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  1. You said you "Blew up" the first ship you were shooting at. Do you mean you hit their magazine and they exploded? Because if you're close enough to a ship that explodes the explosion can kill your crew all in one go. It happened to me yesterday. I wasn't even right on top of the ship that exploded because my ship itself didn't take a ton of damage but the crew was completely decimated.
  2. Exactly, I sorta felt obligated to join once I read the background on the Auld Alliance. My Great Grandmother was from Edinburgh I got a bit of Scottish Blood in me.
  3. I don't know, apparently it actually sailed like this. 53ft Long, 15ft Beam according to Wiki; 9 pounder on the side and 12 pounder on the front. According to the Smithsonian it had a crew of 44...I would just like to know how they all fit on it.
  4. Are you guys still active in Sea Trials? I was thinking about starting up a guild similar to this, specifically American's playing French (name it after Lafayette) but I feel like The Auld Alliance would be a good fit for me. I'll apply to the website when I get a chance and have another friend I could try to bring along as well.
  5. Very cool. My wife went to SUNY Plattsburgh and I've spent some time up on that lake. I need to look more into the battle(s) that occurred there. This could be the "noob ship"?
  6. Yea, I'm gonna have to go ahead and lock this thread...
  7. This has been brought up in other threads and I believe that there was a response from NA employee about this being added at some point. I think it only makes sense to have this, otherwise a lot of the advantage of making a maneuver like this is lost to shots that go wide or hit sides.
  8. Just running away to make the battle last longer then it needs to be is troll and you would be a dick for doing it. What is completely fine and part of the game is to kite, for lack of a better word, while still firing and actually attempting to win (even if it is near impossible). Once in open world, when you are able to escape from battles then running right from the get go to save your ship would obviously be fine.
  9. Give 29B away to Charities to help children with cancer, invest 1B in muni's and never get out of my Pajama's.
  10. I would love to see no instances, I just can't figure out how it will work. I like the idea of having different zones, but that would introduce a whole new set of issues.
  11. The labor system had to be in place because of the way the economy was designed, which ultimately makes the labor system not the problem it was the economy in general. It is the same with all Theme Park MMOs, there is no real meaningful economies.
  12. This is something I started writing but never posted, would go well here I think: We’re early in Alpha, and an open world economy may be something that never even makes it into the game so this may all be for not. However, I thought it would be fun to talk about an open world economy that has sustainability and longevity. Economy * Consumables will need to be the backbone of an economy that has longevity. Everything from Ammo, to repair kits, the cannons and any anything else that they decide to add into the game should be something that needs to be crafted, or bought from another player who crafted it and put into a “hold” on the ship. * Actual loss of ships – no insurance or other method for reducing the impact of losing a ship. * Auction houses that are limited to the port you are in. No game wide AH or automatic delivery system of items from one port to another. o Being able to search foreign ports is also interesting to think about. I think it is something that should be discussed or tested. It would probably be a huge pain in the ass having to sail to each port to see prices and quantities but it may make the opportunity for some serious arbitrage. * Player Buy Orders * Minimum amount of “Vendor Trash” – Everything in the game should have an actual use or be able to be broken down into some raw material of some sort. The value of the Raw material being substantially less than the value of the item. * Minimum amount of items being seeded on the market by NPC merchants. In the beginning things like ammo and repair kits will need to be seeded, however, the economy should be monitored and the items removed as the player base advances into the game and begins to seed the market themselves * NPC Goods – For beginner traders goods that are seeded on the market, useless to players, with NPC buy orders in other ports. They’ll be used for beginner players to learn trading, buy Widget A, move it to another port and sell for a small profit. This type of trading shouldn’t be a way to make large amounts of money in game. It is more designed to allow a newb to get enough for their first ship, some ammo and learn the systems that are in place. * Money Sinks – Taxes on transactions, Dock fees, etc.
  13. Completely situational, however, I would say 95% of the time it should be avoided.
  14. When it comes to the game I don't want a realistic game with terrible game play. Although I find this discussion interesting, to me the most important thing is that the game is fun while being as realistic as possible.
  15. Apparently you've both completely missed the point. Personally, I'm not talking about 40 years worth of Skills to train being in Naval Action. What I'm talking about is longevity of the game.
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