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    Captains. We are not satisfied with RVR incentives and goals and wanted to discuss them with you. Things that can be done within a short period of time. Tie port hostility points to port tax income Reduce costs of ports trading posts and timers Remove conversion of victory marks on War (RVR) Server as their current prices in doubloons is one of the things that makes RVR not worth the time. RVR rewards must only be accessible through RVR on the War server (but should be tradeable like right now). Additionally RVR reward trading should be disabled as i doubt Nelson could trade his Baron of the Nile title to others. This will make it important to participate in RVR if you want RVR related ships or rewards. Add items or chests for victory marks to the admiralty with some conquest related exclusive items. (Including paints and rare ships) Longer coding required and riskier features Add feature allowing lockdown of ports by clans (giving access to port resources only to the clan who owns the port) + maybe adding docking fees.
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    lol the game is far from sandbox.... i can see why you are moderator .. you have same mindset as devs ... all or nothing ... changes should always swing from one extreme to another .. no one wants all ships full of repairs all the time everywhere ... just a game that doesnt require a 40 hour week to play getting full servers isnt easy ... your suggestion wouldnt work either ... there has to be a balance .. it hasnt been found yet .. DLC ships were a mistake the simplified trading and crafting is good ,, but the penatlies that came with it nullified them .. goods dont drop as they did .... the cost of building ships makes sailing them not worth the risk ... its about balance
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    Here is a collection of painted screenshots taken by me, Maximus Naughtius, over the course of 2 years in the game. The paintings are posted were voted on by my clanmates in RDMP, of Pirate Nation. They suggested that I share.
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    From navalaction.com homepage: We want outlaw battles! The players want it and clearly the devs want it. All of the haters can choose one of the other 10 nations in the game to join 😎
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    we are not sure about final design of shipwrecks as there are many of them dropping per day compared to pvp and pve activities. We will adjust shipwrecks as we go. What will definitely happen this week is the increase in crew pay in doubloons carried by NPC Combat ships and further slight improvements of doubloons from trading carried by NPC traders. The current jump to 150-250 reals per doubloon is caused by abnormal trading profits and the bug in trader doubloon drops causing drastic reduction of supply. We expect gold coin prices to fall and stabilize around 10-40 reals per doubloon (double escudo).
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    sorry but your wrong with his post and the previous .... there isnt a ton of new blood ... the levels of players in game say so .. unless everyone playing is new the game has become even more long winded and has become boring ,,, i logged on yesterday .. left port after 30 minutes .. i hadnt seen another player ... and i hadnt seen any ai that i could attack with a reasonable chance of surviving ,, plenty of ai fleets but sailing an endy finding an AI suprise with 10 medium size ships in itS fleet is not an attractive proposition finally a traders snow apeared attacked it,,,,, 4 iberian pork and 999 reals reward later ... i sailed back and went to play something else spent 80 mins in game of which only 10 were in battle the rest was staring at empty sea Im not sure which change has killed the fun ... maybe its a combination think this was a niche game to start with .. but the niche is becoming smaller and smaller this is the best game ive ever played ... ive had so much fun ive almost fallen off my chair laughing and also raged as well ..... but the motivation to play has gone with the latest changes ...it seems the same with a lot of other players too ...the balance between the amount of time invested in playing ....to the fun i get out of it ... has shifted so much .. i dont see the point in logging in its a shame
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    I will support players in that question that determination of the coordinates in the sea is necessary. The captain the route and to correct it in process the ordinary blockhead which is not able to lay. Which would not be allowed even to the small sloop-of-war. Personally to me, the card with coordinates which was in a game earlier was pleasant. On it it was possible to understand the location in the high sea. There was not enough sextant and the mechanism of definition of the ship in the sea by the sun or to stars. Introduction of such mechanism would allow to define arrangement of the ship in the high sea in certain time of day. What would help the captain at maneuvers with the sea, we will allow at a head wind. (Sorry, google translate) If to remove the current trade tool, then it is necessary new mechanics of definition of the ship in the sea. We it seems as captains, virtual...
