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  1. Within limits undercrewing is fine. Not understanding the implications of undercrewing however will get you into trouble every time.
  2. This wouldn't be a horrid idea and I sort of like it. The depth gage system would need a rework, and we could maybe see some actual sea charts. I would be a bit interested to see this come into action in battles as well in close in land/bay area encounters. It could make things way more interesting in some ways. At the least the idea could be played with. The biggest thing I foresee is some frustration in reaching certain ports through channels and such, if it isn't handled carefully it could make some things more of a headache than a real gain.
  3. A couple of questions I didn't see answered here: How would you handle relative wind direction with this setup at battle start? Would you keep it set up similar to how it is now or would you have it default to a certain wind direction at battle start? That's a small one, but it plays into the bigger question, how would you have this interact with the planned changes to bringing nearby land into the battles? I could see these two issues leading to some weird interactions in your proposed plans.
  4. As I said, I would be open to a reduction in teleport timers to a point. But I just can't see the need to teleport somewhere every 15 mins. I also admit, I didn't consider splitting the timers into outpost to outpost and open world. I don't mind the fairly quick outpost to outpost teleports, but does it really need to be less than an hour given the way the game actually plays? This is not a fast game. If you want, I'd be fine with an open world teleport (to outpost of choice) on the same 4 hour timer while outpost to outposts at an hour or so. Also the reason I'm based in Charleston is not in any way related to the teleport timers. It's because I can bring my ship home there quickly. If I could go to a different outpost somewhere and do the same I would be much more willing to change my base of operations (Though admittedly I would need to farm up the cash for another tier 3 shipyard).
  5. Wow, I was expecting a suggestion much lest drastic. Just no to 15 min teleports. Part of the beauty of this game is that travel times matter and it makes the map size significant. Just sounds like you want to be able to make stupid quick trade runs for your own convenience. I could agree to a reduction of an hour or maybe even two to the timer. This is just a "I don't want to sail in my sailing game" suggestion. The thing I would like for teleports though is that they open the world map teleport to something other than just the capital. Let me teleport to one of my other outposts, part of the reason I stick around Charleston is because it gives me the option to bring in stuff easier. If this change is made I would be much more open to changing my base of operations.
  6. As others have said this is just too punishing for folks that have a job. The game already is not casual friendly as it is. I can understand some folks thinking that elites are the bread and butter, but this game has enough of a small market it would be bad to push players away. There are far better ways to undertake this, as others have said, make upkeep/crew costs prohibitive. It costs a ton to outfit and crew that monster, so have some sort of upkeep fee or pay the crew when you sail or something. On the inverse, make frigates and such the best way to earn money in the game from a combat perspective. This is sort of historically accurate, as frigates had some of the best chances of catching merchants. Basically, do something like WoT did, where you have the mid levels be the "sweet spot" for making bank, in a cost/rewards situation. It just takes tuning. That would be a far better way than to only let the people that play godly hours ever hope of controlling a Victory or Santisma. Edit: Another method would be to make "Frigate Only" Missions that focus on frigate-level gameplay that have a better chance of dropping good rewards. Or perhaps hold events that encourage people to play ships of a certain tier. Whatever you want really. I think people do have to get used to the idea that yes, eventually most people that play the game seriously will have access to a 1st rate. That isn't always in and of itself a problem, it's just the nature of gaming.
  7. I agree, part of the reason I messed up and let him board me is I got carelessly close after being frustrated by him just running most of the match. That is sort of what I was thinking as well in the earlier cases. It is about the only explanation I have for that Connie fight that I can really think of that may make sense.
