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    STOP THIS Hethwill is a good player, a gentleman and has long suffered the duties as a moderator here during all the flamefests and shitshows on this forum, as well as in game. He is an active player who helps people in game as well as here. I disagree with him on some things, and yes at times he has overreached the Mod thing, but ANYONE would. We are all people with different ideas and opinions, expecting a passionate player of this game to behave like an android on the forum at all times is not rational.
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    I am a player first, moderator second. I will comment on the game same as any player. If you offend someone's daughter or mother, I will moderate. Have fun.
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    There is a PROBLEM, game mechanics give rewards for players coming in and smashing low level players. We all know how combat news comes up, Player X comes in with SUPER SHIP PORT BONUS BIG BOY with all the bling and mods and kicks puppies for hours at a time until he has achieved another mission and then leaves to collect his reward for just hurting low level players. This is akin to a very strong street thug entering a children's playground and beating the little ones to death, and when he has his 10 dead kids, he leaves running from the adults trying to protect the kids. After this he returns to his home port, and the Constable (Game mechanics ala Developer) hands him his gold and rewards for killing those kids because a job well done. The aftermath is people quit, either because they can't accomplish anything without losing everything repeatedly, or they join the other team so they can be showered with rewards for stomping puppies, because game mechanics do double harm by denying the struggling children even enough reales to replace what is taken from them, and they say, "I bought this game to have fun, and this is how it is set up, UNINSTALL and I will tell my friends to AVOID this game, the company, now to STEAM to see if I can get my refund. Thus we have a situation where Game Labs has lost, and will continue to lose, potential sales that could be in the MILLIONS, all to cater to the few big bad-asses who kill children for fun and get rewards showered upon them by game mechanics. NO REWARDS [Missions, reales, dubloons etc] for sinking ships 2 classes below you, only expense on your part UNLESS it is a BR difference that puts you at real actual disadvantage. You have to actually EARN what you get, as opposed to being blessed for doing your part to kill the population of another nation. This game can still GROW, still produce profits for YEARS, but with the mechanics in place stubbornly catering to people whose very behaviour is toxic to a game community, and yet ENCOURAGED and REWARDED in the game. Shooting both feet for trying to walk down the road of success. Thank you for reading, this is based on my observations and experience in this gorgeous, game that I love, after using paypal to buy an Alpha Key in Aug 2015. The analogy may read as extreme, but it is accurate.
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    Thing is he is also a player, so should he not be allowed an opinion on things also? As long as his opinions and moderation are seperate then is not an issue i think. For example if he started banning all that disagreed or had a different opinion then i would say is an issue, but from what i've seen he just posts his own view on things in the main. As for agreement with the devs on some things, perhaps it is just his view and nothing more. We all have differing views on things, it is just the fabric of humanity.
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    I get you and everyone else up to speed, since Thonys just cant do it. Yesterday, 5 from REDS in 4th - 2nd went to Cartagena to get some PvP from the Dutch. 3 Battles followed. In the First battle we sunk a Pfrigate while a 3rd Rate got away. During taht Battle, 2x Aggas, a Christian and 2x Wasa jumped our Wasa outside wich didnt make it into Battle in time (Instead of Joining the big battle they came for the lone Wasa) After the Pfrig was gone the remaining REDS jumped into taht Battle as well. Turning it into a Fight between 2x Christan, 2 Wasa Russian side VS 1x Christian 2x Agga's, 1x 3rd Rate and 1xWasa. The battle ended with 2 Wasa's sunk one the RUssian Side and everything sunk expect the Wasa on the Dutch side. During battle we got Report taht !18! Dutch Ships are Waiting for our 2 remaining Christian outside. We scramble wahtever Ships we coud get our hands on and sent them to Cartagena as a Backup. Wich Led to this Battle: where we bravely took our Last stand against the Dutch All in all a very,very Fun night!! o7 to the Dutch for this fights (Even if i lost a Wasa and a Indefa during it) i REALLY hope the new Raid system will lead to many similar situation where you can go for a Port without taking it.
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    Nah Thonys just really sucks at writing coherently
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    Stop right there criminal scum, someone has an opinion and it is wrong. Bom bom bommmmm.
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    To be fair, ive seen you start more flame fests and arguments than most people here..in-game also by spamming your topic in global chat and getting all flamey when people disagreed. Hetwill is very involved and very gentlemanly cannot say a bad word about him
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    I value Hethwill's comments and moderation. I would be disappointed if his involvement was removed. There are a few players I "ignore". Hethwill is definitely NOT one of them. I wish the ignore feature would block quotes from players of my ignore list. Occasionally I disagree with his suggestions/assessments, but his comments are thoughtful, fair and witty.
