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    What about agility? The advantages of the Hercules is not necessarily in those (or any) stats on paper. It seems to me that its advantages lie more in other features that come to light in battle. Its size means it can hide under many ships' guns, its length means it can hug another 5th-rate and only take half or 1/3rd of the broadside. It's agility means it can always angle, and it's speed means it can disengage to recover when damaged. And 4 bow chasers means it can always hunt down other ships that try to disengage to repair. It is not hard to shoot the broadside off a Hercules that sails parallel to you at a reasonable distance for your guns to all be able to fire at it, but the Hercules rarely fights like that if the captain knows what he's doing.
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    How many of these can enter shallows?
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    what you cant messure in ingame stats is the shortness and gun per meter ratio. (Herc) Compared to the possible damage I would guess it has the best turnrate. I actually just checked this and it outclasses ANY other 5th rate by a turnrate of 1 (Even the renomee has only 4) Yes, even the cerberus has a worse turnrate than a hercules. (a hello kittying cerberus) Its also better speedwise 0,4kn than any other 5th rate Summary: The herc has a better turn and is faster than a renomee and cerberus even though the reno and cerb have less broadside weight aswell. Other ships might have more damage but possible damage output per meter of ship the herc is the best aswell. Which means: You outclass enemy ships by speed and turning, making you the perfect sterncamper if you want. Or you just outdamage your enemy by hugging because not many cannons can actually hit you. Now to the requin. The new player killer 9000 (the players that are not already discouraged by not having something to do at the starting point of the game except tutorial - talking about missions) A short summary of this ship would be this: It is the fastest ship at his point of sail (even faster than a prince) that is not catchable by itself because it has cannons in the back that can load chain but 2 pounders in the front that cant load chain. It is also the highest BR ship with the most crew of any other 6th rate. It even has DOUBLE the crew of any other 6th rate. It is the only ship you can go into reinforcement zone with to kill noobs and still get out alive, proven by licinio every day. This ship together with the way too strong musket mods is a possible gamekiller in itself. The ship also outclasses any other 6th rate ship in damage PS: Someone give me elite pirate rig and a musketmod and let me stream me killing every noob I see on the OW. Someone has to show it
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    Judging by the absurd amount of hercules I have seen lately I feel that something must be wrong with the ship. The 5.18 turn rate, the small size, the incredibily high base speed compared with other frigates, stern and bow chasers... tell me that this ship might be a bit op.
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    Can you name a 40 gun ship fulfilling these requirements that can sail the shallows? Can you name a 6th rate outclassing the Requin in the same way? (HP, mast HP, crew, thickness, mast thickness, sails, broadside weight)
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    I suggest all DLC ships be 3/5s and all crafted basic ships are at least 4/5 possibly 5/5! Here's my reasoning Go on now and argue (credit to @Liq)
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    Reinforcements are based on shipclass knowledge is based on shipclass Like the wasa, moving a ship up 1 shipclass can be a big nerf.
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    And? They cannot enter shallow port battles and have some but not overwhelming influence on RVR, but only in shallow waters. They also are worse than at least half ships in the game and are useless in deep water battles. They drop in chests its not happening every second but it happens. These ships are strong; we wanted to give something good and interesting to play for players who support us. But there at least 30 ships that can be crafted that are WAY better. We do not consider shallows a separate game this we do not consider "but shallows" arguments critical. They are could be argued and we understand other viewpoints exist on this shallows issue. Stats of LRQ and Here allow them to be strong and enter shallows. We try to use historical stats. Herc will turn into snow if it loses historical stats. People who complain about DLC ships always complain about DLCs in every game. They don't want subscription, and yet they dont want DLC and demand things without offering means to achieve them. They now complain that we have flags. Their shouting hides possibly real complaints (about turn rates or maybe HP) + to @staun s point LRQ + Hercules generated 31000 battles from approximately 120,000 over last 30 days. Yet they are not in top 15 by survivability. 7 ships including these two generated 70000 battles. The rest of the ships are not used. Just a quick comparison 1500 people had at least 1 battle in the last 30 days in a DLC ship. This means these 1500 people had 20 battles each. And died 2200 times Ocean has 17 battles per owner (but higher survivability) Bellona has 13 battles per owner (but higher survivability) Bellona and Ocean owners died only 325 times out of 19000 battles. This means one thing. One click ships bring pvp to the pvp server, and kills to others. Many players returned to play because of them (they do not want to craft) and shallow patrols are always full from morning till evening. You either have those 31000 battles and 2200 pvp kills or you do not have them. We are not planning to change anything with the current promise to have crafted ships that are better in the same category. There will be a free DLC given to all ea owners (pandora) and it will increase pvp even further - it will be comparable to hercules somewhat. It will become paid after release. And will also cause complaints.