  8. I had thought briefly about that circumstance, but in the case of that Consti especially, the odds of me destroying all the guns on both of his decks seems highly unlikely. I admit, I didn't see how many cannon hits I had scored, I didn't think to check. But one thing I did notice is that for the Gun Readiness Indicator on the HUD for the enemy ship, the guns just stayed at 0 for far too long, and I never saw them reload. It was really that fight against that particular Consti that got me thinking that something weird may be happening. I can't picture a Consti with roughly 75% armor on each side and almost 400 crew (I did grape later in the match, but never got him below 300), seem to be completely out gunned (In RoF) by my 3rd that was at 230ish crew, with much more banged up sides. That is pretty much what I've noticed as well more or less. I didn't consider the Marines though. I had a feeling it was likely a bug, which is why I brought it up. I admit, I very well may have lost that fight if the AI hadn't stopped shooting. Edit: Have you noticed this before or after the crew management patch? I really noticed it after, but I may have not been paying too close attention earlier.
  9. First off, I apologize if anyone has mentioned this before, I didn't see a current topic about this so I made one. Something I have noticed of late is that at times while doing missions I have had the AI basically forget it had guns to shoot me with. After a little while in combat, the AI just seems to stop shooting. I thought initially, after the first couple times I encountered it that it was I being clever, I would rip most of the armor off a side of a ship and then use some grape to reduce crew. I figured much of that crew got stuck in survival basically making working the guns impossible. And then I had an encounter against an enemy Consti where he was down to maybe 75% of armor on both sides, and then he basically stopped firing. I should probably go into details here, I went into a Flag Captain mission with an undercrewed 3rd Rate for the extra xp/gold gain. I sunk the first Consti, and was just getting started heading into work on the second when I messed up and got boarded (I was undercrewed remember). I managed to disengage, but had lost a significant portion of my crew, I was down to about 230ish (Consti had almost 400 still). I continued the fight, but I soon noticed something odd, the Consti had basically stopped shooting at me, which was very odd given as far as I could tell he had no reason to stop, his ship was not in that bad of a condition. Over time, I did finish him off, though it did help that I set him on fire a couple times and he did go into fire shock. But given the circumstances I found the lack of offensive firing odd to say the least. As these situations happened I have noticed that at times the AI even acts like it wants to bring broadsides to bear, they just don't ever seem to fire. Now this is just conjecture on my part here and I could be totally off base, but something happened (that has happened a couple times post crew management patch) to me that I noticed. My boarding mode was grayed out, but it still had my crew stuck into it. A quick activate/deactivate fixed that issue, but it got me thinking, what if the AI had the same sort of thing happen to him and he was "locked" into boarding mode, thus in effect making most of his crew worthless. I suppose in other instances whatever triggers the AI to start boarding preparations could have been tripped, accidentally getting crew stuck. It's about the only explanation as to why a Constitution crewed by more men than my 3rd rate would have zero rate of fire, while I was admittedly firing slow, but still firing. But as I said, it really is just a wild guess on my part and I hope people with more knowledge can look into it. I should also mention this was just before the latest hotfix applied on 3/23. I will update if I encounter the issue today. Has anyone else seen similar AI issues? Or am I just imagining things?
  10. This would work for me. Right not the investment really amounts to a tax. This isn't something I would use all the time, but I would definitely use it occasionally.
  11. I think the jump is mostly just tied to the ships available currently. Coming from the Captain rank's frigates, the Consti and 3rd are the next ships in progression. It's just a situation where those ships are much more powerful than the ones immediately below them. It's not something that can really be fixed. If they nerf the missions down to where it's like the previous ones, where the power creep isn't as drastic, then the guys that are in that rank, running that rank's missions will find them just dull and boring. Perhaps they do need to just add in a tier in between the two for smoother progression. But it should be a completely different mission set, not any change to the current missions.
