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    Captains. Heads up on the patch 29 that will hit live servers within 7-10 days. Sextant perk 2 points (price might change) perk will allow to determine your position at sea Shallow water based on draught of ships (experimental change) All ships below 4m draught will be allowed into shallow waters and shallow water battles This includes Cerberus Renommee Pandora Surprise (L Unite) Hercules and LRQ will be allowed into shallow port battles. Please make necessary preparations if needed. The game code has been almost completely prepared for localization. Localization/Tranlsation has started into main promised languages. Custom language file added for those who want to translate the game into any language for themselves or community or those who are not satisfied with our main english version To use the custom file for your version of the translation: Open folder Languages (currently Langs) Copy the file named _English.csv Paste and rename it to another name Translate or edit that file to the language you want Save it in the standard CSV format if you open it in the Excel (file uses UTF-8) Name of that file will be available in the general section of options in the drop down menu File will be working properly after game has been restarted. Fixes Fixed annoying blinking of expand button Clan leaderboards should now work properly and show statistics for the last 7 days (without weekly reset) Fixed the bug that does not allow to build buildings if doubloons are in money chest Fixed the bug that did not reset the exit timer when using grape against crew Fixed rare crash of client during teleports Fixed bug that closed port trade chat after sinking in the open world Fixed visual bugs of DLC flags on Essex Fixed bug that allowed the NPC fleet to reappear on the open world at the place of previous attack (if you sank any ship besides the flagship) Fixed the bug that hotkey did not work if you had tooltip active (when mouseover) Fixed the bug that did not let players pick rewards for previous challenge on the day new challenge starts Improvements Multiple minor fixes on the Port UI. Added new shallow patrol zone Deadman's Cay (+1 shallow patrol) New icons added to most trading goods New warning symbol D (damaged) under LEAVE PORT button to show that your or your fleet ship needs to be repaired. Added indication to Hunt and S&D missions to show 3 nearest regions where your targets can be found Improved performance of port UI Reduced FPS drops when opening windows. Improved the performance of drag and drop - holds and warehouses no longer hide behind other windows if drag and drop is in progress Barter resources are now spawned during the day (not immediately after maintenance) Loot from sealed bottles has been generally improved. Added 5th rate S&D missions in common non capital ports
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    So there are a few criticisms of the perk system on other threads and maybe it should be discussed here instead (again). Something for Devs to re-consider (perhaps). I believe (IMHO) that perks should be tied to individual ships and not to the player. We all have ships that we use for different purposes and perks should reflect that. The perks that I want for a trader are not even close to what I need for a solo hunter and if I'm PVE'ing , I want something different there. Additionally, many of us seem to agree that some of the current perks should not exist and these functions should be automatic for all. Some of these include; Fleet 1, prepared, Double shot/Charge, etc. I would also add the about to be added Sextant. Comments?
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    Outlaw battles were great. But just like flags or other mechanics they were abused to death turning them into poison to other mechanics. For example: pirates used outlaw battle mechanics to attack each other to deny ability to people who were chasing them to tag them.
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    We should ignore the jeff bezoses and warren buffets and focus on the average player with 2 hours per day. Thus i do not care anymore if someone is generating millions of doubloons or reals playing non stop. I care about the ability to progress and fund youself if you are a father with kids, or a hard job who only have 2 hours per day to have fun. First rates will remain expensive and powerful (and their price might go up) but you should be able to get what you want anywhere outside reinforcement zones as the whole world is a danger zone.
