon decks and not once have I see the AI lose a cannon but there are cutters with 6lb cannons blowing mine up on their first barrage. So either increase the money per hit ratio or as this man says some form of surrender maybe on a cool down timer so you cant exploit it you can order a single ships surrender and dependent on how damaged it is it c
  6. Why would you want to do that? it is an Alpha game and your forum account is there to give feedback to the developers and community to help improve the game.
  7. Well It has bee a week now and we are still waiting for a wipe or news of a wipe, it was stated by admins that it was going to be Wednesday... (9th of September that was) now it is Friday and theres no news about it. It cant be so hard to take 5 minuets to post a news article that oh sorry the patch was delayed, here is us telling you that we are changing one or two things and here is an up to date schedule... or we got your feedback and are implementing these changes bare with us a few more days... alas... we get (Tumbleweed)
  8. Could purchase a Letter of Marque from a nation to negate any repercussions toward them not sure about bribes though. Edit: so as to be seen as a Privateer and not a Pirate. (Similar to a Mercenary)
  9. Perhaps a Corvette would be suited to that?
  10. Yea, it's easy to search for Patch but it's more efficient to have one section where all the patch notes are posted that you can go to instead of sifting though multiple topics with the word "patch" in them.
  11. Aye, just awaiting the e-mail with my steam code and hopefully I will be sailing the high seas and low tides tomorrow night.
  12. Damn, I missed a purchase release? missed the February one by 1 day aswell! when was it?
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