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    Palatinose during the patrol zone battle near Nippes:
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    @admin I'd happily duel you to test this underrated herc, ill take a herc and you can take whatever else 5th rate of your choosing. If i win you gotta make @HachiRoku a moderator I aint ever sail a le req, but I'm sure someone who is decent can show you how it triumphs over all 6th rates
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    I want to start this post out by thanking Game Labs and @admin for building a game that brought us all together as a global community, our own national communities and finally our individual clan communities (navies) to enjoy something we all love together -- the age of sail. You have without a doubt created the most beautiful age of sail game, bar none it has been a lot of fun, the experiences gained here I will carry with me for a long time to come and still will looking into the future. The latest update brought us some truly wonderful changes, the potential the game has right now is absolutely staggering, it truly could and still is one of the best games I've ever played (2200 hours and counting!). The UI, the crafting, materials, and even doubloons are cool features. I like overall most of what was done in the lastest Patch 27. However there are a few things we must talk about and what in my opinion as a clan leader, daily player, and from the boots on the ground. These things are hurting our server populations greatly affecting the enjoyment for all. MOST of the changes are GOOD, but some have not been good at all. It's very important that we take a look and get to grips with what will improve the game in its current state and get some players back in. Game Labs you will have to wear steel toed shoes for this... 1). Doubloon crafting requirements have hurt crafting of ships, increased fear of risk and reduced population numbers severely as the novelty of grinding doubloons has worn off. RNG is far too low, doubloons should be raining from the skies (within reason) to help drive RVR. The original RNG was good, I think combined with the current PVP RNG this would alleviate a lot of pressure. In addition either removal of doubloons (some have spoken of this) or tremendous reduction of the numbers. My personal opinion as a player (again your best source of feedback) is that it should be at least reduced by 50% to make it more palatable. You will see more action in Naval if you did this. So Ocean would be ~6500 doubloons, ~2000 for a Bellona. This seems more reasonable to me. 2). RVR is hurt because of #1. We need to get RVR going again. It is END GAME content that drives the entire economy, crafting, and even normal PVP. It's the lubrication that makes the game feel full and options limitless. The biggest theme of Patch 27 is removal of options. Less radical and more conservative would make all the Patch 27 ideas soar like an eagle. We cannot listen to clans and players who want to demand others spend their time and ships in the way they see fit, yet do not actually invest in building large fleets themselves. They sail around Niagras and light ships and tell much much larger clans with higher costs and ship requirements to just "sack up." Some these sailors could not lead the fleets they think they know best about, they can't even build a big ship for themselves, they have no room to talk. (WE ALL KNOW WHO I'M TALKING ABOUT!) 3) Quality of life changes. There are too many of them. Don't do things like remove the trader tool or make the game ridiculously hard in areas it doesn't need to be. These items just make players feel frustrated and takes away from all the other good in your patches. For example the last trading update thread, everything in that proposed update sounds amazing except for one thing... you propose removing the trader tool. Why even do that to players? This makes players angry, makes them want to quit and frustrates them. You want love from your players, then you have to show us some love. Give us this hardcore game we all crave, but don't make it so frustrating that we can't enjoy it. Life is about balance, too much of anything is a bad thing. Doubloons, RVR, and QOL all tie into this factor and it has reduced server populations. These 3 things in my opinion are what has hurt the game the most. You have many many many positive changes, I am impressed overall, but if you can fix the doubloons RNG (previous trader RNG with the new PVP RNG), cut the crafting requirement in half, restore RVR to its rightful place as end game content, the issues we are seeing with this patch will literally vanish overnight and you will see restored population levels so that we can all enjoy this game, whether you think you're a privateer and ROVING the seas or a full naval fleet commander and one of the admirals of your nation. Trust me on this, I am seeing this feed back internally, in the discords both nationally and global. Make the game enjoyable for all and we can love the game as it should be. With respect and great thanks for building the game we know and love, Hemp Amore
