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  1. Just remove port bonuses and this problem is fixed.
  2. Why not just remove the port bonuses, RvR was working before they were introduced and there is too much ship customization anyways...
  3. We have had plenty of bigger battles with roughly balanced BR with the open world ROE: While with the new ROE you end up with stuff like this:
  4. In addition they learned how to sit in the wind and reverse back and forth.
  5. So the solution to people not doing RvR is, that NPCs are going to do the port battles instead...
  6. Why instead introducing even more complexity / loss, can we not make the game simpler, or atleast RvR more accessable. For example: - Remove port bonuses - Remove trade woods (like greenheart logs etc.) from upgrade blueprints, so that everyone can craft them - Remove permits, so that losing a ship is less punishing - Remove / adjust the frontline system, so that not always the biggest port has to be captured first - Reduce maximum BR for port battles - Remove screening, lower BR in port battles is not going to be much worth, if the enemy is just going to screen you out in 25 first rates. Instead there could be maybe some sort of teleport mechanic, where you create your battlegroup and get instantly teleported into the instance. Would be need some fiddeling with spawns and some other stuff.
  7. why not just limit the amount of flags that can be active (edit: at the same time) against one nation / by one nation? Or maybe add some sort of cooldown, when pull a flag you cannot pull another one for X minutes / hours.
  8. End of May there was an asset wipe, dont think there was ever said anything about release and i doubt were gonna see it this year. Have a look here:
  9. It's not like before wipe 90% of the server population was sitting in the duel room all day, so how could bringing it back, kill off OW?
  10. Das Tradertool scheint contracts allgemein nicht zu berücksichtigen.
  11. Ich sehe nicht ganz wie BR-Limit Abwechslung bringen soll, klar es werden dann keine homogenen 1st-/4th-Rate Flotten mehr rumfahren. Aber letztendlich wird es doch eh wieder eine Kombination geben, die die Beste ist und die dann jeder fährt. Zudem solange die Mehrheit der Schiffe SoLs sind, hat eine Fregatte oder gar etwas kleineres keine wirkliche Möglichkeit Einfluss zu nehmen und dann könnte man auch auf sie verzichten.
  12. You cannot teleport captured ships to outposts anymore, therefore you have to take the captured ship as fleet and sail it home. So you will need atleast the first fleet perk to capture ships.
  13. Why not combine both systems. First you have to sail a conquest flag to the port (can be intercepted), if you successfully managed to plant it, then 42hrs (or whatever time choosen) a PB is scheduled.
  14. I don't know, isn't this game supposed to be an MMO, a game that lives from player interaction and meeting/ playing with other people? How will that be possible if people can't talk to each other? Theres so many options, if you have problems with what people say in global: report/ignore them disable communications with enemy otherwise just close it Don't really see what removing global is gonna bring to the game..
  15. Why not just make alliances, like on the real server, just need to get kind of an overview how many ppl are in each nation, so things can get somewhat balanced.
  16. First fix screening, make that only a force that is able to put up a fight against the PB fleet, can drag it.
  17. And then we are back to sit every evening in your ports and be ready for an attack that might come or not, if you want to keep them. Atleast for me the flag system was the reason to stop playing in july, because it was just taking too much time.
  18. Even though you cant visually see your shots, you still can see the number of hull , sail, crew hits on the top of the screen. That can be used to range your shots, just by playing around with the gun elevation until you get a hull hit.
  19. Get rid of AI Fleets (only for traders maybe). Reduce the amount of forts / towers in OW. Dont drag NPC fleets in the outer circle. Rework hostility to be focused on PvP (not sure how this would be achievable though): maybe reduce the impact of PvE and War Supplies and add some sort of PvP missions by refactoring the flag mechanics, e.g. raids (this whole thing probably needs a bit more throught though).
  20. Why not turning the war supplies, into some sort of PVP mission, one side has to try and escort supply ships to some destination, while the other side has to kill those supply ships. The winner gets hostility points or lowers them. This would mean more PvP for everyone and a chance to intercept the war supplies...
  21. Why do we have Port Battles, when in the end it is all about who can dump more ships infront of a port. We might aswell then just meet there, count our numbers and declare the winner... Screening used to enable more then 25 people to help with PBs, now with the hostility system everyone has the chance to help, he just has to look on the map. We have been raising hostility at Bermuda since Thursday till Saturday, so there had been plenty of time to react.
  22. Please not, log out in Bermuda and be put back to Little River to sail all the way back...
  23. When thinking about radical changes, can we maybe take out Bots completely for a week?
  24. thing is, hey we got completely destroyed by this nation, now were allied to them and we can join their PBs. Lets just enter all of their PBs with 25 of the smallest allowed ships and ruin everything.
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