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    Despite multiple topics about it in this forum, not enough of us realises just how bad the current crafting and currency situation is in the game. Because ships have not been wiped, and because most clans are now indifferent to RvR, the enormous hurdles now placed on crafting almost any ships is hidden. But REDS has been recruiting new players, as well as old and returning players, in recent times. Players who in both cases do not have tons of ships stored. And while we are able to cover their need of ships from our storage, it gives us a glimpse at just how expensive it now is to produce even frigates. Because of permits. And woods. If DLCs are reportedly such a boost to PvP on the server because they are fast and easy to bring and to replace, why is the opposite principle now seemingly applied to all crafting of ships? Why does surprise need an extremely expensive permit, and why does the Niagara need one that only drops randomly from chests? Because Russia still organises infrequent RvR in order to get good screening- and possible PB-fights, and because almost exclusively I am the one who initiates and organises this, I get another insight into the destructive nature of the current permit situation. One of the guiding principles I use when planning Port Battles is avoiding the use of DLC-ships in my setups. @Captain Reverse, does the same, but I do not know his specific reasons for choosing to do so except to demonstrate that it is possible. My reason, however, is that while most players in my clan and that I play with, have some or all of the DLCs, I firmly believe that the game should be playable even without DLCs, and that buying them should be an individual decision and not something that myself or my clan should push on players by making it impossible for them to participate when they do not have DLCs. By using DLC-ships in my setups, I would ensure that anyone who does not own DLCs knows that there is that much fewer places in the Port Battles where there might be room for them. The huge problem that has arisen for every one of the last few port battles, is that with the changes to permits, choices are severely limited. The Surprise is a good alternative to Hercules in both Deep and Shallow port battles. But with the price for the Surprise Permit, if I did not craft them and hand them out myself, most players would not be able to afford the ship for the port battle, let alone have a Surprise that they could grind to open up slots on it. Worse, by far in this regard, is the Le Requin. It is a difficult ship to begin with, to replace, being so specialised to kite and contest circles. In the past there was two non-DLC counters to Le Requin in RvR. But the Prince de Neufchatel and the Niagara now have permits that are ONLY obtainable through random drops from chests. This means that only the most hardcore PvE-players are likely to have disposable permits for the ship to use in RvR, let alone for getting the slots and experience needed to use the Niagara or Prince effectively. This means that we are left with the only option of using DLC-ships. Even the Pandora will be a ship used in port battles that any players who joined the game after release will not be able to bring. And these are the smallest ships. The ships needing the least crew. The only roles which new recruits can be put into to participate with the rest of us, except they cannot, because they may not have bought the DLCs yet and they have no Niagara to use. DLCs in all Port Battles might work for hardcore clans, who recruit only hardcore players, and whose players all have the DLCs. But for those clans who try to expand this game, to bring up, train, and introduce more players to the endgame content, it is not sustainable, when the first thing new players always learn is that if they do not buy DLCs they cannot participate. This is not just «Pay2Win». This is blocking off basic aspects of this game behind a paywall. Without changes being done to permits, so that all non-DLC ships are available to all of us to choose from, and easily replaceable and craftable, for RvR. RvR will be DLC-only and normal players coming after release, who are not like the hardcore powergamers that have stuck with us throughout the ups and downs of development, will not be able to play and enjoy this otherwise great game. This is not just about DLCs, and not just about Niagara and Prince de Neufchatel. For all ships of all classes, that are hidden behind a RNG-drop permit or an exorbitantly expensive permit, the side that is lucky in RNG and can afford to use the most suitable ships in the most suitable roles for a port, will have an advantage to win that port battle.
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    Captains Large update will be deployed within a week (optimistic) or two. New exciting feature on port investments is going to be introduced into the game. Industry development Clans will be able to invest resources to open up new production in ports creating resource bases providing easy access to materials from one spot. Numbers on the screen are for demonstration purposes only and will of course change Clans will be able to determine who can invest and use these facilities; because they control the land Shipbuilding development Clans will be able to invest resources to improve ships built in the region in the following categories Gunnery Hull Sailing Survival Rig and Masts This feature will be available to all national captains, who build ships in this port, because knowledge on shipbuilding is not land based and other people will be able to work with specialists trained in the city. Forts and defenses. Clans will be able to build defenses for their ports In the first iteration positions of forts will remain the same as in the current game (some positions will be adapted to change placement of useless towers or forts into locations that will help defending the city) Defenses destroyed during port battles will have to be rebuilt again (depending on % of their damage) Base map will be without forts and towers. Overall balance Every type of investment will require points and having limited points per port, clans will have to pick things they want to specialize their city in. Some cities (chokepoints or front line towns) will only have forts, some will become resource bases and some will become shipbuilding cities. This balance will be supported by the changes how hostility missions are given. Hostility mission and conquest flow changes. Mission availability Hostility missions will only be available from National Capitals and County Capitals and Free towns. Hostility missions will only be available for the 2 nearest Enemy or Neutral County Capitals. Hostility missions for regional towns will only be available from the County Capital of that region (example below). County capital of the region will allow taking hostility missions for ANY regional port of that county. Conquest flow To capture a regional town you first will have to capture a County Capital of that region To do so you need to own a County capital near to that region. (as hostility missions will be distance based) Then you will be able to capture other regional towns in that County, building resource infrastructure or ship building bases in the region, and defenses in the county capital. Example To conquer Arecibo Regional town in Puerto Rico if you are Swedish working from Gustavia You first have to conquer County Capital in Virgin Islands Then you can take a mission from Virgin Islands county capital for San Juan and conquer it Then from San Juan you can take missions for regional towns in San Juan county Alternatively you can of course sink player ships or NPC ships around Arecibo and gain hostility directly. Frontlines Because missions are only available for the 2 nearest Enemy or Neutral ports natural front lines will emerge This means you can create choke points and invest in defenses in some cities (mostly county capitals) to lock access to enemies further into your shorelines. Some areas will become constant source as nations trying to move to some regions will have to fight for the key points of the map Hard nations with no capitals will have to plan their operations from free towns capturing nearby regions to expand. Open world hostility generation will remain - you will still be able to generate hostility on the port by sinking players or npc in that port area. All this features will require a full map wipe. PS other issues regarding forts To the concerns raised by @Anolytic in this topic Fort guns will undergo the following changes (some changes have already started) 1) HP buffs (some already done) 2) Points for forts were reduced as they granted easy points for attackers 3) Guns will be buffed - they will become more dangerous. 4) Some positions for forts and towers will change (at least where it is possible) so we do not have useless towers or forts in port battles Overall forts will become an expensive but very powerful allowing players to set up defensible chokepoints on frontlines. …………….. Again will repeat. All this features will require a map wipe More information will be added to this post based on your questions in this thread.