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    As you can read, this suggestion is a question, or a reminder to the development team, not to forget that a game like Naval Action can't survive if new players can't develop. How can a new player start? I was in Kingston Port Royal, at least 5 minutes during the week-end. Exceptional long time for being in a friendly capital, in which we normally have nothing to do. And indeed, I found no enemy in sight, no friendly new player to protect, nothing to do. Fair enough, this is not a complain, I knew that before "transport". A new player asked help in the nation chat, requesting how to grow-up. Someone answered him immediately: “Do missions”. I checked in the "kill mission" list, nothing below the 3rd rate mission… I went to Port Moran, to Port Antonio and to Carlisle. No mission below the 3rd rate. To be sure, I disconnected and reconnected my French account “Eleazar”. Same in Fort-Royal. My question to @admin is: How can a new player start in Naval Action? I don’t speak about new accounts of veterans: I can successfully start a new account in any nation, and grow-up rapidly, as any veteran can do, because I have around 3000 hours in Naval Action. A real new player will be born in capitals. What to do there for him? Where can he find advises and instructions for a pretty/easy development? By pretty development, I mean something which look like boring for a veteran, but from which a new player can learn experience, and experience in Naval Action is not only XP points, as we all know that (angulating, manual sailing, boarding, accepting boring periods before maybe finding fun, etc.) I do think this is a really important question. If a new player is obliged to go to enemy waters to find something to do, he will be for sure scrapped there by enemy more or less veterans, who cannot see his (low) rank in Open World before attacking. Knowing what is a Naval Action veteran (most of the surviving players are hardcore), the new player will be sunk, sometimes including laughing at him and/or insults. I did not see more than 400 players in the “War” server during this week-end, this might be a concern.
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    I'm not going to argue with that there are enough doubloons. Some of us are swimming in them, and i think I'm closing in on 100k. However, I still think doubloons are a significant part of the problems since the patch. Of those 1st-rates how many did you craft since patch 27? Doubloons are a chore, a grind. Those of us who can endure it, those who find the patrol zone with its RoE fun, and those who just have too much time on their hand and nothing else to do, are now swimming in doubloons. Other players, with less game-time, who don't enjoy the patrol zone, who find it too grindy and repetitive there, or those who even just play at times where the patrol zone is less active and less fun, they struggle. You have a few hours game time every evening, and you have to spend 5 evenings in the patrol zone to afford a 1st rate that you now don't even have any use for because there are no big lineship battles or port battles, and you can't afford to try it out alone because you wouldn't want to loose it and have to endure the grind all over again. Some players left because they don't want to spend their time grinding for doubloons. Even if something is easy it can still be boring. And others left because there are not enough players left in the group to go out in a big group and do stuff together. I'm not opposed to the concept of doubloons. I just think the ways to get them lack variety and are too much like a chore. I also think the doubloon prices still need balancing. Not least, I think that only 1st and 2nd rates should require doubloons for crafting, or at least that the price should be reduced to negligible for 4th and 3rd rates. If the reason for making lineships rare is historical accuracy as some keep arguing, it doesn't sit well with that I keep reading that 74s were among the most prevalent ships in the age of sail. Tbh, this becomes kind of silly. Are we supposed to bring players into the game by buying it for them and just crossing our fingers that they try it out and stick around? As we keep being reminded, this is a development forum. Are we supposed to hold back feedback and criticism because it might drive some players away. Not addressing issues that everybody notices also drives players away. This OP is quite respectful in his criticisms, even though I don't agree with all of them. He even ends on a positive note: We can argue about content and mechanics and weighing interests and benefits against each other, but you can't just counter every post that has a particular idea about the game, or criticise a specific aspect or mechanic by dismissing the ideas and saying to be positive instead. You used to argue there were too many lineships in the game. Why did you not just keep it to yourself and pretend "enthusiasm" about it? I used to argue for (some) limits on lineships as well, but then we got that with the conquest marks patch and it crippled RvR and too many of my friends left the game because of it, so I changed my view and now it is this: amen
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    Rather straightforward suggestion. Repair looting in PvP is rather sustainable since (most) players carry repairs into battle that can be looted afterwards. In fact, I often end up with too many repairs when PvPing in OW. This allows me to sail the map for hours at a time and fight multiple battles without needing to return to port constantly. After all, it sucks to sail for 30+ minutes only to go back to port after 1 battle. This is not my experience at all with PvE. In my experience, AI ships rarely drop hull repairs after a battle. I see this as a problem because I cannot be bothered to take a mission, sail into enemy waters, and attack AI knowing that my repairs will not be replenished. If I attack an AI ship and use 1-2 repairs in battle, I am forced to turn around and sail home because I need to save the rest of my repairs in case I run into an enemy player and am forced to fight 1-3 battles. It is my understanding that the devs want players to take missions (PvE and PvP) and sail to enemy waters. I personally wouldn't mind hitting an AI ship occasionally if PvP is sparse and if the AI ship matches a mission that I have. But until repair drops are buffed, I will continue to opt out of PvE.
