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  1. 3 hours ago, Pasha Souvenir2 said:

    Не много нынче играю, но сразу приходят на ум  гамаки. Тут вы явно не додумали. Особенно для 1-х и 2-х рейтов. ...2,5%!!!! Это ж полный п-ц!!!Променять слот на 25-30 дополнительных матросов. У вас есть статистика сколько таких модулей установлено? Сами бы поставили и что бы вы хотели получить от этого кол-ва на рейте?😉 На 4й и то больше впихнуть можно, тот же Гамбургер и Ингер с их кол-вом пушек очень нуждаются. Не все % для хайлвл должны быть меньше чем для 3-5х уровней. Как мне кажется, тут как раз можно и впихнуть не впихуемое, рыл 150-200 для 1-х и 2-х. 

    модули в процессе баланса
    как раз гармонии нет и она придет
    ( если  борт усилить можно на 10 проц допустим то и команде надо давать похожие возможности)

  2. 5 hours ago, Ленин said:

    АА мортирный бриг за что? После увеличения структуры короблям, его дамаг и так безполезен.

    у нас другие данные.. 

    Много пишут что мортирный бриг чуть ли не флоты первых рейтов в соляка разбирает

  3. 1 hour ago, Vlaxie said:

    Hello, for a few months now I've had this error popping up whenever I click exit game, there are no crashes while I'm playing so that's good but I was just curious if anyone else's ran into anything like this. It's still happening after 1 reinstall, I'm on Win7 Ultimate x64 and i didn't have this issue until a few months ago :)



    known bug.. in process of getting fixed

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  4. Captains

    Patch 32 will be deployed today. Monday 20th May.

    Warning: 2 New ranks and updated crew requirements might affect your ability to sail the ships you sailed before, and recently reached that rank.

    Contents include

    • Added the ability to destroy the investments made by the alliance of clans (available only to the clan alliance leader)
    • Added Elite NPCs that occasionally appear on the map - The flagship of the elite fleet often drop elite ship notes comparable to ships crafted in fully invested ports (their loot tables will be expanded over time to have additional interesting things to be captured)
      • this means you can get notes for 1st rates as well, provided you kill them
    • Assists now counts for PVP Hunt missions
    • Changed successful port defense cool down and attack cool down  to 2 days. (previously defense cool down was 1 day and attack was 2 days)
    • Added ship paint preview button that can show you how your ship will look like, if you have the same ship selected in port
    • 2 New ranks added (Vice admiral and Admiral)
    • Crew requirements re-balanced (XP thresholds are not final) and some ranks have their crew limits increased or decreased
      • Here are the changes on the high level leadership limits
        • Commodore - 700
        • Rear Admiral - 900
        • Vice Admiral - 1200
        • Admiral - 1500
      • Thresholds for new ranks are not final and might be updated once more before release, as additional rank of Admiral of the Fleet might be introduced, but we have not made this decision yet.
    • Changed the hostility missions point attribution. Any kills for attacker only count to the mission taker clan (clan attacking the port). Any kills on the defensive side only counts to the port owner.
    • Significant nerfs to mortar brig perks, accuracy and reload time were applied. Additional changes will be done by the next patch.


    • Fixed bugs with the port investment features
    • Fixed bugs that allowed you to sail with incomplete gun deck
    • Fixed Hold optimization in instance
    • Fixed names for forts and towers in the commander tablet (in case umlauts are present)
    • Fixed the bug when forts and towers shoot your allies in instance
    • Fixed the invisible walls that stop players to sail to north or east to places without any chance to return 

    Whats next.

    • Finalization of translation for all new features 
    • Final update on upgrades, port bonuses, limits to investments
    • Final update on battle and kill XP based on final damage model
    • Final update on economy and battle rewards and loot tables
    • Stabilization of the release candidate and launch


    Hotfix 21 May

    • Pirate ranks updated
      • List of final ranks
        • Thief
        • Rascal
        • Scoundrel
        • Rogue
        • Mutineer
        • Rover
        • Brigand
        • Plunderer
        • Raider
        • Scourge
        • Terror
        • Curse
    • NPC ships no longer can be sank by circles of death in patrols (closing a potential exploit loophole)
    • Additional port investments bugs fixed
    • Several UI bugs fixed
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  5. 1 hour ago, Wyy said:



    Seriously only this would bring some immersion and give an idea where stuff on the ship is. When you click the link you open a 3D room you can click Different numbers for sections on the ship which highlights and zooms in on the area and gives a short explanation what things are and where stuff is, e.g. pumps magazines etc.


