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    Regarding recent preliminary announcement. Based on the community feedback and the analysis of player data and numbers. PvE server will not be closed down. We guarantee that it will exist for at least 18-24 months after official release. and will revisit this promise then. In addition to that we have not mentioned it before - but we are developing additional PVE content and new types of missions for PVE players. AI will be worked on after release and will provide more challenge in the future. official release means the estimated release date in this case.
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    Remember, this is not a tutorial, but just a little compilation of the forum threads to help you make your 1st steps in the game. This topic was initially written for Sea Trials, so may contain some obsolete info, links or screenshots. I will resume working on this post soon... Before you make your order... - Create a Steam account if you don't have one already. Install Steam on your PC. The game is only available through it. - It wouldn't hurt to make sure your video card fully supports DirectX 11. Check it on your card's manufacturer site. Briefly – it should be higher then NVIDIA 400 or AMD 5000. A tip from Prater: Just because dxdiag says you have directx11 doesn't mean your card supports it. Dx11 can be installed on Windows even though the video card doesn't support it, so instead of checking dxdiag you need to check the manufacture specs on your card. This is mostly an issue with older cards, especially integrated chips (mostly concerns laptops). If you have an integrated chip, here is a list of Intel chips. Basically, in this list anything in the 7th generation should work with Naval Action. Those before the 7th will NOT and there is nothing that can be done about it except get a new computer or if you have a desktop computer get a video card. A list of AMD chips is here. You can also take a look at this forum thread. Purchase: The game is available on Steam. And register on the forum if you haven't already Installation and activation: Please see this thread for the detailed instructions. Login: Currently you can login only with your Steam account, but you can give name to your character and choose nationality. You can have only 1 character per Steam account. If you cannot login (getting Error message), please check here first. Welcome to the game! And there you are, at the capital of your nation. There is a chat screen on your low left corner. It has many cool options. Note the tags Global, your nation (Neutral on this screenshot) and Help. Mouse click there and type if you need an advice or just want to say hi to the world Click + if you're missing some tabs. You can also have a private chat with your friends, but first you need to find and add them to your friend-list. Then right-click on your friend's name in the list to see the options as shown below. Also if you right click on any player's name you'll see a menu which gives you a bunch of options. For example, use Copy if someone posted a web link you need. Note that Trade works only if you and your partner are at the same town. On the "town" menu, you can also buy or sell ships, equipment and other stuff, check your progress (xp), buy repair kits, upgrade your ship with various modules, install new cannons, move stuff from Hold to Warehouse, hire NPC to sail with you (for low rank players only), take missions (quests) etc. "Outpost" button lets you buy a slot and then open an outpost, which gives you a warehouse and 5 "docks" (slots) for ships. At the very beginning you only have an outpost at your capital. You can buy new outposts at other towns. Keep in mind that every outpost will be more expensive then the previous one you've bought. Right now you can also teleport to any one of your outposts, but it has 4 hours cooldown. Teleporting to outposts is possible from town (not at sea) and only for the character (no ship). Teleporting to the capital works from the sea and in that case includes your ship too. Note that cannons have Class and Caliber, those numbers on your equipment screen stand for Class. For example, [7-9] means you can install either long or medium cannons of class 9, 8 or 7, the caliber doesn't matter. Numbers after / are for carronades' class ([7-8] on my screenshot). Remember, you can buy any ship if you have enough money, but if your rank is too low - you will not be able to hire full crew. Less people you have - more time you need to reload cannons, turn yards etc. Here is the thread about ranks. And another one. (to be continued) Sailing: Ready? Hit Sail and you will see your ship in the open world. Now you're free to do anything you want. Look at the map (or hit M ingame) and travel, trade, find other players and go PvP, chase some NPC and fight (click on the ship to see what nation ant type she is. Currently you're ok to attack ships of any nation besides your own. And if you see that red line "Contraband goods found", you're ok to attack even NPC of your nation). If you attack any other ship of your nation you'll become a pirate (currently no way to "undo" it, so beware). All nations are at war right now, so you can only use ports of your own nation and neutrals. Use W, A, S, D to control your ship's speed and direction. To see your stats and to use repair at sea, click the stats button in your top left corner (it looks like 3 horizontal bars). Hit REPAIR and the game will use your repair kits if you have any and if you ship needs to be repaired. You can always buy more repair kits at any town. Missions: Currently the only "quest" you can do is "search and destroy". Click "missions" at any town, and you will be able to chose from the list. You can accept up to 3 missions at once (from the same town or different ones, it doesn't matter). Missions will give you some extra money and XP, on top of what you would earn from the regular battle vs NPC. Hit M to open your map and see your missions location (crossed swords symbol). Now you have to sail and found it at the sea. Sometimes it can be confusing if several symbols are close to each other. Yours will be slightly higher in the air. And if you click on it you would see "Admiralty Order. Event is too far" or this tab as you sail close enough: Battle sailing and chat: Chat window is in your low-left corner. First hit Enter, then type, then press Enter again to send. Hit Enter and then Tab if you need to switch from Team chat (blue) to All (white) and back. To see the main chat window (your national, clan etc) - hold CTRL and then click on the tiny "menu" symbol on the right of "Enter text..." frame. You can also see your speed here (it was 9.3 knots for me when I took this screenshot) and some stats of your ship. To change your speed use W and S, note how "Full" and 100% changes to "Half" and 50% and so on. Also you can hit B for "battle sails". T controls staysails. In case it doesn't work correctly, hit W or S to reset them. The other way to handle your speed and turning is to turn your yards manually. Hold Q or E for forward mast, Z or C for rear mast(s) and see how it all works. A and D turn your ship's rudder. Double tap A or D for permanent left of right rudder setting, tap once the opposite way from locked left or right and it will centre again. Hold A or D down to turn rudder temporarily. Let go and it will center again. F will turn on the Skipper Auto mode (will turn your yards to keep maximum speed for your ship... which is not what you always need ) Shooting: There are different shots that are used by your cannons (1,2,3 keys to pick). Balls are used to punch holes in a ship’s hull and to shoot down masts. Chain is for tearing holes in sails to slow down your enemy. Grape is effective against crew. In the middle of your screen you will see your cannons' status. Let's take a look. Right now I have 2 cannons loaded with balls on "back" of my ship and 9 on the right. My left cannons are still loading and cannot shoot yet. To enter aiming mode, right click when looking in the direction you want to fire. To fire - space-bar for a single ranging shot, or left mouse button to fire a whole broadside. To fire only one deck you can lock others by hitting F1, F2, F3, F4 (when in aiming mode). Another way is to fire "as is", without aiming mode - that would be [ and ] Note that you have 3 different fire modes controlled by V - random, rolling front and rolling back. Also R allows you to "lock sector". K is for mortar "mode" on Mortar Brig. SHIFT pulls up the scope. You can zoom in using mouse wheel. Remember, even if you loose the battle you receive experience points, based on your shooting. Damage and Repair: Here is the diagram located in the top left corner of your screen: 4 bars show your ships armor. If you look carefully you will see that they are surrounded by an outline of a ship, facing right. As you can see, my ship has badly damaged stern (a bar disappeared there) and took some other damage. Numbers indicate how many leaks I have above and below the waterline on each side. Red 1 below the line means 1 leak under the waterline. Also my pump is somewhat damaged (it is yellow. Red means "broken"). That means I'd better use repair (first you need to buy them at the town). Press 5 and select which part needs to be repaired. Also there is a Survival mode (8) used to pump out water from ship's hull (see your low-left corner), repair leaks and extinguish fire. Keep in mind that Survival mode slows down your other tasks (Gunnery mode (7) makes reloading faster, Sailing mode (6) adds a bit to your ship's speed and maneuverability). Here is the detailed explanation of how the crew "mods" work. Boarding: Let's capture that ship! Hit "9" and get your crew ready (note that it slows down your cannons reloading and other tasks). Read this BOARDING GUIDE for detailed explanation. Remember, both ships need to slow down (5kn or less). Look for "boarding possible" indicator and hit G. If you win, you can hit X and take command of the ship. No matter if you did it or did not hit X, when you leave the battle you'll need to choose what to do with your new ship (right click on it) - take command, send to your outpost or sink (admiralty doesn't work yet). If you send it to your outpost, you'll be able to sell it later when you arrive to that town. If you see some loot - drag it to your Hold. Crafting: Each player has "labor