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  1. I would like to propose that when you enter a port the port screen displays a list of captains that are also in port. This would be for both your national ports and neutral ports.
  2. It has been worrying me that I can't tell how old an entry in the chat system is. Was it just typed or has it been sitting there since I went into the last instants. The solution would be the addition of a time stamp which is nice and easy on the face of it. Until you consider what time notation you would use, GMT? or an ingame date and time system that can also be used for navigation and planning combined operations. Your thoughts?
  3. Sailing ships are slowed or accelerated by reeling, stowing or setting the sails and that's what the crew is there for. The ships have huge crews so that they have the man power to man the guns and still adjust the sails. While we may be playing a game the crew on our ship is in a life and death struggle, and if that isn't enough to motivate them there are the officers to start them with the rope end. Now when some of the crew have been killed the changeling of the sails does slow down. It's not broke leave it alone!
  4. I have had this problem since I started sailing the square rigged vessels and useing the F key to adjust the yard angles manually. My keyboard has the standard setup.
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