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    In defence of ganking (Sorry for new topic, I couldn't find the proper thread for this, and sorry its so long, i had a long sail ) Firstly, What is Ganking? 1. Sailing around in a large group looking for solo player or smaller group to sink them? 2. Sinking a trader? 3. Sinking a noob? 4. Sinking a solo player 1v1 when you are in a vastly superior ship? 5. Coming out with overwhelming force to sink an enemy fleet running hostility on your Port? 6. Coming out with overwhelming force to sink an enemy ganking fleet? 7. Coming out with overwhelming force to sink an enemy player who has been sinking noobs? The list is endless..which ones of these are acceptable and which are not? There is this idea that ganking is 'bad' and so we need new RoE to prevent it. 1.5 BR difference is the most common idea. But what will this achieve? It is going to prevent many of these types of play, some of them (if not most, and indeed maybe all) are perfectly legitimate imo. Even number 1. The most obvious 'bad' ganking has it's upside: It might be nice to sail around all day in a gold Belle Poule with Poods and Naval clock and carta etc looking for fights and yes its shit if you lose it to a gank. But a good captain is most likely going to beat everyone he meets 1v1 in a 'fair' fight. A very good one will win most if not all fights v 1.5 BR, certainly against the average majority like me. But if 8 reasonably experienced players meet you with some fast ships and a Bellona or two with them, then it doesn't matter how good you are, you might lose that Belle. So perhaps even this bad ganking is really a good thing in that it places at least some limits on just how much advantage experienced players can wield or at least how often? Atm even the very best players in the very best ships are in danger of losing them. If we start introducing BR limits to somehow make battles 'fairer'. Does this not just makes it nice and snuggly for the best and richest players to sail pimped out ships more often, safe in the knowledge they will nearly always win? Doesn't it also mean that average players and noobs will nearly always be outclassed when they meet more experienced players or groups of players? (not just in terms of skill but in terms of the ships too (an insurmountable disadvantage, a gank even?). If you sail to an enemy port and try to attack that nations players or run hostility against them then you should expect a large force to come out and try to prevent you. I think that is acceptable. So if you do that you had better take a really fast ship, and if you do that then your options are reduced and you might find, if you meet another player who has fit for duelling or PVE. (even if he is less experienced), he has a better chance of defending himself? As others have said, ganking also allows newer players to take part in PvP and be a genuine threat. They can make up for their cheap ships, basic upgrades and inexperience (restrictions on gaming time) through sheer numbers. Imposing BR limits on OW battles might just widen the gap between the elite few and the more casual majority and ultimately just alienate more people who will quickly learn they will never have the capacity to compete in meaningful PvP where they can win, and they will just quit. When the new PvP zones are introduced, players who want to, can go there for their fair fights and elite honour duels. OW RoE BR restrictions just restrict game play, frustrate players who cant enter a battle and all to fix a non-existent problem. It might also turn the game into a playground for the few rich and experienced players and the majority of new and less active players will get frustrated and leave. Then everyone loses. There are ways to minimise ganking anyway and a lot of players enjoy the challenge of playing solo and evading gank fleets and do so successfully. So let them gank I say.
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    yes the patch is going to be deployed with the damage model I love the new damage model. Ship class updrade feels and matter, unlike before where i could destroy the LGV in a cutter with no sweat. Right now i cannot even sink a brig or a snow in my cutter and it connects the importance of ships and upgrades on so many levels. To sink a heavier ship you need to slow its sailing and turning down by shooting sails, then reduce crew.. We are going to lower the turn rates to more appropriate levels (upgraded turn calculations based on better formulas) which will allow more precise shooting and raking (which was very hard before due to ships much faster turning )
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    I want to clarify a couple of points on the Baltic Fleet clan. Very short. 1. We have no alliances with other clans and nations. 2. We try not to touch the port battle fleet, especially if we see that there will be a good fight. (except that it threatens our important cities) 3. We have some clans with whom we are on good terms. But we fight with them, if the fight is fair. 4. we do not attack the cities of certain nations. This does not mean that we are allied. 5. BF more pvp\gank clan, not RVR. 6. Wherever you see us - consider our fleet hostile. * I wrote this because I have the impression that I am with all the nations and clans in the union. And when I start attacking them, people start to be offended or take it easy to heart. * This is a game about the era of battles on sailing ships. And we play it for this. So relax and let's have fun together!