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    Are you drunk? That post gave basically no information, and made almost no sense. You even posted a screenshot that shows nothing useful. 0/10 EDIT: Ah I see you're the type to initially post something bare bones then spend the next 10 minutes editing it 😁
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    His ship at full sail in front of me, well within 30 seconds of tagging range. Suddenly his ship dissapears, but the attack tag comes active, I hit it but ssail past the tag circle. double back, but it is too late. 20 minutes later a repeat of this. Currently sitting on the spot where his ship at full sail going fast dissapeared. His clanmate reported he is not online. I was never going to report this crap on the forum. Because the devs demand video and forensic data and I can't be bothered to debug their game. And dont tell me a pirate can take a 3rd rate mission 32K out of Pedro Cay /edit I have just been told LegoLarry reported the same exploit recently and was dismissed wholesale. o7 larry
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    His job as moderator is to know what is inappropriate and off topic. So far he does that well. His opinion is irrelevant. He is a good moderator in my honest opinion and one of the few that has actually ever moderated properly. Devs are most likely very happy with him.
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    or perhaps you are this person? who knows what exactly is the mysterious cause of those terrible flame-fests!
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    Who’s investigating this ? Inspector Clouseau?
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    Yes basically Admin when i reported in tribuneral called out fake news. I saw chat in global and thread title was not aimed at you, rather the whole denial complex happening . Perhaps is people jumping nation with legacy missions, no idea but has been happening quite often lately.
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    What I am wondering now is where are those100k players who allegedly bought the game ??? Could admin send them an email to tell them that the game is out now
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    Hethwill is giving the Game Staff a bad name by using very bad arguments in discussions of game improvement suggestions. Above is an example of one such recent case, with a list of obvious fallacies: 1. Hethwill compares Naval Action to multiplayer team games, specifically to Arena ones, while at the same time openly acknowledging the "vast" difference between the two. It is hard to believe someone can not notice such a huge contradiction within the same argument. 2. Hethwill then takes this false comparison (already proven false by his own initial description of differences) to make a further false comparison between the comeback mechanics of the different games. Specifically, he falsely claims that a "newcomer" can just "try again and again and again", implying Naval Action's cost of entry into combat is equivalent to Arena games. His comparison alludes to games like War Thunder, where a player not only has access to multiple vehicles per PvP instance, but can immediately queue up for a new instance with other vehicles, which will be returned to him with modest repair costs at the end of the match. Can he not see the cost difference between "free new vehicle, just pay for repairs" and "replace the vehicle and all upgrades after each loss"? I am worried about the loss of face and negative PR that such bad arguments from a staff member generate. There is a popular saying called "Hanlon's Razor": I think that regardless of the reason for bad arguments, the effect is too great and should be mitigated by a new policy: Hethwill should choose between commenting and representing staff. He should either stop commenting on feedback, game balance and suggestions, or resign from staff representation.
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    Moderators are volunteers, hold their own views, and also play the game. While it may seem like we are always in agreement with the staff, that's likely just because we can disagree without trolling. Thread locked.
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    One more vote here for this is a stupid thread topic. I don't always agree with HW but he has done his best to separate modding from commenting. He has to use judgement for where the line is drawn, and he's done that honestly and successfully from what I've seen. He's a player. Get off your high horse, he can comment as he sees fit, just like you are a player and can start stupid threads like this.
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    Well THIS certainly didnt turn out like you wanted it to.... 0/10. Please delete. (On a personal note... Hethwill does more EVERY day to try and make this game better for EVERYONE than most people will do their entire time playing this game... Just because you may disagree with his concept of what the game is/should be, does NOT give you the right to remove his opinions.)
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    Somebody has too much free time on his hands. This is completely uncalled for and I am pretty sure that even a staff member that is not a Game Labs employee is entitled to his own opinion. Please stop.
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    I'm just massively surprised the great mastermind Thony - you would think would bring something more substantial than a mercury. Continuing to talk with a large mouth while you hide behind a wall of actual competent players. bravo....?
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    This is an embarrassingly bad argument, using a very obvious false analogy fallacy. In the Arena games you reference you can play multiple vehicles on the same account, and sometimes in the same match, and so the waiting time between destruction and "trying again" is counted in seconds, sometimes a few minutes for queues. In Naval Action the time between destruction and "trying again" for a new player can be hours, or days, depending on their understanding of economy and the ship they lost. So.. GRIND A FEW HOURS... try again. And.... GRIND A FEW HOURS again. And ... GRIND A FEW HOURS again. Here's a sample scenario: One of the most newbie friendly events we have in the game is the shallow zone patrol. To participate you need to buy or make a Surprise - 50 to 100k depending on woods, and you have to tow each one, once per day, to load up the port prior to the event. You also need 32pd Carronades to be competitive, which cost 4400 reals/each at Shroud Cay, which adds another 100K to the price. So for a new player, there will be 150 to 200K + value of a tow (paid in advance) for every "AGAIN" in your narrative. In the OW PvP, the math is far worse, because you will be facing Wasas (or at best Trincs), played by veterans. A clanless player might take a week to gather the money and resources to replace one such ship, and they can lose it in a 15 minute battle before learning anything significant. Then they quit the game. But you don't care, because you can go back to your WT Arena, and keep making bad arguments on the Game-Labs forums to white-knight the developers.
