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    Hello Captains We are undergoing finalization of the last couple of patches and notices and are doing the stress testing of the game infrastructure to support a smooth launch of the game. This means that release day is going to happen in June 2019 within 30 days from today. This all will not happen without you. Thank you each and everyone for support, positive feedback and criticism that is making the game better and better every day. More information will follow.
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    Hello Captains! We have achieved a lot last year: new ships, new missions, trading improvements, thousands of bugs fixed and finally launch of the game. 2019 was better than 2018. Naval Action has been placed into a Steam's Best of 2019 Hall of Fame by Valve and was named one of the best releases from Early Access (by revenue) This could only happen because of you Captains! Thank You. We wont let you down. Of course some grumpy landlubbers will still complain it was all alts, but who cares . Please ask those "alts", really ask them to get us on the steam top sellers list in 2020 again. Here are the plans for the next 1st Half of 2020. Please propose things that you consider critical that fill the new content rules described below or edit your old posts and link them there. Under way Transferred from 2019 2H. New player mission New player experience is finishing its development. This mission will rework the starting couple of hours for all new players and will show some of the best features from the start (including large line fights in heavy ships) as it was happening in the early sea trials. New ships Redoutable - Imported ship (this month subject to Valve Approval) Implacable - crafted ship (this month) Wrecker - crafted ship (February) HMS Victory Classic Edition - Admiralty Imported Gift ship 1st half of 2020 Rotterdam - Combat Indiaman 1st half of 2020 Gross ventre refit will return this or next month Pandora will become available on Steam for purchase Low cost edition Low cost edition is long overdue and will be developed and shipped in 2020. It bring a lot of new faces into the game and will increase gameplay quality for all owners. Upgrades, Combat model, damage and penetrations tuning New upgrades (crafted and looted) Cannon, upgrades Battle sails and wind curve rebalance Hull leeway which will make looting much easier New rewards for main battle activities PVP Leaderboard rewards Better patrol rewards Solo patrol rewards improved Port battle missions with rewards On skills and progression and rules for new content (promised in 2h of 2019) We have cancelled work on changes in progression, current skill book rework, and perks for the following reason Changing anything players already have causes immense negativity as it is taking something away from them. Features made for new players can feel that they are done at the expense of old players, who feel they are unfair to the existing community (people who supported the game before), So even if the new progression is amazing it could feel like a robbery for old players even if it is better. Thus... We will only add new content if it fulfills the following rules It must solve a specific problem of the majority or reduce negative outcome for the majority. It must be beneficial for both new and old players It must not take anything away that players worked hard to get. One example for a skill tree that fulfills the above mentioned rules could be a Bravery Skill Tree Bravery skill tree gives benefits and bonuses to crew when fighting outnumbered Bravery skill tree levels up when fighting outnumbered These two things reduce negativity for the majority as everyone is ganked from time to time and everyone would love to get higher chance to sink someone in those situations On new content Overall we feel like our hands are tied with the current content. Even positive changes like the PVP 20 Min balancer was very hated, really hated by many initially. Now - many months later it is universally accepted by most pvp players. Its not perfect, not the best but a lot better than anything we had before. Such changes cause a state of uneasiness and beta feel and should not happen when the game is already released. As a result our focus will only be on to following priorities New ships New missions, events, rewards, and activities Quality of life improvements Removal of toxicity from community communication Some improvements in AI On moderation Moderation systems in game will need to change drastically to promote friendly community. Current system of in game chat moderation is slow and inadequate. Developer's assigned moderators were causing claims of bias and negativity. As a result moderation will probably move to the community. Moderation could be done by voted player representatives who will moderate their nation in all chats (help, nation and global) clan leaders and officers who will be able to moderate their clan members in all chats reports on players will come to player representatives and clan leaders by mail clan leaders will receive some motivation for taking action on the reports on their members The systems are going to be worked on this year. meanwhile please use report and ignore for people whose style you do not like On AI One important area neglected for a very long time will be Artificial Intelligence. The NPC Ships will learn new tricks and skills Will position better for broadsides Will learn to chase and escape better (useful for player fleets and auto-escapes during disconnects) Will choose targets better and focus fire better Will sail better closer to land And some other improvements like better operation as a group AI improvements become possible as Game Labs as a company continues work on Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail strategy game, and this year will also start work on a new single player focused game with first person view from deck - Sea Legends - about smugglers and privateers in the Mediterranean and North sea. This research will be shared and will greatly benefit the improvements of quality of PVE combat in Naval Action. Overall - we have a great 2020 ahead of us. If you want something added to the plan feel free to do it in comments. Please stay on topic when discussing issues. Remember that all feature proposals and changes proposals must fit the 3 point framework It must solve a specific problem of the majority or reduce negative outcome for the majority. It must be beneficial for both new and old players It must not take anything away that players worked hard to get.
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    Hello Captains We would like to share the development plans for the second half of 2019 Content updates will be provided with less frequency as they will require more testing due to live status of the game. content update 1: Treacherous waters - Traditional update with 2-3 patches Raids on ports NPC Aggression (both in the world and in RVR) Massive Painter DLC and looted Paint Chest update. - done Final localization update including additions of some approved community translation to game client - partially done Wind patches in OW Fun pvp/pve items (Loki and Ship Logs) ROE update for patrols - done content update 2: Unfinished business (continuous updates) Combat model update and improvements (including proper battle sails mechanics) - in progress More variety in upgrades, loot and books - in progress content update 3: Welcome to the Caribbean - Seasonal update New player experience mission and improvements - in progress content update 4: Chatham Chest - Seasonal update New progression system (including for crew) Veteran ranks Perk system revamp and improvements Update to knowledge and book systems Update 18 Dec Low cost limited content edition (a-la wow lvl 20 trial) - Moved out from content update (ETA Unknown) Content update 2 and 3 will be combined into one. Ship plan (sequence) Redoutable Implacable Wrecker HMS Victory Classic Rotterdam combat Indiaman
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    Hello Captains War server (pvp) will be stopped tomorrow - Tuesday 11th of June somewhere after maintenance for the installation of the release patch and pre-release testing (additional infrastructure and instances added to support the release) Peace server (pve) will continue normally until the launch. Launch window is set for Thursday 13th of June to Friday 14th of June (but if we are able to test everything properly we might release on wednesday evening (kiev time). Other events that happened on the 13-14th of June Edict of Milan Munich was founded Battle of Naseby Raid on Medway Declaration of California republic Creation of the United states continental army Star and stripes flag adopted First Oxford Regatta Battle of Villers Bocage First monkey rides a V-2 rocket into space Some famous people were born on the 13-14th of June: including Skarsgard, Alzheimer, Che Guevara and Donald Trump Summary Launch between 13th or 14th War Server - will be down from 11th until 13th or 14th of June Peace Server - will be down on 13th of June for long maintenance
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    Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MHJEa2Mol0kHpqyJ4OXMMDyaKH7_Ktr5 Revision 00, first issued December 22nd, 2019 Revision 01, Updated Feb 04th, 2020 Revision 02, Updated Feb 28th, 2020. Thank you for reviewing and help updating and correcting!
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    Despite multiple topics about it in this forum, not enough of us realises just how bad the current crafting and currency situation is in the game. Because ships have not been wiped, and because most clans are now indifferent to RvR, the enormous hurdles now placed on crafting almost any ships is hidden. But REDS has been recruiting new players, as well as old and returning players, in recent times. Players who in both cases do not have tons of ships stored. And while we are able to cover their need of ships from our storage, it gives us a glimpse at just how expensive it now is to produce even frigates. Because of permits. And woods. If DLCs are reportedly such a boost to PvP on the server because they are fast and easy to bring and to replace, why is the opposite principle now seemingly applied to all crafting of ships? Why does surprise need an extremely expensive permit, and why does the Niagara need one that only drops randomly from chests? Because Russia still organises infrequent RvR in order to get good screening- and possible PB-fights, and because almost exclusively I am the one who initiates and organises this, I get another insight into the destructive nature of the current permit situation. One of the guiding principles I use when planning Port Battles is avoiding the use of DLC-ships in my setups. @Captain Reverse, does the same, but I do not know his specific reasons for choosing to do so except to demonstrate that it is possible. My reason, however, is that while most players in my clan and that I play with, have some or all of the DLCs, I firmly believe that the game should be playable even without DLCs, and that buying them should be an individual decision and not something that myself or my clan should push on players by making it impossible for them to participate when they do not have DLCs. By using DLC-ships in my setups, I would ensure that anyone who does not own DLCs knows that there is that much fewer places in the Port Battles where there might be room for them. The huge problem that has arisen for every one of the last few port battles, is that with the changes to permits, choices are severely limited. The Surprise is a good alternative to Hercules in both Deep and Shallow port battles. But with the price for the Surprise Permit, if I did not craft them and hand them out myself, most players would not be able to afford the ship for the port battle, let alone have a Surprise that they could grind to open up slots on it. Worse, by far in this regard, is the Le Requin. It is a difficult ship to begin with, to replace, being so specialised to kite and contest circles. In the past there was two non-DLC counters to Le Requin in RvR. But the Prince de Neufchatel and the Niagara now have permits that are ONLY obtainable through random drops from chests. This means that only the most hardcore PvE-players are likely to have disposable permits for the ship to use in RvR, let alone for getting the slots and experience needed to use the Niagara or Prince effectively. This means that we are left with the only option of using DLC-ships. Even the Pandora will be a ship used in port battles that any players who joined the game after release will not be able to bring. And these are the smallest ships. The ships needing the least crew. The only roles which new recruits can be put into to participate with the rest of us, except they cannot, because they may not have bought the DLCs yet and they have no Niagara to use. DLCs in all Port Battles might work for hardcore clans, who recruit only hardcore players, and whose players all have the DLCs. But for those clans who try to expand this game, to bring up, train, and introduce more players to the endgame content, it is not sustainable, when the first thing new players always learn is that if they do not buy DLCs they cannot participate. This is not just «Pay2Win». This is blocking off basic aspects of this game behind a paywall. Without changes being done to permits, so that all non-DLC ships are available to all of us to choose from, and easily replaceable and craftable, for RvR. RvR will be DLC-only and normal players coming after release, who are not like the hardcore powergamers that have stuck with us throughout the ups and downs of development, will not be able to play and enjoy this otherwise great game. This is not just about DLCs, and not just about Niagara and Prince de Neufchatel. For all ships of all classes, that are hidden behind a RNG-drop permit or an exorbitantly expensive permit, the side that is lucky in RNG and can afford to use the most suitable ships in the most suitable roles for a port, will have an advantage to win that port battle.