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    IMHO "regular" ganking where you get overwhelmed in OW by a much greater force and a realistic 2-3 minute join timer is fine. However, getting "warp ganked", be it by having a large fleet join your ongoing battle 25 Minutes into it, or just getting revengefleeted after a battle, seems silly.
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    [BORK] is a dedicated small group of players from the original Swedish band who still love playing the game but we also want new blood! We are casual players and we don't expect you to be able to play everyday. Nothing is mandatory and everything is optional. We actively recruit players who join Sweden on the PvP Server in the US timezone who want to take part in group activities and enjoy sailing as a team. BORK is a clan focusing on casual gameplay in the hardcore game of Naval Action. We do not wish to take the game too seriously and want to encompass both a PvP and PvE playstyle. BORK is primarily focused on OW PvP both in and out of the Patrol Zones. We also encourage group PvE activities. While Sweden is certainly not the first choice of many players, there are many possible perks to being part of a “smaller” nation that are usually not clearly visible. 1. Sweden has a dedicated EU playerbase that are friendly and respectful. They actively support group activity in any timezone and enjoy any help that is offered whenever our time zones cross paths. Their willingness to fight and defend any port and attack any group has created a stable nation that helps everyone prosper. 2. Sweden’s ports and position on the map at first glance can seem like a negative, but the nation’s position in some ways deters incursions. This largely creates an environment around the capital of more calm waters with less conflicts and less battles that hinder trade and money making activities. 3. A smaller playerbase in Sweden has had the side effect of promoting a more cohesive unit between all timezones and clans. Players are more willing to help and also create a lasting and effective trade market that supports fair pricing through competition. BORK members also have expanded to a few other games. Most notably: Sea of Thieves. We like to play an array of different games and we are not an "only NA" clan. we don't worry about gaining or losing ports and if someone loses a ship or assets we support each other by replacing the loses. BORK Offers: as a Member of BORK you are granted the clan economy as your insurance for ship losses and other needs for possible interruptions that may hinder your gameplay. BORK is a group who enjoys helping each other whenever possible to make the NA experience a positive. We prefer our members to be doing activities they wish to do instead of being bogged down having to take time to replace assets. What BORK asks in return is voluntary donations to the clan warehouse, whether you donate all your resources or just a small portion it is always greatly appreciated. BORK Diplomacy: We following the rules, regulations, and diplomacy of the Swedish Council. If any direct issue arises we defer to the council's wishes. BORK Internals: BORK has a democratic view on decision making. Sometimes that means we don’t always agree, but it always means anyone has a voice and discussion is always encouraged. We have a Discord server, we do not require you to be on voice chat at all times when you are playing, but we do wish you to look in the chat channels for updates and upcoming events. If you wish to take part in group PvP, Port Battles, or other nonsense then you need to check on Discord if anything is coming up, otherwise you won't be informed. Come experience our best exports; the Swedish Chef and meatballs.
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    Those pesky invaders You should file a complaint with the Admiralty or the house of lords. As a lord you already knew importance of colonies, so as other nations are slowly recognizing that. If you do not like other nations sending fleets to take your colonies you should maybe declare war on them? There are no unhistorical nations there are just unhistorical wars. Which COULD happen. We are not going to change the number of nations and the number of nations (impossible) will not go down and might tend to go up. I have heard Qing Dynasty roleplayers are extremely eager to take revenge on the GB under the dragon flag.
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    The safe zone battle starts if the target is in the safe zone (it does not matter where the attacker is) so yes. it is working as designed in theory. Its just human nature that interferes (as with many other features). We are looking into it. One idea is to remove reinforcement zones completely which coupled with the increase the size of the capital waters to allow safe mission running in the zone, will bring clarity to the feature. Safe zones = completely safe (from attack and from abuse).
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    The question arises, if the reinforcement zones are meant to supoort new players, why does a max rank player from another nation cruise around in the trollquin in said reinforcement zone? Certainly not because he's looking for a fair fight.
