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  1. I really hope that they put in either this or the USS Pennsylvania as it was designed. It would be nice to see a third or first rate or even some of the 74 gun ships as well.
  2. If your talking about the current arena commander they are unlocking the "Rental Credits" in the game so you can unlock different ships just as unlocking ships in naval action.
  3. To be fair the "Instancing" was always a part of the equation from the very beginning mainly due to the graphical resolution and fidelity that the game will be preforming at. Now they have also said as technology improves they may be able to increase the size of these instances and so forth.
  4. They have produced far more than just a Generic Game mode. Currently there are 5 Different game modes that you can play with the FPS portion being released early march. Honestly it hasent been all that long as far as a AAA game is concerned most take many years of pre-production before anything is said and then a year or two of development before it is premiered at a PAX or E3 event. I see the same attitude all the time and what people fail to realize is that this way of developing is something compleatly new. So please stop drawing the lines from normal development where when a game is
  5. Elite is also a much smaller scope than SC is with less visual fidelity. NA is halting pre-orders not for not wanting funding but because the studio is too small to handle much more as the raw data is flowing in while in Star Citizens development they were able to subsidize the "Growing Pains" if you will because their kickstarter and initial crowd-funding drive did so well so CIG (Cloud Imperium Games) could hire more staff and grow from 1 location to the 4 main studios and other contractors that il list below. CIG Santa Monica, California, USA CIG Austin, Texas, USA Foundry 42 Manches
  6. Ive put a good chunk'o'change into Star Citizen and i plan on playing both... Different time periods and different tactics.
  7. Well being in construction before the end period one could hardly call it a Prototype plus there is no reason it cant be at it its original 1816 specs. Plus it would have been launched earlier than 1837 but budget constraints SIGNIFICANTLY slowed her construction by several years. If it was not for the monetary problems there is a strong possibility that the USS Pennsylvania could have been launched as early as 1829
  8. I would love to see the USS Pennsylvania in game. Of course it would be with its originally designed 1816 fittings and not with its 1840's upgrades.
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