  12. I think they decided to try out some AI that would try and angle their ship in between shots, which wouldn't be a bad change in terms of making fighting bots more challenging. But I think they messed it up a bit in this attempt. My biggest issue is that the changes seem to have convinced bots that running away outright is at times preferable. I guess this does make it more challenging...in a tedious way. I am no means someone adept at scripting, but the thing I noticed is that the bots always seem to angle their ships away from the player (sort of stern camping), I wonder if they added in some degree of turn in coding that some of this wouldn't be solved. But I honestly don't know, at the least it would keep the fights up closer if they switched the angling back and forth or something. Of course I have also seen AI just take off away from the player outright for no reason seemingly. They will come back...eventually. I do agree, whatever the cause, missions are more irritating to farm now. Not harder, just more irritating. The other big pet peeve that this patch has caused me is the now baffling habit that AI will show to do whatever they can to maintain the heaviest damaged side towards the player at all times. I have seen AI's take some fairly extreme routes seemingly to prevent me from getting on their other side. I admit, some of this is a bit of greed on my end, as I want to farm the damage from the armor take-downs, but from a matter of fact stance it historically doesn't make much sense. In fact, unmasking a broadside that was up to that point untouched could prove decisive in battle. The idea that the AI wants me to shoot the same side into tindling just confuses me. I don't know if that last part is intended, or perhaps its just my experience. I have talked to a couple others in my clan and they do report similar occurrences. As to what triggers that behavior, I have no idea at all.
  13. While I wouldn't mind some changes to the whole labor hour system, I don't think sticking them up for sale in a port is the best method. At that point they just become yet another commodity for sale and that is really just boring. It also, as others have pointed out, could result in certain players just leaping ahead in the craft levels. Part of me also doesn't like the idea that you remove some degree of player interaction with such a change as well. The idea to somehow tie them to buildings is interesting, and makes more sense. It would make a crafting player very different from a production player. If you had a building for each crafting type (Woodworking, Casting, etc.) each with it's own crafting hour pool that could be interesting. It would also likely stimulate the market more, as extra hours from one building could be used to place items up for sale. Anyway, as others have pointed out, you can buy hours already. Either through specific interactions, "I'll buy X hours for Y gold", or through the purchase of parts in a port. Heck, of late I've made it a point to stick up buy contracts in ports for certain mats to try and coax folks into crafting them. I do agree, part of the problem with crafting currently is there are either people that want to do it (Myself included) and those that just aren't interested. But a better solution is needed than a simple commodity buy button. I think to stoke interest there needs to be a better defined sense of progression with crafting. It should really be a valid way to "play" the game rather than a simple thing you spend a bit of time doing occasionally once or a few times a day. Something as simple as some sort of "Crafting Mission" would be at least one simple way to ignite interest, it could just be a "Make X of Y for some gold". Just make sure that the items end up in the port for sale or something. Even if they aren't, more people would be interested just by virtue of using the system rather than forgetting it exists. Maybe some sort of daily mission or something. Another problem that I think turns people off of crafting is that to a new crafter the list of materials for making a ship or w/e is massive and comes off as rather intimidating. Getting folks used to what goes into a ship alone would go a long way. Another alternative to improve the learning curve would be a better UI for crafting. For instance, to a new player just making a simple Lynx, they end up having to flip through tons of different pages to get an idea of what they need to make and what resources are required. At the least some sort of breakdown a la http://www.navalactioncraft.com/would be very useful. Even better would be button shortcuts within the bigger recipe that will craft that specific component, so clicking on the "Iron Fittings" button would make them without needing to flip through lists. Ease of use would be nice for newbies. As a minor aside, I would really like a deeper crafting system anyway. Why not stick the craft XP into separate levels for each building, which you could level up to make "better" versions of the materials. Using better crafted materials could make better overall ships. I think more than anything in order to make crafting more prevalent, we need to make it more interesting. There are plenty of good ideas out there, this idea just sounds like someone wants to spend mega gold to make a fleet at will.
  14. I will agree to this as well. I don't need it to be a high xp/hour ratio either. Even just a .5xp/hour would be fine IMO. It helps people level who want to focus on making the notes, but it isn't the most efficient method of doing so. Given that most of the BP are all drops from making ships, its not like someone is instantly going to get access to crafting high level ships anyway, the best they'll eventually get is the Frigate, so I don't think that would be a problem. Yes, eventually they could start making ships to get the access, but is that really a problem after spending so much labor? I admit, as a crafter, I cringe when I make my own notes currently.