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    DISCLAIMER: I don't hold any illusions that any of this will be considered but with server numbers as they are it is actually more fun to theorise about the game than it is to play it! Feel free to criticise and pick holes/exploits but please don't focus on the actual values, they are theoretical only, they would of course need to be tweaked (probably according to server numbers). This took me about 15 mins to come up with (took longer to type it up). Please don't be too rude, it's just for fun! If you're not interested, don't read it. Major Changes: Hostility is attributed to the port itself (no longer any particular clan). It is NOT reset after maintenance but reduces by 10% per day. It is a permanent but ever-changing attribute of every port. Hostility caps at 100% (so after daily maintenance the highest a Port can be is 90%). How Ports gain hostility: 1. TRADING Whenever a player buys something from an ENEMY port they have the choice to pay the tax or not. If they elect to pay tax - normal If they elect NOT to pay the tax they get the smugger flag 'contraband goods'. 'Contraband' status stays attached to the cargo (so anyone carrying any of the smuggled cargo has the status). If you have a smuggler flag you are unable to call reinforcements (and ai will not come to help you if you are tagged) The cargo becomes 'non-contraband' as soon as it enters an Outpost warehouse in a friendly port or is sold in a shop. For every 1000 reals of tax 'avoided' the Port gains 1% hostility. Any 'contraband' captured by a player friendly to the port, they can either destroy it (reverts the % hostility and tax reward is paid by admiralty) OR sell it back to a friendly port shop (same reward + the sale). (If you had an outpost in the port the goods would have to be sold directly from the ship's hold, otherwise it would cease to be contraband). The higher the hostility of a port the higher the chance of it's trade good drops occurring. 2. PvP Ports gain hostility from nearby PvP activity. But different from current system: Hostility is raised according to the port only (not a specific clan) and only players and ai 'friendly' to the port count towards the %. % would be 0.1% x BR of ship sunk: so sinking a L'coean would add 0.8%. 3. PVE The higher the hostility of a port, the more AI fleets it spawns. Sinking them adds to hostility in same way as PvP (or less perhaps, say 50%) PvE Missions Hostility 'kill' missions can be pulled for an enemy port (in current way). But these are the same as current kill missions and these missions pay a doubloon reward: Reward = 1 Doubloon x every 10% of ports hostility x 10% of BR Eg.1 you pull a mission for an enemy port that has 20% hostility and sink a Surprise, you get 2 x 14 = 28 Doubloons Eg.2 you pull a mission for an enemy port that has 50% hostility and sink a Agga, you get 5 x 24 = 120 Doubloons Eg.3 you pull a mission for an enemy port that has 90% hostility and sink a L'Ocean, you get 9 x 80 = 720 Doubloons Eg.4 you pull a mission for an enemy port that has 0% hostility and sink a L'Ocean, you get 1 x 80 = 80 Doubloons Further more: battles stay open for varying times depending on the Ports % hostility. So if you run a kill mission on a port that is at 90% hostility then the battle stays open for 9 minutes to players who are friendly to the port. So PvP will be easier to find near high hostility ports. This would apply to OW tags too so the possibility for ganking/escalation rises near high hostility ports and would allow friendlies (to the port) to defend more easily. Once a Port has reached 100% hostility it is open to an Enemy Clan to pull the final hostility missions to set up the PB if they want to (timer applies). So a second type of PB creating mission would need to be created. If the Port changes hands, hostility is reverted to 50% (so it can't immediately be taken back). Advantages A dynamic system where PvP, PvE and Trading affects the gameworld. Naturally draws players towards certain ports for higher PVE rewards, better chance of finding PvP, more trading opportunities. Introduces some 'economic warfare' dynamics and smaller clans and solo players can take part in RvR. Players could be encouraged to target specific ports in Nation chat. National players could group together and sail off to 'farm' enemy ports. You might even get 'smuggling convoys'. More long term strategy involved in taking enemy ports. Most of the code for this has already been done: Hostility/contraband goods/Missions etc. It doesnt mess around with current tagging rules, anyone still can and will tag any enemy player. You can still keep the current patrol zones (if you must, but personally I think they are crap) Disadvantages You tell me, all you exploiters, farmers and multiple alt owners out there, why wouldn't this work, how would you exploit it? Remember, it's just for fun