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    Some of the most terrifying battles of the age of sail weren't between the big fleets or the big sisters the frigates. By statistical comparison the amount of casualties was always higher at the 6th rate encounters, and lower unrate, where tallies of 40 plus wound and dead are not uncommon. If we remember that many Brig-sloops-of-war or brig sloops had a crew of 120 roughly, including officers and marines, so forty hands is a third. They had a nominal crew of 120-130, and was not a rated ship in the Royal Navy, being just below the 20 guns of the sixth-rated smallest frigates. This meant that typically only a mid level commissioned officer (Commander) would be in charge, – sometimes a senior Lieutenant, but never a post-Captain, – for this the ship was too small. In addition to the Captain, the complement would typically be: two Lieutenants, a few midshipmen, the Master, the Surgeon, the Purser, and the ships’s standing warrant officers, the Carpenter, the Gunner, and the Boatswain. Plus about 15-20 Royal Marines (RM), commanded by a Sergeant RM. Adding the ratings brings the crew up in 120-130 count range. But isn't only the casualties that make these unrated vessels notorious in every aspect of the age of sail. Their flexibility to suit multiple roles was unparalleled and they would fit all roles really, apart from standing in a line of battle. Our vessel of today's (his)story had been assigned the task of attacking signal fortresses all along the coast. This requires excellent seamanship, civil connections, leadership and above all, daring and gallantry facing danger. But the story doesn't involve land parties nor the destruction of land facilities. Year is 1808 and near Cape Trafalgar, May 7th at daybreak. HMS Redwing, Thomas Ussher captain. 98 men and boys aboard. With the Cape bearing at WNW and six miles out, a Royal Navy vessel sights, along the shore, a group of 19 sail, seven armed and 12 trade vessels. The British vessel, the brig-sloop Redwing, equipped with 16 carronades, of 32 pounders, and two long sixes for chase, sailing with very light winds and turning often did approach the enemy formation which she didn’t do before 7AM at which point both parties were within point blank. The Spanish handed the sails, formed close and arrayed in a well formed line and closed distance to the Redwing, no doubt with intentions of boarding her. The guns arrayed against the British were fearsome; two schooners of 60 men each and each equipped with two long 24 pounder and two long 8 pounders, assisted by gunboats. Number 3, of 35 hands, packing two long 24s and one long 36. Number 6, of 40 hands and one long 24 and finally number 107, being the weakest, handed with 35 souls and fitted with two long 6 pounder. Add a mistico of four 6 pounders and a felucca of four long 3 pounders. Total count of the Spanish line, 22 guns, of which 7 were 24s on top of the 36 pounder, and roughly 271 men. We must see this as it is, the sheer difference of shot weight may not seem much but while the British captain had to always engage close, the Spanish could effectively blast her out of the water from afar given their fearsome long cannon. But, as noted in the Naval Chronicle… “(...) Nowise daunted, notwithstanding, the Redwing endeavoured also to close, in order to decide the business quickly, and, if possible, to secure the merchantmen.” Captain Thomas Ussher ordered ball and bags of musket ball to be loaded in all the carronades. Each bag contained perchance some 500 musket balls in addition to the regular solid heavy shot. At pistol range this decision proved terrifyingly effective. Plus commanded the vessel to sweep behind the enemy and cut any option to proceed leeward. So, with the Redwing closing in and the Spanish escort lined closing the distance, the stage was set for a very violent battle. A chance encounter in, otherwise, empty sea. The Diligente , the Spanish commander ship, followed by the Boreas and the rest of the line, Ussher did order, to further encourage the Spanish to come close and try to board, the boarding netting to be hauled down and “the crew ordered to give three hearty cheers”. No firing orders were to be given until pistol shot. Discipline facing such odds was paramount and there was no leeway allowed for error with the forces arrayed against them. Then she opened with everything she got, with the gun crews training the guns as close to the waterline as possible. The Diligente was struck with such ferocity that the proved open fore and aft and went down with all hands after giving in with two heavy rolls. The Boreas had exactly the same fate, hit with such violent charges from the Redwing. At pistol shot range the carronades simply proved their worth as long as discipline could be held. At 9AM gunboats tried to make it for the coastline, panicking and in total disarray. But this decision proved fatal as they wrecked in the surf and all hands perished along with the helpless wounded. It is of note that the Redwing wasn’t untouch at all. Two 24 pound shot had cut through her fore mast, one through the main mast and another through the gammoning of the bowsprit, this on top of several other