hours" which are used to craft materials (and ships). You receive 41 labor hours per real hour (984 lh per 24 real hours). It doesn't matter if you're online or offline. Maximal amount of your lh is 1000 + (20 x your craft level). You receive "crafting XP" when you craft materials and ships, and gradually level up, which allows you to build better quality (basic- common-fine-mastercraft-exceptional) or higher ranked ships and modules. Higher quality ships have more slots for modules, but the final amount of them varies and does NOT depend on a crafter (random). Also the crafter cannot choose the 2nd trim of the ship (currently speed or stiffness), it's a random too: Here is the explanation about trims and wood. To craft ships you first need to build a shipyard at a town where you already have an outpost (and upgrade the shipyard to lvl 2 or 3 for higher ranked ships). Also you need blueprints. At the beginning you have blueprints for Lynx and Traders Lynx. Other blueprints can be obtained when you craft ships or break them up (small chance). Some blueprints will be given to you automatically as you level up. You can buy blueprints from other players, but you need to be at a certain craft level to build a ship (lvl 13 for a basic snow, but lvl 15 for a fine snow for example). Here is the crafting path. You can also find it here. Note that the 2nd link provides a great tool for crafting calculation (many thanks to the author!) Currently top crafting level is 50. Clans: Currently you can create a clan, but it only gives you a tag and a "clan" chat window. More functionality will be added later. The clan leader can promote his clanmates to "Officers". Clan leader and officers are able to accept new members. Graphics, Sound, Controls and Social settings: Hit Esc and choose "options": Note that transparent sails option is a very helpful one for larger ships (for shooting from the deck). A tip from Samba_liten: if the water graphics freak out on you, simply change the graphics setting to low for water and you will be able to play. HERE IS A FULL KEYBOARD CONTROLS MAP thanks, Destraex! That's basically it. Set your sails and enjoy. Don't forget to report ingame or on the forum if you see any bug. Search the forum for some sailing video guides, here are some to start with:
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    Hi Captains We are almost finished with the port UI and plan to deploy it soon. Here is some information on the mission system that will be updated over next 2-3 patches (probably starting with the port UI patch) Operations Operations is a set of objectives that must be fulfilled to receive a big reward Every player will have to start with the Welcome to the Caribbean operation that will unlock subsequent events and missions Conquest operations will be introduced giving nations specific timed goals (asking to capture a region, a city or an island) Combat missions More variety will be added to combat missions. Unnecessary mission ranks will be removed OW hunt missions will be added Some missions will require you to sail a specific ship looking for a specific target Some missions will require you to find a specific good in the holds of the enemies. Economy missions Delivery missions will return Ship crafting and cannon crafting missions will be added Port Agent system We will start with 3 agents per port Missions will depend on port size and maybe taxes Player can exhaust all tasks in the port and will have to move to a new one Challenges will return in the improved form First challenge will be an OW hunt weekly challenge Tournaments We will start with the duel tournament based on Naval Action Legends Duel Event Next patch you can definitely expect an improved variety of combat missions, combat challenges and a weekend duel tournament could also get in. As usual we are showing the preview from the new port UI - Here is a login screen draft Improved speed and quality of development can definitely be attributed to @sterner who is now helping to oversee the production before release.
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    Captains Mega patch with multiple changes will be deployed tomorrow 8th March! PVP/PVE Patrols PVP was made more affordable and rewarding with the introduction of Patrol missions More information can be found here Tiered rewards will be added to patrols in the next couple of weeks after this event is tested New content will be added to admiralty in the next couple of weeks Conquest Changes: Conquest for everyone Conquest no longer favors only leading nation Any player can get access to victory marks, by just being a lord protector at least one port on monday maintenance Victory marks distribution has changed. Lord protectors will now receive victory marks every week based on their port ownership on conquest round end (weekly). Victory mark distribution is tiered and has diminishing returns. You will get 1 mark extra mark for every 3 ports you control but the max number of marks that can be received is limited by 5. Example 1-3 ports: 1 victory mark 4-6 ports: 2 victory marks 7-9 ports: 3 victory marks 10-12 ports: 4 victory marks 13-15 ports: 5 victory marks 16-18 ports: 5 victory marks etc.. To promote more activity across all time zones, Port battle timer now costs 500,000 per day; old 100k price was ridiculously low and cost of the capture timer will continue to evolve Hostility missions improvements. NPC defence fleets in hostility missions now adapt to an attacker force. Responding with similar vessels both in rating and in numbers. If one player will come to generate hostility on the enemy force he will encounter 1 defender. If 10 players come to generate hostility they will encounter 10 npc defender ships. The problem of the inability for the port owner to provide an adequate defence force is solved by limitation of player ships in the hostility mission. Both defender and attacker can only bring 10 vessels into the hostility mission. Hostility missions now spawn 30% closer to the port Reinforcement zones rules of engagement change ability to pull the players to the battle using NPC attack - removed ability to pull the players into battle using player attack - removed if battle is created in the reinforcement zone only attacked player or battle group is pulled into battle all others will be able to join using positional reinforcement and can decline to do so. This will remove the potential for grief and abuse in the reinforcement areas. Add. Positional entry rules mean battles are open until they end, which greatly help defenders to punish the hostiles Battle groups reworked Battle group will act as a battle group only when there are 6 players or more in the group. The status of the battle group is shown in the group interface and will tell you if your group is a battle group. This is done to remove abuse of battle groups mechanics allowing creation of solo battle groups to avoid screening. Other changes and improvements Clicking on a ship in the open world will now show the circle around him, that can help understanding who will be pulled into the battle if he is attacked. This will be very helpful in station keeping when traveling in the open world. Unrated vessels without the chasers now have the control perk too PVP Upgrade Drop. Player ships will now drop one of the installed upgrades into its hold if boarded or killed. You cannot enter or exit shallow water ports with deep water ships. Use tow ship function to move the deep water ships out of shallow water areas. Player names and ship names removed from ENEMY players in the open world identification. You will only know that it is a player and an approximate rank of the vessel/vessels. You will only be able to find out the name of the captain once you engage. Names of your nation's captains are not affected. Checkbox to only show online clan members added to clan interface Tow to port now creates a PB entry timer. Timer is the same as the PB timer created after normal battles. Attack circle is reduced. You will be able (theoretically) to lay fire immediately after attack. This is done to reduce counter tagging. Minimal speed in the open world is now 4knots, to provide better experience in long journeys. Ship sinking time is increased by 30% for destroyed ships to make picking up loot easier. Side force no longer affects speed indication Epic events no longer spawn very close to shallow waters Brace command is reassigned to F10 - to remove accidental clicking (40% of new player bug reports were about brace) Wasa, L Hermione, Santa Cecilia received a slight armor buff Wasa, Hamburg, Ingermanland, L Hermione, Santa Cecilia received a turn rate buff Leeway force from square sails, and staysails/jibs slightly increased NPC ships HP buffed slightly to compensate lack of repairs Barricades now have the attack penalty and are a pure defensive upgrade Angle importance on penetration slightly increased (need more testing) to provide more options to control incoming damage into hull Edinorog accuracy reduced to somewhere between carronades and medium guns. Vertical sector greatly reduced as it would be impossible to use edinorog howitzer firing through ports of the ship. All other upgrades increasing vertical gun sector drastically nerfed Rigging specialist perk nerfed as its bonuses were too high. Acceleration/Deceleration formulas improved based on the wetted area calculations; which in general reduces tacking effectiveness for wider deeper vessels. Ships created through admiralty notes can occasionally receive crafting bonuses and extra slots. Tutorial Tutorial button is temporarily removed for the final integration of rewards and final exams. Leveling and rank progression and crew assignment for ranks will change in the next couple of weeks. Plans for March/Early April Integration of the open world UI into the game Finalization of tutorial Premium ship pack containing 3 ships (2 of which could be acquired in game by other means) Hotfix March 8th Ship crafting bug fixed PVP Patrol button is temporarily removed to fix the Battle circle of doom sometimes spawning with an offset killing everyone in the instance Database is being reverted to today's maintenance state due to too many ships lost in events and crafted. Hotfix March 9th Fixed bug caused the Battle circle of doom to spawn incorrectly. PVP Patrol missions are back. Hotfix March 13th Fixed bug that prevented pvp patrol rules of engagement in Nassau order.
