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  1. Treveli

    Little things you'd like to see

    An addition to the compass telling which direction the camera is facing. Would help on giving direction to nearby enemies, and assist in picking when to turn for tacking. Fire cannon commands to be like World of Warships. 1-click, fire one cannon; 2-clicks, rolling broadside (like current); click and hold, rolling broadside that ends when you release the button.
  2. Something I thought of (not a monetary loot, but prestige loot) would be being able to take a captain's sword (players only, not AI) when you board and capture them. Then having the option to display them (or a few that you can select) in a sort of 'captains cabin' in a player profile, showing where they're from and who the enemy captain was. Example- Captain admin (Frigate) Admiral Wind (Victory) etc. Would serve as a reminder and proof of your PvP victories.
  3. Treveli

    Whalers Ships and whale oil resource

    What about having just the ships and resources, and making then a rare, high value OW target? Something you have to search the deep blue for, takes awhile to find, but jackpot rewards when you do.
  4. Treveli

    Leak / Sunk issue

    They're about to drop a hotfix for one new issue. Patience.
  5. 40K for commodore. Also, it seems the changes may get you a promotion. Went to bed a captain, 20k/50k xp, now flag captain with 20k/40k. Nice.
  6. Treveli

    PvE: More variety to current missions

    I agree there needs to be a better mission system for PvE. While I like the game being more sim than arcade, good missions would probably bring in a keep more causal gamers. Ideas I've had, with descriptions to add flavor- Search and Destroy (what we already have)- Local merchants have reported pirates operating in the area. There appears to be one, possibly two vessels , most likely 7th or 6th rates. The local Navy commander orders you to proceed to their last known location and sink, burn, or take them a prize. (add the two vessel part if the mission will have two opponents so you know what you'll be getting into, the rating range to know how big an opponent) Local Security Patrol- Fleet commanders desire more safety for our shipping in the area. Patrol between (port) and (port) and engage any warships sailing under the flag of (other faction). (missions would only pop in your factions areas where AI warships of other factions are spawning, and either a set number of kills or a time limit) Foreign Security Patrol- Same as above, but in waters controlled by another faction. Would also have a warning about possibly meeting 'superior' enemy captains (other players). Custom Inspection Patrol- Smugglers have been reported in the area. Patrol from (port) to (port), inspect any merchants you find for contraband. (same as patrols above, but against merchants (same faction or other), with the ability to order them to 'heave to for boarding'. Most will give a message 'no contraband found during search', while the smugglers will be flagged with the contraband tag and attempt to flee from you.)
  7. Treveli

    I would love to see...

    Someone with more knowledge on the ship would have to check this. The Wikipedia article on her says she was ordered in 1816, laid down in 1821, but not launched until 1837. The way the article reads (to me, at least) is that by the time she was launched, they updated the load out to use shell cannons. It doesn't say what her original 1816-21 armament was supposed to be, but if it were older cannon, she could still be put in with appropriate cannon. Unless there's something else about the design that's too 'next gen' to make it workable.
  8. Picked out an AI trader to cap, moved in and attacked. Hit tab to see his captain's rank... 'Where'd those seven frigates come from?'. Execute GTHOOH (Get the Hells out of here) maneuver, make a note to check the area around the target next time for AI fleets friendly to it. Left port, checked which way a mission was, pointed myself northwest and went off on autopilot. Thirty minutes later, realized NE isn't the abbreviation for northwest. 'Come about! Keel haul the navigator!'. Realized I was getting really close to ranking up, and that soon I wouldn't be able to hire anymore fleet cutters. Made a mental note to hire three more and max out my fleet as soon as I pull into port. 'Oh look! A juicy trader to snap up. Yay my luck!' Get enough exp from the cap to push me up a rank. Those two cutters served my a long time, only lost the last one yesterday.
  9. Treveli

    Connectivity issues, lags, disconnects

    PVP 2 US same, lots of lag. Logged out and back in, still lagging, and now I can't bring up any chat channels, even though I had nation/global/help up before logging out.
  10. Treveli

    Heavy Lag Experienced by Multiple Users

    Same on PVP2 US. Same timing, symptoms, and amount.
  11. Treveli

    Ship Tipping

    Found out about it by accident myself. I had heard in chat about capsizing ships, but didn't witness it until I ran into a pirate at just the right angle and speed to do it. I've tried it on purpose several times, but only as a last resort tactic, when keeping my sown ship afloat is more important than the potential loot and prize money I'd get from an enemy that's in the process of sinking me.