shot that had hit her and wounded on seaman. Most casualties recorded on the Redwing actually happened outboard, when Captain Ussher sent own boat to attempt to rescue the spanish crews from drowning, mainly the gunboat crews but sadly none could be rescued, but during the entire battle the boat crew suffered the one death recorded, seaman, with slightly wounded Master John Davis, purser Robert Horniman, and the previously slightly wounded seaman on the Redwing that now was on the boat, got his state worsened, listed as seriously wounded. The merchantmen, watching the whole chaos unfold, tried to disperse, with four lost in a combination of further shooting from the Redwing and crashing into shoreline surf. Seven vessels were captured, with the mistico included in the tally. Gunboat 107 and the felucca made well their escape. It is of note, on a more strategic point of view, that this action happened in the 7th of May 1808 and Spanish is allied with Napoleon’s France. Four days before a event happened that History would forever record as the El Tres de Mayo, immortalized by Goya. Of note: At the same time we see the enemies trying to defeat each other, but also see the efforts made by them to save as many lives as possible once victory was achieved, with Thomas Ussher sending boat to the rescue of the shipwrecked spanish crews. ------------------------ ( The Naval History of Great Britain from the Declaration of War by France in 1793 to the Accession of George IV, & A naval biographical dictionary: comprising the life and services of every living officer in Her Majesty's navy, from the rank of admiral of the fleet to that of lieutenant, inclusive & other assorted sources, including Dawlish chronicles, where i first found the story, Outrage at Sea book, Fitzwilliam Museum and Orders and Medals Society of America )
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    I seriously think it will be great to have a starter nation with a story mode, which may be in the PVE server or PVE only instance. Starter nation can also be any non-hardcore nation like Spanish / British etc. in a PVE only environment. Story mode will transition into PVP server / instance when the time comes. Heavy use of battle instance graphics as intros into game, into battles etc. Nice additions of cartoonish story modes, selections into game. Creating a structured introduction to make the experience more immersive. * Starter nation is also a tutorial, which has a nice small story. In this story there are quests to teach various aspects of the game. * Players come from Europe to this new land, they already have some experience in sailing. * A nice cinematic intro, where the adventure starts, arrival to new lands. Shot with beautiful battle instance graphics, a merchant ship arriving the port, sunset, nice sea, nice ship visuals, some nice text on screen. * Some basic background, some story and starting the job as basic cutter captain. * Few easy delivery missions, trade missions, few easy combat trials. Just to get familiar with UI, map etc. Current in game tutorials to be placed inside the initial story mode. * Promotion to 6th rates and a bit more challenging missions. Escorting merchant ships, getting attacked by pirates . During this missions there is no battle timer ticking, and ships waiting. Instead there are always cinematics first and battle starts afterwards. This game just has the beauty so cinematic part is just ui turned off (ctrl+h) and free roaming camera. But will be very immersive for new players. After some 6th rate action, transfer to a new base and PVP instance/server. * There may be simulated RVR mission, just to introduce RVR to the new players. Just npc fighting scripted, but commands coming from the admiral to the player, go capture C circle, sink the mortar brig etc. * Simulated ganking, just to show how to call ai Reinforcements, use chat windows and call help from nation. This is really important * Story advances and all the tutorial missions are blended into story mode. Story finishes with 6th rates, captain stays with current initial nation/faction. * As the player is already playing on PVP server, after final exam successful, Captain has a final option to choose to serve another nation or stay with the current one. This can be postponed for some small time, but decision has to be made. * The whole story mode can be skipable but strongly not advised for new players. ---------------------------------------------------------- This is one of the missing parts of the NA. I hope they implement something like this. The ideas are just sketches of how it can be, to be further developed. After this kind of story mode, many new players get much more immersed into the game. The OW part of the game will be more desired after finishing the story mode. Note: This is not entirely my idea. There have been many similiar ideas on the forum. The fact is, this is not an idea this is a reality of gaming. In many games this has been done for many years. I am just reminding "a missing core component" of a good game. In a technical game, in a difficult game to learn game (this is not a FPS that you can start playing instantly), this kind of introduction/story mode is surely needed.