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    all good points will be done. Only rare ships (that we want to be rare like Christian, Endymion or Niagara or Santisima) should stay with permits. The permits as sinks are detrimental and counterproductive. There must be good counters freely available like Agamemnon vs Rattvisan
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    Permits will be updated next patch. Do not spend marks or VMs on permits meanwhile. The following changes will be applied Only 10 ships will remain rare (we want them to be rare and precious), some performance stats for those vessels will be improved (especially rattles, niagara and constitution) Santisima Christian Bellona Constitution Endymion Renommee Rattlesnake Rattlesnake heavy Niagara All other vessels will lose permit requirements and will be crafteable Rare permits will be added to Gold and Silver chests so you can have a chance to earn them in PVE activities. PvP Admiral chest and Captain chest will have a 100% drop chance for one of the rare permits Admiral chest: line ships + 4th rates Captain chest: lightships frigates + 4th rates In addition to that (long overdue) the following ship notes will be added to the admiralty for combat medals for captains who wish to get those ships by in game means. (Prices are not final and might get adapted). Rattvisan - 300 cm L'Hermione - 200 cm Hercules - 150 cm Le Requin - 150 cm
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    I've made a review back in 2017. Today it would surely look completely different. At the moment, I would not publish it because it's still an unfinished product and things might still change. But I can give you a summit of my player experiences as they are today. Perhaps it's although a kind of interesting feedback, as far as any of the developers might be willing to take a look at it. I bought this game in early access back in 2016 after stumbling over a video made by youtuber "SideStrafe" showing a trafalgar battle with 40 ships in a battle instance. The video has over 167.000 views until today. I was stunned by the sight of all those white sails moving over the nicely animated water and the ships firing broadside over broadside towards the enemies. And I was fascinated because it was clear from the very first minute watching it that these guys know what they are doing. The ship models are historically accurate and beautifully detailed. Never before did I see such a great sailing and combat game. From my youth on I was a big fan of old sailing ships especially the frigates in the period of angloamerican war of 1814. And some of these ships were already ingame! I was exited to see the Surprise, the Constitution, the Cherubim and many other beautiful ships. The next hour I bought the game via my steam account for 35€. Having joined Early Access for the first time, I was curious about the testing period and I thought that the developing process would take about one year of balancing and finetuning and after that we would hold a finished product in our hands. I never thought the developing process would last over three years. Then came the open world. The developers posted a few pictures of beautifully designed coastlines and I was curious how it would feel sailing through an open world. Since then my experience with sandbox games was nearly zero, I felt exited and enthusiastic about testing it. And we got a huge world, ready to explore and conquer. The map seems to be a historically correct copy of the carribean map in the 18th century. The first contacts with the open world model were nice experiences for me. I joined the british nation and in the first weeks there were many interesting battles as fleets were gathering in front of the capital Kingston just to lurk there and wait for victims. Pedro Cay was a nearby port which had important materials for crafting so the journey to Pedro was always exiting. Other nations did know that and so some fast ship could always lurk behind the edge of the island. This part worked really well for me. It was a short distance to go with many surprises on the way. Every other capital had a similar important trading post a few seamiles away. It was the time of calling for help in nation chat "Hey, I'm between Pedro and Kingston being chased by an enemy Mercury. Help, please." Port battles had a simple game mechanic. Players could buy a flag in some own port which opened a time window in which the flag must be brought an enemy town. If done so, a port battle started. The problem here was that some players had great advantages of this because of the time shift between countries. In best case, there were no people online to defend the port. So this mechanic was changed. Now it works with generating hostility by hostility missions where you sail near an enemy port to raise hostility by sinking ships. This is a good and important change in gameplay which suits best into the setting. Unfortunately there were other changes that don't fit very well in the game. Clans were early implemented into the game, but they never interested me much. I thought of them as a possibility of finding clanmates to sail and fight with but I preferred to sail and hunt alone so they were nothing more than a side note in galaxys history for me. But suddenly clans were promoted heavily. So heavily that they became more important than nations. Why? I never understood this change, because I always felt as part of a nation, for which I would fight. People said that's important because of RVR but I never got the reason behind this. It could be that clans of the same nation would not be friends or be even hostile (though they could not attack each other, but they could conquer ports and get benefit of it as a clan entity). Why do we need to split nations in that way? Why should a player pay taxes for buying something to another clan of his own nation? In times of war there was nothing more important than nations itself. Why clans were promoted that way by the developers is one of the things I am not capable of understanding until today. I understand it in a fantasy role play game. But in a naval warfare game this is ridiculous. Other changes followed. Mainly they were changes either to discourage solo players or to promote clans or lately even to make small ships less worth. Another point I didn't get. At first all ships were beautifully designed then only to degrate them as useless small ships which can be thrown away since a player leveled his character so far that he can sail bigger ships. I always loved frigates. I hated line ships. This won't change even if the big ships would sink me constantly. The trading mechanics were changed several times too. We had wipes that destroy our buildings. Ok, lets begin from scratch no problem. But after all I must say that trading is now completely broken. It mainly consists of sailing long routes for great profit but you transport goods that aren't needed for the crafting process and the important nearby trading posts