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  1. 15 minutes would be my choice for standard OW battles.
  2. As far as I see it npc missions/fleets and trading compass wood are exactly the same. You go to a port to pick up the wood/mission then to another port/spot to sell the wood/kill the AI for a certain and pretty constant reward and then the mission/wood is gone. In other words this is the pve of trading. I'm fine with it existing but for the love of King George don't make it more benificial than actually interacting with other players. This is a multiplayer game.
  3. Yeah, those comments were directed towards people who have dedicated a building slot to producing compass wood, rather than those who are simply trading it.
  4. If you ignore the fact you can just magic up resources from the euro trader in this game, Then that's just inflation. Your not adding to he economy at all, your just lowering the value of currency allowing you to buy more and others to buy less. And by not producing resources youre also decreasing the availability of those goods. Smaller number of goods useful goods being competed for by the same number of people. If other people generate money using compass wood then your share of buying power doesn't change, but you have less iron ore to buy. Less ships are produced and the economy is smaller. There is a euro trader in the game, but that's just a mechanic put there to bail out a sinking economy much like a pump on your ships, it's not something we should be wanting to use.
  5. your selling to the port, so it's not going into the economy (thats why there's millions of compass wood sitting in Pedro doing nothing) .Those are labour hours you could be using to produce iron, craft notes and things that other players can use. That's basically what I meant.
  6. The difference between creating compass wood to make money and creating notes to make money is that with notes you are fulfilling a demand for a product and are actually adding to to the economy. When you create compass wood you are not adding to the economy at all, infact you are taking away from it in labour hours which is a very in demand commodity.
  7. It will probably change, but personally I like to think of contraband ships as those who are trading goods without paying the tariffs we all pay when placing buy or sell contracts and are therefore in fact, smuggling even if the goods themselves can be transported legally. edit: pretty much got ninja'd
  8. Ports produce the resources themselves at a set amount, and due to prices that don't fluctuate and how much labour is worth, it is generally cheaper to buy than to produce imo. Ports do run out of materials quite often due to this so that's not to say its not beneficial to produce some resources. Though if you place contracts at a certain high price then a coven of witches who have set up all over the Caribbean will use dark magic to open up a mystical portal to their EU branch which they use to instantly bring in the goods for you. (personal interpretation of the mechanic). The cost of this can be quite high but for good such as silver this can still make you quite a big profit. On topic, mines do make you a profit, but there are other uses for labour hours that may make you more.
  9. I was there during this incident and also tried to join. IIRC this was due to the, you cant join an AI battle but enemies can rather than anything to do with BR i believe? Still a really weird mechanic.
  10. I think that an individual AI shouldn't be too powerful, and should be relatively easy for a human in an equal ship to kill, and the way you get challenges by fighting bigger groups. and earn a bigger reward for it. You already have a rank system in place so another way to increase AI difficulty could be using the AI's rank to determine its ability, then giving a mission a difficulty rating taking this into account, so you can choose the type of mission you want to fight.
  11. And this is a problem. There needs to be different levels of upgrades to give customization and variety between players whether they are sailing a cutter or a first rate, whether theyre a crafter with CR 15, somebody who spends their time doing PvP or a trader. But they need to be sold at a value to suit. Right now we just don't have that as we really only have 1 type of upgrade that is always going to be gobbled up by those with more resources. And no, not everyone wants to craft so that's not a solution.
  12. In large quantities everyone pretty much gets the same results so there's no cheating to be had, we're not talking about large quantities though as i said.
  13. I like RNG and in large quantities it does solve the problem, the game doesn't really let you store large quantities of ships though, so you often make them on demand. RNG would make it hard to get people the ship they are paying for. Either way, i think the number of notes used in crafting has to be increased to make this work as 4 isn't enough to provide a difference between lower tier and higher tier items.
  14. No, although a lot of other people have said that. This is going off the point of the thread a bit so i'll just reiterate what i was trying to say originally. Having an arbitrary CL15 cut off point to all upgrades is massively decreasing the availability of even lower end upgrades to newer players and players who don't craft ships, and a suggestion like the OP' would help both new crafters and new players which i think is needed.
  15. I'm saying craft level has no relation to the amount of effort you put in to the economy or the game. You can just teleport silver and use automatically generated labour hours to make a tonne of money after lvl 15 and you call that dedication. Producing goods to sell to people who actually need them and not getting any xp as a reward while making a lot less money than just selling to a port is dedication.
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