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    Someone tested the new player experience already? Because it sounds like we are going from bad to very bad in this
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    "Why do you guys put an "x" in chat?" "What does o7 mean?" "Enemy players here please help!.. Why does nobody help?" - "It's AI!" "Man that sunset is beautiful!"
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    Previously games were inserting only 3 nations into age of sail games (sometimes 4), we actually bothered to research the map and ask questions why Christiansted exists in the Virgin islands. We also wanted to get USA into the game right when we started development As for small nations. You can conquer the world as small nations in many historical games, THAT'S the purpose of the historical games - to re-live history or CHANGE history. The Rubicon has been already crossed in 2015 by addition of Denmark, Sweden and United States. We love community feedback, but its impossible to go to 3 nations for two reasons Reason 1. Many users do want their nation in game and want to sail their flag Reason 2. I like it. (but there is of course an option to have enforced alliances that will naturally reduce the nations) PS. On your They could not because logistics comment Even Brandenburg could https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_colonization_of_the_Americas Everyone arrives to the Caribbean in a basic cutter anyway. Its up to you to stop them from expanding. And here i will repeat our proposal. You will not remove them by typing on the forums If you do not like other nations - crush them, see them driven before you, hear the lamentation of their women in chat!
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    I remember my first pvp fight outside Fort Royal. It was a huge ship with lots of guns,even rear guns,can you belive that. After a good 30 min we manage to sink this monster of a ship. Today we call it a brig.
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    Objective is to reduce long hours of sailing for players and populate the world with meaningful NPC fleets that transport goods which are needed. When in harbor, players should be able to assemble a fleet, equip the ships, add items to the hold and define a destination for the fleet. When launched, these ships appear in the open world and sail the specified route towards their destination. Once they arrive, the ships can be found again in the player's dock. In open world these fleets work exactly like current NPCs, they can be attacked, sunk or captured. Numbers of random AI NPCs could be reduced accordingly. Players could send their trade goods, resources or ships to a remote port without sailing themselves. They can choose to escort their fleet in open world or let it sail alone. There is a risk to it, but potential benefit is that no personal time in front of the computer is required to sail long distances. This mechanism could be used to boost economy somewhat. Trade hubs would emerge which in turn will be targeted by pirates. Tow function is not required anymore.
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    Your post is excellent. I think what most players who want to introduce a BR limit on OW (like @Slim McSauce) do not realize is the fact that this would be a mechanic against beginners or average players and gives experienced players a huge advantage. BR limits should be introduced in the patrol zone, not on OW.
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    I would like to see the addition of areas that only allow the smallest / least powerful ships in the game ( Lynx, Trader Lynx, Cutter, Traders Cutter, Gun Boat, Yacht, Rookie Brig, Traders Brig, Mortar Brig, Privateer and Pickle ) to be sailed there to prevent them from becoming completely obsolete with the implementation of the new damage model and to give new players a place where they can practice PvP and RvR with fairly well balanced / equally powerful ( or rather weak ) and cheap ships. The ships in the list ( except for traders and mortar brig ) are barely used at all currently and with the new damage model it will only get worse... so much worse that it will become questionable why these ships even exist in the game. Those ships could be easily balanced around each other and the meme gun boat could serve the role of a tagger. How could these regions be implemented? Adding another "very shallow" depth tier would be the best way to go about it and the realistic explanation for it would be that those ships have less guns and thus less weight, sitting higher in the water, on top of being the smallest shallow ships to begin with. Rivers and lakes like Guacata would be ideal for such regions.
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    The game at least needs a "STARTER NATION", easy nation. After M&C rank, to decide on which nation they wanna play. New guys starting on hardcore nations can be pushed away from the game. So hardcore nations only after M&C rank, or even rear admiral as being rearadmiral is in fact nothing.
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    I am sorry but you are asking the game to do something for you that you can do yourself. you can remove the nations youself by using in game tools. Capture all the ports controlled by Prussia and many players might re-roll as they lose access to admiralties and life becomes a bit harder. players can also remove nations by just re-rolling by re-creating the character (M&C rank is safe after exams) or buying the DLC which is 12 times cheaper compared to re-roll cost in some other MMOs If 3 players want to sail for a small nation we will let them be. We are not going to tell them to move to another nation - they can make this choice themselves.