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    The author of the post claimed that there are no ships that are better than DLC ships. And claimed he can kill any 5th rate in a herc. So thats really THE point of the conversation. There are better ships than DLC ships and in addition to that DLC ships bring lots of PVP It's not throwing off ANY stats Hercules and Le requin owners gave players 2200 kills (they sank 2200 times) they sank more than any other ship. In fact 3 ships contribute 50% of deaths (sinking on the war server). Basic cutter, brig (tutorial one) le requin and hercules is 55% of deaths on War server during last 30 days. I don't get you mindset point. It lacks any logic. I find your logic strange for a player with 10x pvp KD (corrected from 5x KD). You should embrace the lack of fear of of sinking. Going to die without fear using basic mods IS PVP mindset . Its the best mindset. You say they are throwaway ships? What about free 5th rates from NPCs? it takes like 4 mins to find one and capture. You can use 1 only herc per day but you can use 20+ captured 5th rates or more depending on your free time. Why dont people have the same mindset on captured 5th rates? You want people to experience MORE PAIN? You want people to worry more? I think some pvp players are just losing track of what they want (we do that too btw). They ask for more incentives for pvp and then they complain about lack of fear mindset Then they talk about overpowered mods - and then immediately complain about the fact that DLC ships only use basic mods
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    Limited br patrols will not be damage based and can be kill based. Then you won't be able to farm damage - and ships will actually have to sink to progress in the event. 2 players enter - 1 player leaves.
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    I think there definitely is something to be said for wipe fear playing a role, but more than anything I think it's a general lack of fun. The Patch 27 economy isn't like a job.. it's like a game of tic-tac-toe. It offers up nothing for traders to sink their teeth into. Contracts are almost useless now.. and with the expected changes, with regards to even less information being given to people who want to trade, that part of the game will continue to atrophy. Crafting is the same... With even the illusion of complexity being stripped away with the simplification of crafting to the use of just basic raw materials.. basically the crafters have been made irrelevant as well. So now, what's left? Well, RvR is meaningless because crafting, woods, and mod materials are mostly meaningless since various other systems like DLC ships with no wood requirements, drops of mod materials from chests and bottles, etc. etc. has made owning these ports meaningless. So the PvE grind associated with running up a port, especially a deep water port, which used to be bearable only by using line ships, is now too risky and/or time consuming given the expense of the line ships vs. the time using frigates relative to what you gain by successfully running up the port battle. Basically.. Patch 27 has killed what little positive feedbacks we had in these systems and replaced them with Mickey Mouse representations of MMO-lite trading/crafting/RvR. All of that together has basically removed the fun factor for a good chunk of the player base. And so what's left when you have just a handful of guys that you can get online? Well, I guess we can go grind a few more doubloons in the PvP zone or hunt the safe zone for a bit... wah wah. All we can hope is that the new mission systems provide new motivations... but I'm of the firm opinion that the move by the dev's, and the more outspoken of the old crotchety forum members who have pushed for more and more hardcore, PvP-oriented changes have all but killed off the bottom of the food chain: the traders, crafters, and new players that provide the ladder up which those more PvP-oriented players grow and come to appreciate what the game has to offer.