vanished instead. This means on the other hand that enemy raiders have no specific locations where they can be sure to meet some traders like it was before. Raiding is now a matter of pure random. Not exiting as it was, rather boring and frustrating. The crafting process was lately also changed. I remember the times when everyone could craft ships freely as long as he had aquired the blueprint for the ship first and he had the required crafting level. Getting the blueprints depended on randomness. Maybe not the best mechanic, but it worked somehow. Then we had a time where the blueprints were removed and permits introduced for line ships. This was made because the amount of 1st rates ingame was incredibly high so we needed a reduction. It worked well but then it was tweaked with permits for nearly all ship types and the need for combat marks to buy a permit. Combat marks are given as reward for PVP. Then they added AI missions where you could get permits directly or for combat marks. Some ship permits are only avaliable per missions where you can get randomly a rare permit. Given the fact that durability of ships were reduced to 1 and the consequence of quick loss of ships this is quite ridiculous and as bad as random drops of blueprints were before. But given the fact that after receiving a random blueprint you got the chance to craft this ships constantly, you can now craft only one ship for one permit. A very bad idea, that makes crafting way less attractive and frustrating. If you count the fact, that special woods for ships were way more important in PVP as they were in former times and the fact, that these woods are now only available in one port in the whole map, this is much more ridiculous. The last change was to introduce a certain amount of redeemable ships. You can buy DLC and get a redeemable ship per day. Maybe a last try to raise some money for the unneccessary long development process and a try to give players ships when they have no woods or no permits. It is the least attractive way of doing this. And the least charming too. As a long term player I feel kind of betrayed. I spent money for something that was only quarter-baken. I spent money to be able to trade, craft, fight, sail. And now everything in this game is restricted. In my opinion this game lacks testing, intense testing of the developers themselves. If I learned something about OW sandbox games in the past years, then it is that these games need intense testing by the developers, because without it they cannot feel what a player feels. And then they make decisions which are not objective. They make decisions which are very subjective, influenced by a few loud and louder shouting players in the forums. Lobby thinking is here at its best. But I have to understand. Solo players have no lobby. Solo players are not wanted. They're not worth a penny. Player frustration in this game is extremly high. I remember there were better times and this is really demotivating. Since latest patches, the game has also taken a strange direction in PVP combat. It seems now that you only can succeed in this when you have ships made of rare special woods (which are practically unable to get) and rare special upgrades (which you only get if you are good in PVP). So the game relies here heavily on luck and on unaccomplishable requirements. All things we learned in the past that should be avoided. No we have them. Even more massively than ever before. My feedback during the long process of development was unheard by the developers. At least this is what I assume. My hopes were others I must admit. Now, what you get for your money is a game in which the developers had put an immense effort to bring sailing ships of the 18th to early 19th century to life. They reconstructed them from old plans, drawings and paintings in a historical accurate way. They could really have looked like this. They succeded in creating an unique game. The sailing simulator used in the instanced battles is great and with this game I learned how sailing works from the basics to advanced technics. This game gives you an authentic feel as a captain in historic sea wars era. Be aware that you get drawbacks in all other aspects. The crafting, trading, grinding, hauling and clan related tasks are often boring and unsatisfying. They require a great amount of free time to fulfil and aims at unemployees, retirees or similar people with (too) much free time. I regret very much seeing a game with so much potential in such a poor shape. When you buy this, be aware that you have to buy almost all DLC to be able to play it somewhat properly. Do not assume that you can play this easily. You need tons of hours to learn the basics and to learn how to fight successful against other players. The overall cost of this game is 131,22 € at this moment. This is far far more than I ever had spent on a computer game. Under reconstruction aspects one may consider it appropriate, I consider it to be the most exeeding money amount I would ever spend on a single game. And it isn't finished yet. If someone asks me, how I would proceed with this, I must say, I don't know the answer. Not now. Maybe other players will share their expericences here too. I'm curious.
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    Should do a ship wipe along with a map wipe, so we can all get used to seeing only DLC for the rest of forever.
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    STOP! Reading the tribunal takes time from the developers. This time can be spent on coding something useful in the game. Thus, by creating such topics, you give more and more reasons for developers to close any conversation (disable chat) in the game.
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    Ahoy, I assume other players allready complained about this, but today was the first time i ran into problems regarding the Constitutions too high BR, so heres the deal: It is allready hard enough to fight 4th rates with this ship, as they all have an big advantage regarding firepower and turnrate. The worst thing about it is, that if you attack a ship like that, wich can outturn and outDPS you easily, the battle wont close since the Constitution has more BR. Since that battle didnt close, i had to run away. Its hard enough allready to fight an Agga 1v1 with this ship, i did not want to have to fight a 2nd rate at the same time. It seems like 5th rates and traders are the only ships i can fight, since i can sink those befor reenforcements arrive. Please change something to make this beautiful ship compatible with 4thRates again. o7 edit: Apart from the problems mentioned above, it also has no place in the patrol zones, since it cant enter battles in the 4th rate zone, and in the solo zone it has to fight against Bellonas and other proper 3rd rates.
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    Through all the faults that NA had back in early 2016 - I'd rather erase everything and go back to that then the current game we have now.
