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    ehm sorry i think you misread my statement. I would love to help this guy to sink lynxes in his cutter with ease with just 3 turns and 6 broadsides in under 3 mins (as i have to level up a new account every month to never lose touch of new player experience). But i would love to help him by reviewing his style of play and helping him to improve it. I have NO PLANS WHATSOEVER to dumb down the game to the so called mass market appeal and casual crowd. This game is not for everyone. And some people will not like it. We have no anxiety at all. Peace server is tranquil and does not have a single problem described in the post. He is a Peace server player but he is ruining his experience on the war server for no apparent reason. There is no ganking and there is zero seal clubbing on the Peace server.
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    I am a real new player. 200 hours and I just don't agree with anything you post here. You make a very bold statement about how you can't do this and can't do that. I completed the tutorial and had 120 crew. I had a load of reps and money. I also play solo. I left Charleston and opened Shroud. I sail from there in a basic cutter doing missions and trying to fight other players sometimes in a snow. I have made 200000 reals and 850 Dabloons. I have a stock of great mod drops and other bits and pieces. I have now opened a couple of more ports and have tried some limited trade runs. This game is a blast, just don't expect everything to be given to you and expect to work for your progress. Best game I have ever played.
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    No thanks. Rewards are higher now. And so are risks. Don't sail with 3 undefended Indiamans. You can earn enough reals by sailing with less risk. The old system was exploited by traders that put 3 indiamans in fleet and sailed a basic cutter as main ship so they could surrender their main ship and get teleported to skip the dangerous part of a journey.
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    I must admit, a global introdution tutorial for ui/ow (not just the hardcore combat tutorial) will help a lot the new players to understand how they are expected to level up. Also, i keep in mind that at the steam ea release, traders were sailing without guns and that was clearly easier, i think two kind of ai target should be introduced so new players can train themselves and take foot on the game more easily, like a 1-4 gun/carro lugger /yawl & fishing ships + some ungunned/undergunned trader lynx/tbrig/ lgv with lesser cargo. Also make the 6-7th rank ai turn less into the wind and not have boarding mods (marines) as it can be a mess for new players and not reprensentative of what they can expect by fighting 6-7th ranked players. And at last, give fleet 1 to everyone, it's stupid for new players to win a fight vs an ai trader and not being able to bring back the cargo to get some money without sinking their own warship.
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    You remember the fight were you had the fully fitted teak white oak endy vs my crew space essex without knowledgeslots? The fight you lost?
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    I agree it sucks to respawn on the OW and get killed again - so adaption is necessary. Sail a ship of war and put the traders in fleet with repairs and guns on it. Fight with your main ship and let the AI help you. Switch ships if you're close to being killed. Try to change perspective: what does the opponent want? Depending on where you are on the map (own territory, distance to enemies territory), he will perhaps try to sink you once and cap the second ship. Make it hard for the enemy, sell yourself as expensive as possible. Heavy frigate as main ship and two Indiman are a tough nut to crack for a hunter in a 5th. Trade runs are highly profitable now, so the risk should be accordingly high.
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    we actually sank a lot of ppl in 5/5 and 4/5 ships the last days while getting ganked. Any info who this 5% top players are? Most good players are good because they understood that you can win a battle in any random 3/5 sab sab ship so they actually take these small shitships and do battles and get the experience in sailing which is the most important part.
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    Why keep them if I know the spanish get them? I don't like a system that rewards prople waiting for hrs to attack someone until they run out of reps without ever giving them a chance to get away. So I can at least make the reward they get as small as possible.
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    I agree with almost the entirety of the suggestions here. And @admin, I can definitely appreciate the sentiment about encouraging non-hard core players to the Peace server, but there still needs to be a nod to getting players through the initial learning curve sustainably. Suggestions like the above would help, but I think more than anything else there needs to be a no-PvP zone around each capital where new players can get their feet wet and do some 6th-7th rate grinding in complete peace. I think the game is in a nice place with the new mechanics for encouraging players to get out of the "safe" zones, but new players are still far too easy prey. They need that first 50 hours or so to be much more consensual, and once you have them hooked, then they can be turned over to the wolves. Give them a chance to build up a nest egg, come to terms with some of the mechanics without dealing with players, and then push them into the deep end to sink or swim.
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    It would be nice to know the notes for the last 2 small patches. Thx @Ink
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    I have made 1 golden ship so far, oak/oak Indiman - and some filthy pirates sunk it yesterday! xD I like it the way it is right now, give us some extra thrill when crafting. Getting a super ship is extremely rare and seriously all the times I'm so sure the opponent has a purple or golden ship, 9/10 times it's just a good player with decent upgrades and skill books in a normal blue ship. So I do not see an issue here and I would like to keep it as it is. Edit: Would like to ad that I know it is stupid but it is just how I'm made, so if I ever get a good line ship I'm sure I would put all my best mods on that baby and just have it collect dust in the docks, because I would not dare to sail here out in fear of loosing it.. xD I ❤️my pixels!
