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    Remember this? Cheap ships, lot's of content and hundreds of players involved in battles. c
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    If you've fought him.....he kinda is a big deal. @--Privateer-- unintentionally started this thread of salt, but his original point still stands. Fishy reviews impersonating other game users is a shitty thing to do and I think we can all admit that the ban finger (justly or un) has been very active lately....it's natural for him to want to stay well clear of any itchy trigger fingers. Overall I think looking at 6 iffy reviews is doing a disservice to the community and efforts really should be made to figure out why so many reviews have been mostly negative over the past 2 years and in particular, asking guys with thousands of hours why they left a thumbs down. Instead we just dismiss things as bridaging or review bombs...rather than address the elephant in the room. Here's a similar thread from 2+ years ago when the game started trending mostly negative. This was before the Global server drama and the SORRY review bomb. Reviewers still echo similar sentients.... It appears that things haven't really changed.
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    I think the definition of 'shitposting' is rather arbitrary but as I wrote - I don't really care. As far as I'm concerned forumbans is just a new, albeit negative, way to communicate. What I do care about is numbers ingame and they've been deteriorating for the past two years. Now you can claim that's me being overly critical, but steam charts doesn't rely on my input. The OP claims the accounts that has reviewed the game is 'fake' - I say they are 1 account each making 1 review. Ppl may disagree with their reviews, and honestly I can't really see the point in them - who in their right minds would read those and make an informed decision on wether or not to buy the game? But to extrapolate from that a general trend of 'review-bombing' or inferring that all negative reviews are per definition fake is grossly misleading and takes the eye away from the ball, the issue that should be close to the heart of every single NA player still in love with the game - how to improve the game so the game becomes fun once more. Today we had 0 PBs, tomorrow we have 1 PB. I remember a time when I could pick and chose which port I wanted to screen at, just to find some PvP action, now it's becoming as rare as spotting a player in OW. But then again, I'm being overly critical here.
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    If the devs are insistent on doing RNG permits, I'd like to see more chests. Maybe a mid-level chest, call it an Officers Chest. Captain's Chest Renommee Rattlesnake Rattlesnake heavy Niagara Mid-Level (Officer's Chest) Constitution Indefatigable Endymion Admiralty Chest Santisima Christian Bellona This way it's still RNG, but we have a way higher chance of actually getting the permit we want.
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    I am really quite sure this was intended in the long run... the clans will be the professional navies and we loners will run what we can afford to. Small and light privateering vessels... it will be a beautiful historical mess, and I look forward to it... just need to know how to solo. Very hard, but can be done at a profit. Mind me now mate … I get your frustration but... if we are just in this for ourselves, like I am for instance... then we will have to be Corsairs, managers of our own little destiny.
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    Whoa I didn't say I don't want them, Endy is one of my favorite frigates too. Just that its nice when RNG isn't such a big part of whether you get the permit you want. If you make it so there are only 3-4 ship permits per chest type, and you can pick what missions you choose (so what chests you get rewarded), then RNG is less of an annoyance.
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    There is a wood problem when a live oak/white oak Ocean requires over 40.000 doubloons.
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    hopefully the patch will come in a few days... maybe by Tuesday the 23rd at the latest?
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    This is the best. I like @admin's plan, but I like this more. Both are solid, but I think adding the extra chest tier makes Privateer's suggestion better. I really don't want to end up with a stack of Indef or Endy permits when what I really want is a Santi or Bellona permit, and although RNG chances might be equal to get those permits, we all know that a Santisima permit will be worth more than Indefatigable permit because the ship it makes is better and more useful. This suggestion would help us, as you say, have a higher chance to get the permit we want. Also, as others said, what about Santa Cecilia and Diana @admin ? I had always envisioned Santa Cecilia (bloody Hermione) being an early access tester only gift ship, and the base (yellow and black) trim Hermione being maybe a permit or DLC ship. That way we (the early access players) have a truly special ship, but its really only cosmetically different from the ship that players can obtain post-release. But really, I just want assurances I will be able to access two of my favorite frigates post-release.
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    Ideally they would be balanced so we could see both, but if I had to choose, I'd rather see a mixture of the 50 craft-able ships than see the same 4 DLC ships over and over.
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    I am wondering about the rare woods as well. We have tried fine woods, and now we have rare woods, neither system worked. RVR is also down because no one knows where the rare woods are, and no one knows where they will be next. We should revert back to the wood system of 4 months ago.
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    I can dig it. Though not sure about that Niagra or Indef exclusivity....seems unnecessary given the impact DLC ships will and currently have on shallow PBs.