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    Hello folks, Thought we needed some more fun stuff and I spend a lot of time sailing places. So here it is. This newsletter will mainly be focusing on the Dutch perspective of Naval Action. I'd be more than happy to include more in the next issue if you send me info/stories/gossip etc... Trying to remain like the BBC in my reporting as it were. This link will take you to a viewable pdf of the very first Willemstad Gazette! https://docdro.id/LZEVaeT 2nd issue of the Willemstad Gazette available now. https://docdro.id/osnot6U 3rd issue of the Willemstad Gazette available now. https://docdro.id/izVaZEp 4th issue of the Willemstad Gazette now available. https://docdro.id/avfqcnK https://pdfhost.io/v/blrKcV5E_Gazette4finalpdf.pdf 5th issue now available. https://docdro.id/y0dmKDg https://pdfhost.io/v/hu8cULxB_Gazette5finalpdf.pdf 6th issue now available https://pdfhost.io/v/Tq1dwQ4F_Gazette6finalpdf.pdf 7th issue now available https://pdfhost.io/v/oOK~yNoX_Gazette7pdf.pdf Issue 8 now available https://pdfhost.io/v/pYCAApcs_Gazette8finalpdf.pdf 9th issue now available https://pdfhost.io/v/RvAaJIif_Gazette9finalpdf.pdf 10th issue now available! https://pdfhost.io/v/9e0hwAGpW_Gazette10finalpdf.pdf
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    Captains The following hotfix was deployed today 12th February New content or tuning Seasoned wood supply Seasoned wood supply will increase. Amount of wood in a chest has increased All privateer and raider ships now carry 1 wood chest Chance to get blueprints from wood chest also increased Le Gros Ventre Refit - has been added to the admiralty at 50 combat marks per note (price is not final) Labor hour contracts in the admiralty now have the following options 2x contracts at 5000 Doubloons 1x contract at 25 Victory Marks Bugs fixed Fixed the LONG bug with bow/stern cannons where fire from bow (from stern) was firing in the wrong order. Hotfix 13th February PVP Hunt and Hunt mission awards are rebalanced and increased Wooden chest has been added to PVP Hunts as reward for frigate and lineship missions Solo patrol and Daily patrol rewards have been increased Blueprint to craft Le Gros Ventre refit has been added to shipyard Permit for LGV Refit has been added to Captain's chest Overall goal is to reduce the market prices for combat medals to provide more options to captains And to increase supply of seasoned wood for captains participating in OW and PVP activities Hotfix 14 Feb. PEACE Server - Raiders ATTACK! Peace server - raiders have decided that they want to make all NPC controlled ports neutral. Allowing players to take over ALL ports in the region. As a result they attack daily now, until they capture all the NPC ports. War Server - Raiders Withdraw! Raiders have got port battles out of their system and decided that they will better resort to privateering activities on the open world. Today 18 Feb small fix was deployed based on the player feedback Fixed a rare bug that blocked the usage of money at clan warehouse if the amount of money exceeded billions of reals Fixed an issue with forts that fired on one side in the battle without consideration of flag. From now on forts will only fire if the battle has a flag of the fort British fort will fire at british enemies if british flag is present in battle British fort will ignore both sides if other flags are present at both sides. Hotfixes was deployed on 26-27th Feb Hostility missions no longer accept random players and other nations. To enter hostility mission you must be on the allied clan list or must be in a group with a allied clan member. Patrol zones are now identified better. ID Flag P is not shown on ships that do not fit the Patrol zone requirements. Attacking a non patrol ship in a patrol zone will result in normal battle (without circle of death) Group entry and Raid missions have better group join rules now. If your group member was not pulled into a mission - he will be able to enter the group mission manually (as OW battle) Tab interface now show total BR of ships with and without undercrew Ship notes rebalanced and unified All notes now create ships with port bonuses All notes now can create ships with seasoned woods NPC ships in the Open world can now be built with seasoned woods and carry port bonuses Contracts: Long requested change. Contract bids can only be placed at 10% higher price than the current max price. You cannot place contracts below current high price. That removes the +1 real cancellation method to avoid +10% bid size Fixed another rare bug which sent player to two battles at the same time (when attacked in certain conditions) Increased size of cannon stack from 100 to 500 Trading resources are now brought to ports at random (not fixed) time intervals to reduce spawn camping of resources Tutorial changes First 4 basic training tutorials can be skipped. Player can jump straight to challenges This is done in preparation for the New player rookie mission which will be given on creation of new players (not yet in game) 2 critical issues were fixed this week 19th March Fix of the rare server bug allowing additional repairs to be used in battle. Fix of the usage of brace on boarding (brace will no longer work during boarding) Still to come. Craftable 3rd rates and some second rates stats will be rebalanced Rare ship permits will be made more widely available Skins for imported 3rd rates and implacable will receive naming Mortar brig damage will be rebalanced (bigger damage, slower aiming, lower reload) The main goal of seasoned wood changes hotfix/patch is to address this issue raised by players. Third rates were the most numerous class in all navies and Temeraire was a most numerous third rate - but we want ALL third rates to be as popular as they were in 18th century, not only redoutable.
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    Captains Here is the final information on the player accounts on the launch of the game. Estimated launch week - 10-14th June War server: Full reset: Everyone starts fresh from clean slate. Only clan lists will remain intact. Tutorial progress will be reset Peace server Partial reset: XP, Crafting XP, Knoweldge slots and knowledge books will remain Everything else will be wiped, and tutorial progress will be reset. Compensation ships for latest server problems will be added on launch as a timed redeem Names are going to be kept on both servers. You will start the game with a character you had before launch, on war server he/she will have nothing, on peace server he/she will have xp, crafting xp, slots and books. Clan affiliation will remain as it was before the launch.
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    Captains. Admiralty wishes you wealth, health and happiness in the 2020. Please accept the following traditional christmas gifts in the redeemables Kiritimati Masts made from the strongest trees found in the famous Christmas (Kiritimati) island visited on 24th December 1777 by the now infamous Captain Cook. Edinorog guns that will make your opponents fear your ship. Elite Christmas gift – Danish 2nd rate Christian. Redeemables must be claimed before 10th of January 2020.
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    Captains! Naval action has been launched from Early Access. This game has been in early access since early 1716. This long time was spent on perfecting the combat model and sailing simulation; which many claim is the best in the world. Other experiments, some successful, some not so much, have been done. No game has come close to the replication of the Age of Sail sailing mechanics and combat. Thank you all for your feedback, bug reports and constructive criticism - you helped to make the game better. In the next 2 weeks we plan to stabilize the build, provide final updates for localization (including the steam page) and publish the roadmap for 2019. Thank you again. ps. No more wipes or resets! Release fixes Clan allies friend list now allows search Obusier and Congrieve Guns now have unique 3d models Port bonuses and costs rebalanced Trader ships now have 5 slots just like the combat ships Knowledge XP slots rebalanced (and were generally slightly lowered) All books and upgrades bonuses were rebalanced and slightly lowered Free camera buttons now can be reassigned (for the AZERTY Keyboards) Fixed the ignore list in instances Other localization fixes were applied
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    Captains Patch is being deployed today. Main feature of the patch - Port investments. This is a group feature. Solo players must find a group of friends to use it or join a clan. Imaged - dutch players deciding if they want Caracas to have a +5% speed bonus for shipbuilding or +10% thickness or BOTH Investments. Clan alliances can now expand production of resources in ports Clan alliances can now expand shipbuilding in ports Clan alliances can now improve defenses in ports Investments will drop their level after you lose the port, multiple losses of ports will lose all investments (to remove port trading) Forts destroyed in port battles will have to be rebuilt Clans will be able to decide who can access the facilities and build them Once you build the facility you will be able to use it even if you are kicked from clan or alliance (provided you are in the same nation). Other nations WILL NOT use the facilities and investment benefits Ship building bonuses are created by clan alliance only if they build ships in their city. Other captains (who are not part of the alliance are not going to be able to hire artisans trained by clans). Due to limited investment points some cities will have to specialize – in the first iteration there are going to be 2 types of towns Resource base Shipbuilding base Or a mix of two There is a limited number of ports that can build amazing ships with all the possible bonuses. Nations will have to fight for them. This is a first iteration of the feature so expect bugs and problems Map wipe All forts on map were removed (they can be rebuilt by clans) Map was reset Lord protectors were reset, National leaderboards were reset Hostility mission changes Hostility now can be gained only using missions. OW hostility points are no longer granted to avoid exploits. Hostility generation in missions will feel much faster Defense timer cost is 250k Reals per day (might go up even more) County capital and capitals give missions to capture 2 nearest county capitals Free towns give missions for 2 nearest county capitals Once you taken the county capital you can take its regional cities. Marsh Harbor also gives an option to take Treasure Island, Treasure island capital gives an option to capture Bermuda. Other changes Forts were buffed BR limits for ports have changed Largest towns (55 investment points) have 25000 BR limit All other county capitals have 20000 BR limit Regional towns have 10,000 BR limit Shallow capitals 3000 BR limit Shallow towns 2000 BR limit Lord protectors are no longer have tiered rewards for VMs you get what you hold (but not more than 15VMs per week – lets see how it goes and maybe increase this limit later) Hostility points for port battle creation have changed County Capital deep – 10000 pts Regional town deep – 4500 pts County Capital shallow – 2500 pts Regional town shallow – 1000 pts Peace server changes Historical