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  1. Wow that is one impressive rig. I hope that you use it for other things then just gaming, because it would be total overkill if that is the case
  2. Is this the same ship as the Hollandia, or is this of another build? I don't know much about it, only that is also had 80 guns and that it was a two-decker built around 1665.
  3. It seems that i can join battles again. Well.......gtg to bed XD
  4. You keep torturing me with all these awesome aspects of the game! Nah just kiddin' XD I play alot of different games and by that i really mean ALOT. But i might just stick with this one for a while, it's different than most and the open world aspect will be awesome i hope. All those details you mentioned might make this a thrill to play for quite a while.
  5. This message just makes me more sad......i just got my surprise XD Ah well, gonna find some other distraction then.
  6. Have the same problem right now. This evening i got disconnected twice and now i can't login. First problems i've had with NA so far.
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