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    What's new: Orders and Fleet orders now give XP to the whole group Contract bug fixed - that forced players to sell to contracts lower than NPC prices Invisibility and invulnerability timers unified - 30sec invis, 60 sec invul for all parties Fixed bugs: Spawns in lands chanced reduced Mixed decks gunnery bugs fixed (carronades no longer affect long guns distance) Prices fixed for several resource production buildings Tunings: Minor changes for guns and carronades. Reload slightly increased for lower class guns, damage reduced. 6 lb guns are most affected. Ram leaks briefly reduced before further rebalances Bots have lost the ability to equip best reload mods Low ranked bots accuracy has been reduced.
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    Short descriptions of main concepts for production buildings design. Building types Shipyard - builds ships Workshop - build upgrades Forge - forging metal things Academy – crafting notes, crew and officer training, marines training etc. Forestry - growing trees Mine - mining resources Plantation (might be added in the future if crew provisions and fishing become a thing) How buildings will work. Building can produce resources that are available in the national port. For example if the port has iron – then you can mine iron in that port. Mining or growing the resource consumes labor hours and costs money. Cost to mine (or grow) equals the NPC low range price. Certain manufacturing will not require a building. For example milling planks can be ordered from the port if you have an outpost (docks). Buildings cannot be built in free towns. (or will have very high production tax). Buildings construction cost will include future maintenance fees to reduce unnecessary clicks in the future. Initial proposal Player can have 5 economy slots per server. Player have to cooperate with others increasing efficiency. Not more than 5 players are required to achieve maximum efficiency. Efficiency concept. Player can diversify allowing more independence. Player can specialize providing more efficiency per labor hour invested. How it can work Player has 5 economy slots. Independent player can build a shipyard, a mine, forestry, a forge and academy giving an opportunity to build ships solo. An efficient player will build 5 mines providing a boost to resource production and increasing efficiency per labor hour. For example (numbers are arbitrary) 5 players who have 5 mines will produce 1000 iron ore per day (200 per mine) 1 player with 5 mines in one port will produce 1500 iron ore per day (300 per mine) Production buildings will provide three immediate benefits Increase the value of conquest - rare resource producing ports will become a lot more valuable for the Nation Scalable supply - more players = more supply, less players = less supply Guaranteed supplies and less contract wars. Additional proposed changes to economy Blueprints learning chance will depend on the crafting level or academy building level Delivery quests - ports will generate delivery quests if there are a lot of player contracts on the market at high price Price report letter - npc's will drop a price report letter giving the player information on the 3 random lowest priced goods with highest stock. Low grade, mid grade, and high grade crafting notes should be implemented European traders should operate only in capitals Upgrades break up and cannon break up option should be given. Discuss We are particularly interested in your ideas on the building upgrade levels (should we add them - knowing that it might unbalance demand) UPD. There is another proposal from our team member on the resources that can complement the current system. There should also be spawned resources on the open world (in harbors, islands and other locations) which you have to explore and where you can build your own personal harvesting building on a secluded island bringing wood or iron from there to free towns or other national ports.
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    Captains.. Small patch has been deployed today 11th September 2019 Main changes All ships (with the exception of imported ships) will be allowed to capture by the Admiralty on the War server. Oak, Fir, Mahogany, Sabicu planking has been allowed for NPC captured ships NPC captured ships will have from 1 to 4 upgrade slots (compared to previous 3). Increased the probability to get a better ship from the admiralty notes and for premium ships crafted ships still have a 3x higher probability to get a better ship Added the following ships to NPC fleets compositions Niagara, Rattlesnake, Pirate Frigate, Trincomalee Removed the following ships from NPC fleets Bellona, Santisima Trinidad Other changes Fire shock bug fixed - it is now correctly showing when ship is in fire shock, and is not showing when ship is not in fire shock. Increased the amount of people required to fight the fire from 6 to 15 per square meter of fire Increased the size of the fire that causes ship to go into fire shock. Speed for all ships of the line with the exception of bellona, christian and santisima (rare lineships) slightly reduced
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    Captains. Please pay attention to the important announcement regarding the pvp servers PVP EU will be renamed "Caribbean" PVP global will be closed down All assets from the PVP Global will be transferred to the redeemables tied to steam account including combat and crafting xp slot xp knowledge books learnt ships money and monetary costs of buildings and outposts and dockyard slots resources clan warehouses are under review - we will try to merge them too to the officer who logged in last Defence timers will come back: clans will set the 2-3 hour defense timer that will be used to set up port battles Defence timers will cost 100k per day, clans can choose to not setup the defence timers if they choose to do so. Next day port battles will be partially abandoned. Majority of port battles will start the same day from the hostility generation. If you raise hostility before the defense timer port battle will start during the defense timer (which sometimes mean immediately) you raise hostility at 2pm UTC defense timer is at 4-6pm UTC Port battle will start today at 4pm UTC if you raise hostility to 100 from 4 to 6 port battle will start immediately if you raise hostility after the defense timer port battle will start the next day during the defense timer you raise hostility at 8pm UTC defense timer is at 4-6pm UTC port battle will start at 4pm UTC the next day TLDR: One world - one pvp server. Discuss.
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    Captains Patch have been deployed to live servers today. Solo orders are now available for all ranks (despite they were reducing the feel of the hunt - players loved them). It was a mistake to remove them before mission agents were implemented. Basic cutters are no longer pulled into PVP battles with the following conditions basic cutter cannot attack other ships (including basic cutters) basic cutter can be attacked basic cutters are not pulled into battles if you attack another ship basic cutter ARE pulled into battles if you attack a basic cutter Snow HP is increased Trader ships can now carry cannons - and will carry them. This will allow cargo hunting and baiting unprepared privateers. Trader ships overall speed slightly reduced (by 0.4 knots) Deceleration times reduced for the following vessels Cutter Pickle Brig Navy Brig Snow Cerberus Frigate Belle Poule Essex Indefatigable Pirate frigate Snow, Cutter, Lynx speed slightly increased Sailing rigs and refits rebalanced (with speed bonuses reduced) Defensive War supplies dumps now give correct decrease of hostility Crafted set bought by freetowns now contain more shipbuilding materials (to provide more ship building options for players operating from freetowns NPC will sell those resources they bought at cheaper prices ROE timer problems fixed and some timers are tuned. Players will no longer be able to attack directly from invisibility Invisibility timer reduced to 30 seconds (players coming out of invisibility won't be able to attack for another 30 seconds) Battle closing time reduced to 3 minutes from 5 minutes Demasting rebalanced. We were not satisfied that too many pvp fights focused only on demasting and it will be much harder to destroy lower mast sections from now on. Labor hour costs of repair rig materials became lower Lower caliber guns costs were reduced Loot tables updated and npc combat ships will drop rare refits and admiralty skillbooks (previously only available for pvp marks) Endymion now uses correct pumps (and no longer requires 60 men to operate) Fort positions updated for several ports Furnishings price changed from pvp marks (25) to pve marks (300) Discuss
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    If you lose a ship, you lost a ship. No safeguards, the ship is gone. Maybe you had it insured, then you'll have money to cover for at least a good chunk of the loss, but you've lost it. Permanently. It's gone. Feeding coral. Housing fish. It's at the bottom of the sea. Bye bye. Goner. Poof. And that for several reasons - mostly related with the nature of the game as an open world concept. 1- You should be TERRIFIED at the prospect of losing your ship. Because that prevents people doing gamey stuff to exploit mechanics introduced for the purpose of "making it less harsh". And yeah, every mechanic introduced with that intention has a possible exploit. And we don't want gamey exploits in this game, do we?. 2- Players should lose their ships. Because if they lose their ships they'll spend time getting another ship to replace the one they did. If losing your ship doesn't mean squat because it's still waiting for you at port (damaged or not, if it's there) then in a very short period of time everyone will be sailing the seas with the most powerful ships possible. POTBS syndrome: only endgame lvl50 ships were worth using and 80-90% of the ship models (any ship under lvl50) was considered uncompetitive and not worth bothering with. The game was full of large frigates, galleons, rates, but you wouldn't see a single schooner or a single brig...when in the caribbean they were the most common ships. But not in that game. Because everyone had their big ships with 3 durabilities and extremely easy to replace once the 3 durabilities were gone. If losing your ship means nothing or very little, in no time we'll have a sea full of first rates and massive frigates roaming freely because if the player loses his, who cares?. He'll have it back when he respawns. NOT fun. Also consider for the game-wide repercussions as if everyone owns an immensely powerful ship he's not scared of losing there'll be no place for the small-medium sized fish, thus rendering a lot of the in-game models unused. Which is not just a pity but a huge waste of resources for the developer team, resources spent in modelling ships nobody uses because they have more powerful stuff they're not scared to lose. 3-I engage in battle with an enemy in my powerful frigate. The enemy boards and captures my ship. Now he owns it. I go back to port, where I have my just lost ship waiting for me to board it again. Suddenly a ship has cloned. Where there used to be ONE powerful frigate in the game now there are TWO. Chain this with what's covered in 2) and you have yet another reason why lost ships should remain lost. I'm more or less OK with the idea of an insurance that (more or less) covers for the ship if you lose it. But anything that means that losing a ship is not LOSING it for real, is a bad idea and will have horrid end results in the open world. Lost sihps are lost. I know it might be a pain in the ass to lose your ship as a result, but that's part of what an open world game like this should be like. People sailing in medium and small sized ships where the pain of losing it is not as huge as with a big one. And big ships being reserved for really important stuff. Just as they were in real life. I don't want to sail a sea full of 1st,2nd and 3rd rates and 44 gun constitutions, thank you. I want to sail a sea full of a mixture of ships that resembles real life historical shipping of the time. And to have that there's no saving grace: lost ships should be lost forever. And that's about it.
