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  1. Wow that is one impressive rig. I hope that you use it for other things then just gaming, because it would be total overkill if that is the case
  2. Average kills per battle Freddykrueger66 – 2.14 Sir Cunningham – 2.14 Demerzel – 2 Amnesia – 2 Mormo – 1.98 Harry white – 1.9 Lethak – 1.8 Paragon – 1.8 Mcguinness – 1.7 Delkajet2k – 1.7 I'm assuming that the 10th one is me? (*Deltajet2k, just saying ) Can't believe i actually got a top ranking on something, can't wait for the open world!
  3. Is this the same ship as the Hollandia, or is this of another build? I don't know much about it, only that is also had 80 guns and that it was a two-decker built around 1665.
  4. It seems that i can join battles again. Well.......gtg to bed XD
  5. You keep torturing me with all these awesome aspects of the game! Nah just kiddin' XD I play alot of different games and by that i really mean ALOT. But i might just stick with this one for a while, it's different than most and the open world aspect will be awesome i hope. All those details you mentioned might make this a thrill to play for quite a while.
  6. This message just makes me more sad......i just got my surprise XD Ah well, gonna find some other distraction then.
  7. Have the same problem right now. This evening i got disconnected twice and now i can't login. First problems i've had with NA so far.
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