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  1. Yeah I have thanks for the idea, also to those curious I was a fool and did not have a mobile authenticator only email and he/she was able to circumvent that. I am proud to announce I am the owner of a Steam guard Mobile Authenticator and have changed the privacy settings on my account also. Kindest regards, Saintjacktar Fair winds and Following Seas
  2. Account has been returned, thank you gentlemen for your assistance in this matter. Kindest regards, Saintjacktar
  3. Had my Steam account Hijacked at the early hours of this morning. He Stole it changed my attached email, mobile number, account name and steamguard (anti hack protocol) then as a began reporting it to Steamsupport suddenly my account reappears...only its not my account, its a shell account setup to appear as if I have my account back, I did some digging found my old out account, name changed with a Russian DP and a comment on the profile "Такие как ты всегда получают по заслугам. Тебе все воздастся." So I have a new account (which the hijacker kindly setup) with NA on it but I have lost all my
  4. Hi Saintjacktar....

    Can I ask you a question? ...... The game of the Australian tennis open ended between Rafa Nadal and Dimitrov. I'm working and I have not been able to see it .....

    Can you recommend an Australian sports page to read how the game has been ???

    Thank you very much in advance....

  5. Dear readers, Is 1820 out of timeline, If not USS North Carolina would be lovely addition. The 102 gun variant though so as to make her a 1st rate. Regards Saintjacktar
  6. Please put this in to the game devs! What a gorgeous ship. Would probably hire him too
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