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    Meme thread boys. Let's leave the timer whinging for the 17 other threads!
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    We do not see the dilution People join the nation they like, but the majority still picks traditional nations (like SWEDEN ;)) . And in terms of the buyers - here are the top 10 countries, ranked by sales, who are buying the game after custom localization file has been added The two puzzling facts Poland buying more copies than UK US should be the most numerous nation but it is not.
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    alliances were removed for 2 reasons they reduced number of targets they remove the political component (complex political discussions, agreements, betrayals were replaced by a button) We do not see how alliances can come back
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    3-6 months ago the swedes were a swerg nation along with the demoralized brits.. Now the largest pop nations are britain and most likely the russians. The ebb and flow continues as the noobs flock to whichever banner promises the easiest AI battles. Just remove the cartoon nations i.e. pirates, prussia, russia and poland-lithuania and make pirates a distinct faction ingame rather than the nation it basically is today.
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    We are trying to get the clan resource missions and new player helper guide into the patch before deploying. It is getting closer and closer. But we are not yet ready to provide the final date.
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    Safe zones are the one necessary thing in this game that I hate. I wish there could be a solution to protect the real newbs and not protect the rear admirals doing their 10 million gold trade run.
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    The Corn regrows after some time. ohh wait..
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    Nothing surprizing here, Clan set Naval Action = Outlaw server player base So far away from historical captains code of honor... Nation flags are just cosmetics within a "Pirate war server". Wellcome to Naval Action Jungle !
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    while i understand the need to have a diverse amount of nations to please the crowd and maybe bend history to make it fun i think with the amount of players we have online at the moment (and even if we project a higher count appon launch) i think the amount of nations available is actually hurting the game instead of making it better. the main 2 reason for me are: 1) most of the secondary nations have low player count anyways- nations like sweeds, dutch, poles ect have a low player count which could instead be placed and concentrated in other nations to create a larger player base in a smaller variety of nations 2) Port with the amount of nations available feel cramped and chaotic- their are no front lines or a concentrated effort by few nations- instead ports on the map are quiet chaotic and in turn smaller nation often find themselves struggling to keep ports or to keep a coherent front line.
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    Hey guys, We are playing this game to enjoy, have fun, but sometimes this game tortures us I do not like it, most normal people will not like it. So we have a clan, we have our mainbase at a capitol. But we also have ports around the map. We have lots of resources around our ports. So I have a shipyard at x port, but I am missing lignum which I do know my clan mate has lots, but he is offline. I am stuck until he logs on. I have built my ship, but I need iron for cannons, my other clanmate has iron, but he is different time zone, hard to catch, I have to find him. I have some goods to be transported to main base, but I do not have time today, oh my friend will be on a trade run, I have to wait him, oh he is online but in battle, I have TO WAIT him, so we can trade the goods ! the solution to this problems and many more of them are additional clan warehouses so; "I DO PURPOSE ADDITIONAL CLAN WAREHOUSES" We are a clan/tribe/guild, we are not some random guys, we are working together, we are a trading company etc. We all have outposts around the map, some are common with our clanmates. We need trading goods to be transported, ships being built, cannons forged, we need resources. We have all of them but, not accesible to all. So how to do additional clan warehouse ? As we clanmates who has outpost on the same dock, which is a small settlement at the time, we all have warehouses. So anyone having an outpost donates warehouse slot from his own warehouse. At the end the donated warehouse slots works as additional warehouse for the clan. So the officers can and players can put stuff into warehouse and take stuff from warehouse. * Easy to organise crafting and trading, easy for logistics. Less time is lost, more time is left for fun. My clanmate can have his ship immediately, an officer can find required staff immediately. * What can be the downside ??? I can not find any, but huge benefits, great quality of life feature and it is realistic and historical. * Another feature will be the clan dockspaces which works like this warehouse, will be purposed in a different post. These are very small details but very big effects on quality of life, enjoying the NAVAL ACTION more ... Please criticise. Note: this was probably purposed before but it should be in the game as release is coming...