peaceful map applied (this will change bot routes and bot nationalities) Admiralty can now be used in ALL peaceful cities Peaceful outposts and buildings can now be built in all cities Peaceful PVE missions can now be taken in all cities too Top class ships on the PVE can still be built in towns that are capturable on War server. Other changes Combat medals are now only granted for mission and patrol completion. Improved FPS performance in instances and port battles Added additional item descriptions Bots now use universal ranks to help judge their difficulty easier Added an option to make more books and upgrades in production run Added inverted mouse to options Added tooltips to clan warehouse Permit prices and requirements rebalanced New ship notes added to admiralty Pandora lost ability to use stern carronades due to placement of ports Epic chest now drops in Epic events a lot more often Grape damage distance slightly increased Grape min damage from raking slightly increased Port name changes and other minor beautifications Some ports have their name changed or improved. Spanish town (a city of striking contrasts) is now a capital of the Virgin islands Sisal is now a capital of Merida Some counties were rebalanced. Fixed bugs Fixed bug that did not build 5/5 ships in some ports that became capturable recently. Apologies for the inconvenience. Fixed bug that was visually showing wrong ammo type (for example ball was flying instead of chain or vice versa) in instances for new players who just joined instance or relogged in into instance Fixed stationary bots in OW Fixed bug that cut your speed if you switched to a fleet ship Fixed bug that did not update your map if you switched from Peace to war server after AFK kick Multiple other bugs fixed Enjoy. Hotfix 25th April 2019 Hostility missions now have a deadline and have to be done until maintenance (after maintenance they will disappear from quest log). This is done to remove the possibility of keeping old missions for the future attacks on the ports. Fixed the bug that did not let you sell the ship if you had books in knowledge slots Fixed the bug blocking the sharing of the captured ship in the instance (by setting it free for all) Temporarily increased the limit of missions from the county capitals and free towns to 3 from 2 Increased the limit of port battles against the nation from 3 to 5 Changed BR of shallow water ports to lower 2500 for shallow capitals 1500 for regional towns in shallows Nassau limit is set for 3000 Mantua is now neutral and capturable (giving capturable city crafting bonuses) Hotfix 2nd May 7 New port investments added allowing production of rare woods in clan controlled ports Rare woods clan delivery missions rebalanced (prices lowered) Peace server: admiralty prices for rare woods rebalanced (prices lowered) Peace server: some free towns converted back to neutral towns to allow production of resources (Atwood, Cayo Romano, Barcos, Cayman Brac, La Navasse, Hat Island, La Désirade, Carriacou, La Orchila, Coquibacoa, Concepción, Bonacca, Bensalem, Santa Ana, Tamiagua, Calcasieu, Saint-Malo, Cayo del Anclote, Las Tortugas, Cayo Biscayno, Saint Marys, Salinas, Little River) Building costs and costs of upgrades rebalanced (and increased)
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    Captains Large update will be deployed within a week (optimistic) or two. New exciting feature on port investments is going to be introduced into the game. Industry development Clans will be able to invest resources to open up new production in ports creating resource bases providing easy access to materials from one spot. Numbers on the screen are for demonstration purposes only and will of course change Clans will be able to determine who can invest and use these facilities; because they control the land Shipbuilding development Clans will be able to invest resources to improve ships built in the region in the following categories Gunnery Hull Sailing Survival Rig and Masts This feature will be available to all national captains, who build ships in this port, because knowledge on shipbuilding is not land based and other people will be able to work with specialists trained in the city. Forts and defenses. Clans will be able to build defenses for their ports In the first iteration positions of forts will remain the same as in the current game (some positions will be adapted to change placement of useless towers or forts into locations that will help defending the city) Defenses destroyed during port battles will have to be rebuilt again (depending on % of their damage) Base map will be without forts and towers. Overall balance Every type of investment will require points and having limited points per port, clans will have to pick things they want to specialize their city in. Some cities (chokepoints or front line towns) will only have forts, some will become resource bases and some will become shipbuilding cities. This balance will be supported by the changes how hostility missions are given. Hostility mission and conquest flow changes. Mission availability Hostility missions will only be available from National Capitals and County Capitals and Free towns. Hostility missions will only be available for the 2 nearest Enemy or Neutral County Capitals. Hostility missions for regional towns will only be available from the County Capital of that region (example below). County capital of the region will allow taking hostility missions for ANY regional port of that county. Conquest flow To capture a regional town you first will have to capture a County Capital of that region To do so you need to own a County capital near to that region. (as hostility missions will be distance based) Then you will be able to capture other regional towns in that County, building resource infrastructure or ship building bases in the region, and defenses in the county capital. Example To conquer Arecibo Regional town in Puerto Rico if you are Swedish working from Gustavia You first have to conquer County Capital in Virgin Islands Then you can take a mission from Virgin Islands county capital for San Juan and conquer it Then from San Juan you can take missions for regional towns in San Juan county Alternatively you can of course sink player ships or NPC ships around Arecibo and gain hostility directly. Frontlines Because missions are only available for the 2 nearest Enemy or Neutral ports natural front lines will emerge This means you can create choke points and invest in defenses in some cities (mostly county capitals) to lock access to enemies further into your shorelines. Some areas will become constant source as nations trying to move to some regions will have to fight for the key points of the map Hard nations with no capitals will have to plan their operations from free towns capturing nearby regions to expand. Open world hostility generation will remain - you will still be able to generate hostility on the port by sinking players or npc in that port area. All this features will require a full map wipe. PS other issues regarding forts To the concerns raised by @Anolytic in this topic Fort guns will undergo the following changes (some changes have already started) 1) HP buffs (some already done) 2) Points for forts were reduced as they granted easy points for attackers 3) Guns will be buffed - they will become more dangerous. 4) Some positions for forts and towers will change (at least where it is possible) so we do not have useless towers or forts in port battles Overall forts will become an expensive but very powerful allowing players to set up defensible chokepoints on frontlines. …………….. Again will repeat. All this features will require a map wipe More information will be added to this post based on your questions in this thread.
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    Captains On previous update Massive update with more than 240+ paints and skins was a success and Painter is now the best selling DLC overcoming Rattvisan. Around 5-10 paints will move to refits and Navy editions in this forthcoming update. We plan to continue adding new paints but the process will be slow. It takes a lot of time to prepare a good paints as it not only requires taste and lots of experiments (paints should look ok in all weather and light conditions), but also lots hard technical work from texturing and paint/material creation to memory management (they all have to fit into texture memory limits) to LOD generation (simplified visuals for long distance images to save memory). Please propose new paints in the relevant topics that we posted. Information on 3 main features of the update We are working very hard on the new update and its launch date is getting closer and closer. There are no definitive dates yet. But we are very excited about the forthcoming features. They will truly tie the rvr together, and bring 3 important features to the Peace server. NPC Port battles will come to Peace server. NPC will try to capture rich ports from large clans using unique raiding mechanics on both Peace and War servers. If NPC's manage to capture the ports the port will then have to be recaptured. We do not know the intentions of NPC raiders on the port assets (yet). Most importantly this means that ports could be recaptured from NPCs, which will open clan control, taxation and investments for the Peace server, and long overdue map fluidity. NSFW Leopard NSFW HMS Leopard (1775-1790) will be a new imported DLC ship added in this seasonal content update. Raids. Small groups will be able to raid rich ports for profit and glory. They could become a second or maybe first source of admiralty rewards and money for adventurers like you. They are oriented for all segments of players and will be accessible even to those who only have 1.5 hours in the evening.
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    First rate farming zones are located in 3 zones in the caribbean (Yucatan, Hispaniola and Lower South Antilles). 1st rate grinding zones are dangerous pvp zones and are not safe for everyone. Your request is denied. Move your bases to the center of map. Capture something in the Bahamas (closer to Hispaniola). Or just use free towns conveniently located near 1st rate sailing routes. There are no casual players here in Naval Action. Even rookie traders are bad mother*****ers in this game. You are a CAPTAIN OF THE UNITED FUCKING STATES NAVY For gods sake, not some Democratic Republic of Whinistan.
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    Captains! A Date with Diana event started! Solo Diana frigate and Santa Cecilia frigate will sail in 3 locations in the Caribbean. South Antilles, North of Trinidad - French and Dutch ships West of Tumbado - area between Cuba and Tumbado. Spanish and British ships South of Hispaniola. Pirates and Danish ships Ships will sometimes drop the note for the vessel as loot. If you don't get it on first try dong get discouraged. Additional rare ship was also added to the south of Hispaniola. It will not drop a note. Event will run for this weekend and several days during weekday next week (From 6th March until 11th March next week). Ship nationality might get changed based on the nearest ports depending on initial feedback by players. Additional changes Rare flag Kronstadt Rebellion Flag was added to the admiralty stores of Russian Empire and Pirate Republic.
