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  1. Haratik

    Zevene Proven 1723

    All the merchant ships of this era were of equal importance. They kept empires alive.
  2. Haratik

    List of ships and plans presented so far.

    Still, the museum is one of the places we don't have a source from, and seeing as how some of the Portuguese ships transferred to Brazil after its independence, it would be a logical source of plans aside from Lisbon (another place we lack plans from).
  3. Haratik

    Ship paintings (Art collection)

    Bretagne (1855) Decommissioned 1865.
  4. If you cannot grasp the answer then I'm not going to indulge you. Figure it out.
  5. Right, you had no control over what happened. Of Course.
  6. I read the thread, apparently you didn't comprehend the fact that you allowed him to do what he wanted.
  7. Player did nothing wrong. Morally wrong according to your moral compass perhaps, but nothing wrong according to current game mechanics. If he joined the enemy side, then you are obligated to sink him, and if you do not, and by ignoring him thus allow him to do what he wants, then that is your fault as an opposing player to prevent him from doing what you are accusing him of doing now. Do not waste tribunal's time with matters such as this. If you have a suggestion to change current loot mechanics, post it in the correct thread.
  8. Haratik

    Ship paintings (Art collection)

    Not paintings, but a couple of rare pictures.
  9. Haratik

    The 3rd Rate Merchant Ship

    modern representation of a lost ship, you need plans to propose such a vessel, and I doubt one exists of this particular ship. They might be able to map it out based on knowledge of the wreck, but I highly doubt such a rebuild is feasible.
  10. No certainly not. You're not on my list I merely saw the title and location of the thread and was left scratching my head as to why lineship images were being posted.
  11. I take it the post was about stern galleries instead of ship types?
  12. You sure you didn't post this in the wrong thread @LeBoiteux?
  13. Haratik

    Wonderful ship maker

    Some people have trouble comprehending.
  14. Haratik

    Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    This thread is defunct since the poll is over and ships already selected, so why post here?