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    I like this: It would introduce even more complexity to ship fitting and theory crafting which is good yes. But the downsides? A kind 'optimal' perk setting for any given ship/fit would develop and everyone would then replicate it, and so there would actually be less variation? In the current way you have to judge your overall play style and activities and try and set perks for multiple possibilities/situations. (I only ever change my perks if I have a PB anyway). Your toon is set up for pvp, but you want to do a quick trade run. Do you pay the doubloons to reset your perks and carry more cargo, go faster, have stronger sails or do you just yolo it as is? This choice would be removed. Is that a good thing? How would you integrate non-ship specific perks into this? Like the crafting ones? You would end up having a 'crafting cutter' which you would jump into when ever you wanted to craft? (or a 'Fishing Victory' lol )
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    Please dont or remove from DLC. In fact any DLC ships should not be allowed to start PVP battles, e.g. attack players. Basic Cutter rules. Instead they should give extra XP and money bonus when used fro missions or attacking AI so people would use them simply as money makers or xp grinders. Else sounds promising
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    Hi fellow scrubs , Admiral_Of_The_Fleet is back..... Wow nearly 2 years from my last post and last time playing, so I decieded to dust the cobwebs and bring out the game again, to see whats new, well i didnt even know that they had extra dlc's so i was feeling oh great improvments and dlc's what have I been missing?, first thing was I noticed the main page has changed you can iether play easy or hard, 2nd thing I noticed where is my HMS VICTORY she has gone and all my millions that I had made in the game? Guess I will have to start from scratch again, anyway I am back feeling refreshed and looking for an English Clan to join. PS: to all that celebrate it Merry christmas to you and your family
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    A lot of those casuals are tired of the tanking and farming by vets. Many others just want to wait for game release. Those elites aren’t going any where while they are on top they are going to stay and keep doing what they do. Honestly most of them aren’t that great when you get them alone and away from the gank squad. And I agree they need to stop changing directions. If they work on getting numbers back and making the majority happy the numbers will be therr. And the shark/elite will have therr fun. If the casuals arentbhaving fun they will leave and that is who makes ion 90% of the game.
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    Every ship you see should matter. Thus every ship you see should give you a chance to get something (finish a mission with a chest or get doubloons)
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    Also, I recall players complaining that there was grinding required in NAL. I felt sorry for players who wanted to play a game that was PvP. Fast action. Lots of fights, often, with little or no waiting between them. It seemed like NA Legends would have been perfect for them. No boring sailing, no tedious PvE to build up wealth, ships and equipment. Just combat. Competitive E-sport. Lots of fights with no waiting. NA has lots of offer. The game runs very well. I have almost never crashed in NA. There are very few bugs. The graphics work without lots of flaws. I just tried the free week of Star Cit and it was full of bugs and I crashed countless times, but ... there was two combat modes that were just endless fighting. There was zero grinding in either combat mode. One was land based team vs team, and the other was ship to ship. But the battles continued non-stop. The third mode was a persistent universe, MMO and it was tediously boring. There was something for players who like pure PvP and those who want to share the game with others but are content to a slow plodding second life in a virtual world. I'm glad that the devs are focusing on NA-OW but it is too bad we don't have the resources to do both at the same time. Too bad, cause if we had a truly great NAL we could focus NA-OW on the style of play that OW players could really enjoy. Seems like we are trying to make a combination NA-OW-Legends that pleases everyone all of the time. Perhaps I'm just listening too deeply to the opinions expressed bored gamers but I think those bored gamers would like NAL much more than NA-OW. I truly hope that someday Naval Action offers another mode for those players who love PvP and hate sailing.
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    Mod stacking / Books does this madness. Same with Speeds, same with Reload, same with everything. Regarding Muskets, yep, if getting into boarding and stacking up all Firepower they do devastate morale. Firepower always did that, since forever. This new Muskets and similar stacked with some Books and exacerbated with marines firepower will devastate morale in a single blow, no matter if your melee if stronger. If you miss a round, that's it. Doesn't need to be in a Le Requin. Module stacking or entire system ( not only muskets ) needs to be reduced to marginal gains.