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    Hello again Admirals, The next update is very close to completion and we would like to mention its current (not final) state. Here is all we have completed so far: ====================== NEW SPECIAL FEATURES Custom Battles: You can now choose to fight randomly during years 1890-1930 selecting the nation, fleet composition and year for both you and opponent. The available ship designs will be based on the upcoming campaign tech tree , so errors/warnings may occur, for example ships might not be available for a nation in a specific year. We are going to improve further the functionality in next updates. Damage decals: You will notice much more detailed damage effects on ship hulls due to shell or torpedo impacts and realize where each hull penetration took place. Improved Combat Penetration Info: Detailed “Penetration Estimator” shows up when you hover your mouse over an identified target, including information about sections that you can penetrate, your total pen power over the enemy armor, ricochet angles and side/deck hit chances. This feature should help players to understand what is the best distance and angle to attack versus heavily armored warships. Save and name your designs: You can now save your ship design, for the respective missions. and also give custom names to your creations. NEW MISSIONS Sink the Raiders: Use your Semi-Dreadnought or other ships to defend your transports from three dangerous cruisers. Meet the US Battleships: Try to defeat two very large and experimental battleships of US Design. There can be only one: A speculative Iowa vs Yamato scenario! The ships of course are not identical but their designs are based on the historical hulls. Sink “The Cruiser Killer”: Fight versus an experimental and deadly Battlecruiser. Heavy Duty: Design modern warships and fight versus a super battleship and its escorts. NAVAL ACADEMY BALANCES Increased armor of targeting ship in mission "Targeting Practice" and reduced available time to increase the difficulty. Added +1 opponent torpedo boat in mission "Battleship vs Torpedo Boats" to keep things interesting with the new balance. "Search and Destroy" mission rebalanced in initial distance between ships and also two light cruisers escort the enemy BB. In the “Modern Battleship” mission, the AI fleet has one extra BB, to make it a tougher challenge, due to the new balance. Re-allocated mission "Pre-Dreadnought conflict" in the mission row, since it is now easier than initially. Additionally, the enemy will not retreat, so that the mission can be not lost because of some enemy light ships running away. Reduced the time for mission "Raid an undefended convoy" due to new balances. Further rebalances as per feedback for several other missions. “Defeat the Semi-Dreadnought” allows one extra BB hull plus technology bonuses are more appropriate versus the opponent’s tech. “Destroyers vs Torpedo Boats“ mission gives to player ships less technology difference vs the opponent, so that AI ships are not overpowered on average and various more. COMBAT GAMEPLAY Improved Secondary Guns' Penetration & Accuracy. Torpedo Boats less resilient against gun fire. Penetration rebalance for more effective medium/long range encounters. HE shells should not be as overpowered as previously. Fixed issue with hull damage that made severely damaged ships and torpedo boats too hard to sink. Reduced ladder aiming penalty of initial salvo shot, from -75% to -50% because it caused too low accuracy at close range. Cordite, Tube Powder, TNT explosives rebalanced to reflect better their special characteristics. Cordite offers more explosive power but is unsafe, Tube Powder is the safest explosive and more effective in penetrating armor, TNT is very expensive but overall the best compromise. Fixed issue of Radar towers, increasing too much the surface visibility of ships that carry them. New Oxygen fueled torpedoes. New 23-inch and 24-inch torpedoes. Late tech torpedoes have even more intensified damage so they are useful against heavily protected battleships. Torpedo protection now also increases floatability but reduces acceleration and turning speed making a ship slightly less maneuverable, yet, it will be vital for your capital ships in order to survive against the stronger torpedo threat. Citadel armor schemes increase the armor quality, but are more expensive. Citadel is a feature not yet finalized, but this new functionality simulates better its influence in armor schemes and vitals protection. Ship steering/acceleration slight rebalance for more realistic maneuvering. This balance addressed additionally the over-effectiveness in evading torpedoes and the unnaturally very tight turning circles of small ships, which causes also issues in formation and evasion logic. Coal engines produce more smoke obstruction from funnels. Oil fuel engines will significantly reduce this penalty. Engines hp efficiency and other related balances for improved ship maneuverability with the proper design and vice versa. VISUAL Guns smoothly elevate to fire at target and depress to reload. Water displacement effects (better waves, ship splashes and interaction with water). Sinking mechanic improved so that ships do not “jump” to a default sinking state as previously. Ships will gradually sink according to their last floating state. Fixed issues with USA battleship hull type. Now mission “Design a Dreadnought” includes a properly looking and scaled model based on BB South Carolina. Cage mast towers are available to a series of hulls belonging to USA. New modern battleship assets based on BB Musashi. New modern battleship towers and hull types, based on BB Missouri/Iowa New Heavy Cruiser hull types based on Italian Cruiser Pola. Several other hull types unlocked to become playable. Several new visualizations for guns according to technology. Fixed also some issues with scale for some guns. BATTLE AI Slight fix of AI related with formations. AI should keep formation and respond to screen orders at better distances. The fix is not final. AI is going to be optimized on this aspect in next updates. Fixed issues of AI related to engage mechanics. AI ships should approach more gradually and fire broadside salvos at more effective angle and distance. BATTLE MECHANICS Targeting became more dynamic and affected more smoothly due to maneuvering. Ladder aiming may be acquired faster but aiming can be lost very soon, due to evasive maneuvers. This new feature will make much more effective your evasive actions against long range guns, that previously could lock on you and progressively destroy you without a real chance to do something to avoid them. Barbette damage now causes damage to its attached gun and vice versa. You will no longer see barbettes becoming individually damaged without any effect to the attached gun. Detected torpedoes are now indicated by a visual warning for a short period of time. Improved shell ballistic mechanics, addressing cases where shells could go too wide at short ranges. SHIP DESIGN Minor interface fixes. Some stats were not properly updated. More fixes will follow on next updates. Improved AI ship design (with proper focusing on armor for Battleships). Some minor bug fixes reported by players, related with ship assets. Slight more flexibility in mounting guns/towers/barbettes/funnels. More fixes will follow in next updates. BATTLE UI Gun ranges now show with better visuals and are optimized for better performance. You can toggle them to fade out after some time or not, from the in-battle settings. Gun stats show what is their propellant. Added notification when battle time runs out. BUG FIXES Fixed error-message/bug caused by gun aiming calculations. Fixed crash related with amount of torpedoes fired. Fixed timer not reverting to maximum speed, even tough enemy was completely unseen. Fixed error of log report that could make it completely invisible for player. Fixed bug that could make invisible AI ships traceable by using the mouse pointer. Fixed crash that could be caused in Ship Designer interface when pressing a hotkey for a disabled category. Fixed issues of flags that could become white at a certain angle. Fixed a bug related with the scrolling of Help window. Fixed issue with operational range not altering weight, in some late ship designs. Fixed distorted damage info window for ships that disappear from LOS. OTHER Some game performance optimizations, increase the FPS for all pc systems. Minor improvement on gun fire, shell trails and impact sounds. In-game music reverted back to full functionality. Removed possibility to enable developer debug options on build. Much faster loading of Ship Designer interface. Added graphics quality slider in settings. ====================== This week, the patch enters the testing phase. We will keep you posted when the final release comes. First post became updated with latest info. -=Cheat Menu - Update=- Regarding the hidden debug options that we are going to disable, we do so because most of them cause errors, bugs, exceptions that you also report to us. These options work stably only for development purposes and can make the game to malfunction in various ways, making hard for us to find real problems and repair them. However, we understand that you have fun using those options, so we are going to keep two, that can work without major issues. These are the "Unlock all parts" and "Ship give all techs". Use them at your discretion. Enjoy!
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    Captains.. Small patch has been deployed today 11th September 2019 Main changes All ships (with the exception of imported ships) will be allowed to capture by the Admiralty on the War server. Oak, Fir, Mahogany, Sabicu planking has been allowed for NPC captured ships NPC captured ships will have from 1 to 4 upgrade slots (compared to previous 3). Increased the probability to get a better ship from the admiralty notes and for premium ships crafted ships still have a 3x higher probability to get a better ship Added the following ships to NPC fleets compositions Niagara, Rattlesnake, Pirate Frigate, Trincomalee Removed the following ships from NPC fleets Bellona, Santisima Trinidad Other changes Fire shock bug fixed - it is now correctly showing when ship is in fire shock, and is not showing when ship is not in fire shock. Increased the amount of people required to fight the fire from 6 to 15 per square meter of fire Increased the size of the fire that causes ship to go into fire shock. Speed for all ships of the line with the exception of bellona, christian and santisima (rare lineships) slightly reduced
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    1. Why are we forced the confirm the reward of patrolzone events if we get the reward at maintenance anyway? Just autoconfirm at maintenance 2. Why dont we see hardcaps ingame? 3. Why dont we see portbattles when pressing "m" without going trough 5 or so clicks? (Mark them on the map with a red cross or something like that) 4. In the port UI, when buying a ship, select all rates, rather than just one at a time. 5. I know it's been asked for before, but I would really like to click on an enemy player in OW and message him, just like we do with friendlies. Maybe give him the option to refuse contact. 5a. I would like to see a diplomacy mechanic again ... included the possibility to identify allied nation ships and captains at OW and chat with them. Enemy Players should be shown as enemy players but conversation should also be possible. 5b I think the OW should have anonymous comms between hostiles. IE you can message them but it doesn't say their name or anything just a chat room with "anonymous" and you. That way you can still communicate without being identified if you want. 6. Buy contracts for ships 7. The old boarding game (I can not believe that I say this) untill a new one is created that does not feel like boarding with an Imperial Star Destroyer. I have to set the screen bigger because I am a little older and all I can see is this boarding screen I personally dislike. 8. I wish everything that NA-map did was in the game. 9. Ability to switch ships in OW when using Fleets. 10. Remove the additional "Yes" clicks in port when buying/selling items and when adding crew to ship. Make only the 1 "yes" click like when clicking repair. 11. Give us the ability again to delete outposts that currently have ships docked. 12. Clan Docks 13. Global Trade Chat 14. Cities that are properly sized. (Buildings are 3 or 4 times of shipsize, doors are as big as a 1st rate) 15. When claiming a completed sales contract, remove the message "You lose all fees", as it has no economic effect and only causes confusion 16. Show the point where your ship would stuck on the beach (in battle) (Map) 17. Keep "details" checked in battlemap 18. ALL AI traders should be loaded to capacity. Real traders didn't sail around in half-empty ships 19. Hostility missions against fortified ports should spawn right beside these towers and forts. If they get destroyed during the instance, they reappear afterwards, like the do now and thus if host mission is successful, towers and forts are still there when PB takes place. 20. Start all battles with "fire from bow" and convergence on water. 21. Crafting straight from the clan warehouse, so we don't have to withdraw every single resource type... 21. A new rank for crafters in a clan which have access to clan warehouse but cant invite/kick people 22. A fireship perk that only allows you to light a fuse and guarantee that your ship will explode. (add mods are what should dictate the strength of the blast) 23. This is far too easy to exploit. But I'd add changing all Combat Medal missions to be satisfied with assists or kills. For those of us who are generally sailing non-primary DPS ships PvP kill missions are a real drag. In general though, I'd go back to awarding combat medals for OW assists and kills. The new system of no rewards for OW PvP is stupid and discourages PvP in general. 24. Adding UI to know how many Repairs you repair actions will use up (goes along with knowing your total repair bonus) on your ship info. 25. Able to Create a Port Battle calculator in-game and USE IT for a Battle Group Creation! 26. Able to Better Compare Cannons, ships, goods - the UI is still too "big" and overlaps each other. I always feel cluttered and with I could resize every window to my liking. 27. The ability to change the colors of Battle Swords to your own liking. I hate the White swords and would love to change them to a color I can better see while sailing. 28. Change portownership (clan) by trade (within one nation) 29. Add "Show Port on Map" when choosing Cargo/Passenger Delivery missions 30. Add warning sound when tagged 31. Add pop up tab when hovering mouse over "Perks" in Fleet menu (F- in open world) Feel free to contribute to the list