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    Which amounts to: (a) the player market will take care of everything; (b) don't bother trying to play solo; (c) any type of ganking is okay. If that's really your view, then fair enough. To me, that's a sadly limited vision of what the game could be; just gangs of vets attacking other gangs of vets, and everyone else long gone. To be clear, people are not asking for safety, they are asking for a reasonably level playing field. If the only way a new player can get any experience of decent equipment is by being protected by existing players, and otherwise is just food, then in my view something is wrong. You might say that this is the way of team-based MMOs and why should it be any different here; I would ask does it actually work, or does it lead to players feeling demoralised and leaving because they have no way of developing in the game?
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    So but you can not compare NA with WarThunder or any other WarSim. In those Games you will lose only your aircraft/plane/tank and not 20h and more too gather ressources for 20 mins of fighting. In the other games you will earn XP and Money even if you are on the side of the loser.
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    Except most MMOs are actually succesfull.. So why do players leave the game? It can't certainly be the fair and unbiased moderation or the wonderfull exclusive mechanics that only favors certain clans and nations and leaves the rest uncompetitive.....
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    Game is multiplayer and clan based, in essence. Not different from other multiplayer, team based games. While it has the MMO sugar coat it is undeniable that is a quasi.simulation wargame. The arena is just VAST, and resources mechanics different. As in many multiplayer simulation wargames you will have to play with others, sail, fly, march with them towards your immediate, and your long term objectives. There are no specific scenarios other than the ones you and others setup. Be it in the War or the Peace servers. On the War server, PvP will be when you want it and when others want it, no matter if you want it or if they want it. It is based on two things - OW chance encounters and provoked fleet actions; OW area blockades and Conquest mechanics. Now, if you want to be part of it all you must accept multiplayer clan based wargame. If you simply want to embrace the joy of OW chance encounters solo is okay, just don't expect all the others that are here for the multiplayer clan based gameplay to be merciful. And as a sidenote, what do you think a "newcomer" in a air combat sim feels when he is shot out of the blue without even noticing the bandit on his 6 ? POOF gone. What about your beautiful multicrew bomber being "ganked" by a squadron of bandits ? Is it a gank ? No. It is a interception and destruction of a enemy before it hits your own base or whatever. So...Try again. And again. And again... and learn. And when that said "newcomer" starts to understand why the veteran did this and that and snatches his first kill, a new world opens. NA is not so different from it. Do not dismiss the willingness of any player in any game to learn, if the player really like the game, for its setting, for its mechanics, for its deliver of personal fun ( it is a hobby after all ). And plenty of NA players have learned and pass knowledge everyday to others. Now... if they are willing to learn or simply want to rush somewhere is another subject entirely. There's no safety in a pvp multiplayer combat environment. The only safety is to sail with your buddies and kill the other guys before they kill you.
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    The problem is fundamental to any PvP game. Where two players fight and one player wins, it means another player loses. The core question is: how do you make it feel like a fair fight for both players? Clearly noob Mr Pickle vs pb'd L'Ocean is not it, and when Mr Pickle gets ganked for the 10th time, he permanently leaves and trashes the game on review sites and social media. The reviews for this game even on Steam are surprisingly negative considering the high quality of large parts of it and the attractive subject matter, and this is doubtless one of the main reasons. To my mind, there are various possible solutions, none of them perfect:- 1. Level limits along the lines proposed by the OP. Problem is any level difference, which normally goes along with an experience difference, will lead to the new player losing every time, so it doesn't really solve it unless you force the level limit to be the same. Then, though, you will get the high level players complaining that they can't find opponents or that they don't have to fight only high level opponents. 2. Safe areas. The shallows are a bit like this, but that only covers up to light 5th rates and it's a single grade, and even within that you still get ganking. More finely graded safe areas, or safe routes, might help a bit. Many games have areas designed for particular levels of experience/skill/equipment and that could be developed here. 3. AI protection. Clearly you can't realistically expect other players to sacrifice themselves to defend new players who they don't know, and there aren't enough players anyway for that to be viable. However, if we're going to have aggressive AI, then one interesting possibility is for the AI to defend new players and attack existing players based on their gank statistics. It would be easy enough to automatically calculate how many other players someone has attacked and the level difference and that could feed into a probability of being attacked by high level AI patrol vehicles. If you want to gank new players, you can still do so, but you're going to have to run the gauntlet of Elite 1st rate patrol craft yourself then. That would even it up a bit, and the high level gankers shouldn't mind since they think players being attacked by stronger opponents is okay. They might even welcome the challenge. 4. PvE carry over into PvP. This one is more controversial and wouldn't work on its own, but in principle some mechanism to allow new players to gain experience and better ships on PvE, and then carry that over into PvP, would mean they don't have to be ganked from the start on the PvP. You could level limit it if you don't want everyone waiting until they have a 1st rate before going to PvP, although I suspect someone people would go earlier anyway. I think a combination of those would go a long way towards addressing the problem.