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    This suggestion is part of a comprehensive review I have attempted on the Crafting and Economy currently in Naval Action. This part is where I address crafting woods. You can find my topics on Currencies and the Economy here, and my suggestion on Labour Hours here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Currently most players barely craft any ships. Of course this has a lot to do with the impending wipes and release of the game, and that many players have a good amount of ships already stored up, enough to keep them probably till the next wipe. It also has to do with the (horrible) permit prices situation. But most of all, in my opinion, it has to do with how rare woods are now implemented and distributed in the game. Even if you have access to a clan-mission for the wood type you need, 50k doubloons for 5k white oak is just an abysmal amount of grinding for what amounts to enough wood for barely a couple of first-rates. The clan missions have so far to my knowledge not caused a single conflict over access to rare wood forests. No ports attacked because they had a clan-mission. All they do is lock down what are essential crafting resources, behind a wall of grinding, as well as a restricting them to a subset of the game population with the restrictions that are placed on withdrawing rare woods (i.e. members and friends of a clan where the mission happens to spawn). But there are exceptions to the clan-mission exclusivity. The rare woods are accessible to buy directly from the AI in some select few ports. You can even buy them on contracts, for reals. You can buy Live Oak (only) in San Augustin, White Oak (only) in Nouvelle Orleans, Teak in Bridgetown, and Mahogany in Santo Domingo to mention some. This is great for people with a French alt… And even better if you also have a Russian alt. With only two alts you can have access to teak, live oak (french) and White oak (russian). (/sarcasm) For everyone else it’s just a punch in the face knowing that it’s even there. There are always contracts for these woods, so good luck collecting any if you don’t have an alt to set the contracts with. As they are currently, the alt-friendly wood spawns on the map only compound the issue with clan-missions for woods. These are huge issues. With the current distribution of non-basic crafting resources the game is barely playable for most average players. There is no point in even trying to craft good ships. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clan-missions and "RvR-Importance" With the forthcoming Frontlines conquest system, Clan-missions as they are now simply will not work. Rare woods forests could spawn miles behind a frontline, and simple RNG would determine that some nations would simply have no chance to compete in RvR. The nation for whom the RNG is lucky, will have strong ships to defend their forests, and the unlucky nation will be lacking strong ships to conquer the port that they need in order to build strong ships. It’s a problem that’s there already but for the fact that we have ships stored from before the system was introduced, but one that will be aggravated infinitely by the introduction of Frontlines. Port-Drops and Alts-importance The way that the map now has some very few ports that drop certain woods, and they can be bought on contracts, does not work for the simple reason that it HUGELY advantages alts. This system practically forces the usage of alts for the game to be even playable. This HAS to change. Grinding Lastly, the grinding needed to be able to afford woods from the Clan-missions is unsustainable. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Suggested Solutions I have 2 solutions in mind for how to make woods work. Neither is fully refined, but other solutions to replace the current system may be suggested by others. The most important thing is that the current system is completely scrapped. Short Distance Hauling The first alternative is to revert back to the good old days when crafting woods were easily available near capitals. Make sure that wood spawns, in the form either of ports selling the woods to the NPC-market or ports where forests can be built, are spread around the map so that each and every nation has all the important woods (live oak, white oak, teak, mahogany, caguairan, sabicu) available in ports within 1-2 regions from their capital. This way, as long as a nation can conquer their own immediate home-waters they always have access to the woods needed to craft the ships they need to defend them. There should also be other clusters of woods around the map for clans to make their base near, or for the three impossible nations to settle near. This model would encourage trading and hauling between the wood-spawns and the clan/national capitals, in turn encouraging hunting of those traders. At the same time as it would give all players equal access to equal woods for crafting vessels. Making RvR more fair. As previously brought up, I would shift the bottleneck in crafting from woods and permits, towards labour hours and labour contracts. But the amount of wood spawning, or possible to extract, depending on the approach, could be limited, creating the need to conquer more ports around the map with the same woods spawning in order to fully match demand with supply. If woods were extracted from buildings, we could be limited to 300 logs per day (and only one forest building per port per character), enough for a couple of frigates, but needing many days to make a 1st rate unless several people collaborated by all producing the same woods. Or if the logs were dropped in port the supply each day would be limited. Though I prefer the forest factory model over the port-drop approach which will be hugged by those able to set up the highest contracts. Also, the price of the woods would distinguish different ship-builds from each other. The base price for extracting/buying live oak and white oak would be multiple times higher than extracting/buying mahogany. Long Distance Hauling My other idea is this: To spread the woods out across the map and make it necessary for players and crafters to haul the woods back to where they craft from each corner of the map. It would look something like this: 4 or 5 ports on the East Coast of Florida would spawn Live Oak. Regardless of who owned each port, anyone would be able to go there, purchase all the Live Oak they could carry, and bring it back to wherever on the map they craft their ships. This would be possible because the port would always be stocked. The stock would either be literally infinite, or 50 000 logs would spawn each day after maintenance in each of the 4-5 ports. And it would be impossible to set contracts for the logs in those ports, so nobody could buy up all the stocks by contracts. It would allow any player to go there and get Live Oak, and at the same time it would be a paradise for raiders and hunters patrolling the area looking for traders coming and leaving carrying Live Oak. Clans would be organising convoys to go there and pick up enough stocks to last them for weeks, and even nations would organise hauling runs for non-clanned players to go together and collect their own supply of logs, as well as a supply of logs to sell in home harbours to those players unwilling to make the sail. Likewise, there would be 4-5 ports, spread around for instance the Gulf of Mexico, where similarly White Oak would be available to anyone who would go there to pick it up and haul it home to their base. Mahogany could be found, for instance in 4-5 ports in Panama. Caguairan could be found for instance near Orinoco. Sabicu on South-East Cuba. And Teak, as the preeminent PvP-wood should be found pretty centrally, and be spread to both south AND north of Hispaniola, or alternatively be found in 2-4 clusters around the map, including the Bahamas. There is a third solution: That rare woods forests are simply yet another expansion that can be applied to upgrade cities for a price. Say for instance that you can choose only one forest for each city, either Teak, white oak, live oak, mahogany, caguairan or sabicu. So to get all woods you have to upgrade six cities. I will not expand more on this approach, as it has already been mentioned by others elsewhere.
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    All I know is back in pre-wipe and even post wipe outside Carta, the huge 25 on 25man 1st rate battles where nations were losing 50 ships a week was immensely enjoyable and the server was more vibrant and active because of all the action. Better access to the "rare" woods and cheaper ship production made it so we could lose a few ships a week and still want to go out there and lose more. In the current economy this is not possible and even discouraged. This is bad for the game. The current model is unsustainable with 400 people, I could only imagine 1500 post launch. Something needs to be done. Even if NONE of the discussed changes happens prior to launch....the woods situation needs to be addressed beforehand if you want anything resembling an active RVR community. Easy access to woods + cheaper ships = more fun.
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    Lighter frigates are more vulnerable than before (even after slight buffs to 4th rates and heavy frigates) We of course are watching the situation closely and will tune the parameters if needed. Ships of the line due to their price should be powerful but skilled frigates captain still have the chance to engage (and disengage due to speed advantages) Try changing tactics slightly if you feel the ships escape easily from you. But if they ran - this means you won the battle.