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    Port Battle: Marsh Harbor Pirates vs. United States, Pirates win. Commanders: Pirates: Christendom United States: Sir Texas Sir ("Suicidal Tendencies") Summary: A small squadron of VCO frigates and friends sailed to Charleston on Wednesday evening, looking for a fight. Upon waiting outside the United States Capital for a few minutes, watching their fleet of 1st-5th rates sail around aimlessly; we issued a challenge: fight, or lose Marsh Harbor. Fifteen minutes passed. Despite the multitude of clans and players available, the Americans refused to meet the challenge. Therefore, with calculated efficiency, we sailed the dread fleet to Marsh Harbor and raised hostility Thursday evening, and set the PB for Friday Evening. Throughout all these times we could have been challenged by the US fleet, but we were never engaged. The port battle Pirate fleet consisted of some regulars from VCO, RDMP, and ORCA, along with some new recruits as well. We saw some veteran names on the US side, as well as a large number of new players. Our fleet's mortar brigs took out the enemy's strongholds ashore with outstanding efficiency, and the battle quickly evolved into an out-and-out brawl. Our ships with carronades and marines made short work of several the enemy's ships. Despite our attempts to give up the circles, the battle was still won on points before we could sink more. Overall, good fight US, o7.
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    It takes time to leave old and accept new. Many are just passing of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance stages. It is a common rule in gaming industry to never take back what you have gave before, but it should be ok in beta/alpha stage of the game. I think combining simulation with multiplayer sandbox game have its complexities. NA is very heavy skill and experience based game, not all have time and patience for it. Additions to simulation and immersion part of the game keep adding to these levers. If you are not up for that competition you have 2 options, sailing MUCH bigger ship than your opponent or have an ALLY better than your opponent. Cheap 1st rates fed that cycle nicely. With expensive ships, experienced captains won't want to waste, risk their time, fame and ships carrying the REST. Sadly RvR is the main content in the game and without few individuals carrying it there is no content for the REST. They can't jump on Santi to countergang few 5th rates and they can't sail 5th rates alone searching for enemy. You either need to provide proper content for the REST(which is majority) or change the game to arcade for RvR action. For myself I hope you stick with simulation, at least that is why I bought and played this game so long. In addition I really think it is a mistake to force players to PvP as soon as the start playing. PvP should be an option not necessity. Give players time to grow up in safe environment, don't push them to die as soon as they are born. That much said, talks about wipes do not help at all. We are all tired of testing.
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    lrq and hercules will come back to shallow PB because the draught limitations will be reworked in one of the next patches. All ships of the similar draughts to Hercules and LRQ will be allowed in shallows and shallow PB.
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    Alternatively all ships above 3 meters draught must be removed from shallows but it will make them all less useful. (this will even remove brigs) . But it keeps LRQ - because its draught is 2.8-2.9. We believe that adding light corvettes to shallows will make them useful as they are cheap, and fun. Making them lineships of the shallows.
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    In active development (pushing the ui update and localization rework required all time and programming resources for last months) it is easy to miss some obvious balance issues that arise over time when introducing new things (muskets, hercules) We tended to focus on historical stats for ships (or at least theoretical historical stats) Based on draught the following ships must be allowed in shallows if hercules(4.1) and brig (4.5) can enter shallows: Cerberus 4 meters Renommee - 4 meters Surprise - 3.9 meters Pandora - 3.9 meters The proposal will bring those ships to life. + Any new player gets access to them by: immediately - just passing the final exam in 2-3 days - by doing missions from capital
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    Forget the game what’s your secret? How did you train your wife ?
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    Its the combination indeed. Step 1 - Finnaly the game got content with missions and dubllons needed for further developement but theese changes are more directed towards casual players not centered heavily on PvP. Step 2 - Devs remove all enemy fleets from nation waters and move them towards borders forcing these casuals to play more around PvP hotspots. If they dont have much time they can only do missions not fun in long term. Step 3 - More casual players according to devs need to leave to Peace server if they want to enjoy more PvE part of the game. They either do this or leave the game because on PvE there is no PvP they enjoy from time to time. Step 4 - PvP players do not enjoy increased emphasis on PvE aspect and dubloons influence. Step 5 - PvP players cant find PvP due to more PvE centered crowd leaving to Peace server or the game alltogether. PvP players stop playing. Step 6 - Population drop under the level able to sustain healthy and interesting game for any group of players. Population drops even more. Edit: Forgot to mention one of the most important aspect. Dubloons gain is not consistent so players got days without earning any making them feel like they didnt made any progress during their game. Because of that they dont want to spend dubloons on teleporting between OP's so everything in game takes more time for them, the worst kind of time when they do nothing (sailing cutter to menage their warehouse).