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    Hello Captains Would like to share our final view on the design of alliances that will be deployed next patch. Allied Nations will be enforced by a ruleset. Allied nations: Can enter each other ports Are pulled into battles as friendlies Can enter port battles Cannot be attacked Enemy nations: Needed to block situations where your ally also has an alliance with your enemy. You cannot ally with nations who have alliances with your enemy and vice versa. They must dissolve that alliance first and only after that you will be able to ally with them. Alternatively you must change the views on the enemy and then will be able to join the alliance Alliance creation is a political process that requires national effort in voting screen and in real life. Alliances are created by national voting and are enforced by systems. How voting will work. Voting is done in weekly rounds. Every voting round your nation does 2 things votes for the enemy nation (same enemy can be picked) votes for the potential ally Alliances are signed for top choices for matching nations for a certain time (several weeks). Example on how it will work. Week one France picked Sweden as a top ally choice (picking denmark as enemy) Sweden picked France as a top ally choice (picking great britain as enemy) Then during next maintenance alliance is signed for 2 weeks between France and Sweden. Once alliance is signed all votes are reset and credited back to the player for the next round of voting. Week two France is already allied with Sweden France wants to ally with Great Britain Because one of their ally members has listed Great britain as enemy this alliance cannot be signed and is not available for voting To be able to ally with Great britain france must persuade Sweden to drop Great britain as enemy and replace it with someone else (for example Denmark) As a result in 3 weeks (3 rounds of voting) 2 or 3 large blocks will be created. Over time the situations might change. Because of the forced enemy decision there will always be 2 large blocks at the minimum. Votes Vote limits are granted based on level. Voting is allowed above a certain rank. To be able to vote for allies player must first vote on the enemy. Other considerations. Alliances also will play important part in hostility generation Sinking enemies will grant extra points in pvp and pve. Attacks on allied NPCs will be forbidden and will force players to move closer to hostile waters.
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    As this game ramps up and more and more "noise" is added to the development stages and more and more diverse and conflicting ideas come to the fore. There is a good chance that the original game plan will change and turn from its original intent turning the original community against it. I have just been reading how this happened to POTBS.... a lot of the BETA and original crew thought they were getting one thing and as the wider community joined the game turned much more arcade like. I believe it is important to stay true to what the games original intent is and be very very careful about turning it away from it's original script. The temptation is that it will not be realised what harm some of these seemingly harmless ideas can do to a community. I point to nothing in particular but am seeing a rise in people asking for a game more on the side of a disney adventure than a game with real mechanics and an open world. This game should be like no other. Achieve what no other has and stay true to it's historical base. * I don't want a stats based MMO. I don't want to careen my vessel and have it give +10% speed. I want to be able to careen and try it out after to see how much faster it makes me. I basically do not want the starcraft boys making excel spreadsheets to work out the best builds. Leave things human and the stats hidden. * I don't want to win battles single handedly with my sword when boarding * I don't want to see ridiculous colour schemes * I don't want to see fantasy and magic * I don't want to see pirates in first rates * I do not want to see cartoon like avatars * I do not want to see +1 and +2 floating up from my ship while the crew aim the guns for me * I do not feel the need to walk into town and tell stories about gold and how tough I am * * I do want it to be fun * I do want to see the thousands of possible historical ships * I do want to see realistic customisation and options * I do want to see organised navies * I do want as many sailing mechanics as possible * I do want to see diverse maps that include storms, rocks, tides, depth soundings and varied bottom depths * I do want to see varied wind maps, gusts, speed increases and decreases etc * I can handle a little compromise WHERE NECESSARY for current technology and the base level of player skill but expect the most basic things to be kept in game. I would hate it for instance if being taken aback was taken out because of players not understanding it. It is encumbant on the player to understand things that make sailing, well, sailing. Players must be willing to do more than expect to drive a car in the sea as in black flag. Otherwise the core player base will most likely move away because the game becomes just another "theme" based game like world of tanks with no base in reality and thus no point playing. May as well play something else that is not just skinned with a theme but plays like any other experience and could have a space ship skin just as easily. * I would like to see lookouts and crew repeat orders back so you know they are understood. * I want to be able to have my crew managed and become more experienced. * I want to be able to choose how many of each type of crew is in my ship - gunners, topmen, waisters etc and what proportion I have stationed where in the ship. * I want to be able to include marines in the crew and have them fire muskets There are basically two schools of thought here on the forums. The earlier more technical schools of though focussed on sailing mechanics and battle realism and the later population that has more of a proportion or role players and more character focussed play who like to dress things and run off on their own. I like a game with a feeling that you and your crew are human but personally do not feel the need to be portrayed as the centre of attention - i.e. a hero. Don't get me wrong. I like a human element. But I personally at least do not want the game to get out of control in that direction and leave the main part of the game, sailing, to rot. Just some random thoughts as I see the population now creating a lot of noise in a lot of directions with a lot of different expectations. It is easy to lose your way in this sea of noise and end up with an arcade game as I am told POTBS was - even though it seems like it was the only game in town forcing many to play it. What do we want to bring away from the game. What will we say when we finish putting hours of game time in? I learnt something, that was different, that was fun or just another MMO like all the others. Level ups and upgrades grinding with a fun party theme?