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    @admin It doesn't need the masses, and it'll never reach the masses. Its just that the game seems to be increasingly easier as you rank up. Its probably a good idea to state this in your game presentation somewhere, so people know its not for the faint hearted. The 7th and 6th rates are the hardest to rank up, nearly no OW targets, and traders are almost equaly gunned. It might be difficult for a new player to see that its "smooth sailing" when you reach propper 5th rate ships. As traders are easy peasy to cap, and the OW targets are less of a challenge as you rank up. I haven't played the tutorial in a long time, and don't know what other stuff is teached and told. I think it would be a good thing to take in consideration. I think none of us are saying this for our direct benefit, we just want more players and want them to stick around so we can all have more fun.
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    When equally skilled players meet the ships decide the fight. 99.99% of the time the players (numbers, coordination, leadership, skill) decide the fight. I have seen hundreds of screenshots that corroborate this.
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    You’re too late admin, “can’t go all concern like now!” being so close to release (and rushing too). Game already had a steep learning curve, now with all missions difficulty level increasing at such a rate, it has turn the learning curve into a momentous mountain of effort, you’ve promoted this. No room for causals and solo’s, the game is clan based, simulated hardcore sailing, ship of the line gameplay, you’ve promoted this. Low rewarding missions and missions setup to push new players, all players, out into the OW and to push them into long journey’s to create more PvP content, you’ve promoted this. NPCs suited for low level players to raid removed so they can’t resource themselves locally, forcing them afar, thus adding to PvP content, you’re promoted this. The concept of a single shallow water conflict zone, and with such a concentration zone, that only vets can survive in, you’ve promoted this. Above facts are in all the posts since patch 27 as feedback, and you're stuck with vets and there hardcore themes and ignored any post that didn't conform, you’ve promoted this too. With all the hardcore themes, which of that you have pushed, It would be hypocritical of you to show any anxiety or apprehension now. The game state is of your promotion. 😊
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    If you have done the tutorials why do you feel the need to sail the basic cutter? Final exam gives you a permanent M&C rank + some good money. I would love to see the video of your combat example (cutter vs any 7th rate or 6th rate) so we can give you friendly tips instead to help you get good, AND see something we dont see ourselves. Send it to the PM
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    If you go to another nation to fight, you will play. You can come back with a big booty or you can come back with nothing. You came back with nothing, it's part of the current game. That you destroy the doubloons seems to me the worst. Destroying doubloons should be prohibited.
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    That statement is simply false. Example: Before patch 27, the profit per single weight unit on the best trading goods was around 100, with the exceptions of Textile Machinery at around 180 and Parisian Furniture at around 250 (maybe 300, no longer absolutely certain on that specific number). Since the patch, the top 25 trading goods have profit-to-weight ratios of 30 to 59 Reals. Which converts to 750 to 1475 gold pre econ-patch. Of my list of 70 Trading goods (not sure how much there are in total) HALF show profits above 15 Reals per tonne (375 gold pre econ-patch) Tobacco the good on my list with the lowest profit is at 0.79 Reals per tonne. (Obviously not a good choice but still marginally profitable) All of these values are AFTER application of 10% tax on both buying and selling!
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    In this respect it might help to establish a weekly event just for basic cutters. They are free, so there is no risk of loosing something. This can be taken care of by reducing the rewards.
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    Rewards are dialed down a bit.
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    It's really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them. The challenge with this type of game is that the Devs can't show us all of the ways to play the game, much of it is left for players to discover. It's an Open World without a written recipe for success. The nature of NA is dynamic and variable, plus the players have diverse values and styles. Many changes, that could be made, will adversely affect many players. Please some, but piss others off. Overall I - see lots of trade ships, avoid the capital when it is being raped, never grind, am making more by trading now than before the update, am finding valuable trade goods, don't mind the magic teleport fees or the taxes, and have met a lot of great people. There are many things that I would change, and things I think are very important to retain. But I'm not going to threaten to quit to get my way. I also am not certain that satisfying all of my preferences will ensure that new players join and veterans remain. Making changes because a great number of players voice their opinion will not guarantee that the game is improved.
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    80% win rate for alternate accounts? 🤔
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    Forts and towers only fire on players, not NPCs. Otherwise it would be just too easy. I can agree that the starting grind is too hard, and the economy is hard to begin with. You shouldn't rely on missions, but on OW fleets, but the Bahamas is not a realistic alternative always. And while the tutorial can give you a good start, not everyone wants to start there. Some want to explore a little first. Taxes on everything is alright. But safe-zones should be truly safe, and it would be an idea if distance was more of a factor in trade routes, although trade is actually pretty good now.
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    Gear is nothing. If someone is faster than you just make them come to you. Your talking about someone using maximum speed mods. Then they have no advantage on anything but speed. It's not hard to counter. Don't chase faster ships. They will come to you if you play it right. If you must chase someone with "amazing gear" then use smaller ships, a class down can easily be much faster with 1/10th the price altogether. Gear only gives you small advantages in certain areas. It doesn't make you op if you use more expensive gear, just more SPECIALISED.
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