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    Dear Devs I know these are not the best times in the world to make a topic like this but until I get an argument that crushes mine I cannot and will not stop fighting for what I believe is the only way to save this game. I will be blunt. You have dug yourself a grave with DLC ships being noncraftable. The issue you have created is that you cannot ever sell a dlc ship again unless it is balanced in the combat instance. If you release a ship like the Rattvisan and it is nerfed by design very few will buy the ship. If you make the Rattvisen balanced to other 4th rates like the aggy it will become overpowered in the economy because it doesn't need to be crafted. There are many players that are disappointed that you changed your mine about ship of the line dlcs. Personally I love the idea of ship of the line but unless they become craftable you are breaking your own game mechanics. When the community asked for a sandbox you said yes. When the community asked to be able to craft ships and you said yes. When you released 30 ships instead of the 10 ships that were promised noone thanked you for the extra ships. NOONE made a steam violation tread saying you released 20 more ships than promised. They did however go completely insane when you decided to release 1 4th rate as DLC. I know the world is not fair but some of us do know what you have done for us and we are grateful. So grateful to have a sailing game that is one of a kind with NO competition. Not many developers can say that about their games. This is however the problem. You spent years trying to make sandbox work in a very very difficult genre. No developer has ever done this before in a sailing game and you took the risks. The idea about your instanced battles in an open world is genius if you ask me. The 20min timers not :p I just don't understand why you are trowing all that hard work away with the completely broken DLC ships. DLC ships by design go against everything that crafting and eco is about. I know there are many players that dislike eco including myself but the game is eco focused. At its core trading and shipbuilding are just as important as the combat model. DLC ships bypassing crafting is a major issue that needs to be reverted or it will become such a major problem that you will have way bigger issues down the line. I want 1st rates as dlc. I want 2nd rates and 3rd rates as DLC. If all DLC ships are craftable it can work. It doesn't matter what you "promised" What matters to me and the majority of the community(I hope community agree) is that the game works. We want an economy that works. We want DLC that work. Both of these things can exist together but you are the only ones that have the power to make it work. First step in solving an issue is accepting there is one admin. You need to accept that DLC ships are gamebreaking. They break the fundamental core mechanics of Naval Action sandbox. That is Crafting and Trading. I implore you to change your mind. I do not know how many players like the current DLC model but liking has nothing to do with it. Game mechanics are MORE IMPORTANT than anyones convenience. By craftable i mean you get a ship permit when you redeem. (No free DLC ships!.)
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    Heck, it doesnt even have to be a production video. Just do a live stream with some "QA" and post that vid, no editing needed.
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    It's a good idea but producing videos may require time and a skill set the current team doesn't have. (Maybe they do.)
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    You can block. I don't understand the issue.
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    Permits will be updated next patch. Do not spend marks or VMs on permits meanwhile. The following changes will be applied Only 10 ships will remain rare (we want them to be rare and precious), some performance stats for those vessels will be improved (especially rattles, niagara and constitution) Santisima Christian Bellona Constitution Endymion Renommee Rattlesnake Rattlesnake heavy Niagara All other vessels will lose permit requirements and will be crafteable Rare permits will be added to Gold and Silver chests so you can have a chance to earn them in PVE activities. PvP Admiral chest and Captain chest will have a 100% drop chance for one of the rare permits Admiral chest: line ships + 4th rates Captain chest: lightships frigates + 4th rates In addition to that (long overdue) the following ship notes will be added to the admiralty for combat medals for captains who wish to get those ships by in game means. (Prices are not final and might get adapted). Rattvisan - 300 cm L'Hermione - 200 cm Hercules - 150 cm Le Requin - 150 cm
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    The tally of number of 'likes' is enough of a rating on the forums. The 'ignore' in game should be extended into battles. I don't understand why this hasn't been fixed, and why a toxic player's text is unstoppable in an instance. But rating systems from other players is too open to abuse. Too much ganking by anti-popularity would be possible. Clan co-ordinated attacks could be unfair and hurtful, especially with alts.
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    I understand you to a point mate... but lets make one thing very clear... the DLC ships are inferior to the craftable ships in most cases... the only one that is over powered is the Hercules right now... but it is very fragile and is considered a bit of a glass cannon. If a player understands the Hercules' weaknesses... she is easily defeated. And the Rattvissan, is just a inferior version of a WASA in my book... the WASA has a good advantage over the Rattvissan. For a short time I could see the DLC ships being predominant, but good players will run the meta, what ever that is. If the meta is a DLC ship, then the DLC ship will be seen always, if the meta is a craftable ship, then you will always see that craftable ship. Welcome to the world of battle gaming and the world of wargaming. In my opinion, the DLC ships are weaker in general to most craftable counterparts. The Hercules is the only one that needs adjustment in my opinion... just make her incapable of having that one deck of big guns... people love putting Poods on her... make it so it cant take them says I... but then there would probably be an uproar regarding how useless the ship is without the five extra Poods on each side. Honestly it would not hurt my feelings to see Hercules get a nerf on her lower and upper gun decks. Top deck 6 pounders... lower deck 12 pounders... can take 32 pounders on all decks... and no Poods, this would fix the Hercules for me. I am sure many other players would not use the Hercules as much though if this was done as she would lose her competitive edge. I know though that I could still use her to good effect, she would still be a good trader hunter. Of which I use her for most of the time... great little pirate ship says I. Best of wishes and fair seas mate. Three cheers for the frigates and their gallant Captains!
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    Bad analogy... I know... me and Davy Jones be friends, trust me thar be majics in the workings in these waters. Aharr.
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    Umm. That’s not impolite. Just the opposite: he’s saying there are smart players that can help flesh out his idea. @Bull Hull I really wish we had a system similar to what you describe but at this stage, that’s an entirely new game mechanic that I doubt will get any development time for Naval Action 1.0.
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    @Dibbler why did you delete your initial question? Someone else might have had the same problem and could have found the answer here
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    all good points will be done. Only rare ships (that we want to be rare like Christian, Endymion or Niagara or Santisima) should stay with permits. The permits as sinks are detrimental and counterproductive. There must be good counters freely available like Agamemnon vs Rattvisan
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