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    Admiralty pvp events work with no bugs and allow us to implement another feature that we wanted to add long ago. Such defined pvp zones with no AI provide interesting options to reward OW battles before and during port battles (screening rewards). For example. 1.5 hours before port battle starts and 1.5 hrs during port battles all kills in the PB harbor and vicinity count to leaderboards and provide rewards to those who intercept fleets and sink stragglers. In case port battle does not happen due to large fleets intercepted players will be rewarded for such successful interceptions. Of course number of players on the leaderboards should be increased in this case. I am not sure if points from OW action (for kills) should be added (influence) port battles themselves. But it could also be an interesting mechanic which might eliminate all friction that arise because of instanced PB. (some players suggested many times that PB could be a series of battles in the harbor - not one decisive battle). Discuss
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    The new patch is set to restrict Open World encounters to a 1.5-1 BR ratio for any ship not in the original tag circle. This is a very POTBS destroying concept. More pvp players quit that game over forced "anti- gank" programming that I knew in 6 years playing than any other feature. It's got nothing to do with people "wanting" to gank other people. In the end it simply comes down to play time. Example: A group of 6 players sails for half an hour to get to an open world patrol site. Along comes a single target after 15 min on station. The target starts running and gets tagged by a tackler. The slower bigger ships are outside the tag ring. The computer program now enforces the 1.5 BR rule and denies the three remaining group members from getting into the action. So now those three players have to sit there on the OS most likely doing nothing for what in NA can be an hour long battle. So now they invested almost two hours into the game and get no action. This is what was happening in POTBS. Players would form up and sail the sand box only to have the computer split them up or deny them from actions based on trying to make all battles fair. In the end, players will look at this situation as a huge waste of their time. It's not there fault that in a sand box only one target comes along. They can't plan on that or control it but the computer moderated "anti-gank" function will still punish you for it. The ironic part, nine times out of ten the lone player is still going to get sunk by the 1.5 BR anyway. He is just going to be slightly happier he got sunk by less guys. Meanwhile you got x3 players forced into doing nothing for an hour by the computer that are only going to put up with that a finite number of times. Getting ganked may suck. But it's still better than being forced to sit on the ocean doing nothing for an hour. Remove the anti-gank computer moderations. It's just going to backfire on NA. It's simply a game that takes longer to travel to patrol points and has even longer battles to wait on than POTBS. The hardest thing you may ever have to do as Devs is turn a deaf ear to gank complainers. But it is simply the better move.
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    Hello Captains Here is the information on the trading update patch. Every region will provide trading opportunities in unique resources specific to the region. For example resources unique for the Hispaniola region will only be available in Hispaniola. Trading prices will depend on distance from the source. The further from the destination you take the resource the bigger profit will be (even on the basic goods) Local goods become important part of the economy. Trading hubs will provide more trading or crafting resources if supplied by local goods. For example - bringing livestock from the nearby ports to the trading hub will help the port to produce more white oak. Common European goods will be introduced and will provide modestly profitable trading opportunities based on distance (horses, porcelain etc.) Rare more expensive European goods will spawn as usual and will provide good profits at medium distances and great profits if you sell them at distance hubs. The main difference with the old system are: More immersion and realism in creation of the trade routes and triangular trades. You will be able to find a working trade route and exploit it for your advantage. Resources will not feel random anymore - if you want a particular crafting good you can increase its output by supplying the port. Want pearls? - they are always in San Juan. Distance based pricing. No more extremely profitable 5 min routes. More influence on conquest. Hubs will matter more for taxes and control over resources.
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    Basic cutter will be a basic ship for basic pve. It won't be able to attack players or enter pvp battles.
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    We have advocated on complete removal of fast travel between towns. There is a potential compromise. We can instead disable the TP to and from Freetowns. Players will still be able to build outposts in free towns - but will not be able to teleport there. Only national/allied ports will provide this service to players. Negative: This will hurt some pvp players who jump back and forth (but they still will be hurt by complete removal of fast travel). Positives: a lot less gank in the backyards of your national waters. More people in the OW, and some fast travel options will still remain within nationally owned ports. This will also make holding certain regions more important to keep outposts in the enemy waters. what do you think?
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    I think it is time someone said your overall plan on having RNG for overpowered upgrades and books was beyond a bad mistake. If I didn't know better I would say that the entire focus of NA is to actually drive it toward being a sandbox PVE centric focused game while you shift your efforts into Naval Action Legends. Virtually every single change that has been made post wipe has shifted the game more towards PVE. That could be looking at things at the macro level all the way down to the micro level. I don't like it but what really annoys me is I'd rather you just come out and admit this is going to be a PVE focused game. This isn't hardcore mode this is carebear mode. You want us to go grind countless ai for a chance at various mod skill upgrades so we can be on a level playing field with our PvP opponents? Some of these upgrades and skills are so damn powerful you are at a significant disadvantage if you don't have them. Why did you do this? Why did you turn a great skill based PvP game into one that rewards or punishes players so severely based off random drops? You made ships 1 dura because you wanted them to mean more? Ships mean even less to me now then they have in the past three years compared to what your gear based RNG driven combat system has become. I would gladly trade a ship I've crafted for some of the better books you have in game. Just decide what you want NA to be. This isn't hardcore to me in the least....unless you consider time consuming pve grinding to be hardcore. Grinding up xp on ships to unlock skills is stupid....does nothing to develop or enrich the playing experience. Having overpowered RNG drops for gear is not hardcore it's just massive carebear 101 game design. Revenge ganks is not, has never, and will never, result in these big ongoing massive battles you envision them to be....like this is beyond delusional.....you show me one circumstance that this has happened since you released OW and I will eat a turd. All of this and so much more is not what makes a game hardcore or provides pvp players with a sense of accomplishment or something to work toward....this is simply lazy game design to keep us busy for awhile. Eventually the carrot on the string stops working because we all have the carrot or have moved on. Sad truth is that you had a pretty damn awesome game. You had so many people playing you had wait time just to even log in. You had extremely good reviews on Steam. But then came the stupid crap like "fine woods" and an inability to make Port Battle timers work.....oh and the announcement of a eminent wipe....tons of massive ai fleets added around ports as well as massive port defenses added to every backwater town in game killing off solo raiders. All this crap is what chased off a ton of your player base. PvP players are not happy with a lot of the current mechanics, PvE players are not satisfied with the depth of play, econ players will never be satisfied because it doesn't come close enough to real world economic models. Just go back to what the hell you were doing when we had so many people trying to play a damn EA game they had to wait in a que....I mean seriously it isn't that damn hard to figure out is it? Stop shooting yourselves in the foot. Flame away.....get mad at me. I have played this game for a long time....I love it in so many ways. Every time I have told myself to walk away I've come back. Yea....I'm frustrated because it was so much closer to perfect than where we are headed now.
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    We will add a simple clan warehouse feature in one of the next patches. It will allow members to send all resources from their warehouse to the clan warehouse (one way ticket) Clan warehouse is going to be accessible only by officers and clan creator But here lies a problem We are not going to be policing theft. If you appointed the officer with access to warehouse he can steal all resources and leave the clan. Losing all resources from the warehouse can have a huge morale effect on the clan and can lead to it breaking up and leaving the game. So if theft is a problem (And it is going to be a problem for large organization) it is better NOT to implement clan warehouse at all. Dedicating resources to coding complex permits and limits is going to slow development of other more important features. Discuss Do we need a clan warehouse at all? And should we ignore officer theft if it happens (because it is clan responsibility to hire trusted officers only)
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    @admin Please let Players place contracts in Ports to buy Ships like we already can do with Ressoruces and other Goods. I craft Ships whenever i can. And Currently i have to announce the Ship in Global Chat or hope taht anyine stumbles over it i the Freeport Shop. If the Players can Place a Contract with the Ship they want, including Woods, Upgrades, Guns and the Prize they are willing to pay in Reals or even Doubloons (Or even PVP and Victory Marks) it woud allow crafters to build exactly taht Ship. Right now i might build a Ship nobody cares about. And since some Ships need Permits, it a hughe waste of time to build a Indefatigable with the Wrong type of Woods. Wich is alway a matter of Opinion. This woud skyrocket PvP and Crafting, because Players woud be able to Pay , for example, in PvP Marks and Reals, allow Crafter to get PvP Marks without spending too much with PvP (If they dont want to)
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    Captains. Patch will be deployed next week with Elite NPCs fleets that players will be able to find and hunt in the open world that will not only give interesting challenges in combat but also will give options for active PVE players to get (not often) ships with bonuses similar to clan based RVR bonuses XP calculations update Income rebalance (where combat will return to be main money making activity) Port points updates - top ports will have to specialize - the maximum number of maxed bonuses (lvl4 bonuses) will be reduced already made investments will remain until the next map wipe. Important: We are aware that buildings prices are high, but high level manufacturing should be expensive to set up - We will improve sources to make money for those who are not interested in trading and long distance trading only and want to make money by fighting (players or NPCs). We could not deploy it this week unfortunately
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    Please..PLEASE make them craftable DLCs, not ship notes... Make them "Imported ship" so we cannot trade them or capture them, but make it so that the crafting permit is redeemable from the DLC, not the actual ship-note like Hercules/Le Requin. A 24/48 hour redeemable live/white teak/white 4th rate is going to bring all the problems of the Hercules in the past x10. Please.
