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  1. 5KnuckleChuckle

    The new patch consequences,,,importante or not,,,

    Couple of patches ago I lost over 300K gp... I feel your pain but this is all testing so get used to randomly losing your stuff.
  2. 5KnuckleChuckle

    An easy way to start testing piracy

    I see a lot of suggestions on how to restrict pirates but not much in the bonuses pirates would get due to the restrictions. Ultimately there needs to be a balance, there has to be a reason why someone would want to be a pirate even though the ship selection is reduced or the upkeep costs are increased etc. I believe I saw Admin say in a post somewhere that there won't be any form of ship restrictions on any player so in regards to that suggestion you guys may very well be pissing in the wind. Not that I'm a history fanatic but from a historical stand point it would be wrong to limit the crew sizes of pirates considering there have been pirates who commanded fleets of up to 40+ vessels. Either way and back to my original statement, we are all going to be paying the same amount of money to play thus each "class" should have equal opportunity and if not then the class which is restricted needs to have a bonus which the other classes don't have.
  3. 5KnuckleChuckle

    No boarding of trader brig?

    Not sure I would buy into the statement that success is assured with a 10 man crew advantage. I boarded a surprise the other night with a 20 man crew advantage and a 20% increase in crew attack and got my ass handed to me on a platter. That being said it may have been a bit of a glitch. After the first round of attacks my crew dropped by 50 and in my experience you don't have huge crew drops like that when the crew sizes are fairly equal.
  4. 5KnuckleChuckle

    AI Spawn Point

    Would be nice if AI joining a battle instance could spawn more on the horizon rather than materializing right next to your ship. Have only had an hour or two to test so far since the patch but in the two AI fights I have had when other AI joined the fight it was like the Starship Enterprise beamed them in all around my ship. This has probably been brought up already but as my time in game and on the forums is limited these days I just glazed over the first page of forum posts before posting.....
  5. 5KnuckleChuckle

    AI fleet hiring feedback

    I understand this mechanic but like many have said, it would be good to gear it towards traders/merchants. My opinion....why not use the mechanic that is already in place, that being # of crew you can command based on rank. For example, my memory is shit and I couldn't be arsed to look up the stats but say you can command enough crew to outfit a consti, maybe you might want to grab a surprise and a couple of ai smaller ships. You are really no more threat to a player solo consti but you just like that composition. Likewise that same player wants to do some trading so they grab a trader snow and can probably hire a trinc for protection or maybe they want to go balls to the wall, 0 feks given and increase their trade capacity by hiring a fleet of trader snows or brigs with no protection. This type of setup would offer fleet customization while not giving any captain the ability to use money to increase their fighting power.
  6. 5KnuckleChuckle

    Remove the log off time please!

    Most bot routes are away from the coast. if I have to log off in a hurry I go to the coast, bonus if there is a little inlet or what have you, and drop my sails before logging off. if you drop your sails you are much harder to see by human players and you will be far enough from AI routes so you don't initiate their attack. I do this almost every evening, some times multiple times, and have yet to lose a ship.
  7. 5KnuckleChuckle

    Can everyone please calm down?

    This can't be your first internet forum? I agree and disagree with you. I agree that people should always be respectful of one another but also understand that people get pretty heated about different topics. In my opinion, In sea trials people' s opinions were much tamer because the OW was, for the most part, a complete unknown but now that things are becoming clearer and an actual game beyond the battle instance is visible people are becoming more cemented in how they want to see the game. I also think people are seeing how fantastic this game could be and everyone has their own little desires/wants that would make it that much sweeter so they feel a degree of need to "fight" for those wants. You are also seeing the results of non-ai match making. Even though there has been an increase in arguments and flaming this is still the most respectful forum I have been a part of. In regards to some of the arguments you made mention to, in most cases I don't even comment because they are completely irrelevant. Why even comment on ganking at this stage of the game when in all likelihood there will be a safe zone for PVE only players to get their PVE on and anything you acquire now in game has no relevance in the final release? Why complain about ganking when it is so easy to make money and, with a shred of forethought, takes no time to get into a new ship?Why complain about ganking when it happens in pretty well every open world MMO? Once we have a final release people will learn how to avoid it. Most likely what we are playing now is going to be so different from the final game that arguing about some issues is a complete waste of time but if there are those who have the time to go through that mental exercise then have at it. There was a recent post from someone flaming the game who I took for a troll but thought the community here was much more respectful in commenting on their post than I ever would have as I feel it is pretty....silly..... to think so negatively about a games online play at this stage of development. Of course that is ignoring the fact that most of the persons criticisms seemed to lie in their inability to apply even the slightest degree of common sense. But again the community, for the most part, were very tame in their responses. So I guess I agree with you that people should always try to be as respectful to each other as possible and that respect pertains to tolerance of ideas and in how they respond to them. I shouldn't really say that I disagree with you but its more like I understand where the increase in disagreements and, for lack of a better word, passion is coming from.
  8. 5KnuckleChuckle


    Please add a time-stamp to chat entries.
  9. 5KnuckleChuckle

    duel, anyone?

    Lol me too....On another note let the ganking commence in 3.....2....
  10. Any ideas on why I would be getting a Steam authentication error while trying to log via Steam? Logged in earlier today fine. EDIT: Logged in fine now.
  11. Captured Snow's have 9pt guns on the lower deck which are class 6 even though that gun slot has a 8-9 class rating. If the guns are removed added guns must conform to the 8-9 class restriction though if you leave the guns they function fine. I guess either the AI Snow needs to be outfitted with the appropriate canon class or the class for that deck needs to be updated.
  12. 5KnuckleChuckle

    AI Flaws

    Probably a better place to post this but....captured a bunch of Snows last night and decided to fit one out as I have been sticking to smaller ships up to this point. The 2nd deck of the Snow has, I believe, a 8-9 rating but the AI have 9pt guns on that deck with a class 6 rating. These will function fine but if you take them off you have to replace them with something within the 8-9 range.
  13. I haven't experienced this personally but I would say to your comment, a captain peering out from a headland couldn't sail out of harbour in a temporarily invisible ship to get close to the target unaware.
  14. 5KnuckleChuckle

    AI Flaws

    Lmao! That image gave me a good laugh. What I have found is that they are, aside from a few cases, crack shots at a distance but then the same team can barely hit you when you are at close range. I agree with the predictability comment as well. I have found myself at times "herding" them to where I want them based on the knowledge that they are going to continually try to turn in a given direction and if you stay just ahead of them to that side they will continue to go straight.
  15. 5KnuckleChuckle

    AI Reload Time

    Ahh k, that does explain it. Nice to know I'm not completely crazy just a little slow on the uptake.