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    Thats just a note with 1 durability - for test drive, or quick action if you really really need that ship now (and do not have DLC).. it does remove some concerns about them only available for hard cash. You can get them in game too.
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    All ports will be set to neutral No changes to buildings and outposts are planned If ships db structure will require changes they will be taken out from outposts and return into redeemables in form of notes, but most likely ships will stay in docks as they are.
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    Then we better be glad, that Anolytic makes a damn good job of adressing those issues in well constructed posts
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    Please consider my previous proposal and make the Bahamas regions of Grand Bahama, Abaco, Andros, New Providence and Exuma an exception to the Frontlines mechanic and allow us to take missions for any port in any of those regions, regional capital or not, from Shroud Cay. Otherwise you are neglecting your previous idea that small clans should be able to go grab a small port somewhere for their own. Bahamas is better served being a free-for-all chaotic area where territories are constantly shifting, than being locked off behind someone's frontline. Thanks.
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    Tribunal post being swamped with off-topic bitchfights: H. Darby be like:
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    Dron you are simply wrong. Bannised did deserve the BAN. You cannot simply accuse a developer of violating steam rules with NO evidence. Bannised was not banned for anything constructive. He has done more damage to this game than anyone so far has. I would go as far as saying GLs should sue him for defamation. If you want to tell the devs there is something wrong with ROE you can say it without saying you banned BP for saying the truth. Read BP topic about steam violation rules and tell me one rule that was violated. If it was really violated why does steam not care? Because no rules were broke.
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    How low must you go to "impersonate" known players by using their names as steam handles... What a bunch of "peasants"...
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    I like this idea. I'm hoping I have understood this idea correctly but it seems to me that "2 Nearest" (assuming you mean nearest by distance) is going to lead to to some very odd and illogical connections and mechanics. Leaving aside PvP hostility for the moment and assuming Nation capitals are not included: PROBLEM: Some County capitals are isolated whereas others have many others in close proximity. Some ports are close in actual distance but a long sail away around land masses. This will mean having to attack Ports that were not even 'in your way' but in completely different directions (that you might not really want) just to be able to raise hostility in the one you do actually want. Also, there are many Ports that will be able to raise hostility on another but NOT the other way around! Eg 1. The Spanish take Marsh Harbour (cos they want the copper at Little Harbour) and The Pirates have taken Kidds. But the Pirates want Copper too. The Pirates can open hostility missions whenever they like for Marsh Harbour from Kidds as it is the closest county capital. But NOT the other way round! In fact, if the Spanish want to attack Kidds from Marsh Harbour, they would first have to capture ALL BUT ONE of West End, Ays, Islamorada, Morgan's Bluff, Nassau, George's Town, San Augustin AND Pitt's Town. That's SEVEN Capitals before they could even get a hostility mission for Kidds! Eg 2. To Attack Pitt's Town from Nuevitas (a short sail away) would require taking FOUR of either Trinidad!!!, Remdios, Sant Lago, George's Town and Baracoa first. Eg 3. To Attack Ays from Islamorada (the very next capital up the Florida coast) you would need to knock down two of West End, Morgans Bluff and Gasparilla, that are all in completely different directions to where you actually want to expand. Eg. 4 To attack Les Cayes from Santo Domingo (again the next capital along the coast) you would have to have taken at least two of Puerto Plata, Ponce and Cap-Francais (all in the opposite direction) There are numerous examples where to expand one way it will be necessary to first take a Port that is the complete opposite direction in order to make the Port you want become available for hostility missions. San Augustin is closer to San Marco (40 min sail) than it is to Ays (10 minute sail). Trinidad/Remdios, Salamanca/Campeche, Ays/Gasparilla all similar. It would be impossible to raise hostility missions for Bermuda. It just won't make any sense. SOLUTION: Rather than "2 nearest" a 'Hostility Route Map' needs to be drawn up with Ports linked according to the sailing routes. (kinda like London Tube map but with more cross links). It would be possible to take hostility missions for ANY capital that is one 'station' along on the route map. This way : 1.'neighbouring'capitals are able to attack each other not just one way 2. Distant Ports can be better incorporated into the RvR 3. Ports separated by vast sailing distances (but closer over land) can be distanced accordingly 4. You can keep moving in one direction without having to double back and take a port you don't want Also, whilst I like the idea of choke points, I can envisage plausible situations where several nations could be blocked in without any real hope of possible expansion. The route map could be designed in such a way as to allow more possible routes to take so that nations are less likely to find themselves in that situation. eg. Links from Willemstead to Santo Domingo, Pedro Cay to Santa Marta, Kidds to Wilmington, New Orleans to Selam etc.
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    This is a good start, but I want to make sure the RNG aspect is removed. I agree the Santi and Christian, etc could be rare, but this can be done via permit price in the admiralty store. I think time spent in the game should be rewarded rather than pure luck, specifically time spent in the OW placing one's ship in harms way (creating content). So all the permits should be purchasable in the admiralty store for Combat Metals, the prices can be adjusted to make them as rare as the Devs desire.
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    This 44m frigate is somewhat similar to Le Hermione (43m) And its HP was increased from 6534 to 7000 in the last HP tunes (not by much) Overall New model Hermione HP 7000 (before tuning 6534) 3rd rate alpha in new damage model is 4500 1.55 broadsides to destroy side planking to 0 (+ 30- 40% of structure) old model Hermione 4180 HP 3rd rate Alpha 2240 1.86 broadsides to destroy side planking to 0 (+ 5-10% of structure as it was only damaged when side planking was removed in old model) Serieuse was on par with hermione and just slightly lighter than trincomalee (leda, hebe) and we are not yet ready for complete removal of heavy frigates combat abilities by making them useless against third rates. HP numbers are still work in progress and might change by release and will continue to be tuned to perfection as we go.
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    Indeed, and we'd have an idea if and how DLC Ratts will swarm the map and grab every meaningfull port before the first oak oak aga is even crafted.