    On 12/11/2014 at 12:37 AM, admin said:

    So many great ships, not enough great 3d artists. Swedish ships really look very good. And thanks for the Rattlesnake hint.. lovely ship. Will put it on the list.


    We actually worked with Axeonalias - creator of the LAurore and one of our frigates is based on that ship (it is not in game now) but you can see it on some old screens from last summer http://www.navalaction.com/blog/2013/7/21/summer-update  That frigate will come back soon (1-3 months). It needs  re optimizing for bigger battles. He also did Bellona for us (old version) but we wrecked it, and built a new one. As his version was too performance heavy and it was faster to make a new ship. 


    We promised in the beginning of this year and we will make it happen. We plan to actively use community created content - we just need more time to finalize specs. With the onset of Unity 5 this could be further delayed, but not by much. 


    it is basically the first frigate in game :) you can easily see the forms if you look closely. But it had to be reworked heavily as we were learning a lot then about how ships should be done and how rig should work and look.

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  6. 8 hours ago, van der Decken said:

    Where have all the La Renommée disappeared to? I never see them in NPC fleets any more and I'm just sitting on a mission so close to completion that I don't want to delete it...just in case.

    we are looking into ship rarity as the mechanic as we speak. They will be most likely sailed more by the Elite NPCs in the open world too (in addition to chest permits)

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  7. 7 hours ago, Bull Hull said:


    P5 – Intentionally violating rules/mechanics and continuing to exploit and benefit from said violation of the rules/mechanics is cheating.


    There is no violation of rules legacy mechanics. Please avoid calling something you do not like or something that does not yet properly work cheating. 

    Hostility generation will be improved but it will take time. Wipe will happen as well. There is no point to boil with emotions on this issue today. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, Gregory Rainsborough said:


    On the contrary, I think the exact opposite is the case, the other option favours large clans that have many people on immediately and able to counter quickly

    Do not think so
    The smaller the engagement the higher is the importance of skill, knowledge and fleet composition. If raid is for next day you can provide screens + best players for 5v5. You either do not get to the raid event or lose against top pros. 

    If raid is for today, not only small clan can find the defender distracted, but also sneak in without the ability to react (as defenders will have to find you and catch you to take the loot back)

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  9. Captains 
    Lets discuss raids (which we plan to work on for next patch or first patch after release)

    There are two options which we wanted to discuss with you, but first what is a raid.

    Raid is an attack on a port which does not take control of the town but just robs the port owner for certain resource. Raid can happen during the defense timer. 

    We need to hear your opinions on the best implementation

    • A - Raid like port battle - happening tomorrow
      • Mechanics
        • You take a raid mission on the enemy port - the same way port battles are set up (but instead of 10v10 it will be 5v5)
        • After you killed the designated targets - the Raid will be set up for the next day
        • Next day battle will be set up for 5v5 port battle 
        • You have to capture circles and if enemy players do not arrive you will have no opposition
        • After you win the battle you get rewards in form of 10% of all enemy investments (number for illustration purposes only)
        • Benefits
          • Clear intent declaration and battle the next day
          • Defenders do not have to scramble and can arrive in time
          • Benefits skilled players as 5v5 greatly increases skill ceiling for the battle, less chance to succeed for average small groups/clans
    • B - Raid like placing a flag - happening today
      • Mechanics
        • Part 1
          • You take a mission (flag) in certain county capital
          • You place the flag near the raided port (placement takes some time) generating a mission (or just take a mission which generates battle entry point
          • Message that flag is being placed or mission was taken is sent to server
        • Part 2
          • You fight with the elite NPCs in the battle
          • You take their special loot - raid documents and bring them to the designated county capital
        • Part 3 Spoils
          • Once you deliver the special loot you receive the following rewards
            • 10% of all port investments in that port (numbers for illustration purposes only)
          • Enemy loses 15% of the port investments in that port
        • Loot is capturable and people who take it from you can
          • deliver the loot themselves
          • or destroy it (cancelling the raided status)
          • Loot will be on the timer like deadman chest to avoid sitting out things in port or in battles
      • Benefits
        • You want to play now, your friends want to play now - you can't wait until tomorrow
        • Defenders could be distracted elsewhere giving a small clan a real option to take something valuable
        • Raid also can provide content to other players (trying to steal your loot)
        • Benefits the smaller attacker as defenders have to scramble from other things to try to find you in mission or intercept you after it

    After both cases

    Overall the second option is better for the attacker, the first option is better for the defender.


