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  1. The Brit TS needs more mods or something. People are always told to join the TS when something is going on. So they join it and don't have any speaking privileges. They sit around in the public channel for 10 minutes not able to speak at all and just end up leaving. It happened to be 3-4 times before I was finally given proper permissions.
  2. I love fishing! I'm not sure if the no fishing in protected areas has been fixed though because it still seems like a lot of people are fishing in protected areas. In any case, I think it's great. It's put this fat juicy PVP target of AFK fishermen outside of capital ports. I've seen enemies sneak in a handful of times now and attempt to take the AFK fishers and they have succeeded a few times. I think it's great! Looting shipwrecks has also been a fantastic way to convince loaded trader vessels to move away from their safe home waters.
  3. Preserved_Killick

    Excommunication Decree from the Bishop of Havana

    Excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church? Oh dear me. Bahahahaha!
  4. Preserved_Killick

    Paint it black

    Hasn't there been several feature updates specifically made to target pirate exploits? They've been pushing out a lot of content. Creating and integrating a "non-nation" is going to be a lot of work. The "smuggler" functionality they added is already starting to go a long way in that direction. They know pirates are broken. They're working on it. They've said they're working on. I don't get why there is suddenly so much distrust when they've been constantly asking for and giving feedback to the community.
  5. I think it would work out just fine. I don't like the idea of total crew being capped per nation. I'm too worried that larger clans will corner the "crew market" and newer or casual players simply won't ever be able to crew their ships. Crews should have a really slow standard rate that can be boosted by buildings. This means if someone wants to focus on PVPing then their 5 building slots should be taken up with barracks and taverns and training academies to allow them to quickly refresh their crew numbers and train them. This would put a demand on people who craft ships/items to keep those PVPers supplied and those PVPers will have to pay them fair prices. In turn, the crafters will have to wait longer to crew their ships or pay with their profits to crew them.
  6. Preserved_Killick

    1st Big content patch information.

    When seeing a list of all the contracts placed and which player placed the contract, can we choose which contract to buy/sell regardless of whether it is the highest or lowest price? I think it would be a great way to create more economic strategies in the game. If we find out that a certain clan is buying up all the hemp at 300 just so they can monopolize and sell it at 600 it would give us the ability to both find this out and then in turn, no longer buy from them. It would also allow others to compete with them as well.
  7. Preserved_Killick

    Someone please explain the Grog Rations BP.

    Maybe the shop has large 500 gallon barrels in which you must pour the said liquor in to your own barrels.
  8. Preserved_Killick

    Highest crafting Level already reached????

    So I ran some numbers and it does come out roughly to 2.38 XP per labor hour, meaning you can get roughly 100 crafting XP every real life hour, or 2400 crafting XP every day. I'm not sure how much XP it takes to get to level 50. Plus you get a slight increase in efficiency the higher level the ships but we're talking up to 2.4 XP per labor hour which means ~2420 XP a day, so not a big difference. So, if anyone knows how much XP it takes to get to level 50 and exactly how many days we've had the ability to accumulate XP via crafting we should be able to determine if it is possible or not.
  9. Preserved_Killick

    Highest crafting Level already reached????

    What math did you use to arrive at 2.38 XP per hour? Did you take into account people who buy materials pre-built and only use labor hours to construct ships?
  10. Preserved_Killick

    The Resource Economy Crisis

    Before the patch when everyone was complaining about the iron shortage, I never had that problem. I never left Jamaica and was always able to sail around the island hitting up all of the ports and finding all of the materials I needed for crafting. Every time I found something like iron or hemp or oak for sale at a low price I would buy it all up. I had huge stores of materials at Port Royal. Iron was tedious to get and at that time, definitely my bottleneck. Finding materials was never a problem, paying for them was. I had trouble (early on) getting enough gold to buy everything. But I was still able to get iron with relatively little effort. This is on PVP1. After the patch I've had trouble finding material for the first time and that was finding Oak for sale. I couldn't find it in any of the ports I previously relied on but I do NOT think this is broken. I'm sailing south to new islands for the first time (I've gotten to level 17 crafting without leaving Jamaica and was making a profit selling my ships) but I'm confident I will find a port or multiple that have oak and I'll buy it all and return to PR with a hold filled with oak that should last me for several more builds before I need to make another run. I didn't say anything when everyone was complaining about an Iron shortage because I thought maybe it was just me on a lucky streak. I'd just like to caution everyone to just be patient and travel to more ports before you start claiming the economy is broken.
  11. Preserved_Killick

    Port Raid: The Pirate End-Game

    They could allow pirates to fly false flags but when someone attacks them it reveals them as pirates in battle. This would mean people would have to keep track of the names of pirates. This would also mean pirates could enter ports of other nations (under a false flag) or at the very least free and neutral ports. There should be a chance they are discovered as pirates when they enter national ports however. They wouldn't be able to capture ports but they could do raids on ports which pay off lots of gold, XP, crafting supplies, as well as ships that were docked but not manned.
  12. Does anyone have a rough idea of how often a player till travel a few hours to another port to pickup a cheap NPC built ship? I've been able to sell my latest ships (Snows and NavyBrigs) at a profit at Port Royal because the only Snows and Brigs being sold there are all from players. It seems like just due to the sheer number of players at Port Royal someone would prefer to purchase your crafted ship instead of sailing around to different ports in the hopes of saving 40k gold.
  13. Preserved_Killick

    The Ballad of the Shipwright

    Bravo, mate!
  14. Preserved_Killick

    Missions and NPCs

    I agree. The AI never takes the rise of waves into consideration when firing and ultimately waste a lot of shot into the sea. I specifically time my shots and broadsides with this in mind.
  15. Preserved_Killick

    PVP2 Pirate Exploiting game mechanic to avoid legit PVP

    You're not really responding to the criticism people are pointing out with your strategy.