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    all good points will be done. Only rare ships (that we want to be rare like Christian, Endymion or Niagara or Santisima) should stay with permits. The permits as sinks are detrimental and counterproductive. There must be good counters freely available like Agamemnon vs Rattvisan
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    Captains Patch 32 will be deployed today. Monday 20th May. Warning: 2 New ranks and updated crew requirements might affect your ability to sail the ships you sailed before, and recently reached that rank. Contents include Added the ability to destroy the investments made by the alliance of clans (available only to the clan alliance leader) Added Elite NPCs that occasionally appear on the map - The flagship of the elite fleet often drop elite ship notes comparable to ships crafted in fully invested ports (their loot tables will be expanded over time to have additional interesting things to be captured) this means you can get notes for 1st rates as well, provided you kill them Assists now counts for PVP Hunt missions Changed successful port defense cool down and attack cool down to 2 days. (previously defense cool down was 1 day and attack was 2 days) Added ship paint preview button that can show you how your ship will look like, if you have the same ship selected in port 2 New ranks added (Vice admiral and Admiral) Crew requirements re-balanced (XP thresholds are not final) and some ranks have their crew limits increased or decreased Here are the changes on the high level leadership limits Commodore - 700 Rear Admiral - 900 Vice Admiral - 1200 Admiral - 1500 Thresholds for new ranks are not final and might be updated once more before release, as additional rank of Admiral of the Fleet might be introduced, but we have not made this decision yet. Changed the hostility missions point attribution. Any kills for attacker only count to the mission taker clan (clan attacking the port). Any kills on the defensive side only counts to the port owner. Significant nerfs to mortar brig perks, accuracy and reload time were applied. Additional changes will be done by the next patch. Bugs Fixed bugs with the port investment features Fixed bugs that allowed you to sail with incomplete gun deck Fixed Hold optimization in instance Fixed names for forts and towers in the commander tablet (in case umlauts are present) Fixed the bug when forts and towers shoot your allies in instance Fixed the invisible walls that stop players to sail to north or east to places without any chance to return Whats next. Finalization of translation for all new features Final update on upgrades, port bonuses, limits to investments Final update on battle and kill XP based on final damage model Final update on economy and battle rewards and loot tables Stabilization of the release candidate and launch Hotfix 21 May Pirate ranks updated List of final ranks Thief Rascal Scoundrel Rogue Mutineer Rover Brigand Plunderer Raider Scourge Terror Curse NPC ships no longer can be sank by circles of death in patrols (closing a potential exploit loophole) Additional port investments bugs fixed Several UI bugs fixed Hotfix 29th May Patch is being deployed today 29th May Changes XP and real bonuses updated. Rewards for sinking enemy ships in reals increased. Granted XP (damage, crew and kill xp) and reals reward is now influenced more by the battle rating difference. If you sink cutters in a first rate you will get minimal rewards. If you sink ships of higher BR your rewards will become higher (up to 2x more) Example (numbers are for illustration purposes) Sink first rate in a first rate - you will get 1500 xp and 30000 reals Sink first rate in a cutter - you will get 3000xp and 60000 reals New guns added to drops from Elite NPC ships Obusier guns - similar to carronades but with less damage and higher crew damage Congreve guns - lighter medium guns with lower damage but higher reload Blomfield guns - lighter long guns with higher damage and higher reload Navy guns - Best in class long guns having increased damage compared to standard longs Reduced weight of elite ship loot notes Stability Changes to server infrastructure were applied to prepare for the release, additional instance machines acquired for initial tutorial rush Fixes Fixed bug which removed the player from the OW after exiting the game from the instance Fixed crashes of client on exiting the game from port Fixed bug which did not count the weight of the guns in some overloading cases Fixed bug that did not lock the fire zone when pressing left Alt Fixed bug that shown the incorrect number of decks when switching the ship Fixed multiple localization issues (typos, spaces, other issues) Fixed several interface bugs.
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    Hello Admirals, Thank you very much for your ongoing feedback and your fantastic participation in the forum, where you share so many interesting ideas and historical knowledge with us. We would like to inform you about the planned improvements of the next patch. SPECIAL NEW FEATURES Two new 3D Base Models ships: the legendary battleship "Bismarck" and the mighty battlecruiser "HMS Hood": Bismarck and Hood hulls are available in new Naval Academy missions and Custom Battles (after year 1927). Improved Damage Decals: The damage is more detailed, according to where it actually happened and the ship now becomes more realistically darkened. Soon, all Towers, Funnels, weapons will have a detailed special appearance when destroyed. New secondary gun barbettes: You can now create special looking and realistic ships by using a combination of barbettes for your secondary guns, on the centerline or at the sides. These barbette mounts appear when mounting main gun or special towers. If the hull is not wide or enough, you might not be able to use them all efficiently. NEW NAVAL ACADEMY MISSIONS German Pride: Design a powerful German battleship and attack the English fleet, in a similar way as it happened in the historical battle of the Denmark straits. Prove your Might: Your British battlecruiser must defend a valuable convoy against a German Battleship and a heavy cruiser. Can your ship do better than HMS Hood? Modern Battleship vs Destroyers: Your battleship must survive the attack of multiple Destroyers. The US Super Battleship: A group of large dreadnoughts that have been modernized by the Japanese Navy is sailing back for refueling. You have the opportunity to attack and sink them with your much more powerful super-battleship, before strong reinforcements arrive. Design your own H-class: Create the continuation of the legendary Bismarck-class and defeat a US Fleet. Hurry Up: A German raiding squadron is approaching your lightly protected military convoy while you are far away. Build the naval force that will be capable to travel fast and repel the enemy. OLD MISSION IMPROVEMENTS Mission: "Heavy Duty" has now objective to only kill the super battleship. Previously it could be also won if all cruisers were sank, ending the battle prematurely. Mission: "Search & Destroy" has been improved. You need to destroy the two BB before strong enemy reinforcements arrive and make your task harder. Mission: "Torpedo Basics" has more available money, so that more torpedo boats can be built (The mission could become very hard against a much more powerful battleship, due to the new settings). New hulls have been added to missions “Rise of the Heavy Cruiser”, “The Modern Battleship”, Sink "The Cruiser Killer", “Heavy Duty”. VISUAL & SHIPS Several new gun models added. Please note that the rescales and improvement of guns as well as the general improvements of ship designer could make your saved designs non functional. Various hull fixes for better looking ship designs at all technology eras. Three more super-battleships based on Bismarck and Iowa hulls. You can find those ships in new Naval Academy missions and in Custom Battles (after year 1929) More hull variants of late tech, mostly based on the new 3D models: 6xBB (Britain, Russia, Japan, Austro-Hungary, China), 2 x BC (Germany, Russia), 3x CA (Germany, Austro-Hungary, USA). These ships are also distributed to the other nations so that custom battles after year 1927 include more late technology ships for all countries. CONTROLS You can now set specific targets for main guns, secondary guns and torpedoes as follows: All weapons: Right Click Torpedoes: Shift + Right Click Secondaries: Alt + Right Click Main Guns: Shift + Alt + Right Click Weapon Fire Mode (ammo control) is now working per division, not per ship. BATTLE INTERFACE Improved damage float up info, showing more clearly the damage inflicted on ships, and fixing issues that caused game performance drop. BALANCES/INCONSISTENCY FIXES Damage/Penetration of guns is balanced according to feedback of players. Capital ships should be more durable. Secondary guns will still be useful but not overpowered. Improvement in accuracy mechanics. Big Guns will not have so much accuracy difference with smaller guns. Aiming will be more dynamic, so that maneuvers or steady course will affect aiming accordingly. AI Design of Battlecruisers will prefer to use armor more, and not make weakly protected ships. AI Design of Destroyers will be more effective and will focus more on speed and maneuverability. Additionally, the minimum speed of Destroyers is 26 knots. Fixed issue of not updating torpedo stats according to techs/components used. Now torpedoes should be more properly effective depending on their technology level. Fixed issue of accuracy that could make AI not to fire vs very small torpedo boats or Destroyers at a range that they should. Minor rebalance of reload penalty/bonus according to shell type. Light shells should be quite more effective for short range. Heavier shells reload slightly slower. Minor rebalance of Lyddite shells, so that they continue to be effective after the new damage changes. Tube Powder shells gain a further slight bonus in penetration and reload. BUG FIXES Several issues of buggy gun rotations have been addressed. Fixed issue of interrupting smoke screen emission for ships becoming detached. Fixed various reported problems that caused gun overlapping with towers. Other minor bug fixes reported by players. OTHER Various performance optimizations. AI in custom battles will never retreat. It is a temporary fix and later we will add this as an option. The above mentioned changes are not absolutely final, as we continue to add improvements. The update is soon going to receive internal testing, and if all is working right, we estimate to release it next week. Thank you for reading! The Game-Labs Team
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    Thread closed. Discussion moved to: Update 26/11/2019:
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    Dear Devs I know these are not the best times in the world to make a topic like this but until I get an argument that crushes mine I cannot and will not stop fighting for what I believe is the only way to save this game. I will be blunt. You have dug yourself a grave with DLC ships being noncraftable. The issue you have created is that you cannot ever sell a dlc ship again unless it is balanced in the combat instance. If you release a ship like the Rattvisan and it is nerfed by design very few will buy the ship. If you make the Rattvisen balanced to other 4th rates like the aggy it will become overpowered in the economy because it doesn't need to be crafted. There are many players that are disappointed that you changed your mine about ship of the line dlcs. Personally I love the idea of ship of the line but unless they become craftable you are breaking your own game mechanics. When the community asked for a sandbox you said yes. When the community asked to be able to craft ships and you said yes. When you released 30 ships instead of the 10 ships that were promised noone thanked you for the extra ships. NOONE made a steam violation tread saying you released 20 more ships than promised. They did however go completely insane when you decided to release 1 4th rate as DLC. I know the world is not fair but some of us do know what you have done for us and we are grateful. So grateful to have a sailing game that is one of a kind with NO competition. Not many developers can say that about their games. This is however the problem. You spent years trying to make sandbox work in a very very difficult genre. No developer has ever done this before in a sailing game and you took the risks. The idea about your instanced battles in an open world is genius if you ask me. The 20min timers not :p I just don't understand why you are trowing all that hard work away with the completely broken DLC ships. DLC ships by design go against everything that crafting and eco is about. I know there are many players that dislike eco including myself but the game is eco focused. At its core trading and shipbuilding are just as important as the combat model. DLC ships bypassing crafting is a major issue that needs to be reverted or it will become such a major problem that you will have way bigger issues down the line. I want 1st rates as dlc. I want 2nd rates and 3rd rates as DLC. If all DLC ships are craftable it can work. It doesn't matter what you "promised" What matters to me and the majority of the community(I hope community agree) is that the game works. We want an economy that works. We want DLC that work. Both of these things can exist together but you are the only ones that have the power to make it work. First step in solving an issue is accepting there is one admin. You need to accept that DLC ships are gamebreaking. They break the fundamental core mechanics of Naval Action sandbox. That is Crafting and Trading. I implore you to change your mind. I do not know how many players like the current DLC model but liking has nothing to do with it. Game mechanics are MORE IMPORTANT than anyones convenience. By craftable i mean you get a ship permit when you redeem. (No free DLC ships!.)
