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  1. I'm getting that tingly feeling in my pee-pee again.
  2. Me dearest devs, I have a couple of gripes from the recent gameplay experiences I have had. Firstly, can we stop the NPCs firing through friendly (namely, me) ships in order to hit a target they have no line of sight to? Ok, so their Captain may be able to see some hussy he had a fling with, cavorting with some gun hands, and feel obliged to share his jealousy with me.. He should not. Secondly, I was in a match V numerous NPC rated craft and had, in my infinite wisdom, decided to annoy said rated craft with lots of lovely rakes. Over 1200 crew killed. Sweet XP for me, thinks I. Ha-h'm. 960 XP for the battle. Think of the families......and only 960 XP......shocking, really.
  3. Looks like you need to reset your scripts mate, like Doran and his raking scripts....
  4. Doran and his so called "scripts" helping him rake the crap out of someone.....dear oh dear Doran. I thought you were better than that.
  5. Much as I don't like to blow ones own trumpet, I have to annoy you even more by telling you I had two. And they had furry dice. And a very charming tea set to boot. They did them sailings pritty gud 2. U no dey had amazaballs close hauled sailinz abiliteez, innit. Random.
  6. After I propositioned Admin and was willing to commit all acts of debauchery (not because I wanted any preferential treatment, I just wanted to commit acts of debauchery) you'll all be happy to know that Admin is made of sterner stuff. Talk about a big let down. Admin didn't even call. I feel used....No, wait... I wish I'd felt used, that's the one.
  7. Good luck with that, mate. Oh, and I hate to be pedantic, but it's the Cecilia, not Celia. Sorry to be a pain. Love and hugs, M G
  8. What? No, of course not. What gave you that crazy idea? You know you're the only one. *Whispers to admin "Call me !"
  9. Dear Mr Admin, how my heart leaps when I think upon you. Pray tell when I might gorge my loins upon your latest creation. I can keep a secret, you can Pm me if you like. I promise I won't tell. Honestly. Like seriously.
  10. I'm also genuinely looking forward to this, as I too remember the fun of the sea trials period. For me, Sea Trials was like this: No messing about, join a battle, kick the shit out of someone, get the shit kicked out of you, laugh/cry, then do it all again. What is there not to love? "Duel anyone?" I remember the first time I duelled when I thought I knew what I was doing. Who the feck is this MrDoran anyway? What does he know that I don't? LOL.
  11. I don't know about premium ships or in game currency, but I have had my eye on a rather fetching tea set I saw on the Admirals 2nd rate the other afternoon. Now that's the kind of reward anyone can appreciate. And if you can't, stick a hot crumpet between your cheeks and throw yourself overboard.
  12. M G

    Capture bug

    What happened when you boarded the players ship during combat?
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