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    RECENSIE TIJDENS VROEGTIJDIGE TOEGANG Compared to other ship games and the constant updates and added stuff ,my opinion is :If you like the old ships and enjoy sailing and trading its well worth the $s spend..compared too a game as WOW....i spended hundreds of euros in that game and it needed a monthly payment as well,so for a pay 1 time price, >Naval Action< is worth the spending* Just my 2 cents< Join a clan and its a good spending of time learning all about the ships. the battles are incredible..i watched a twich broadcast live last night, and almost a 100 giant ships were doing battle at sea, everybody was on TS and it continued for 2 hours almost.. wonderfull sights to see and people from all countries joined up together and had a excellent time... toxic? nope not a faul word just great time passing with different clans... Developers do all they can and make hard what they promise. My opinion on the game didnt change over any period of time.My preview of the game still stands,and i am free to post any positivity on my behalf about this game anywhere i see fit.Sinds your attempts to slander my name and reputation as being a bot, and aqusing me being related ,working for or as a developer working for Naval Action,with the result that you had to post a retraction, On here and on the Naval Action Official forums,is totaly and only the result of your constant vinegar spreading on different forums.I bid they a good game,and for the rest the only reason why i am not amused by this is,that i didnt had any chance to defend my loyalty to this game during my few days of absence.Hope you had your fun and wish you a good nites rest.
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    Actually it could be much simpler .... just show the last noon sighting on the Player Info window You can determine where you are, knowing where you were at noon. If you want accuracy, stop just before noon, obtain the location and then set off to the next waypoint. I would be okay with this. But I suspect most players are too impatient to use this. I just sailed from Guibara along the N coast of Jamaica and then W to Puerto Escondido. The trip was about 170km in 18min. I would have obtained 1 location at noon on day 1. (Except it was stormy and the sun was obscured.) A noon sighting will yield a position every 20 min. Timing ones departure will be important for traders. Considering the noon sighting, and the wind direction, will be key for a safer arrival. Considering the alternatives I think a sextant key, that reveals a location grid number would be the best compromise. I'm happy with a daytime noon sighting ... or nothing. Location on a clear night should be available at any time. I'll be happy to see the trader tool triangulation removed. It seems too gamey. Although because; some players enjoy it, and I don't have to look at it, it's fine to include it. I would very much dislike to see an icon or location circle on the map. It would certainly spoil navigation. If a GPS location (rough circle or point) is added to the map, I truly hope there is an option to turn it off clientside.
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    I'll throw in my two pennies: In my opinion, quality of gameplay has, on the whole, gone down--slowly and steadily--with most of the changes since the big wipe of 2017 when we had the unity 5 update and new combat model. Granted, there have been some excellent additions during this time too. Some nice new ships, clan-controlled PBs, availability of some decent mods through the AI shop, introduction of PvE and PvP hunt missions, etc. PvP: On the whole, ROE changes tend to promote more and more uneven battles. Focusing on non-patrol battles for a moment: where can I find PvP? Outside any enemy nation's port? Not likely. Around the "front lines" where two enemy ports are near each other? Maybe... At any rate, 2 minute join timers really make it hard for someone to luck up and find a battle to join. Sadly, the surest way is to go into the reinforcement zone, since thats where most of the players are holed up, grinding AI and safely trading away to their heart's content. So the PvP player goes and hunts the reinforcement zones. New players get discouraged and leave because a good hunter will hunt their zones and almost never be caught. So the reinforcement zones really don't do their jobs. They protect the guys who know how to use them, while leaving the inexperienced players (the ones who NEED that protection)...mostly unprotected from being farmed. What about PvP zones? RoE is still bad there. They are gank zones. Go gank and get ganked. Make sure you take a garbage ship (preferably a redeemed Hercules so you risk nothing) and play as dirtily as you can (if you're gonna get sunk in a gank, sail out of the circle so it removes all your HP, denying your enemy damage [don't forget to grab another cheap ship and some friends and come back and try to gank someone else in the same way you got ganked...]). Truly some ugly gameplay. Whatever you do, don't take a decent ship unless you have enough friends to fully fill the BR limit and all come in top-of-the-line gear so you roflstomp whatever comes to oppose you. RvR: RvR suffers because of a number of reasons (pretty much already discussed in this thread). Mostly cost of lineships and time cost to grind up a port (which you need lineships to do) vs the low reward of port ownership and the high risk associated with getting a BR-limited fleet safely into the PB (because screening is a legit tactic hurr durr). Overall: Say what you want about looking back through rose colored glasses or whatever, but I know that 2 years ago quality of PvP and RvR for