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    in 2017 we would have listened to this We have learnt that it's a bad idea to let foxes decide on what to do with the henhouse security.
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    Identified the source of the bug that sometimes cause extreme angle of fire for NPC ships. It was caused by the change that fixed the cases when AI did not fire at all. Will be fixed as soon as possible.
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    Permits will be updated next patch. Do not spend marks or VMs on permits meanwhile. The following changes will be applied Only 10 ships will remain rare (we want them to be rare and precious), some performance stats for those vessels will be improved (especially rattles, niagara and constitution) Santisima Christian Bellona Constitution Endymion Renommee Rattlesnake Rattlesnake heavy Niagara All other vessels will lose permit requirements and will be crafteable Rare permits will be added to Gold and Silver chests so you can have a chance to earn them in PVE activities. PvP Admiral chest and Captain chest will have a 100% drop chance for one of the rare permits Admiral chest: line ships + 4th rates Captain chest: lightships frigates + 4th rates In addition to that (long overdue) the following ship notes will be added to the admiralty for combat medals for captains who wish to get those ships by in game means. (Prices are not final and might get adapted). Rattvisan - 300 cm L'Hermione - 200 cm Hercules - 150 cm Le Requin - 150 cm
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    As official negotiator for GB I have been authorised to issue the following official response from my nation:- THE BRITISH COUNTER-OFFER 1. Sweden must return all former GB ports it has taken. 2. Sweden must return San Juan to Denmark. 3. HAVOC members must report once a month to KPR for head cleaning duties. Officers will be accorded the respect due to their rank and given a mop. 4. Havocado (rediii) must change his name to GodSaveTheKing and whenever tagged by a GB player must get on stream and sing a full verse and chorus of Rule Britannia before raising sails. 5. Sweden must comply with GB's new Endangered Species Act which makes it illegal to sink a Polish player outside of the patrol zone (see 6 below). 6. In return GB offers peace and the banishment of Grungemonkey to Poland for the rest of his natural life (and may God have mercy on his soul). These terms are also A MOVING TARGET. Pellew's teddy bear is safe for now but this may change if the conflict continues.
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    Captains Patch has been deployed over last two days Contents Massive Paint Update Almost 190 paints were added to Paint DLC and Paint Chest Total number of paints provided is 200 with 10 reserved for testing for future usage for refits and ship variants. To keep the Paint Chest drop rate sane the Paint Chest now drops 2 paints. Bug reporter fixes Fixed trading bugs with paints Multiple Localization fixes were applied More information might follow but i am travelling in Kazakhstan and have bad connection more often than not. Please post bugs and issues with paints in this topic or in the support section with individual paints problems. Propose new paints in the Paint proposals topic. https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/30918-paints-paints-paints-paints-proposals/
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    It seems the latest changes to the ability to level up using the crafting of hull/rig/rum is a step in the wrong direction. It used to be way back when, we crafted subcomponents for a ship, that crafting credit for leveling up was given for taking the time to build different necessary pieces for building ships. Of course, that all went away when the subcomponents for ships was eliminated. But no one really cared since most of the folks who crafted ships already had achieved the maximum crafting level. With the elimination of the ability to level up by crafting rig/hull/rum the only way to level up is for everyone to build a shipyard and level up that way. Of course, this is in direct contradiction to the way the game truly forces a player to become part of a clan and work with their teammates to put in the amazing amount of resources required to build a port up to a max level. In effect, players (especially new players) are penalized for not building a shipyard to level up. I mean what about crafting guns, isn't that part of what it takes to put a good ship to sea? I mean it takes a significant investment in creating a forge, a coal and iron mine to be able to craft guns. How about that? I mean how many people (yes i know a few) who sail warships around without guns? How about permanent mods? Don't you need an Academy or Workshop to do different levels of crafting there? Gun and Mod crafters all help in the development of ships, by contributing pieces to the overall ship completion. I request that the developers revisit and rethink the crafting credit system and provide a more meaningful and reasonable fix that will allow those who chose not to build a shipyard, at least in the early days after release, to gain crafting credit for the work they take on to help their clan build a completely outfitted ship.😠
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    Thank you Everyone! Thank you very much We will open a new ship vote soon. Thank you for support and trust - this helps bring beautiful vessels to life! We wont let you down!.
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    On the issue raised by @HachiRoku @Anolytic and many other captains. There was a proposal on this forum (i think it was @OjK but can be mistaken) Proposal was this: sell the permit that the player then will craft (unique ship but still participating in the economy). Initially thought a great idea. Evolution of imported (DLC) ships thinking was this. Premium ships was announced when we did not even think about the open world (in 2014) Premium ships were initially thought as unique status items, a more beautiful alternative. Some ships introduced over time were not crafteable (Wasa, Hermione) to give us the option to add them to premium roster without taking away crafteable ships. First experiments were ran with Hercules and LRQ (it wa good to do it in early access as many things were discovered and learnt as a result) Now many players say that DLC ships reduce the role of the economy, and that there should be deep and interesting MMO economy. But let's get this straight. Crafting was introduced last, and is a least cooked feature, as all focus was always on combat model, rvr and ROE (lately PVE). Hauling was somewhat forced onto players because some time ago we wanted everyone to be the target. And here is the main discovery. Players do not buy DLC ships for uniqueness. They do not buy them because they are stronger or weaker than others (there is always a better crafted ship, sometimes 5/5 crafted ship). Rattvisan is definitely not the best 4th rate. They do buy them to support developers (thank you everyone for support) And they buy them to avoid participation in the exciting economy (mainly hauling). Trading goods is rewarding and has both risk AND profit. Hauling goods for crafting is boring, not exciting, is risky but gives you no real rewards (you make a ship that you will soon lose anyway). Thats why making permit based DLC ships is not going to achieve anything. Thats not what customers want. Now. Here is the rug change that will tie the room together. Port investments will remove hauling requirements for basic resources for all players who play with friends or have friendly clans in the nation. Clans (and you can have a small clan and capture a distant port to use it) will invest into production of all basic resources in their port defenses to protect it shipbuilding to improve ships built in this region. By doing so - player will get ALL basic resources in one location, completely removing hauling requirements out of the picture. Saving time and getting ships by just spending LH and cooperating together to get rare woods if needed. Clan can decide if they want these investments to be available to them only, to friends or to everyone who can build in this port. As a result. Clans who developed the port will be able to get ships with one click. Enemy clans who do not want to spend time developing ports can try to capture the port from the enemies (why build if you can cap). There will be a lot less time wasted on hauling and more fighting.
