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  1. well i just read about it more on the forum and not only is it little too light...it about orders of magnitude more light than real stuff
  2. This definitely bothers me,if we gonna put reloads on destroyers than they have to be mounted somewhere like a secondary gun or something.And the further away from launcher to slower the reload should be.
  3. i tried to replicate the french cruiser Algeirs from 1931 ingame and i got a lot more armored equivalent for same tonnage and equipment.From my experience so far it does seem that armor is a little too light and you can get away with putting stuff like 200mm of extended deck armor.
  4. The predreadreadnoughts were all about the ram bow...yet you cant ram ingame (other than your own ships),since your ships slow down before hittting the enemy?Is ramming gonna be implemented?
  5. The ability to go for slim fast ships or go for shorter wider but slower ships.An important item when constructing ships i think
  6. Scrap the open world and make it into Naval Action Legends
  7. i uploaded all the colour pictures of french marines and sailors in this gallery http://postimg.org/gallery/a7n65n3a/ so @BungeeLemming you can delete my other posts
  8. can i send some pdf books to you - its Osprey - Men at Arms 313 - Louis XV's Army (5) Colonial And Naval Troops, Osprey and Men at Arms 227 - Napoleon's Sea Soldiers (this one has a lot of colour uniforms) or i could upload some pages as pictures but i would prefer to just send you the books EDIT: just found this one "Osprey - Warrior 097 - French Warship Crews 1789-1805 From The French Revolution to Trafalgar"
  9. war thunder which in its current state features only aircraft but will also have tanks and ships, game is great has three modes of playing, arcade, historical ( more realistic ) and full real ( camera locked in cocpit no hud etc..) War Thunder is a next generation MMO combat game dedicated to World War II military aviation, armored vehicles, and fleets. You will take part in all of the major combat battles, fighting with real players all over the world. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0s6YO6wdcVE
  10. I also think that the "Age of Pirates" map system is the best option...there may be balancing issues or problems like that but whats the alternative...sailing realisticly for hours or unrealisticly fast sail ships. You could only see other player ships if they are in your line of sight on the navigation map thus you will not have just frigates running for the helpless merchants, you have to search known trade routes and as a merchant you try to find a route that isnt too long and filled with enemy ships.
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