  15. It seems that many people are pointing out the same things I noticed with this patch, but I'll re-iterate my thoughts just for extra support. Production Buildings I actually can appreciate the idea of making players specialize into different tasks, having a "shipwright" and a "resource" guy sounds great. I don't think the current iteration will fully support this though. One of my concerns is that while I know you hare hoping to transition to a full player run resource pool, I worry that the lack of building slots will tend to make a glut of certain common resources (like Iron, Hemp, Oak, Live Oak, etc.), while the lesser used ones will be in very short supply. If I wanted to be a production player, I would most likely hedge toward goods I know there will be a very solid demand for over ones used less frequently. Hence I fear you may need to find a method to ultimately increase production building slots available so players will be willing to pick up a less used resource here and there to help cover demand. Yes, I would expect a few of the very hard core players may in clans specify who makes what, but while I like the idea of working together, it shouldn't be relied on as the be all end all of the game economy. Not everyone wants to "work together". Perhaps you can separate the pools for the buildings or the xp, have some production xp pool that lets you get more/better production buildings via some tree or something. Just throwing ideas out there at this point. The other big issue is the gold and labor required to produce goods. I actually like the idea of labor hours being used to acquire the goods, that doesn't bother me too much. I am a little bothered by the fact that the gold cost is so high though in addition to the labor hours though. I already invested a significant sum into building the place and now you want more gold? Lets not forget, Labor Hours are the single most valuable resource a player has. They will always be limited, whereas everything else can be gained through other means. At the very least some reduction in the gold cost per unit is what I would recommend. Shipyards The shipyard was a very un-welcome surprise to me this patch. I don't mind the idea of building a shipyard, and probably wouldn't have minded if this is how it was when I first started. But as others have said, they are hugely expensive, and really come off as a simple gold sink to most players. This would be okay, but I really think at the least they need to offer some other benefit besides "unlocking" ships. What if they would reduce the labor required to make ships of the previous "tier"? For instance, I upgrade to a level 2 shipyard, well I construct the ships that require the level 2 yard as normal, but for the easier ships I get to build them at -10% labor or something? Just a small boon, (people will likely want to make the best ships for BP drops and such) to help soften the blow from spending so much gold on the building. Really though, getting back to the separation of "production players" and "crafting players", something I would really like to see is the addition of more crafting buildings. Right now, since I myself am a crafting player, I only need to build a single shipyard. I can build a few of the resource buildings as a hedge against significant lack of resources, but I will rarely use them. I would like to fill my 5 building slots as a crafting player, with buildings that help me craft. The simple solution would be adding in buildings like factories, foundries, woodworking shops, weaving shops, that would be required/aid in the crafting of the materials that fall under those headers. That would at least be something, and it would definitely make the split between crafting and production happen. What I really secretly would like though would be sort of "specialist" buildings. I certainly lack the knowledge to apply the proper names to them, but buildings that would improve the ships I craft. For example, currently we can select the "trim" of a ship we build. What if that choice is removed, and instead you can only select trims related to certain buildings you have? So if I have the correct building, I can apply a "Build Strength" trim to a ship. I would also suggest some minor passive bonus, that would be applied to all ships you craft. This effect would stack as well with multiple instances of this same building. Basically this lets a shipwright put his mark on the ships that come out of his yard. I no longer am "That guy that builds ships", I'm "That guy that builds the sturdiest ships in the world". Or the fastest, the most stable, etc. Seems much more interesting to me, and it keeps the separation of the production and the crafting. Just an idea of mine. One last thing building wise though, I would love to see a "Workman's Dorm" or something that would increase your labor pool max/gained per day as an option. This patch is very interesting, and I hope you keep the hard work up. I wouldn't mind the folks that get too loud or disappointed, most are honestly trying to just offer some criticism to help the game, and the vast number of us understand this is just the beginning of your alpha here. Thanks for all the effort you guys have placed into this amazing game.
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