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    Hello Admirals, We would like to share information about the upcoming major update of Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts. Here is what is included: Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Alpha-5 SPECIAL NEW FEATURES Major improvements in ballistics: Repaired issues that made shells to travel at unusual wide arcs or at inconsistent speeds. Shells now can hit other vessels except the ship you target, making cluttered ship formations more vulnerable to shell fire. Friendly fire can happen if ships fire too close to each other. Previous ballistic system had some omissions that were needed to save game performance. After latest game optimizations we added more calculations into the model addressing the following: - Shells fly-through other ships: Completely fixed. Please report inconsistencies if you face them in battle. - Unusual wide arcs from guns of the same turret: Not completely fixed, but it should be barely noticeable now and very rare. - Shells that seem to follow targets during evasive maneuvers: It should be completely fixed and more improvements will follow to address any related issue. - Even more detailed calculations for effective armor thickness, based on heel/trim motions, hull sections, belt wideness etc: Improved but still work in progress. Improved damage system: Damage is now using a more natural probabilistic model, causing less random and more consistent damage to ships according to the damage power of shells and torpedoes. This new system will simulate better the rare critical hits that happened in history. Gun visual variance: Guns differ in appearance,depending on gun technology, nation and class of the ships. Britain, USA, Germany, Austria, Italy and Japan have currently the more diverse visualization. As we add more 3D model assets, more special visual characteristics for each nation will become available. (Note: All previously saved designs will be incompatible due to this new feature and it is advised to clean them up. Nation flag will be saved for any newly created design in Naval Academy.) Ramming damage: Finally, ships receive damage when they collide with each other. There is not a special visual effect yet but you will hear a distinctive sound effect after the collision. Known issues of inconsistent ramming damage will be addressed in a next update. (Note: Damage will happen against hostile ships only). Influx of new ship models: Many new ship types are now available in the custom battle system and Naval Academy, covering a wide range of cruisers of the World War I and later era, as well as several new modern battleships and battlecruisers. In particular the following are added: - Detailed model of the Italian Heavy cruiser “Trento” of the 1920s. - Detailed model of the British Armored cruiser “Warrior”. - 2 new light cruisers of the dreadnought era, special for Germany, based on the Light Cruiser “Emden”. - 7 new heavy cruisers distributed for all nations. - 5 new modern light cruisers distributed for all nations. - 1 French super battleship. - 1 French modern battleship. - 1 new USA Battleship hull type: a smaller version of modern BB that can represent South Carolina and South Dakota battleships. - 1 new Italian Modern Battleship hull type. - 1 new UK Battleship hull type: It can represent a variant of HMS Nelson and generally the N3/G3 class. - 6 new Battlecruisers designated as "Large Cruisers" distributed for all nations except Britain. - Improved a late UK Battleship with modern towers (The model that appears in mission “German Pride”). - 1 new Russian modernized Battleship. - 1 new generic modernized Battleship. NEW NAVAL ACADEMY MISSIONS German Raiding Squadron: Your light cruisers must sink several cargo ships defended by a British armored cruiser. An enemy Battlecruiser approaches so you need to act fast. Dreadnought vs Modern Cruisers: Powerful modern cruisers with state of the art fire control and devastating torpedoes should have no problem sinking a dreadnought of older technology. You can prove the opposite, either by enhancing your battleships with equipment of advanced technology, or investing more money for building more ships. Wounded Beast: Your German battleship is damaged from a previous engagement and is hunted by the British fleet. Reinforcements are on their way to help you out. Cruisers needed: An Italian Battleship is chased by a French Super-Battleship and your cruisers must rescue it. SHIP DESIGNER IMPROVEMENTS Operational Range is locked in “Medium” for Naval Academy (it will work fully in campaign). The player will no longer exploit the system by setting it at minimum range and create overpowered ships versus the AI. Several improvements/fixes in weights/costs of ship assets. AI will design more effectively the ships allocating weights for guns and speed in a more balanced manner. AI will increase Turret armor over technology era and this will be a necessity for player too, for reducing the chance of ammo detonations and main gun destruction. (Note: in late era battles, the maximum armor setting will usually correspond to the turret armor now. We will improve UI to be more specific). Auto-Design (for player and AI) is now smarter, since it realizes which technologies are better to use according to year. For example, you will no longer see ships auto-designed with full coal engines in the 1920s or with weak torpedoes. PS.The initial technologies will be set up according to tech era, so that player designs the ship from scratch with less micromanagement. Various improvements/fixes to hulls according to player reports. Deceleration of ship is now properly affected from various ship design decisions. (Previously it was only affected by ship’s size and weight). Turbo Electric Drive auxiliary engines now offer a significant boost to acceleration/deceleration, making them really effective for initiating sharp maneuvers and dodging torpedoes. One more upgrade (Turbo Electric Drive II) is available with stronger effects. Light Cruisers’ maximum gun size is now 7-inches (from 8-inches) so that we reflect better the class distinction between Light and Heavy Cruisers. BALANCES/COMBAT IMPROVEMENT Damage fine tuning according to the new ballistics/damage model. Smoke from funnels obstructs directionally the gun aiming. Accuracy penalty is received if the smoke emitted from the ship’s funnels interferes with the target at some angle. Reduced target signature of guns. It is now more balanced the effect of ship size and targeting, while player should no longer be able to exploit Naval Academy battles by over-reducing the target signature with less secondary guns. Torpedoes can now cause ammo detonation, if they penetrate the hull. Torpedoes of large diameter will be extremely dangerous, even to large and well protected battleships. White powder shells rebalanced (removed shell weight loss, because it made shells too ineffective with bad ballistics at medium range). Lyddite I shells penetration penalty reduced (They could become too weak). BUG FIXES Fixed a rare crash issue after exiting battle. Fixed a sound bug (it caused only a console report during battle). Fixed bug not allowing to set up target for individual ship of a division. Fixed an issue that could cause lag after exiting a custom battle. Fixed bug that could desync damage of gun & barbette, making them become destroyed independently. OTHER Transport ships became available in custom battles. You can now set up convoy missions as you please (Note: Transports will still be uncontrollable). Improved ship floatation motions. Ships should not pitch/roll so much as before, especially the heavier ships.
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    Raiders stop attacking ports until 2nd of January No hostility missions are given until 2nd of January
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    Finally the update is almost here. Contents of the patch Wind patches Wind is the movement of air from high pressure to low pressure areas. When sailing you will encounter an open world representation of uneven pressure systems existing across waters around the world from lakes to oceans. By sailing into or close to a wind gust you will be able to get a wind boost and gain extra speed. This will dramatically affect gameplay, travel and accessibility. This is not the last feature we plan to add in terms of wind, but it is one of the most important ones as it saves time, yet still logical and realistic, even if a little bit exaggerated. NPC Port Battles Raiders will attack ports on all Servers. On war server - for testing purposes - for a week, NPC Raiders will just probe ports and WILL NOT take control even if they win the port battle. This will give some time to practice and prepare for the real raids that will start in a week or two. This is a PRACTICE WEEK On Peace server raiders will start trying to take control of the national ports (belonging to the NPC governments, giving in 2-3 days the chance for player to recapture them to their clan control. This feature is extremely important as it brings Peace server attacking port battles against NPC Peace server investments Peace server taxation and clan control Peace server defensive port battles against NPC Player Raids for Peace and War servers Some ports will give missions to raid rich enemy ports in the vicinity. Your goal would be to take 3-6 captains with you, and steal the chest from the trading ship with escort located in a mission near the port that you have to raid (all escorts must be killed). Once you get the chest you must bring it back to the mission giver. If you want to open the chest elsewhere you will have to find a special key. Chest will contain a portion of tax income, and portion of all investments in the raided port. If you do not have a good mission in the vicinity - find somebody who is raiding another port and steal their cargo. Player raid rewards are fully player driven. If all ports are poor, all missions are going to be poor. If ports are developed rewards will make you rich. Fire Fire and fire shock mechanics improved. Curves added to control the amount of crew firefighting. Small fires will not require a lot of crew to put down, where 1 meter fire will need maybe 2 crew members, but let the fire grow and crew requirement grows exponentially. If 30% of the ship is in flames = more than 80% of the crew will be firefighting (or running). Loki Rune Ship Logbooks Other changes Due to travel speed increases - rewards for delivery quests was lowered Mortar brig damage increased by 30% Clan allies limit increased 2x Attack timer slightly lowered to 8 seconds Overloading is not allowed in battle instances Localization Ukrainian language added Chinese community translation added. Russian community translation added. Of course - New Bugs and issues were introduced Discuss. ps. expect several hotfixes and additions in the next 2-3 weeks.
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    Captains Lets discuss raids (which we plan to work on for next patch or first patch after release) There are two options which we wanted to discuss with you, but first what is a raid. Raid is an attack on a port which does not take control of the town but just robs the port owner for certain resource. Raid can happen during the defense timer. We need to hear your opinions on the best implementation A - Raid like port battle - happening tomorrow Mechanics You take a raid mission on the enemy port - the same way port battles are set up (but instead of 10v10 it will be 5v5) After you killed the designated targets - the Raid will be set up for the next day Next day battle will be set up for 5v5 port battle You have to capture circles and if enemy players do not arrive you will have no opposition After you win the battle you get rewards in form of 10% of all enemy investments (number for illustration purposes only) Benefits Clear intent declaration and battle the next day Defenders do not have to scramble and can arrive in time Benefits skilled players as 5v5 greatly increases skill ceiling for the battle, less chance to succeed for average small groups/clans B - Raid like placing a flag - happening today Mechanics Part 1 You take a mission (flag) in certain county capital You place the flag near the raided port (placement takes some time) generating a mission (or just take a mission which generates battle entry point Message that flag is being placed or mission was taken is sent to server Part 2 You fight with the elite NPCs in the battle You take their special loot - raid documents and bring them to the designated county capital Part 3 Spoils Once you deliver the special loot you receive the following rewards 10% of all port investments in that port (numbers for illustration purposes only) Enemy loses 15% of the port investments in that port Loot is capturable and people who take it from you can deliver the loot themselves or destroy it (cancelling the raided status) Loot will be on the timer like deadman chest to avoid sitting out things in port or in battles Benefits You want to play now, your friends want to play now - you can't wait until tomorrow Defenders could be distracted elsewhere giving a small clan a real option to take something valuable Raid also can provide content to other players (trying to steal your loot) Benefits the smaller attacker as defenders have to scramble from other things to try to find you in mission or intercept you after it After both cases Overall the second option is better for the attacker, the first option is better for the defender. Please discuss and ask questions and make suggestions on improvements
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    Captains, the release window is this week. We are going to post more info tonight
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    It is my view that such arguments are best made with visual aids. So I was going to make a video showing the difference between port bonuses and no bonuses in surprises. However @dron (<3) put a stop to that by sinking both test ships… And I haven’t gotten around to making a new test. But the argument is already raging about the portbattle of Les Cayes, in the wrong topic. So I thought I’d redirect that discussion here and sprinkle it with a few facts. And these recent port battles will have to do as demonstration. Here is my ship from Les Cayes PB: Anybody want to trade? The fact is that for each of the battles of Nassau and Les Cayes I constructed 8 new ships with port-bonuses (only one was better than blue). That is, less than a 3rd of each of our fleets was new ships with bonuses. So, did they decide the outcome of the battles? In Nassau it’s a clear NO. In Les Cayes, the answer is both yes and no. Without them we might have lost some ships, but the brawl was still decidedly in our favour. But let’s discuss the particulars of the battle elsewhere. The fact is the stats on ships with port-bonuses are very high compared to those without them. Just looking at the stats it’s like having a ship with 10 upgrade slots and all elite upgrades. Just to highlight a few stats, the 5% speed boost of Sailing Bonus 4, or 10% armour thickness AND HP of Hull Bonus 4. Port-bonuses seem like a good idea for content in principle. But they need to be nerfed. And they need to be accessible to all, dependent on effort, not nationality. I know that port-bonuses will be changed next week. But I don’t think that it is enough. No ports should have more potential for greater ship-building than others. But the full potential of a regions should only be realised through the development of dependent ports in the county. Making other ports on the map more valuable than now. Notice how some nations have not even bothered to take the ports around their county capitals yet. If we want to have some special ports that are extra attractive for conquest like now, make it through convenience and profit. Give them more profitable trade-goods and make it so that ship-building in those ports require less hauling of resources and less logistics than in other ports. Right now a few nations can take all of the 55-point ports and monopolise the production of OP ships. Skewing the balance of PvP and RvR alike. People ask for something to fight for. But I remember in 2016 when there was no exclusive resources and we all fought more than any other time just for dots on the map and our names on the Lord Protector list. And I also remember other times in the game, and how troves of players, even entire clans, left nations or left the game over the loss of these pixels which suddenly had become more than just pixels, but prerequisites for gameplay on even terms. We should not go back to the times when RvR was about the destruction of communities rather than fun fights. If you loose one crafting-port, you should be able to set up your facilities in another one until you can get the first one back.
