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  1. Thank you for reporting this. Since im thinking about buying a wide screen. Just dont know wich screen it will be yet.
  2. Why does it say "are you witnessing the dutch navy taking no action"? Isn't DKK part of the dutch navy? Do you actually already know who the enemie is?
  3. U can use ur char on all the servers. Your experience will be transfered with you, not your gold or your ships. those are server bound. U can however redeem one of the ships on those server. Im not sure if that ship then is server bound, or if its possible to redeem, it after the countdown is done, on an other server.
  4. Go dutch hehe And yes, I dont agree with ppl who buy the game in Early Access to get the same rewards as testers who put in a lot of time and work. Indeed maybe they only get a the Yacht or one other ship. That would be cool. Maybe the admin can give a bit more clarification on this subject.
  5. we got a lot of dutch players who already understand u when ur talking german.. that makes it easier in battles and stuff and we got PsychodelicDream and a lot of Hemp
  6. Didnt upload this yet so...... here it is. Trafalgar 28-11-2015
  7. Here it is again. A bit rusty but i hope you appreciate the recording. Enjoy
  8. I agree with Jacob. Ignore the event option, it simply doesnt work. I do however have to disagree with smaller ships engage in a seperate fight. The Trafalger battles were introduced to have big battles so the more the better. Ill gladly record it again and upload it to my youtube channel if the Trafalgars will be organised at Plymouth (or maybe a more central port without AI ships around). Ill check in next week! Cheers P.s. I think that, as long as ppl keep using the Event option, the devs wont resolve the problem. Its not a priority (wich i understand).
  9. Not a ship for this game but interesting to see.
  10. Turn on the time barier. the time barier was there but u could sail outside of it without consequences. Turn that on and he can never run again.
  11. DONTTTTTTTT............. give them any ideas!!!!!! hmzz
  12. but it should have been 4 hours 5 minutes already!! haha
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