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  1. Ah.. I thought it was your grandson who lost the ship.. Sorry. How is life in general? Thanks for help in finding that book on rotterdam.. Still remember that.
  2. Would you be so kind and link me the post with detailed flag mechanics which allowed you to make your statements? It just seems to me that you are just saying incorrect words based on thin air. We suggest players withhold commenting until they know and maybe even test the exact mechanics.
  3. Use your yards on a square rigger to balance the positive force from front yards with negative force on back yards and you will stop (+ you might be pushed sideways)
  4. only campaign work after this last non campaign related cant say what will be in it patch
  5. the gun drop is in the patcnotes. Some Guns will drop
  6. Overall. Any PVP kill (even suicide) might generate some amount of doubloons (if the original ship at the start of the instance was owned by the player, irrespectively how many hands or bots it had passed). We will review if it should stay.
  7. The target price of a doubloon is 4 doubloons for 32 reals. If its 360 then the supply is not enough. Maybe knowing that the price might fall people start sellling them more.
  8. whats the current going price for doubloons? Tortue and/or Port royal
  9. Have you heard it from some guys? Or you actually reproduced this yourself? the chained exploit as you say... Please dont theoritise in tribunals and if you heard the rumour, take a mission and test it please first Overall You cannot chain generate doubloons, but a pvp ship (if you kill yourself) its a pvp kill as the ship is destroyed. Remove the ship from game = get rewarded. But there will no no chain doubloons as we know the original owner at the start of the instance is a bot. So you cannot continue chain farming them.
  10. Flags are coming back!
  11. You know.... Who even likes hostility through PVE?
  12. Mission hostility of course .. not the hostility in the world and the forums
  13. Thinking about hostility a lot these days.
  14. Captains. Captains if you think too many nations is a problem. Please propose logical, elegant solutions to too many nations issue.
  15. not the first time banned for a month... next report he wil be banned permanently
  16. Some fleets have mind of their own and travel further to hunt for targets. They are getting paid for kills but we will slightly reduce the distance of privateering (new feature allowing them to venture out further - to make the world more alive)
  17. Please do not take words out of context. I was responding to the known troll and ban evader Intrepido whose only goal is to hate on the game everywhere he can (now under the name of Montanes). He claimed that "dutches are pissed off" for which we replied quoting him and banned the shitposter. The ship removal from crafting has nothnig to do with its nationality or any nationality.
  18. How are those issues related? One is disabling chat, another enabling names?
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