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    You still seem to be struggling to understand a few things:- 1. I'm not asking the devs to change the game to favour solo players. In fact, I'm not asking them to change it at all. Quite the contrary, I'm asking NOT to change it. You're the one who is asking for changes to the detriment of a large group of players. 2. Who the game was initially designed for in 2014 is irrelevant anyway; it is who the players are now, how they play and what the current rules of the game are, which are relevant. 3. To say it's the Dev's game and they can make it however they want is begging the question. Sure, they can introduce nuclear weapons on ships if they want, and make the top speed of every ship 2 knots. Just don't expect any players to remain. We're supposed to be having an intelligent discussion on what the changes should be, not just saying "it's up to the Devs so shut up". To just dismiss a large group of players because they don't play like you, and claim that the game isn't for them and they should be disregarded when it comes to design decisions, is self-centred and arrogant in the extreme.
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    this is top results for dutch. tommorow u see night timer in cartagena too :D:D
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    Is this a roleplay thread or something?
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    I fixed it for ya. Too late, the incompetence of the devs has already showed and rather adressing the larger issues with the game they chose to try to monetize the game by more DLCs.
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    Robber points a gun to Tenet and says: -give me your wallet Tenet: you must give me a good argument Robber: what about this gun? Tenet: no, you must argument Bang!
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    so come and save this 2 dead nation. Or is the gut thin? We dont ask nation help, like always. So maybe 5 nations can collect 25 players for fight with us? so many people cried on the stream yesterday that if they had created one group. They would throw us hats, and easy kill us all. But better cry, yea?
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    This collection of articles on naval artillery has a few entries that are of particular interest: “Hitting the Target: Naval Fire Control 1860-1900” provides insight on, and corrects some misconceptions about, the state of gunnery fire control aboard ships before the post-1900 “gunnery revolution.” A lot of interesting detail is also tucked away in the footnotes. Unfortunately there are some significant typos, including a rather important “not” that seems to have been left out of the conclusion, so be wary. “Thoughts on the Naval Technology Used in the Battle fo the Yalu River” provides an analysis of this 1895 battle from the perspective of the opposing technologies, quite a few of which were being tried in combat for the first time. The volume also includes a huge database of the ballistic characteristics of rifled guns for every nation spanning the entire era covered in UG:D.
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    I also have to Jump in here to get a voice for @Hethwill . He looks here on the game in another view. Then i do. I know he startet over again than most of the others Players have done it. I know that he is gentle enough to Help new Players and does not get advantage over others if they have done something wrong. I did some time ago something wrong and he where in the Position to get a advantage out of it(Golden PFrig if i remember right for 1Gold). I contacted him and he gave it back. I think he looks only in another view than i or others do.
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    I don't agree with this, my friend. A moderator is there solely to watch the decorum/civility of the forum. He does not represent the devs in any of his opinions and I don't believe that the majority of these forums believes that.
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    So you are saying Russia and VP should not be at war? What I see is: Finally, shots fired between the 2 great powers, as it should be. Now, lesser states must pick a side and keep it going, hopefully balancing the two sides at all time zones to ensure a never ending struggle and content. Now, if only the devs would bring back some sort of alliance feature so smaller states can play a real role in that server war. Let’s think of some scenarios: 1813: Russia, GB, Spain, Prussia, Sweden vs France, Danemark, VP, Poland and US. Not sure about Pirates, but they could be needed on VP side to balance Russia and GB numbers. Could this work?
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    Your all missing the point here......I DIDN'T DO IT...lol
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    @Hethwill Than Name me a wargame where you have to gather ressources for hours/days. To build your Plane/Ship/Tank and have to regrind again from zero. Okay there is the insurance what will give us some Reals Back. But this is like a Drop of water on a hot stone. In DCS i can take the same Plane over and over.
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    Speaking of: DK owes us a bit of screening. Seeing as you are active in both RU and DK will you screen against yourself, Reverse? ^^
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    What pressure? I see people, who came to have some fun
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    I have the feeling the map of Felix https://na-map.netlify.com/ is the only current source of information about NA ...except the forum btw. @Felix Victor great job 👍
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    Do you speak a second language?
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    i know... its early in the morning and you need coffee...:))
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