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  1. this person joins other peoples fights even if their enemy to the person that initiates the fight. then tries to kill steal and steal the loot this was the second time this morning he did it to me as well
  2. @admin have i just grinded almost up to rear admiral for nothing? sheeesh
  3. NPC chasing abilities improvements + NPC aggression in the open world (when AI is confident it can catch and the target and give it some action). Captains will have to plan the movement around clusters of enemy ships (players or non players). please no. PLEASE no, sincerly beg you not to do this
  4. reported through f11 as well this person intruded into my fight with this lgv that i had searched for for over an houer or 2.. all other ships have been pavels or agas or wasas.. this person then comes between me and the enemy ship to push me away from it. even after getting told to stay out of it. his "defence " is that he needed the damage. im sorry about my use of swearwords but i was severly agitated at the time.
  5. If i remember it il take a photo of what i have in the house
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