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    And more empty will it be as time passes without proper tweaks on the changes that brought patch 27.
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    Pirates should be savages that can settle their differences in combat. Not a silly nation with capitals and safezones.
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    did you film that yourself?
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    You can sell salt in ANY port for 17 reals until it gets full (then price falls to 1). 17-3 = somewhat nice profit.
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    Although I do not play NA at the moment, that's not the patch and the new challenges. Actually, the opposite is the case, these new challenges motivate me immensely. A working economy with the ultimate goal of building a larger number of battleships will be what will motivate me after a release as a dealer. The only reason that keeps me from playing at the moment is the fact that I do not want to spend my time if I read tomorrow in the forum, the game will be released on January 15th. If the DEVS already publish fairly accurate technical timetables for the release, I get the impression that this release can not be that far away. If this is not the case, then it would be a pretty big stupidity of the DEVS, as it is still quiet in any game that I know shortly before the release. This is not a World of Warship where I can have instant fun at the push of a button and where it does not matter when the DEVS press the reset button. In its current form, building a functioning economic system requires a lot of planning and effort to get specific components to build large ships. I therefore prefer to spend my time on the PvE server to find cheap places to restart and to gain more experience of the new economic system. One final word about the PvP / RvR. Even if someone repeats it every day, it does not get any more true that the new patch made it impossible to do PvP. You can also sink each other after the patch every day. You have with the DLC ships good ships for PvP, and to push a button is the only job you must do. The only difference is that the use of large ships entails much more risks. So do not permanently tell that PvP is no longer possible, but say how it is. You no longer get thrown off your battleships and are now dissatisfied because you can no longer sink everything and everyone with your speed-fitted Bellona. Because even your speed-fitted Bellona could catch it and then you have to take the trouble to get a new speed-fitted Bellona. I used to push a button and it was already there. Personally,Before the Patch i had the money for 57 x Ocean (market price 4 million) and was able to skip the button 5 times in LT and had 5 new Oceans. Some thought it was great, it just bored me. I wish DEVS to stand firm and give the new system a chance after a hopefully upcoming release. Then there is still the chance to turn the set screws to mitigate the difficulty in one area or the other. Sorry for my Google-English
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    It was a terrible decision. Removal of the ability to communicate on the open ocean without having to pop a battle instance was inane, driven by players of a certain style, and in so many ways is indicative of the the kinds of changes that serves to hurt the overall player base in the service a the very few who are voicing their support here. Pure and simple, it’s a time waster that serves no purpose. The argument that it increases PvP because it removes the fear factor is countered by the anecdotes of new players who say they’re less likely to tag nameless ships because it might be some PvP badass that they have no chance against. (So they’ll just wait until they have overwhelming numbers and gank the everloving shit out of them instead of try out that 1v1, etc. etc.) In other words, it fuels the kind of “bad” PvP that the loudest among you seem to desire. And it does so while removing sense of community, fluidity in international communication and takes away player choice and options for player-driven content. @Vernon Merrill you seem to denounce “clan” driven gameplay but how are current mechanics any different now than before, with the sole exception of being able to protect port battles from alt abuse through friendly clan lists? Quit bagging on clans and RvR if you don’t participate, content is content, just like with player to player communication on the OW. If you choose to ignore it for your own play style, that’s great. Don’t take it away from others. The option to hail and open communication (ala signaling) with a ship on the OW is just better gameplay. I’d be happier if you couldn’t tell what nation or rank a ship was at all until hailing/communication was opened and agreed to, but make it a choice, and make it something that happens without the overhead of having to jump into a battle instance. If I want my enemies to know who I am and what flag I sail under, hoping that fear causes them to run, then that should be my choice and I’ll have hailing checked open all the time.
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    Why not having only pirate NPC's with aggresive behavior ? in PvP server. They were supposed to be the outlaw badies, let them be feared. With a specific advantage of being Pirate player that would enjoy possible backup from their NPC's.
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    Or maybe GameLabs should update their homepage from time to time, @admin