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  1. Prorok Lebioda Great idea! Thanks for screens. I fully agree with Bart. Its not problem for game, only good voice of admins for players
  2. Why you all are sitting in capitol? My guild runs off from capitol to other lands and we're happy of alone farm.
  3. Polish players wants our subforum, why not? Part of our community have similar problems like French people. I think other nations wants too.
  4. Remember additionaly about wet desk and keyboard if you want play with child on knees ))
  5. I think subforum for each nation is good, and will help many people to grow with our community.
  6. Intel i5-4690K CPU @ 3,50 GhZ 8,00 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 - 2048 MB Ultra - 50-60 FPS Good, without problems
  7. Its motivating to gain other ship, i think its bad idea to implementing random pvp with random ships.
  8. Fact, its old but unfortunately for polish players Poland did not has newer galleons and its only way for community.
  9. I think for polish players will be good this ship: Galeon Dragon, polish "Smok" maked for king Zygmunt August in 1571
  10. Yes, exactly! Boarding with many people looks awesome in series total war.
  11. Actually there is many games with high graphics where we can find over 500+ models and DETAILED environment (not SEA!) and its work good even on not best pc. Stop talking about fps, if we need to play cards with dx11 dont talk about power of PC. I think its good idea. Implement more detalis to world makes our game better than others craps. Should be option for bad PC - if you have bad pc press button and hide crew on ships and other details(similar option was in silkroad game) I want to see more crew, animals and animations like falling off from ship our crew if is storm.
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