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    This idea have been purposed many times but it is a logical, solid idea which in my opinion should be in the game already. In any port where clan has a warehouse (see additional warehouse for clans post), there should be dockspaces for the clan. I do not need to tell what are the benefits of this feature, it is obvious, a great quality of life feature and realistic approach. A clan/tribe/guild in this game, is a rich estabishment, holding ports around the map, crafting SOLs, capturing towns. So why a clan does not have a DOCKSPACE for crafted ships ? Works just like the warehouse of the clan, officers can take ships and give to others, or anybody can put a ship in. How does it work ? At the certain port, any clan member donates some of his dock spaces to the clan dock, and a clan dock is formed. It can be 2 slots for 1 clan dock slots or different, I do not care. Clan can have dockspaces where clan has clan warehouses. What happens, a clan will have 5-7 dock space at warehouse, speeding up ship crafting and distribution. I do not see any negative sides but only benefits. Please share your ideas...
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    What will inevitably happen is one nation's bonus will be slightly better than another nation's bonus. This will be especially noticeable by limiting ships to certain nations. Every player in the game needs access to the same items for balancing purposes. Ideally nations would disappear and be replaced by clans creating more content for everyone.
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    So you are basically putting a hard cap on progression in the game by removing most of the skill and replacing it by grind. When the only end game content is sailing first rates that’s all you’ll have, first rate spam, until people get so bored they leave. By making it so new players can only advance by moving up to the one ship in each class that has the highest broadside weight, then stepping up in class, rinse repeat, with no rewards at all for max rank players to sail smaller ships, we’ll be back to first rate spam for a short time and then? You’ll have no players. It makes no sense to make life even harder for new players and less fun for max rank players by limiting both to only fighting a very narrow range of “acceptable” targets. The biggest problems you have with the game are lack of players and lack of content. And you’re literally doing nothing to solve either of those by blowing up the damage model and removing all of the skill from combat except in “fair” fights. You’ve taken chess and turned it into tic tac toe. Literally no one wants to sail first rates for hours and hours to find a newb who’s undercrewing a lower rank ship for a 10 minute fight at best. Oh, right, you’re slowing combat down even more by reducing turn rate so maybe it’ll be 12 minutes. 🙄
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    By that definition there is no meaningful pvp but port battles. If someone is in a Bellona and I'm in a frig, I'm not interested. If my enemies outnumber me 3 to 1, I'm not interested. If I'm in a trader and my enemy on a proper war ship, I'm not interested. For me the question is how to balance risk and reward. Lowest risk lowest rewards and vice versa. There is a paradoxon atm: if you choose a weak, non hardcore nation, which is surrounded by hostile ports (France, Denmark, Sweden, Dutch) you find tons of enemy AI in your RZ. Therefore it's easier to make money, dubs, etc. when you choose such a nation. To me there just shouldn't be foreign AI but some traders in the RZ. Basic low lvl missions and that's it. Want riches? Take risks.
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    The economy needs to be more predictable. I have done a good bit of trading and I still have no idea where or when trade goods drop. Most the ports I traded at are now empty and have not had a single trade good drop in months. If players had a consistent source of income that they could rely on, they'd be more willing to take risks. As it is, the economy is unfair to new players. For instance if a large stack of goods drops, lets say 3000 Sumatran Pepper appears in a port. A new player would go in their t-brig and buy 17 peppers to sell. However, a certain Privateer may show up, and buy the entire stack of 3000 peppers for 12 million reals, set up an outpost, and trade the whole stack over a week or two and make 30 million reals. So the economy works for such a Privateer, however, it does not work for the new players who are probably confused as to why all the ports are empty. How to fix it? Instead of having goods drop all at once in giant stacks, have them drop many times a day in really small stacks. More like how the economy worked before the reals/UI update. The economy becomes more predictable and the ports always have at least a small amount of goods.
  39. 7 points
    Could you have a popup box that states what you receive from the chests to avoid having stacked items being lost to the abyss of messy warehouses? This way we could find out just how many basic hooks we receive from mission chests. xD Thanks and provide opinions.
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    Capsizing is logged and we track all cases. The last capsize like this happened in the spring of 2017. Your ship will be recovered.
