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  1. Hi! I cannot access the Speed Trials Data. Is it down?

    1. jodgi



      Maybe you had an old link?

      Do tell where you pointed your browser when it failed...

  2. So far, everything i've heard from in game is that no one trades any more. I just looked at trading and it just seemed to be a distance game. If there's more depth to the trading system myself and almost every other player i've asked are ignorant to it and simply aren't even touching commodities. Since I've just started playing again from last January, so far the trading seems much worse than it was before.
  3. Distance trading isn't worth it. You can make the same amount of money in half the time running along your on coast lines. I spent 6 hours sailing trying to find something good to bring back and only managed to get about 500k back to my home port. It's just not worth it for the massive amount of time invested. Trade along your own shores. Much better.
  4. I really like the idea behind this. Give players something to do when they're sailing. Let them be surprised, let exploration matter, we need something. I love that the devs are attempting this game, but they are really lacking imagination. They really need a team member that can think outside the box, or maybe not .. it seems a lot of you are thinking outside the box for them! I would love to hear some thoughts on their creation ideas for the open world. What kind of imagination do they have if any? Maybe they have and I just haven't found the post, but I'd love to see their imagination work. Not just - Fixing UI - Removing Officers - Might be removing smugglers - Looking at PBs I mean all of that is great and all, but we need something more I think. Something that makes people get excited when they run across something. I am not super imaginative, so I cannot help much, but I know for sure that we need something much more than what we have or the game is dead I think and I dont want that to happen. Maybe the devs do not have the money, or they do not have the skill set for a lot of this yet and are having to learn as they go. I have no idea what's going on behind the scenes, but I hope they get it figured out and everything will work out for them.
  5. I just want to say thank you for the attempt at the game, however, I am highly disappointed with the lack of content or features. POTBS seemed to have much more going for it, and it still died out. This game is a shell out of some of the features on POTBS. I really want this game to succeed. I love this era and the sailing. At the same time, I sail in the open world and it feels void. Nothing to do. And I have no idea how you would even fix this void. Is there anything that you guys have planned to fill out the game world instead of just fixes on the shell at this time? I am confused on how you guys plan on making the game ... more than what it is. It's okay now, it's not bad, but I feel like there should be more for some reason and I'm just at a loss for words. Maybe this kind of game isn't meant to be full of things to do. In the real world, it was 90% boredom and 10% terror. This game seems to hold true to that. It's 90% boredom and 10% fun (Battles). Does anyone know how to fill out of the open world and make it more active and engaging? I feel POTBS did very well this, and I had lots of fun with it for an entire year that I played. I mean a year long fun streak out of a game is a TON of gaming time. I hate that it died out, but it did because of a few bad decisions, but I was very happy with the time I had with the game when it first came out. Was glorious. I want to have that fun again with this game and I hope you guys are focused on getting new content out as well. Maybe my hopes are just too big for reality. Things like that cost money .. and a lot of it and I am sure if you guys had 100 million dollars this game would be a 100 million dollar game.
  6. Oh, okay. That actually sounds good.
  7. Going to turn into a Mast shooting fest. Yeah, really going to make the game fun. Lets all shoot each other's Mast until we're to a crawl. :/
  8. I am sure they will be adding cannon balls and cannons necessary with the age to help negate the technology used in armor. You have the technology of weaponary .... you create armor you create weapons to defeat that armor. If they ever add explosive shot, it will ruin the game, so it's not feasible to have explosive shot which destroyed the age of sail and ushered in the age of IronClads. However, i am more than sure Hot Shot and Double Shot will be added to the game. Hot Shot would be amazing for ships of higher class than you but with significant reload time, and Double Shot would be good for a ship of the same class, but still added reload time but not as much as hot shot, and regular ball used for ships of lower class so you can just get your caliber on them. Im sure they'll do something close to that.
  9. Go buy Age of Sail from back in the day and play it if you want an Arcade. I love the game has become more realistic. I guess you guys are pissed you're not just slaughtering through the battlefield any more regardless of the class. Now planking / armor makes a difference as it should .. it's armor. The angle of a round object hitting anything is going to MATTER. Hello ... it's a smooth round ball bouncing off curved hulls. ------ What i really want to see worked on is trading. I recently found out how broken it is. Four of us have decided not to destroy and entire quarter of the map by placing buy orders and creating a trade war between only four players. Keeping the markets empty of anything so no one can purchase a single thing. It really bothers me that four players out of a 1000 people can shut down and entire quarter of the map trade. Seriously, something is wrong with that. Bothers me to no end that i realized that so few players can shut down so much resources. I think trading should be addressed balanced and made feasible. As of now ... it's extremely broken. We're lucky we're pirate and have the whole West Coast for us to pick clean with buy orders. If we really wanted to, we could go to Jamaica and Haiti and put in massive buy orders and shut down production over there and start a trade war and just ruin the experience for everyone and slow down production dramatically. You know .. only four players can do this. Not 40 or 50 players, 4. At the moment, trade is almost non existent because buy orders are all in place and we just sit there and play the time game. There's no point to sail from place to play to explore, and see what's going on because it's all bought up by buy orders and those not bought up we left for people to trade Iron to actually try and make some money trading. Trading should be a large part of making an income. Production is massively slower than trading and yields very little profit compared to the cost of ships. Doing missions earns you 100x the money trading does in the amount of time to find the resources to trade. So missions are way more feasible than trading. Explaining why only a few of us do trading and it's mainly to get what little resources we can to the high level crafters. As there's very little profit to be made and if you want a profit, expect a 6 hour + sail trying to scrounge up what little resources you can. Trading is absolutely broken.
  10. --Disrespectful Content Edited - H. Darby-- Self Centered? You could have said " I love my idea, i think it's a great, but you have a valid concept also. Let's try my method out first, and if my method isn't agreeable to the player base, you certainly brought up a good idea that we would possibly implement. But, let's give this idea a try first because i think you'll love it." Instead you say, " I love my my idea, your idea is basically invalid, and if you don't like it there's nothing i will do about it." --Real World Politics/Religion Edited - H. Darby--
  11. I wouldn't mind a subscription. I cant stand Free to play models. They always turn to crap. Like Hero's and Generals .. they want to force you to buy equipment because the grind takes forever just to get basic equipment. You spend more money in the short term, but save a few bucks a year or two down the road. I cant stand that massive grinds. However, even if you sub, their grind is outrageous still. So, they could go with a free to play model with a sub model. You can play for free, have a massive grind, you can sub, have a lot less grind, or you can buy a ship, and have a lot less grind, or sub and buy the ship and have hardly no grind. ---------- Give the player a choice about what they want to do.
  12. .................................................................. HAHAHAH WIN!!!!
  13. Wait a second ... you guys are talking about using REAL TIME for traveling, as in days or weeks to get to one port or another ....? That's insane. A few hardcore players would play it, but they need to make money. It's an awesome idea to have real time sailing, but thats not really ... something i'd be looking for personally, and i have a lot of paitence. It would take days for me to be able to play this game basically only to arrive and be destroyed after a week's sail in less than an hour in battle. Those kind of mechanics will not keep players i dont think. ------ Im just concerned because Pirates of the Burning Sea was a fun game and then it just died.
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