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  1. Much as I don't like to blow ones own trumpet, I have to annoy you even more by telling you I had two. And they had furry dice. And a very charming tea set to boot. They did them sailings pritty gud 2. U no dey had amazaballs close hauled sailinz abiliteez, innit. Random.
  2. Good luck with that, mate. Oh, and I hate to be pedantic, but it's the Cecilia, not Celia. Sorry to be a pain. Love and hugs, M G
  3. M G

    Capture bug

    What happened when you boarded the players ship during combat?
  4. Lots of things don't go to plan which can make things frustrating, but try and remain constructive in your input. It's far more valuable to the devs.
  5. When are you going to implement map tools for simple navigation?
  6. I'd like to hear crew members screaming things like: "Those press gang bastards have done for me." "W...we......we're going to do WHAT?" "You're holding on to the wrong bloody line!" "You there, stop dangling from the yard arm." "When you said "Release your sheet" I thought you said something else. Sorry about the mess." "I'm afraid your tea on the deck will have to wait, Sir." "Bloody pirates. Right, better hide the silverware."
  7. I think your idea is too fantasy based, considering the depth of realism the Devs have put into and are continuing to put into the game.
  8. As for the splinter damage, it's a work in progress. All input is valuable with regards to damage taken/given.
  9. With a rake or a broadside shot? How big was the bloody ball?
  10. A huge well done to all involved and especially the victors of the tourny. Also a genuine thanks to all who participated to make this tourny happen, it was a pleasure to be involved.
  11. I hate to be blunt, but it's a TOURNAMENT. If you don't want to fight each other then it's a simple solution, one of the RDNN teams forfeits. Big fucking deal.
  12. OCEAN Team 2 have withdrawn from the tournament unfortunately.
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