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    I will gratis schiffe and I joining you? Bitte bitte.
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    Prussia could build a couple of wapens and send it to Caribbean to trade and expand. Several German states HAD colonies in the Caribbean. Its a sandbox and Caribbean is just a map. Big historical nations have all the power to send all smaller nations back to Europe.
  44. 6 points
    Currently some ships turn on a dime, fighting PvE or sometimes players is endless turning in circles to protect the weak side and it's very annoying. Admin should also remember that AI has much greater turn rate than a player, it feels very unnatural.
  45. 6 points
    Cabal takes full responsibility for this failure, our careers as total carebears on PVE server has been dismal , However Havoc lied when they said they were going Swedes on the PVE server they went Danes instead.
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    Nope. I sailed from Tumbado to Coquibacoa about 3-4 weeks ago, following the coastline. This was US primetime around 8PM-Midnight EST. Around Belize, I saw a few players in the reinforcement zone (un-taggable unless you plan on throwing away a ship); sank one US frigate that ventured too far from the forts at Truxillo, sank an Indiaman by Cartagena, and ran from a Connie (the Indiaman's alt, maybe?). Maximum rewards: <3k doubloons. Rewards I could have gotten from risk-free PvE in that amount of time, sinking AI traders: ????>10k doubloons. Great mechanics there. Really feeling the rewarding and immersive PvP experience. Yarr. Hooray. Not two weeks ago I sailed around the Hispaniola area....nothing besides a TLynx and Requin (un-catchable). Oh, and a 3rd rate that ran from my Wapen into port (because he was a few feet from his fort, playing with AI I assume). Found a Prussian next to Tortue. He ran till his buddy came out, once they had 2v1 they tried to tag but I made it in. Really great economy in place when everyone is so terrified of losing their modded ships that they won't fight without strong advantages. (hence the reason US players game their reinforcement zones like in OP's case). In short: If you want PvP in North American primetime, you go camp Charleston or Mortimer. Simple as that. Inexperienced players will sail out and get sunk in both locations. I dislike it and the players being sunk dislike it too. But its kind of hard to hunt the non-existant "bunch of other players anywhere else on the map." You *might* have some degree of success at the British zones...depends on your luck if someone is foolish enough to leave the safety of their zone. So....please, tell us where we can find players to hunt when there are <150 online and majority of them clustered at their capitals. I'd love to see someone find consistent PvP content anywhere else on the map under those conditions. (Ignoring the PvP zones Gank Zones with their broken ROE). It just doesn't happen outside of PB activities and the lucky encounter here or there. Fix the game, and maybe it won't be such an issue. Here are my suggestions (re-posted from another thread): Reinforcement zones: Should be extremely reduced in size. Make them maybe 25-50% bigger than the capital zone. Big enough for new players to figure out how to make their ship move on OW, sail to missions inside the zone, etc. Should be 100% safe for new players. Let players up to (and including) Captain rank (5th rates) spawn missions in their reinforcement zones. Remove all AI fleets bigger than 6th rates. Allow maximum of level 2 shipyard in capital ports. Remove ability to tag players in the reinforcement zones. Remove ability to join player's battles in their reinforcement zones. Reinforcement zone is NOT for Admirals to get rich grinding AI. Reinforcement zones are NOT for players to set up their primary econ/crafting hub. If they want a safe space to do that, PvE Server caters to them. But, reinforcement zones are also NOT for hunters to go hunt players in. Implement proper mechanics that encourage players to move out of their reinforcement zones as they gain rank and skill, and hunters won't be trying to go into those zones to hunt. Add in proper ROE for patrol zone battles and you're well on the way to a properly functioning PvP server.
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    I have seen this tactic used outside Saint Mary's as well, and know for sure WTF clan has lost multiple ships to similar reinforcement zone traps set by the US. The US players don't even get the kills in these battles because the AI do 10X the damage of any US player. They just pick up the loot after the AI do all the work. One obvious solution is to have the game check if a player is in the R zone at the beginning of a tag, rather than 9 seconds in. If they're outside when the tag is started they don't get a R zone battle.
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    The Swedish nation also has a clan called SPERM... There are so many bad things about Sweden, that I can't think about all of them at once!
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