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    At least they don't use that speed to run away from a fight
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    Captains.. There were several proposals on the Navy officer role and we would like to discuss it in depth here. Just to keep expectations clear. We are of course not saying or promising this will be done. It is just a discussion. Proposed Navy roles Naval officer Works for the Admiralty of their respective country. Receives salary - does not make money by selling ships. Does not pick ships - ships are assigned by the Admiralty randomly according to rank and achievements. Cannot capture ships - ships are sent to Admiralty for admiralty points. Does not hire crew - crews are supplied by the Admiralty with ships Repairs are provided by Admiralty Has to fulfill duties - must fight, must accept battles Top rated ships are assigned based on leaderboards Upgrades/officers and unique content can be bought from the Admiralty store for points. Ships for the admiralty stores are supplied by crafters. Can buy ships for himself if he has money (but those will be limited due to low salaries) Basically a combat class that does not think about the cash and is always supplied for combat. Ideal for the player who is not interested Privateer/Pirate Works for himself buying a patent. Patent costs money per month Can capture ships for himself Have to hire crew and pay salaries for the crew and officers Have to repair ships Can sail any ship if he can hire and support the crew Crafter (support role but both officers and privateers can be crafters too) Makes ships for the admiralty and privateers The guy with money Admiralty Buys ships and upgrades from crafters Supplies ships and upgrades to naval officers according to fame ratings The drawback of this system is the lack of freedom. Right now you can sail any ship you want and see and can buy or capture. In the defined roles scenarios most players won't be able
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    That's exciting, but I'm worried that it will mean the end of 6th rates for most players. Only the most skilled players will sail a 6th and face the 5ths.
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    This is clear, majority of playerbase does admire NA project. But I cannot understand why Dev's are not focusing on player population flow, as the crucial point to focus on. We are not blind, we aknowledge the great improvements of the game, as we witnessed a much larger playerbase in the 2016's. Why throwing away past steps, why not trying to combine successful configuration (= populated server) with today's improvements ? To me the RVR is one of the key, the flag system has never been replaced by a better hostilty mechanic, and i'm convinced (maybe wrongly) that it was the reason of a stabilized populated server. Cheers
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    Developers, why do we still see AI ships sailing through land in this game? You've got all the shallows and land boundaries figured out for player ships, so why are the AI's alone still sailing through land? Meanwhile you are rebalancing other minor things to player ships while AI's can sail right through land masses. We do not have canals in this game, and it appears like we have game features like the ancient Diolkos set aside for AI. Can we get this fixed? I'm not sure of the in-game physics that make this insurmountable for you, but it seems ridiculous that we still have it at this stage of development. Priority is not an answer, because it's so ridiculous and been far too long this way.
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    The real point of this discussion is that there are far too many overpowered mods and knowledges.
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    I remember in the olden days that 'enemy' AI did tag and attack players. It was always scary to see ANY sail on the horizon whether player OR NPC that was not of your own nation. One had to take some circuitous routes as a trader to avoid the AI :). The upside was more combat even if 'PVE'. The downside was more combat! On balance I enjoyed having the challenge of dealing with the AI. Others had a different view, in particular that it caused delay on voyages and that, in many cases, it was easy to run away from the AI. Personally I'd bring it back. In the current patch I kind of like that the AI tends to sail closer to home, meaning we have to go out to find them. Others have pointed out that a better mix of ships in a fleet is needed wherever they are sailing. It's just plan wrong to see a bunch 1st rates sailing together without at lease some frigates escorting. Stop the sailing through land e.g. Bensalem. That's been a problem for years and years! Escorted AI traders are needed. Stop the 'cheats' for the AI or at least make them more 'reasonable'.
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    AI trends to have all the best mods and no penalty to reload and other things that is effective when your full board spec as a player. The boarding thing about last minute change does not need to be changed. Some of us that have crappy pings have to go on the 2-3 second and not the 1. I lost a good number of actions I shouldn't have in boarding cause of the last 1-2 seconds ping. This from some one with only 120-130 ping. Now take into account some one from SEA regions that have 300-600 pings. I get AI has those perks cause even a player with no mods can just Attack/Broad side until the moral is down and than take the ship. The only thing I hate is it seems to have maxed out mods and no penalities to thins like reload and such. They also never run out of Double ball/charge/chain
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    T es bien un des seul a pas te sentir abandonné par les devs. Si tu l as depuis 2015..oses dire qu ils n ont jamais donné d ETA et que si ils l ont fait ils ont respecté leurs engagements. Tu compares star citizen mais pour moi ils sont reglos. Y a des maj regulierement...du contenu des fix....ca avance doucement mais ca avance...avec na...a un moment ca a avancé puis apres ca n a fait que regresser (suppression flags...diplo..paints) j appelle ca du foutage de gueule.....JAMAIS star citizen a retiré du contenu. J ai bien compris qu ils comptaient faire payer les paints...et c est pas des escrocs hein....