    Please discuss and ask questions and make suggestions on improvements

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  10. 22 minutes ago, Krists said:

    Предложение сделать возможным заходить на ПБ за нейтралов. Любой игрок любой нации и клана может зайти. Допустим пока подготовка к бою кто успел зайти, тот успел, далее до полного БР добавляются боты. Чисто ради фана. Пока ПБ против нейтралов скучная формальность, где даже нету нужды стрелять.

    Была даже разработана механика захода за неписей (игрока назначало на корабль НПЦ) как в пб так в потенциальных рейдах
    но все разбилось о камни людской натуры - игроки могли альтов заводить и помогать себе выиграть рейд или пб топя своих же неписей или мешая им

  11. Captains.

    Patch will be deployed next week with 

    • Elite NPCs fleets that players will be able to find and hunt in the open world that will not only give interesting challenges in combat but also will give options for active PVE players to get (not often) ships with bonuses similar to clan based RVR bonuses
    • XP calculations update
    • Income rebalance (where combat will return to be main money making activity)
    • Port points updates - top ports will have to specialize - the maximum number of maxed bonuses (lvl4 bonuses) will be reduced
      • already made investments will remain until the next map wipe.

    Important: We are aware that buildings prices are high, but high level manufacturing should be expensive to set up - We will improve sources to make money for those who are not interested in trading and long distance trading only and want to make money by fighting (players or NPCs). We could not deploy it this week unfortunately

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  12. 3 minutes ago, Jorge said:

    i think we need alliances but no forced by game....


    1 minute ago, Pablo Frias said:

    I want alliances back but I completly disagree with the proposed coalitions. Let the players decide their alliances, with restrictions to avoid unbalance, of course.

    if alliances come back they will be forced by the game

    reason is simple: previous alliances system broke down because humans tend to ally with the strongest which will cause top 3 nations in power to ally and create the unbreakable status quo. 

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  13. Captains.

    Let's discuss the number of nations for the release state of the game.

    • Should we keep current 11 nations at war with each other, where smaller nations have less chance to compete in RVR
    • Should we enforce alliances from Europe by game rules.


    Current populations

    • Pirates 14.52%
    • Spain 8.83%
    • France 10.21%
    • Great Britain 26.86%
    • Dutch  4.88%
    • Sverige 8.76%
    • Denmark 2.87%
    • United States 9.15%
    • Russian Empire 9.33%
    • Prussia 3.61%
    • Polish Commonwealth 0.97%

    Proposed coalitions

    • Northern Coalition 17% (based on historical agreements during napoleonic wars
      • Dutch
      • Sweden
      • Denmark
      • Poland
    • British Empire 27%
    • Western Coalition 28% (based on historical agreements during napoleonic wars)
      • USA
      • Spain
      • France
    • Holy Alliance 13%  (based on the historical holy alliance against france)
      • Prussia
      • Russia
    • Pirates 14%

    Proposed coalitions will have separate starting capitals but will act as allies allowing clan alliances between nations and port usage rights.

    Coalitions will increase minimal size of the nation from 43 average daily players for the smallest nation to 600 average daily players for the smallest coalition, greatly increasing the potential and ability to have effect on the map.

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  14. 11 minutes ago, Sir Texas Sir said:

    On average I get about enough money that half of it goes to paying my repairs when I pop back into port.  While I can run a little delivery mission and make 20-100k a trip and some Tim’s get 1k doubloons.  I only been killing hostility and open world ships lately but feel the real reward is way to low compared to delivery missions. 

    agree and we are going to update battle rewards next week making combat activities more rewarding

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  15. 15 minutes ago, Aquillas said:

    This dramatic increase of prices for buildings, mines and other plantations is not only pushing out of the game independent players and small clans (😂we all know that we do not need them😂), it is once again transforming this game in a second job, even less funny and immersive than the one I have irl.

    When will we get a fun providing patch? As per today, for playing Naval Action, I am obliged to hire a Commercial Manager and two assistants. 

    Overall income situation is getting rebalanced as well and will be deployed next week. But in general it was not ok when a lvl 3 shipyard allowing building of carriers of that time (1st rates) could be built after just doing 2-3 delivery missions (90000 reals cost). 

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