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  1. 13 hours ago, Tom Farseer said:

    There is problem with the Port UI and map regarding patrol zones:

    As the screenshots below show, it is not mentioned that La Mona is still a frigate only patrol zone.  Only a BR limit of 3k is shown. Rate limit is only metnioned for solo PvP zone. The map also does not show that max rate for La Mona is still 4th. So when a friend tagged a Pavel in his Aggy, my Wasa and our friends 3rd rate were not pulled into battle and could not enter afterwards.


    The info on ship rate limit needs to be shown somewhere!

    will check on info improvements.

    Were you trying to create a battle in the solo zone or general patrol zone?

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  2. On 3/23/2019 at 2:23 AM, Jack Darby said:

    I bought the Painter DLC and I was hoping to get the Sicily paint job for the USS Constitution, but only the USS United States. This confused me because I saw online (not in the DLC description, i`m not saying I didn't get what I paid for, I absolutely love the DLC and the idea behind it), Since they are basically the same ship can they not be applied to each other? 

    Also slightly related question, what happened to the constitution? I hardly see it anymore, and apparently they're really hard to get

    Also also, a small suggestion for painter DLC or maybe even without it, I think itd be cool if you could paint your ship in your nations colors, it looks kinda weird using a black connie in the British Navy. 

    Old Constitution is the USS United States now. I think it has 3 paints in the DLC. Or are you asking about the new Remade connie?

  3. 14 hours ago, HachiRoku said:

    I am sailing around looking for the one pvp opportunity there is out of 100. Finally I attack a heavier indef with my endymion. Since I know I am in a very light build ship I need to disable the indef. So I spend 15 minutes dismasting chaining and what happens? A pirate aggy jumps into the battle 15 min later, sails over to the indef in what seemed to be a fir fir boarding aggy. Captures the ship and takes it from me. It was a very difficult battle since I forgot to put any books or anything on the ship either and I got ****all for that risk. GG Gamelabs you did great as usual. I would like to say I told you so but it doesn't matter. 




    This would happen and was happening before as well, with 2 min timers. And it did not happen less (stealing ships or loot)  before compared with now.
    Think of the Aga; he got pvp while previously it would never see this battle and think the world is emptier.

    We are still watching the data and based on data it looks very positive. PVP activity increased since introduction of this feature (open battles). We do not want to dismiss it because of occasional kill denials.

    PS It was always happening more in the pirate nation compared to other nation (based on the reports)
    Time to switch to Britain ;)?

  4. 12 hours ago, La bouche said:

    Do you really want to know what game labs thinks? They already accepted that NA is dead. They are just running against time to release the game and put the only 2 devs  working on it to focus in their other project. They dont care anymore for the viability of NA and just finishing the plan B. Maybe after release a couple of patches and it is done.

    And the biggest mistake they did: to listen the “elite” few players of that community. The vast majority of the anonimous player base will miss what could have become an great game.


    sorry guys for off topic but this myth need to be debunked

    1 There are 2 programmers (devs) on the project for the last 2.5 years, At its peak before release and some time after there were 3 programmers. 
    2 Naval Action was always an indie game done by 2 programmers, and compared to other indie games done by 2 programmers is already awesome. 

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  5. 38 minutes ago, Angus MacDuff said:

    As soon as you put crew aboard (which you must do to inspect it), it becomes yours and sinking it then give no rewards.  We would like to be able to inspect it before we put crew aboard.

    we will fix the rewards. removing the switch ship penalty. you will be able to switch inside the instance and later if you sink the ship you get the reward. But for instance switching should not affect the rewards. (Both for pve and pvp)

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  6. 25 minutes ago, Banished Privateer said:

    Another problem arises when the battle is over (we can see that on the video above by Liqucity). Both ships have 100% water, boarding is still going on. First person to click leave - survives, other sinks (while technically both should be dead). If player A leaves battle first, player B dies. If player B leaves first, player A dies. Not only it creates an unrealistic situation of magic force keeping 2 ships afloat, on rare occasions faster-clicking LEAVE button player or player with lower ping wins. 

    This does not happen when you win the boarding does it? This only happens when both sinking ships sit in brace and are passive in boarding.

  7. 6 minutes ago, Banished Privateer said:

    But the Frenchman was not sinking! We have a situation of BOTH ships with 100% water in boarding. They are magically afloat. 

    I understand. but it works both ways. Boarding must be resolved, even if both ships are sinking. Once it is resolved and battle is not over they will both sink once boarding ends. 

  8. 29 minutes ago, Medniy Sandal said:

    Кувэшечка, у тебя прибыль или цена продажи? И напомни стоимость бананов = "100 кг" груза? Т.е. торг. бриг = 17 шт партии бананов? Т.е. 17*639(569) = 9673 реалов прибыли с одного корабля, за 2 часа плавания в один конец (до Вера Круз)? 

    бананы дешевый товар - по ним прибыль приблизительно сравнима что на 15 минутах что на 3х часах плавания.
    чем дороже товар тем выше влияние дистанции на цену. на самых дешевых товарах разницы почти нет.


  9. 3 minutes ago, Banished Privateer said:

    Both ships are in boarding. Both ships have 100% of the water. I thought the concept of not sinking ship in boarding is that 1 ship is grappled to another afloat ship. How does the logic and physics work with both ships going down, but holding each other afloat due to boarding? 


    It's because of the Captain's Blood adventures by Sabatini. Last chance boarding.


    With his ship sinking under him, Blood grapples with the Frenchman, leads a boarding party, and takes the ship.


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