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    Well the British/French war in Panama seems to be coming to a speedy conclusion now. It has been strongly suggested amongst British clans that a topic such as this be posted to thank the French for giving us such a fun couple of weeks in-game. From a British perspective I can honestly say we have never fought such friendly, respectful and honourable opponents as the French have been. Both factions have behaved courteously and enabled enjoyment for all involved whether in victory or defeat. Both the British and French players deserve great credit and have demonstrated the spirit in which this game can and should be played. I must emphasise that this is not just my own opinion but has been unanimous amongst all the very many (and often senior) British players I have spoken to. At the start of the conflict, we British expected a quick and easy victory over the French - we were proven to be far too overconfident! The French have been courageous, resourceful and above all skillful opponents and gave us quite a shock! We shall certainly not underestimate them again but look forward to renewing our rivalry... Thank you to France - we tip our hats to you!
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    Hi Captains.. We wanted to discuss fire mechanics to see what we can add before we code them in. (prototype fires implementation) Fire Mechanics Damaged ship becomes more susceptible to fires: splinters everywhere, broken powder kegs, powder charges laying around, injured sailors dropping fuses etc. Fire appears locally and spreads around with certain speed - T1 If kept unchecked fire will overwhelm the whole ship and reach the powder magazines Large fires will have a chance to move to another ship if it is very close - bringing new tactical elements and depth Fire acts like a DOT - slowly destroying planking of the ship Explosion Mechanics When fire reaches powder magazines they explode. Explosion brings massive damage to planking and crew, maybe destroying some masts Explosion has a radius - ships within the radius will be damaged by the shockwave. If they are close shockwave will be very strong: demasting them and breaking planking This also brings new tactical elements to battle - should i repair and stop the fire or should i burn and explode in that nice group of enemy ships Repairs Fire first has to be stopped - using the repair kit - or something similar And then fire has to be extinguished - by going on survival Speed of extinguishing depends on crew numbers and pumps number and quality - T2 If T2 is higher than T1 fire will not spread and disappear eventually We are also considering making fire spread slower if you have lots of water in the hull (not sure) Question How do we make fire extinguishing more interesting? I mean how we can bring tactical decisions into it. Alternatively it can just stay - press the button - if you have crew and repair ability you will stop the fire. also discuss and provide ideas on the general thing some fires
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    Hello all Today I mean to humbly present a few pictures i have taken aboard Niagara this past week (and those I will take in the coming week) for any who might enjoy them. I found Niagara on this forum thanks to a post from someone who had completed the same program I am now taking part in - I therefore hope to inspire more people to take to the sea as I was inspired. I will attempt to keep my descriptions as brief as possible... Also, after watching Surcouf's splendid Hermione thread for so long, I couldn't help myself 😀 If anyone finds these pictures useful, just shoot me a message and I'll send you a higher-res copy - I'm fine with anyone using these, just let me know - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - BUFFALO - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Pride of Baltimore, docked astern of Niagara for the Buffalo tallships festival - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - JULY 10 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - At anchor off Buffalo, early the morning of the 10th From the fore crosstrees, around 5 bells in the forenoon, en route to Cleveland Becalmed en route to Cleveland OH late in the afternoon of July 10th (ran into some technical difficulties uploading these ones, they may be a bit green now ) Late that day, Pride of Baltimore (our 'prize') hull-down from just beneath the fore crosstrees - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - JULY 11 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Calm weather led to extraordinarily clear stargazing - I had the middle watch the morning of the 11th Wind returned back before I regained the deck in the afternoon Taken at the same time as the previous image, Pride (our 'prize') was now hull-down from the deck, but flying away to windward The day progresses and the storm foretold by our barometer and the day's calm approaches... Wonderful views of Pride as we approach the storm Almost upon us... - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - JULY 12 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The morning of the 12th brought experiences I will never forget... I made my first passage around the futtock shrouds (as opposed to passing through the lubber's hole) with lightning flashing off both beams and seas rapidly increasing... climbing to take in the main topgallant to ride out the storm None of my pictures of this incredible experience came out, so I will keep them private until I try to coax something out using photoshop back at home. Niagara flying along during the Cleveland parade of sail, some hours after the storm had passed to the north - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - CLEVELAND - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Pride in the foreground - then Empire Sandy, Fair Jeanne, Picton Castle, Bluenose, and Niagara. HMCS Oriole is just behind the buildings. Tomorrow in the am we will leave Cleveland and begin racing towards Bay City (actually racing the other tall ships part of the way,) having tuned the royal masts and the flying jibboom in preparation these past few days. In any case, I hope some have enjoyed my pictures from the last week aboard Niagara thanks for scrolling through
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    yes. Thank you for the suggestion - we will give an option for a 2d back paint instead of the 3d port. we will start working on it in 2 weeks - so hold on.
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    I'm not sure why, but something does not sit well with me with the idea of total conquest - that is, having capitals be capturable and forcing an alliance with the winning team. Might lead to steamrolling smaller nations to grind out victory rewards and map resets. Dunno, just don't like it. Think it'll make for an even more toxic community.
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    So not even book and ship knowledge will be retained? What a kick in the nuts to your testers after all the original promises....
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    Nope Some explanation is needed We called it a partial wipe, because only intermediate materials will be affected. For example barrels or frame parts or rudder parts - those are just fake clicks. And we want to remove them by just using the raw materials in all blueprints. Because of significant reduction of prices and denomination rounding errors will give you more resources or less resources as a result. Thus we recommend to use all intermediate materials and make something of them. Example using lynx Lynx BP will have 1 load of oak logs 1 load of stone blocks 1 load of fir logs 1 load of hemp 1 load of lignum log 1 load of provisions 1 load of compass wood 1 load of iron ore 1 load of coal + planking and frame specific logs of 1 each In the similar way, Santisima BP will need from 20 to 30 loads of individual resources. Its cost (at base prices) after denomination will be somewhere around 35,000 or 65000 pieces of eight (8 real coins) . Now more details on resources and materials conversions. No action needed. Raw materials will be converted as is with no loss or gain (for example Oak logs). If you have 1000 oak logs in the warehouse and the conversion rate is 100 to 1 - you will get 1 oak log (load) (number used is for information purposes only) Money will be converted as is with no loss or gain. For example 1,000,000 gold will convert to 1000 Pieces of Eight (number is for illustration purposes only). Building productions and costs will also reduce according to conversion rates. Repairs, upgrades, ships are not going to be affected. Action recommended but not really required (the effects of loss or gain will be minor) Intermediate materials will be converted into raw materials. For example frame parts will convert into logs. Barrels might convert to logs or logs and ore. Carriages will convert to logs or logs and hemp. Et cetera. As a result Crafting BPs will be cleaner and more easy to understand. There will be less unnecessary clicks there will be less unnecessary materials to craft and hold There will be less zeroes.
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    Without Global chat, How are we supposed to tell tales with our national comrades… On single display computers? Chattin in Global is more than 50% of the reason I play!