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    And please keep join circles off the land as well.
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    Are you tired of spreadsheets and tables? Look no further. The ultimate clan-tool is finally here. Features: Trading Tool Production Overview Blueprint information Garage sale Shipyard Admin section Fully adjustable language file Specs: Dynamic data processing of the Naval Action API Access right management for members Responsive design HTML5 Boilerpate + PHP + SQL Multi-Language support CAPTAIN FILES Base of all processed user data, having the following information of each user: crafting level blueprints available production buildings and location available portbattle ships with location "Commander's view" to view all fleet locations of members TRADING TOOL Plan your trips based on reliable data. Every maintenance the data of the game is dumped into an "API". Search features: materials ressources upgrades ports PRODUCTION OVERVIEW Members can assemble a crafting group and give an overview on how many wares are theoretically produced per day. A member can assign themselves to a group leader. Data for production is fetched from the captain files. Scope should be to maximize ship output through having an optimal output on ressources per craft group. BLUEPRINT INFORMATION Probably all of your spreadsheets combined. shoutout to navalactioncraft. API as data base with captain files as additional source for: Ship stats and information Knowlege slots unlocks Sailing profiles Crafting materials and information Which clanmember has the BP for the selected ship GARAGE SALE 2nd hand shop for ships and upgrades. Members are able to list their offers so others can contact them if they are interested. CRAFTING SECTION Intended as a journal for transactions inside the clan since there is no option ingame. Crafting logs can be shown as a ranking to show the most involved players. SHIPYARD Members can order ships and refits here. Crafters can then accept the order. Prior ordering members should have the crafting ready materials in stock. If you want to try it I have a live-version hosted here (not in productive state so feel free to experiment): http://p412148.webspaceconfig.de/clantool/ Login-data: Name: Test_User Pass: test Different rights for different needs: - 3 Crafting Tiers (Supplier, Junior-Crafter, Master-Crafter) - 7 User Tiers (No-Access till Admin) What you will need: - a webhoster that allows fopen - at least one MySQL 5.6 database - PHP7 and above Coming (maybe) soon: Prettier code Dynamic Crafting and shipconfigurations adding location of portbattle ships of the captain files completion of the blueprint section Shipyard logs Information about crafters having the refit BPs unlock slots map of some sort Ship skins (if they come back) More Admin stuff for backend data Still work in progress, but any feedback and suggestions are apprechiated.
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    Major: 1. Module stacking 2. Trader snow sniper carronades (being a part of a larger problem - AI being too accurate for new players) 3. Instances having no closing time to enter Minor: 1. Wind going in circles (accurate wind patterns would be much preferred) 2. No XP and gold after sinking, or striking your colors - This will be much less of an issue, when there will be other ways to make gold and xp (crafting, trade, packet service, etc.) 3. Yesterday i journeyed from montserrat to haiti, and any shipping was very scarce. (ship only started appearing near dominican side of haiti). I think there should be something for me to do in such a case, fiddle with sails trim, or something similiar. BTW: I love the distances and time compression, once you manage to make the ship not look like a speed boat, it will be spot on. I am also getting strong mount and blade feels from the OW.
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    1. AI fleets, if im in a more populated area, e. g. Jamaica i get constantly attacked by AI fleets, sometimes a bunch of small ships, sometimes with Suprises and Trincomolees. I am always able to get away, but its annyoing to waste 5 minutes so often, since every AI fleet bigger or stronger than me to a certain degree attacks me. Would be nice if they attacked you not everytime they see you. 2. AI behavior in battles: i feel they constantly tacking back and forth which can be a bit boring, i guess this just them beeing really good (they are tought to beat sometimes), but it would be nice having some variation in their behevior. 3. The AI accuracy is sometimes way to high, hitting full broadsides at 500+ yards without ranging shoots, also the range of carrondes especially in the trader snow seems to be way to high.