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  1. Yeah I have thanks for the idea, also to those curious I was a fool and did not have a mobile authenticator only email and he/she was able to circumvent that. I am proud to announce I am the owner of a Steam guard Mobile Authenticator and have changed the privacy settings on my account also. Kindest regards, Saintjacktar Fair winds and Following Seas
  2. Account has been returned, thank you gentlemen for your assistance in this matter. Kindest regards, Saintjacktar
  3. Had my Steam account Hijacked at the early hours of this morning. He Stole it changed my attached email, mobile number, account name and steamguard (anti hack protocol) then as a began reporting it to Steamsupport suddenly my account reappears...only its not my account, its a shell account setup to appear as if I have my account back, I did some digging found my old out account, name changed with a Russian DP and a comment on the profile "Такие как ты всегда получают по заслугам. Тебе все воздастся." So I have a new account (which the hijacker kindly setup) with NA on it but I have lost all my
  4. Hmmmm.. so the thing is when you're about to go into a PB and a random clan sits in your TS muted and seperate to the main fleet in OW, in ships not recommended for the PB, then joins the the PB (that they grinded) then we lose due to inferior ships and poor command (keep in mind 99% remained muted during the PB) only to unmute during the debrief and blame it soley on the PB commander and when questioned about the inferior (store bought) ships to say "I grinded the hostility who are you to tell me I can't RvR because I have the wrong ship" and then leave TS. Oh and not to mention the PB Comma
  5. I'll say this, it could be part to do with Piracy not being real Piracy in NA. There's no "find a lucrative trade item with the most out of profit between point A and point B, learn the trade route and hunt along that trade route" kind of piracy in this game. It's all camp this port, camp that port or hunt deep in enemy waters because they wont be able to catch me tactics. I think this is part of what makes deep sea sailing a "chore". If I was a Pirate I would do my research and hunt the expensive item traders in the deep sea trade lanes, perhaps with a letter of marque. but alas i am not a Pi
  6. Yes they do and they are now free of their Russian oppressors. Murica!!
  7. Bahahaha XD Yes! Yes!! YES!!! bathe me in your salty post!! You're thinly veiled strong worded post sate my salt lust!! Come forum warriors, unite behind your benevolent salted ones!! You too maybe free of your rage, through written salted spewdom!! Perhaps when all your crying is done you maybe able to pile the salt into new islands you can call home!!!
  8. The US extended it's olive branch in the form of the diplomatic parley and your representatives were unable to have, honest, fair and civilized dialogue. We were under no obligation to do so, but in the interest of preserving the game and protecting our player base as well as yours we opened the floor to your diplomats. Some ideas were put forward but I was forced today to describe the parlay to a US member who was unable to attend as "trying to pick the corn from a turd" so I don't see why we should discuss this further the issue is yours, not ours and therefore the solution should be solved
  9. It really tickles me to see these posts, when less than 12 months ago the US was on the brink (by a single clan) by the Pirates aided by the DSFS, Britain was under siege and the Dutch were in a never ending state of war for the Northern Coast of South America and nobody said anything and now the tables have turned and its a bloody soap opera in forums. The map wipe happened and what blossomed from the ashes of the "Pirate 2nd Coming" was a unified US nation and a united coalition that cooperates, communicates and mobilizes effectively to combat the multitude of enemies and even against questi
  10. Dear Devs and Community, After watching and re-watching the "Diplomacy Summit Stream", a few points caught my interest. One of these points in particular was raised by [EDR] Keirrip in regards to main fleets being entirely/partially screened from Port Battles in turn denying the player base the option to participate (or contest) in RvR. While I feel the owness should be on the attacker to make maximal effort to "win the day", I do believe that their is an issue in the game that allows smaller groups of frigates to engage considerably larger fleets of larger warships. My proposed Idea:
  11. Because the Dutch are trustworthy people and nobody would trust what you have to say father then they could throw you
  12. Doesnt really make sense to run, if it was an even fight. but if a 1st rate entered a 4th rate battle that make sense. you re grasping at straws
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