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  1. Welcome! Always glad to meet a fellow newcomer!
  2. I've been using mine since I first joined CompuServe back in the early 80s! It is the last name of a character (Jason Darkholder) I created for a series of stories, only one of which was ever realized (a short in my brief bit of college).
  3. I realize it's for a tank anime, but I'll most likely be listening to the OST for 'Girls und Panzer'!
  4. I admittedly haven't read the books, but I do own and have watched the Ioan Gruffud BBC series.
  5. Greetings and salutations! I'm new to Naval Action, having only played three battles so far, and I am really enjoying it. I was drawn here after seeing it on the channel of YouTuber 'muyskerm' and it looked like a solid historical enactment of a game. So far, I am not disappointed! While I play all sorts of games, my faves have long been the Falcons, Silent Hunters, and other realistic sims. So I'm really hoping that Naval Action continues on the accuracy path as much as possible. It's nice to 'meet' all of you, and I look forward to gaming with you in times to come!
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