myself and many others was much better. Despite (basically) free first rates and little reward for sinking players besides the enjoyment of it, I saw more 3rd, 4th, and 5th rates out and about in OW looking for targets to sink. Despite not having a center structure bar in the ships, combat required much more tactical choices be made because you only had one repair. Despite some excellent players playing then (many of the same who play now), it wasn't common to see a 4v15 end in a win for the 4 players (now it is). But once again I state that many changes made during these past patches have been good. But right now the game is once again going through a time where the bad changes far outweigh the good. I long for the days when I would eagerly log on at 8PM EST and sail out alone in a Trincomalee or Surprise. Almost any port I went to in a "good spot" I could find some targets to sink. Maybe I'd find a Constitution and teach him not to underestimate my guns. Or find a Bellona and discover if he knows how to avoid stern rakes. Then 2-4 Trincs or Renos or Surprises group up to chase me so I run away because I know I can't stretch them out in a line, spam a repair every 12 minutes, and post a screenshot on the forums showcasing my super skills. Assuming I escape with my ship, I have to disappear for a while and let the fleet disperse before maybe finding some more targets. That was NA OW PvP at its finest for me. Now I log on and roll up the East Coast US (because every time I've sailed somewhere else in US timezone primetime besides patrol zone all I find are AI and empty seas) in a super-modded frigate or small SOL, hoping against the odds that I'll find someone outside the safezone or a battle I can join. Most likely I find a new/casual player who doesn't understand why the mean pirate can sail unhindered outside his capital. Maybe if I'm lucky I get to have a nice-ish battle with someone in a similar sized ship. Usually the evening ends when the US get their coast guard fleet and chase me off, or I convince friends to log in and roll up in SOLs to save me and maybe crush the enemy fleet. That kind of gameplay is fun the first few times...but gets old real quick because the majority of the battles I manage to find involve my side getting ganked, or my side ganking the other side. And ultimately both sides have less fun.
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    Meaning they can do maybe 1-2 PBs a week if they are contested and against a skilled opponent. And provided enough friends are still playing that you can fill a PB. When i got hooked on this game we had flags and there were PBs every evening, even several PBs in a night. Of course we also had tons of fake flags - not everything was better before. But when you've completed the XP grind, sailed all the ships, have max crafting level and what you remain for is the end-game - then 5 days grinding for hopefully getting one good battle is just too much. And you could still be screened out of that battle and ganked, meaning you have to start over with 5 days grinding before you can try again. I get why people area averse to that. It excludes all but the most dedicated RvR-players, and those cannot do it alone without the slightly more casual players filling in the numbers. I'm still playing, but RvR is not a solo activity. Even with alts I can't do a port battle by myself. You don't play RvR, we get it. I see nobody telling you how you should play, maybe keep it to yourself how you think others should play. We play this game for different reasons. The RvR end-game is about big battles in big groups with big ships - and with small ships in the shallows. And it's about winning. Or trying to win. Against enemies that may have beaten you before and are at least equally skilled to you. To have a chance, you usually need at least equally good gear to them. And you need training, testing of setups, and to try - again and again. RvR end-game is about loosing a lot of ships, but every now and again you have a great victory, achieve a big goal, beat an old foe.
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    1 you can capture up to 60 free 5th rates per day if you find a right spot 4 flags are a DLC and is very popular. By saying manage you present this fact as if they were done for free and then removed. This was never the case. When they were announced for real (not in like discussions) they were announced as DLC with a chance to get them in game in special events and operations. In terms of the rest of your comments its all "Fight Club Movie" again Player. I love DLC in wow. do it like wow! Designer. You mean we can add xp and crafting boosters, 30 EUR one time race transfers or server transfers? Player. No - you are not wow.
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    problem is.. you cant hit something that can angle away a full broadside with its turn rate. It is also so much more compact than the other frigates so it can easily hug its side without a proper danger of being boarded considering while the bigger ship is prepping the carronades on the herc wipes out so much crew. Sailing profile, and base speed is just to insane to even think about sailing any other ship since you can just redeem a new one if you loose it. Remember people arent usually that stupid that they sail broadside to broadside vs a bigger ship with the herc without using its full advantage
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    Or just give permits instead of notes daily for DLC ships. Then they have to craft them. I use the Herc a lot, why should new players have to spend money in order to compete with those who have been around longer and see the value of purchasing the DLC? They shouldn't.