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    After several questions raised in the following topic.. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/1737-ship-replacement/page-3 We wanted to describe some of the mechanics that we are implementing in Naval Action. We already covered them in the russian forums and they were very well received. Our goal is to have lots of battles for those who want them, and at the same time reduce griefing and gank. 1. Fleet duty and Escort Every player can pay for armed support (escort). Members of the Navy or Privateer organizations or freelancers can sign up for the escort duty services. In case of attack on the player with the escort protection document we will automatically bring real players (who serve in the navy) into the instanced battle. Their original location does not matter as they will be brought back after battle. Navy captains or privateers must attend the fleet duty (and have a weekly/monthly quota to fulfill). Declining such invites could hamper rank and promotion chances. In case no player is available game will spawn sufficient NPC cover. On the open map you will not be able to see which escorts your target have and how many. You will only see the letter (E) above the enemy ship and if you have sufficient recognition skill you will know the estimated number of ships like 1-5 or 5-10. And will not know their class. Sometimes you wont even see the letter (E) depending on the trader skills or escort service acquired. Gankers will always be pleasantly surprised. 2. Post and Correspondence Every battle (npc or player) can generate loot. One of the loot items will be "Correspondence". Opening the letter you will be informed of: 1) top 1-5 enemy ships with most valuable cargo and their last known location (like a 4th rate with the cargo of diamonds have left Havana 20 mins ago)... OR 2) top bounties and their latest location OR 3) largest fleet battles you can enter (that have not closed yet) Letters can be sold or given to other players. 3. Open map enemy information It will NEVER be exact. You will never know exact type of ship until you enter instance. Ships will be represented by a generic model and when attacking you will only know that it is a frigate and hopefully it has somewhere between 30 to 40 guns. If your recognition skill is very low you will be very often mistaken.
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    Last no-cannon case was related to farming with other players. When NPC sinks you no-one is getting marks, which is fine if you do it yourself for yourself. But if you clearly interfere with the port battle activities of the other players of your own nation (where your purpose should be to help them) then you are breaking the rules of the game. In this particular case the explanation will be requested from the players and warnings will be issued. If these players will be noticed in similar activities again they will be transferred to the nation they are trying to help and could lose rank as well.
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    Captains. Let's discuss the number of nations for the release state of the game. Should we keep current 11 nations at war with each other, where smaller nations have less chance to compete in RVR Should we enforce alliances from Europe by game rules. Current populations Pirates 14.52% Spain 8.83% France 10.21% Great Britain 26.86% Dutch 4.88% Sverige 8.76% Denmark 2.87% United States 9.15% Russian Empire 9.33% Prussia 3.61% Polish Commonwealth 0.97% Proposed coalitions Northern Coalition 17% (based on historical agreements during napoleonic wars Dutch Sweden Denmark Poland British Empire 27% Western Coalition 28% (based on historical agreements during napoleonic wars) USA Spain France Holy Alliance 13% (based on the historical holy alliance against france) Prussia Russia Pirates 14% Proposed coalitions will have separate starting capitals but will act as allies allowing clan alliances between nations and port usage rights. Coalitions will increase minimal size of the nation from 43 average daily players for the smallest nation to 600 average daily players for the smallest coalition, greatly increasing the potential and ability to have effect on the map.
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    Dear Sirs, Hopoe this is the right place, but whatever. I wanted to write and give you my impressions of the current status of Naval Action in it's current form post patch and why I think you are failing on some fronts since I believe one should always present constructive critisism in these things and hopefully it may provide some thoughts from a player that's been in this game for 18 months. In all these cases, I can only present my views on the current status and for those who don't like a long read, then please stop here. Please. The game is a Multi Player On-line Game, one of many on the market, but currently, the only one set in the age of sail and is more of a simulator than a game, by which I mean that it's mechanisms are based more on what happened in reality than giving way to arcade mechanisms. To my mind, I see 4 types of players in the game.. one subdivision is PvE or PvP and the other is the solo player or the clan player. All types are being catered for in the current format. For each of these types there are probably a number of subdivisions.. those that are frequent players, moderate players and casual players and further subdivided by those that prefer to play by fighting ships and those that prefer to trade. If you take all those categories together, then your balance in this game needs to cross 24 or more different boundaries to satisfy all and maintain a healthy player base. For all types, there should be a "reasonable" progression in the game with objectives and goals in mind. After all any game, even a simulator, should be fun in order to retain players of all types. There is no question that not all those goals should be similar or even, just that some sort of goal should exist and be obvious for those players. No game will survive, if only catering to one or two types of players out of the gamut of players out there with so much competition for gaming time available. OK summary over.. lets take a look at the game as it stands now shall we... Post patch, I decided to start a new character.. not taking any of the redeemables both on PvP and on PvE to see what the experience would be for a brand new player perhaps deciding if they would like to get into the game. I start with a basic cutter and 4 pdr guns. I have zero money. I'll bypass the fact that theres no info or clues in the game yet but will come back to that. The ONLY thing I can do at this stage is a combat mission. There is absolutely NO other option in the game, nothing Nada, zilch. I can't buy anything to trade and I have nothing to sell to make money.. so my first impression is.. I have to take part in combat as my only choice.. okay for the person that wants to be a trader then I have a first negative mark. But however.. of I go. Having played before, to me, that first mission wasn't to bad.. it was my cutter v a privateer, however for a new player, that would NOT be an easy contest and finding the mission was not an easy experience.. just a mark in the sea with a pray and hope to get to, even with the new protractor. That first battle took me about 15 minutes to complete, for a new player, they might not survive. If they DONT survive that first battle, then you have created a negative impression against those who want to fight ships as well. The logical output of the first 30 minutes of the game, therefore, is a negative to both trader types and fighting types. For casual players.. that might be enough to send them away.. but lets continue. I know have a few thousand dollars and a little bit of exp and maybee, just maybe a couple of hull repairs or something, If I could work out how to loot the ship before it sank. Is it enough to upgrade my ship? Nope.. guns cost way to much.. is enough to start trading.. nope not really, so now what, you want me to grind even at this stage and rinse and repeat the same things.. okay strike 2 as a trader and perhaps as a casual player.. nope too much time involved to even get out of tier 1 so strike there as well. If I lost.. I still have nothing.. I can replace what I had but I am still at a zero level.. nothing at all after 30 minutes of playing the game. That's an appalling situation. Now, I can work out that in 4 battles, I will have enough to get a new rank.. but for what? what is the purpose here? So I go into my second battle. etc etc.. all I have here is a timesink but for what? Whgat am I supposed to be aiming for. I look at costs of ships and costs to equip them, and I realise that I have to hard core grind to get that next ship.. even buying from the stores, I need maybee 15k for that ship and 30k for guns.. 45k at less than 10k per battle means I am FORCED to fight until I have won 5 or 6 combat missions to get a ship I could loose in one battle. Goodbye Casual player. OK now we have less types to cater for. Lets assume, I have the 50k after a few missions... I look into my home port and see a few items available. Is there ANY clue as to what might be useful somewhere else in the world.. Nope. there is a trader tool that only lists what prices would be at another port if they were available there, but theres no list of IF something is available. So I can see what I could take from my port and sell somewhere else, maybe at a profit. The game world is divided into small areas.. eg Surrey, Corwall and South Cays for a starting brit. There is no reason, not even historically, why stocks of goods in the same county should not be available from any port in that county. It's called throw me a frikin' bone here guys. Theres also no reason, that I couldn't send someone by horse from KPR to Port Morant to buy goods in that port, even if I then had to go to that port to pick them up and have them sitting in the warehouse there perhaps with a time limit tom picking them up. Whilst we are on that topic, what is this complete rubbish about goods in warehose dissapear if you have no outpost and sail away.. people make mistakes.. providing you recover those goods within a certain timeframe, they should remain. OK so more strikes against traders because the trading is so localised and restrictive. Secondly, it should be possible to see from the map, which ports can produce which items.. it's not like they move around between ports, they are fixed and solid, so display them.. how do you expect a new player that perhaps wants to build cannons in game to know that their coal supply needs to come from the far edges of the map? OK.. so I make a little money, but that trade run nets me so much travelling experience.. (sarcasm mode) of 2XP from KPR to Morant that again I am depressed.. again, if I want a bigger ship.. trading is NOT the way forward. OK.. lets go back to our fighter.. Hes done his first 5 or 6 combat missions and got enough to equip something a little bigger.. maybe a Pickle, so he eagerly goes to home port, buys a ship and the cannons... and sails off into the ocean to use his shiney new ship and the first battle he gets into he looses against a privateer.. he now has 2 choices.. give up or back to a basic cutter where he has alrady spent 3 hours getting enough money to buy his shiney new ship that he used once.. Even a medium player will have spent a ferw sessions in game to get to that point, so is it worth going on.. probably not. Lost medium fighting player. Now lets look at the crafter.... He wants to build ships or guns.. Before he can even start he needs to buy a shipyard.. 