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  1. I mean we already have a bunch of info coming from all sides,why not display this important information somewhere? EDIT: I noticed there is a speed indicator for friendly when mousing over unit card...but aproximate enemy speed should also be know (i mean the gunners do have that information so its not like its cheating or anything).
  2. I tried several designs ranging from destroyers to super battleships,but failed...What should i do?
  3. (To be addressed) Increase flexibility in tower placement. It would be great if they had some plasticity on deck level to allow for secondary placement.Right now you cant put 6 150mm guns on 50k t Bismarck hull
  4. I was just thinking like put their flag and names ingame...nothing big,their bought warships are representet by designs from other nations.LIke Georgies Averos and those 1891 german predrednoughts for Ottomans.
  5. So we can recreate those little skirmishes of theirs
  6. Concerning the late battleships,it seems that ratios are more real there.Cruisers are off in all eras i think,and dreadnoughts also i think can handle way too much armor.(didnt comprare with rl design yet).But i have present 2 cruisers from 1930s that are waaaaay to armored compared to rl.Rember these were washington era cruisers with light armor values and still they broke 10k tons.While ingame i get 535 mm on ATAGO
  7. My first documentary i watched on battleships expressed everything in mm (cause we metric)also in every book i read.Its not until i started online reading that inches started to appear.And i dont care for them at all.Bismarck has 380mm guns,KGV has 356mm Iowa has 406mm and Yamato has 460mm...thats how i was learning about it all,thats how i would like it to stay.
  8. Thats 575mm of Krup IV so best quality
  9. I present you the ATAGO :historical armor belt armor 127mm ingame 575mm (five times ticker!!!) (more than Yamato) historical turret armor 25mm ingame 207mm Not to meniton other armor weights but it seems the figure is about four or five times as lighter than real life.This game has some serious weight issues.
  10. well i just read about it more on the forum and not only is it little too light...it about orders of magnitude more light than real stuff
  11. This definitely bothers me,if we gonna put reloads on destroyers than they have to be mounted somewhere like a secondary gun or something.And the further away from launcher to slower the reload should be.
  12. i tried to replicate the french cruiser Algeirs from 1931 ingame and i got a lot more armored equivalent for same tonnage and equipment.From my experience so far it does seem that armor is a little too light and you can get away with putting stuff like 200mm of extended deck armor.
  13. The predreadreadnoughts were all about the ram bow...yet you cant ram ingame (other than your own ships),since your ships slow down before hittting the enemy?Is ramming gonna be implemented?
  14. The ability to go for slim fast ships or go for shorter wider but slower ships.An important item when constructing ships i think
  15. Scrap the open world and make it into Naval Action Legends
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