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    Captains Small patch has been deployed today Changes and fixes Fixed Bug that sometimes increased horizontal angle of fire for cannons for NPC ships Improved loot table drop system to remove rare cases of same items dropping in consequential opening of chests Fixed 3 potential exploits thanks to @qw569 research Fixed bug with labor hours for upgrade manufacturing Fixed bug with perk requirement for Wasa and United states shipbuilding Fixed bug that did not generate proper knowledge slots for trader ships when crafting them (before release trading ships had only 3 slots now they can have 5) Changes in the previous weeks Fixed experience bug for hull repair, rum and rig repair manufacturing Added Admiralty ships flags for several nations Improved bot distribution on the OW map (some areas did not have bots generated) Fixed certain bugs in localization (typos and placements)
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    Welcome to the Caribbean set of updates has started. New ships Le Suffren/Redoutable The Great Redoutable that bravely fought against 3 British and almost boarded HMS Victory has been added to the game as an imported ship. Le Duguay-Trouin/HMS Implacable The great tragedy for the age of sail history happened when the ship that participated in Trafalgar was sank by a decision of some idiot in the British Government in 1949 We have made amends, the beautiful ship has been fully restored and is now available for sailing in all its glory in Naval Action. Blueprint added to shipyards. Permit added to chest. Admiraal De Ruyter has been added to the game as a ghost ship (it is in but not available because it still requires some tuning. It will be available soon. New paints have been added to Paint DLC for Redoutable and Implacable. Fixes Fixed the rare case where player could spawn in two instances in the same (for example when attacked by to players or NPCs) Slowed down NPC Port Battle Raiders by 2 knots (they are now 2 knot slower than player ships), Removed penalties to HP and Structure. Fixed a soft exploit for Labor contracts which allowed generating extra 200LH out of air for an abnormally low cost. (Thanks Captain S. for pointing us to this exploit) Moved a Mortimer town protection zone 5% upwards away from the Windward passage. They could sill reach this zone but much more rarely. New player starting mandatory mission Welcome to the Caribbean has been delayed. It is in game but require some more tuning and testing. It will be delivered as soon as final testing is finished. As a result here is an expected patch flow for this expansion 1) Part 1 - New ships - Will be completed by end of Feb (new flags will also be added) 2) Part 2 - New player mission and additions and improvements of NPC agression on the OW (inlcuding adding solo privateers to patrol zones in limited numbers) 3) Part 3 - Cheap edition and new pricing schedule (some pleasant surprises for all captains who own the current version will be in this part) Discuss.
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    pbs against raiders. thats good for pve server but not for the war (pvp) server
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    I seem to remember this game being released some months ago. On Steam it is no longer marked as Early Access. And yet we are still treated to game altering changes to mechanics, most importantly combat mechanics - the only mechanic that seemed finished and in a stable state when the game was released. Fireship mechanics are the prime example of this. The dial is turned to 11 on explosions and change the battles - the strongest selling point of this game - from fairly "historically realistic", and yet skillbased, into trollfests like we had with ramming leaks and NPC 4th rates back in 2016. While we were testing this game, players expected changes to the game to sometimes break it temporarily. There was no lack of frustration and outrage from this, but it was what we signed up for. Now we are playing a final state game with an official release, and changes that are made should be well considered, and thoroughly tested before going to the live servers. If you need us to help with any of this? Open the testbed server back up, and give us some incentive to go there and give feedback. Or nominate some players (the now practically defunct tester rank on the forum comes to mind) to help you consider the impact of planned changes. If we are going to continue testing serious alterations to game-mechanics on the live servers - then players who suffer losses directly related to when these tests produce mechanics that don't work the way you intended, need to be compensated. When playing the game after release, we are no longer signed up to be testers, and when you break the game, the affected players need to be compensated (rather than for RvR-players, who can typically afford their losses, this goes for the myriad of players who over the course of the last few weeks have lost their ships to randomly exploding AI or in PvP encounters). Fireships: First of all, let's separate between fireships and exploding ships. 1 month-2 months ago, explosions were mostly alright. A good explosion could do serious damage, enough to cripple a fleet if quickly seized upon, but in a moving fight they were hard to pull off. There were some issues, that were F11'd many times. Ships would frequently explode without warning. Fireshocks were supposed to be the warning, but more often than not, ships would explode directly from just being on fire. Sometimes, ships would even explode directly, without even catching on fire first. This happened to me once in San Juan. One could argue about the frequency of this occurring (it was way too often), but it's somewhat historical - if not the best gameplay - to get randomly blown up without warning from a stray cannonball igniting the magazine. Since the changes to explosions the situation is completely different. A "fireship" (exploding ship) doesn't have to be particularly accurate. It can blow up far from the enemy fleet and still devastate it. With the "great" combination of captured NPC 1st rates it is a tactic without risk or cost whatsoever. And it has no counter. "The only winning move is not to play". I am no expert, and I don't have access to the historical records directly, but I know enough that 1st rates were never used as fireships. Moreover, gunpowder was an expensive resource and even if they could have packed every deck of a 1st rate with gunpowder, we would not see the kind of nuclear explosions we now see in-game. One of the most spectacular historical 1st rate explosions in history was the destruction of Orient. Wikipedia says about this explosion: There is: Nearby ships took hull damage (ripped seams) - but not to the point of sinking. No mention of crew killed on other ships from the blast - after all they are well covered by the solid hulls of their own ships. No mention of masts falling on other ships - presumably sails were ripped. Other ships caught fire from falling debris. Other ships got "crew shocked" by the blast. If we want to model explosions in-game on this, here's how I propose: Crew shock to all ships in the battle after an explosion, but longer crew-shock to ships within short distance from the blast. I.e 15 seconds for all ships and 2-3 minute crew shock for ships within say 500 meters. Crew loss only on ships immediately near. I.e up to 500 crew lost on ships that are literally touching the exploding ship. No crew loss on ships more than 100 meters away from the explosion. Fires, fires everywhere. All ships within say 500 meters should catch up to multiple fires, simulating falling debris. Fires that have to be fought, and could be dangerous, but which especially a ship in brace should be well prepared to handle. Fires spreading should be the real danger from any exploding ship - or any fireship really. Masts should fall (if at all) only on ships in immediate vicinity to the blast. And then no more than middle sections. Only on ships within 250 meters max. And if you want to make it somewhat realistic, only ships with their sails fully raised, not depowered, and perpendicular to the direction of the blast should be susceptible to loose mast sections. Otherwise the force of the explosion would not catch the sails. Sail damage, as in ripped sails, on ships close to the blast. Sail damage should be up to 50% on the closest ships, and reach no more than 400 meters away. Sail damage should however be increased again for ships on fire. This goes especially for the fireships themselves, but also for ships catching fire from falling debris after an explosion. Hull damage to show how ships seams were ripped. Maybe manifesting as structure damage or som 20-30% damage to hulls, depending on proximity and angle. ---------------------- As a whole, fireships themselves and fireship fittings should be changed to focus more on fires and less on explosions. They are after all named fireships, not explosive ships. The real danger of a fireship, should be spreading fires to other, adjacent ships. Explosions should be rarer, more chancy, and significantly less potent. There should be no fireship fittings above 5th rates. Possibly 4th rates. It is just not historical. And the purpose of a fireship should be to drive close to enemy ships and spread multiple, significant fires, to their hull and sails alike. Fires that would be crippling, do sail damage and take up big numbers of crew in firefighting, leaving the ships vulnerable. A fireship should have an increased radius at which fires spread, so that it would not need to completely touch/hug an enemy (or friendly) ship to spread fire to it, but the more it hugged a ship, the more severely the fire would spread to the next ship.
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    Captains. Patch will be deployed next week with Elite NPCs fleets that players will be able to find and hunt in the open world that will not only give interesting challenges in combat but also will give options for active PVE players to get (not often) ships with bonuses similar to clan based RVR bonuses XP calculations update Income rebalance (where combat will return to be main money making activity) Port points updates - top ports will have to specialize - the maximum number of maxed bonuses (lvl4 bonuses) will be reduced already made investments will remain until the next map wipe. Important: We are aware that buildings prices are high, but high level manufacturing should be expensive to set up - We will improve sources to make money for those who are not interested in trading and long distance trading only and want to make money by fighting (players or NPCs). We could not deploy it this week unfortunately
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    i think we need alliances but no forced by game....
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    nuff said. People can use sextant or get lost
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