  26. 9 points
    @admin Are you think about the normal standard square fort and round fort that we can place around or will you give us different sets shore batteries to choose from? Pic related
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    Simple fix: Oak and Fir farms available at non-capturable national ports (capitals and surrounding ports). Teak, Live Oak, White Oak, Mahogany, and Bermuda Cedar farms available at all captured ports. Sabicu, Oak, Fir, and Caguarian are provided by freeport shops. RvR incentive is the rare-resources that ports produce that go into upgrades like French rig or Cartagena refit. The original 2016 system was similar to this (all woods available to everyone), and it was much better. Players didn't have to worry about losing a good ship, because the woods were easy to get to rebuild it.
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    The game was better 3 years ago. We had a lot less features but there were no restrictions apart form rng blueprints for ships and loot. Everything else was possible as long as you wanted to do it. I'm sure that having a population of 2000 online makes a huge difference and hides a lot of flaws but the game itself was just better and more exciting. You could be a trader, crafting was much better than now and being a ship builder was actually pretty relevant, you could just go on hunting or do rvr. Pve was simple and rewarding. Repair once in battle was a better system, buying flags for port battles ( it had its flaws, yes) was much more exciting because you would log in and messages would pop up about a flag bought for a port and you could have immediate action if you chose to (trying to catch the flag carrier was always fun). Crew management, the tutorial and the teleport / tow system were the only features that made the game better. There are many reasons why the player count has been free falling and we could spend hours debating them but I think that it is fair to say that the game was BETTER in 2016 and it is not worth buying in the state it is now. I seriously doubt the developers will cancel all the changes they've made to the game so what you got right now will be the finished version of the game and even if we get a temporary small boost in player numbers on release it will go down again until its just the streamers playing the game.
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    @mikawa I did enjoy your review and seriously think others should do the same. The insight and evolution of the game is fascinating from an others point of view. I joined a little after you March’16 and Open-World was up and running already. In fact, it was one of the things that attracted me to the game but not the main pull. The Draw Previously I’d played EvE Online for many, many years. Watching my three-year old daughter leave for college and get married type of time investment. Spreadsheets in Space was an apt nickname for the game. Trading, construction, arbitrage asteroid excel sheets was a wet dream. The PvP (low-Sec) I loved and really enjoyed. Then I saw a YouTube advert for Elite-D or Star Citizen. This led to a Naval Action YouTube… and this killed EvE for me… Both Elite and Naval Action combat models differed from EvE. A well-crafted spaceship with all the mods and my skill knowledge in a frigate against another frigate boiled down to just an exchange of numbers. That was it in essence. Naval-Action you damaged different parts of a ship that then affected its performance. Knock-out a mast and it slows down; however, you can’t really do this in space… You can’t knock-out a starboard thruster… There is a bit more to EvE’s model than this but Naval-Action’s model seemed fascinating. PvP EU/US or PvE… Although I’d developed into a hardcore low-Sec player I still adopted the EvE method of learning the game and started on PvE(Hi-Sec). Here I started to climb the Ranks in GB nation and trying to understand the crafting and game economics. Both @Fluffy Fishy and my future clan leader @Drunken Marauder helped me cap my very first AI ship. The group EPIC missions became a big draw run by Drunken Marauder. He founded ELITE and asked me to join. The clan to 50members and when the large fleet RvRs started with clues and hints, it was a brilliant time. The struggle in my early days was that crafting grind. I built my first NA Excel sheet called “Norfolk nChance at Sea”. It was hard work, but not to the depth of EvE sheets. http://www.navalactioncraft.com/ This site above was my Bible. In them days Blue Print drop rates became the thing. The excel sheet and this site helped me develop a small crafting guide for the clan. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=821902779 Am not sure when it was maybe around June’16 to October’16 (9.96 was Oct’16), but the game had gone quiet. Numbers fell on PvE and I started to wonder about PvP. Asked Drunken Marauder if I could setup Elite on PvP EU and US with a small team. EU was simply too hard for us as a new group to get a foothold. The US server was much easier. PvP US Oct’16 Politics was a new thing for ELITE and it was player content driven, the GL FORUM a must read. The dominant clan was BLACK pirate. However, they were neutralized by a Care Bear Alliance between GB, US and the Dutch, this leading to a stalemate down the road. The Port Battle system and the political voting system became the new issues. We made friends with CKA and other Brits who gave us valuable advice to starting our clan. The FINE woods and extended knowledge trees were starting. We as a group knew how to fight together properly from PvE with TS3. However, we needed to learn how to PvP. I brought in a clan program to start stalking and attacking BLACK clan members in our green Connies. It worked with @Neverdead Ned and @TheLoneWolf sinking me and @flipper687 dozens of times. What we started to realise was other players ran in fear of PvP or avoided it. In fact, when they did engage played poorly together as a team group. They simply hadn’t had enough practise, looking down on the PvE server ‘Care Bears’ but we knew how to play together in battle. Feb’17 Accusations also started to rise regarding cheating using bots and the emergence of ALTs. I used an experiment without an ALT to manipulate the aggression mechanic at BLACKs expense. https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/18955-experiment-two-complete-regarding-the-case-of-the-aly-charles-hunter/ The next problem was D-DOS suspects and some super accurate players. This was solved with a Wire-Shark product very quickly. However, March’17 saw the unravel of the Duplication scandal. What made me mad was how many players knew about it and kept quiet. I warned @Ink I was going to publish a guide how to do it to devalue the technique. It was taken down and a patch fix was later deployed. At this point I came to the realization players were no longer testing, but actually playing the game… Mid’17 I bought an ALT to give extra funding to the Dev’s, the only vehicle possible. I’d used ALTs a lot in EvE and it was part of the games structure. I wrote a guide on the whole ALT subject matter. The Game would run out of money if it didn’t embrace, promote and control them my thinking. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=917654264 Here we start to see the Dev’s pointing to a completely different build model, possible wipe and a possible NA style arena game… And so on… Is the product better than in 2016/17…? I’d say yes, but actually not by three years’ worth. The game a couple of years ago was a lot of fun compared to recently. This is not because of the economy, combat model, Seal Clubbing, ALTs or graphics. The RvR was player driven content whether for good or bad reasons… @Lord Vicious and SORRY, East v WEST or Care Bear Alliance. The post Port Battle reports done by @Sir Texas Sir were a simple MUST READ as was @Jeheil Letter to the King… It was larger community player base that built the content. The Dev’s need to replace that missing content. The Future I will write a REVIEW Day1 at launch. I don’t think its fair before hand or the sale of DLC content for that matter. In my amateurish opinion, the focus should be all around the Launch and how its handled going forward. We need to keep players interest for longer to turn them into that Junkie. The Rank promotion systems needs changing its way too quick and is seen as a CREW hurdle without any feel of achievement. Lengthen this process. Questions... How many clients have bought NA-OW? 100k to 200k (this includes ALTs) How many have bought DLCs? Who knows…but DLC route is here to stay before launch? The Current Customer Base is what 3,000 players (guess) The Old Player Base that no longer plays but will give it ago post launch…? It’s not 200,000 – 3,000 = 197,000 old clients, 25,000 (guess)? How many brand-new players do we expect launch Day1 to Day30? Three target groups, Category1 Current Players, Category2 Old Players (by far the largest group) and Category3 the New-Player (the smallest group). Put simply GL needs to target all three-post wipe. Keep them interested long enough to buy into the DLCs. We are ONLY focused on Category1 players at the moment in my opinion. Sorry for the length, blame the wine Norfolk
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    It's not just 'stuff. It's not just one thing that players who like it can do or not, it's the absolute lifeblood of an mmo. Without 'eco stuff' there is no game! The combat mechanics are very good, yes. But this alone can't sustain an mmo. Fight after fight with DLC where no one cares about losing a ship will get very boring very quickly for many (i think most) people (it already has for me). There's just no point to it. NAL failed, miserably, so we already have some evidence for this. The opposite is true. A working economy with multitudes of roles for players to play, crafters, traders, haulers, hunters, RvR'ers, PvPers, PvE'ers, soloists, duellists: each having a space to play and experiencing how those players interact and respond to conflict is what made the game enjoyable and interesting and is what should have been developed and expanded on. NA badly lacked this before and now it has been all but abandoned. This has been (in my personal experience) by FAR the most cited reason for active players leaving the game. NA suffers from low pop and so there is a shortage of PvP and the player base clamours for more (understandably). Features like DLC, Patrols, slim lined crafting, reduced hauling requirements, less R Zones have been promoted to encourage more 'fighting' but this is only ever a short term 'fix'. The econ stuff needed to be developed further, so there was more to do and players could take part in the game world, this attracts more players and then with higher pop the PvP pretty much looks after itself anyway. An arena style PvP game with the only economy remaining, dominated by a handful of players and where the only option left to take part is to buy DLC does not seem to me to be a very attractive model for potential new players.
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    The problem will be magnified when the game is wiped and released .... it is hard to craft ships now when we have access to reals and doubloons rng drops from misions that comes from pve grind with larger ships ..... after the final wipe we wont have reals or doubloons we will have to grind these in 6 and 7 th rates .with the new damage model ... it will be a massive grind just to be able to afford a shipyard .. never mind having to sail around and collect all ship building materials permits and combat medals meanwhile the dlc rattvisan owner once having completed the tutorial will find it much easier and quicker to grind ... they will win all port battles putting it simply if you dont buy the 4th rate dlc on release your going to get left so far behind it will take months to recover ... i predict some will find themselves so uncompetitive they will leave the game
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    You could allow clans to let players take control of the guns on their fortifications. The less AI in PvP, the better.
  35. 8 points
    Doesn't matter if no one's crafting any ships, and in case you didn't notice, no one's crafting any ships.
  36. 8 points
    Yea it should be reverse. All the small dots should be captured before the big dot. That is the essence of island hopping. Make sure they have cannons
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    need post in tribunal, i think.
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    there is a reason people use exploits and flaws in the game its because they know they can do it without penalty, a player hoped me and my whole familiy will die of cancer, i reported it nothing happened. No wonder the community is so toxic
  40. 7 points
    In the heat of a battle there is anger, frustration, joy and the whole nine yards of emotions. We all might use words we´d regret later. But this I cannot and will not accept.
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    When 50 people here on forum adress the same thing nobody reacts..Wenn Anolytic does, voila, changes applied. Thank you for trusting us. "The others."
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    This suggestion is part of a comprehensive review I have attempted on the Crafting and Economy currently in Naval Action. This part is where I address the Economy and Currencies. You can find my topics on Crafting Woods here, and my suggestion on Labour Hours here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have two main concerns with the current state of the Naval Action Sandbox. Currencies and «rare woods». Given the knowledge that devs are currently working on changes to crafting, they may already be in the process of addressing all or some of my concerns, I still feel the need to give feedback on the current state of things as they are now. I know there are other topics also addressing permit prices as they are, but in this topic I try to look broadly at of all the currencies in the game. First of all, we now have 4 currencies in-game: Reals, Doubloons, Victory Marks, Combat Medals. Reals This currency is pretty straight forward. You earn them from trading, missions/battles (limited), and from selling stuff (upgrades, books, repairs, guns) on the market to other players. You use them to buy/extract crafting resources, and to buy upgrades, books, ships, repairs, cannons on the market from other players. Even to buy other currencies. So this is sort of the base currency. Doubloons You get them from PvE or PvP, and you use them for buying upgrades, books, labour contracts, and in ship-building. You also use them to extract essential woods for ship-building from clan-missions. They are more of a PvE-reward, but you can also get a fair amount of them from PvP - if you are lucky enough to be in a situation to actually loot. Because of their use in ship-building they push some grinding on players interested in participating in end-game content. But because of their use in extracting rare woods - also for shipbuilding - they force egregious amounts of grinding on players looking to participate even moderately in end-game content, i.e. RvR. Victory Marks Victory marks are gotten from participation in (successful) RvR. They are spent on permits for some RvR-ships. But a lot of important RvR-ships, including L’Ocean now require only other currencies and no Victory Marks at all. On the whole, Victory Marks seem to have lost their place. They are not a specialised currency anymore, but just a weird supplement. RvR-players hardly even need them. Even more, some important RvR-ships are now without obtainable permits except through RNG-drops from chests. Combat Medals You get them from PvP - AND from PvE… Even combat medals are no longer a specialised currency. And you spend them on almost everything. From upgrades, to ship permits, to books, to figureheads. Combat medals need to be grinded, and the typical players would need to spend 2-3 evenings in the patrol zone to buy a surprise permit. So some players farm them in patrol zones, others in PvE-missions, and yet again others in front of Mortimer Town or KPR. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exchanges The only one of these currencies that are somewhat exclusive now is Victory Marks. They are acquired only through participation in RvR and no other way. They used to also be the exclusive currency to buy permits for RvR-ships. Now none of the most commonly used ships in RvR are purchased with Victory Marks. Only Victory, 3rd rate, USS United States and St. Pavel are bought with Victory Marks. In other words, the currency you are rewarded for participation in RvR no longer lets you replace the ships you loose in RvR. Two of the most commonly used ships being L’Ocean and Bucentaure, which cost Combat Medals. Not to mention Santisima which is now a rare drop RNG-permit and cannot be bought for any currency. In the current system, Victory Marks serve no meaningful role. They have become an utterly useless reward for anyone interested in RvR. Combat medals on the other hand need to be farmed. Because they are used for everything, and the prices are ridiculous. But even they have lost their place. Because it is much more effective farming combat medals through PvE than PvP. What seemed to be introduced as the new PvP Marks and a PvP-exclusive reward, has morphed into just a new type of Doubloons. When we had Combat Medals as the PvP-exclusive currency, it made sense that Doubloons was something in-between. Now doubloons is the less valuable sibling of Combat Medals. However, the problem with doubloons is mainly their uses. For woods and in lineship recipes. Leaving alone the fact that this means we seem to be paying twice (why not only use doubloons for the woods, or only in the crafting receipe?), the prices of 50 000 doubloons for 5000 white oak are ludicrous. That’s days and days and days of grinding PvE to build just a couple of ships, or weeks and weeks of PvP. Prices The wood prices are not the only problem. All the prices in the admiralty are heavily inflated. 15 combat medals for a surprise permit. In practical terms that means anyone who wants to craft a surprise has to buy the Hercules DLC and do patrol zones for three days. Or do approximately 2 PvE search and destroy missions. For L’Ocean permits it is 50 Combat Medals, which compared to Surprise permits doesn’t seem that unreasonable, but considering the effort needed to gather that, it is. The current price of woods, even through clan-missions, are such that gathering resources is meaningless. And the prices of permits on top of that means that for most players crafting ships is out of the question. If it wasn’t for all the ships that we had stored up from before these changes were made, and the knowledge that all will be wiped soon anyway, nobody would be sailing anything but DLC-ships now - if they bought those. On the other hand, I know many players that refuse to buy the DLCs now, simply because they believe unless prices for permits are completely overhauled and significantly lessened, the game will not succeed past launch. I do not disagree with them.
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    It is odd. The county capital should be one of the last ports to take in a county - not the first. Would create a more fluid tug-of-war style.
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    Clans were promoted because of alts interference in nation affairs. About the rest, I fully agree. Trading is hello kittyed cause only long distance trips are worth the risks. I liked to trade but I do zero trading now, I just dont want to spend my entire game session AFK sailing for hours. Crafting is such poor state cause crafters will ask you ridiculous prices if you want a decent ship. Permits for 54% of the warships ingame, prices of woods and RNG on chests being the biggest issues. I understand those prices if you look at the insane grinding you are asking to those guys. The fixes/tweaks arent hard to make, but they must be done before release. My tweaks would be: _25% more profit for short trade runs and 50% for medium ones. _Decrease of the number of permits for building ships. Ships as renomee, rattlesnake heavy, wappen, surprise, indefatigable, pavel, 3rd rate, wasa... arent so special for requiring a permit. _More diversity-options in clan delivery missions (1000, 2500, 5000 logs). Missions with reals instead of doubloons. Overall decrease of the prices by 50%. _A token permit in the captain/admiral chests to exchange it for the permit you are looking for.
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    What do you thinck about put a Captains Profile while going to TAB then Right Click on the players name ? More less like in CSGO , this way you can give an evaluation to a friendly or ennemy captain, hopefully some captains will stop trashtalk to win some Reputation/Evaluation/Succes or what ever you want to put there.
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    When a US Player Asks For His Ship Back After You Started the Boarding
  47. 6 points
    This is a really good point. First small towns (which are also easier to defend btw) and then the big prize, the capital. Before attacking Cartagena de Indias, Admiral Vernon attacked Portobello, which was a small city in that time.
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    Not only are the DLC skippers literally risking nothing more than the cost of their mods and guns, they are GAURANTEED to eventually get a gold ship. All they have to do is take any inferior "regular" or purple DLC ship out and get it sunk every day until they get the gold ship with the regional refit/trim they really want. The potential expense for a crafter to roll the RNG crafting dice to do the same thing is potentially astronomical not to mention all the time spent acquiring all of the resources and permits necessary to craft the same ship over and over and over and over again for however many times they have to craft it to get a gold ship. The DLC owner doesn't have to invest any more time that it takes to take their ship out to attack an ai target to have it kill their ship so they can replace it the next day. [edit] This issue makes it even more crucial for the developers to finally put an end to the stupid RNG crafting. Let DLC ships be subject to the whims of the RNG gods. But crafting should be the result of NOTHING more than the skills and expense invested into the process of crafting a ship. Nobody ever accidentally built a ship with a hull that was 36 inches thick instead of 32 inches. Nobody ever accidentally built a ship that had an extra birthing compartment so it could carry more crew. Nobody ever accidentally built a ship with masts 90 inches around instead of 80 inches around. Put an end to the stupid RNG crafting. Reward crafters for the time and effort and expense they put into crafting. Let DLC owners and ONLY DLC owners be the victims or winner in the RNG God's crap shoot. Well, them and people who get a note from a wreck.
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    Removed moderated content. Also, please treat others with respect. H. Darby
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    Friendly warning issued - people may use the language they are comfortable with to report issues with the game. Stay on topic. H. Darby
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