50,000 gold, plus all the resources.. Have you ANY IDEA AT ALL how long that takes to get doing 10k missions.. well lets see.. to get the oak and stone you probably need buildings.. and it will be two outposts, so thats maybe 150k with outposts buildings and getting the resources.. doing missions thats 20 basic missions assuming no losses at 20 minutes a time, thats 400 minutes play time just to get the basics without any materials to even start building the ships. Now whilst we are on that topic.. what can I build.. A lynx. whoppeee do de da.. not that a lynx isn't something, but heres another throw me a bone moment.. show EVERYTHING a crafter will be able to build, just grey out those that can't be built yet so the crafter can have a target to aim towards and see what they will need in the future.. allow them to have a goal. An example.. I found a delivery mission that required the delivery of a mid note somewhere.. what the hell is a mid note (Yes, personally I know what one is ) but none of the crafting screens showed a mid note and I damn near F11'd it thinking it was a left over from the old iteration of the game until someone told me that at a certain craft level they do appear again in the craft list. So casual crafter.. gone.. never to return. Now youve lost ALL your casual players. Your mid level fighting players may have gone as well when they lost their first ships. OK you say.. so Get in a Clan and socialise to learn the basics.. well hold on there a minute.. not everyone has the time or inclination to be in a clan, and frankly, some of the clans in this game will put people off the game faster than the mechanics. At this stage, the casual player has gone, the Mid level fighter may have gone and the mid level trader and crafter are already looking at the game and thinking about leaving. That leaves us with the hard core players. That is not sufficient to support the game in any way or in any fashion. What is there in the game for the hard core player that doesn't want to be in a clan.. answer.. zip nada nothing.. so now all you have left are the hard core clan players, whether on PVP or PvE so we are down to two types of player from our origional 24 types. What is there in the game for the hardcore player that IS in a clan.. zip.. nada apart from social.. theres nothing (NOTHING) in this game that being in a clan gives you in terms of extra rewards or anything.. and before you say port battles.. ermmm so what.. conquest marks are available by timesink by doing enough free missions, so apart from being IN a port battle.. what ya got.. nada. Finally lets look at the economy.. There isn't one.. theres a time sink disguised as an economy because the tools you need to be a trader or crafter just don't exist to make it enjoyable. The economy in this game doesn't work, not even slightly.. it's far to dependant on already knowing what is out there and where it is. A limited economy is no economy and an economy that is based on who's been in the game longest is NOT sustainable. You have massive cost sinks.. (loss of ship and repairs) but no drip feed or recoverability against that so therefore it HAS to be broken and has no way of NOT being broken. Theres not even a listing of what is in the game or not to allow people aims and ambitions. OK so suggestions as to what may be needed from me. 1) Give people a goal to select.. show all the craftable items.. show fighters ALL the ships in game and ALL the options even if greyed out because they dont have rank or status to use them.. give people a bone so they can make a goal for themselves. 2) 1 player per account.. absolute rubbish.. allow more ( maybe three) so people can play different styles even if you limit them to just one nationality. 3) Trading. build a proper market and let people see ALL available items in game and what stocks and prices are at ALL ports in the county you are in. 4) Allow remote buying and selling of goods (perhaps just within county but broader than just this port), but require travel to pick them up within a certain timeframe or they return to stocks. 5) Allow items in a warehouse to stay there, EVEN WITH NO OUTPOST for a time limit or until you dock in another port to allow for beginner mistakes. 6) For Fighters, add insurance to protect against ship loss.. not the full value, but enough of the base cost that it doesnt kill you whjen you loose your ship early in the game. 7) For Traders, add insurance on cargo, maybe even different levels and depending on length of run to not make it a total disaster if you loose the cargo. 8) Readjust the grind to be easier lower level and harder upper level.. stop penalising new players or casual players who may not be able to spend 7 dayts a week full time in the game. 9) Put limits in the game for minimum prices so that casual traders and players can actually get some return against the established ones.. anything below minimum is automatically bought by the game.. 10) Maybe add in some sort of daily reward for gaining exp in that day in the form of a sepcial delivery or something that has a random loot drop in it to encourage players to come back and do things in game on a daily basis, even if only for a short time. Maybe have levels so those that play more per day get two drops or similar. 11) Class type.. Trader/Crafter or Fighter these should be different with different base rules. Trader/Crafter should get more exp for sailing between ports, they should get benes for doing trader/craft things than fighting and vice versa. There should be things that a trader/crafter can do without having to fight to start the game. Traders/Crafters should be able to own more buildings than fighters. Perks should be different for Fighters than crafters What you currently have is the idea that anyone can be anything and it fails everyone by trying (and failing) to do that. Put back the perks of Crafters getting some exp from the people that buy their ships and use them. Maybee add trader perks that allow you see whats available further away from you in ports even if you can't buy them remotely. Give fighters more ship slots and less building slots and vice versa. 12) Add some sort of honour/loyalty system so that people could raise in reputation as well as rank. Maybe become friends with nobility that are in charge of ports or something that give benefits to both fighters and trader/crafters. 13) Timesink does not equal fun in any way whatsoever when timesink = negligable rewards. 14) Show, ONTHE MAP, what ports can establish what buildings.. like they don't change so why wouldn't people know. OK and whilst we are at it.. having played since the start of early access.... 1) Get a damn UI sorted.. Get a freakin intern or something and make the game pretty.. theres no excuse anymore for the boring as hell grey screens all over the place.. remember, the UI IS the first thing you will see in the game and many will be turned off by it and it hasn't changed in 18 damn months and it's not only rubbish, it doesn't even work properly in the current itteration.. I spend more time logging off and logging in to see whats in the shops after a mission than I do playing the game almost. I am sure that there are people out there who would absolutely jump at the opportunity to add an actual games UI to their resume in return for little actual cash who could do a great job in a summer break or something. 2) STOP playing with an economy that doesn't work and start THINKING about making something that works for all levels of players, not just those that are unemployed and want to work in clans. 3) START thinking about the casual player and not just the hard-core gamer who can devote their life to getting somewhere. 4) At the very least.. if you can't afford any new staff.. get some approved players to monitor the help channels rather than relying on players to do your job for you so there is always some sort of bone that can be thrown to new players in the hope of retaining them. Absconding from your responsability in game is an indicator to people of what they should expect and currently it's nothing. 5) STOP using early access as an excuse to not do the basics. 6) Frankly in 18 months, damn near nothing has changed in this game and I humbly suggest that it is no nearer a finished product than it was 18 months ago and currently is at exactly the same stage of early access as it was 18 months ago. OK sorry this was way to long and on the edge of a rant, but frankly.. to me, at this time, this game is only suitable for hard core players in clans and that, my friends is NOT a recipie for a game that is looking for longevity in the current market, no matter HOW specialised the premise behind it is and that makes me sad, because even now I can see something that to me could be great, but even as an ex Navy person and retired, this game is not providing me with an "ENTERTAINMENT": factor that will keep me coming back and competing for my Real world gaming hours. By the way, this entire post was written during one timesink run from KPR to Plymouth which netted an absolutely stunning amount of 195XP.. really.. thats just sad. Regards to all.. M
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    Hello Dear moderators, hello Dear developers, I want to thank you for your great efforts for creating this game and caring for community. I know your job is sometimes not easy but I want to encourage you to "stay on course" keep going for improving this wonderful game. And I can give you my personal highest reward: I only will make, hopefully constucitive critism, when I really like a game. You did a great job Best Regards Donjuan
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    Hey all, I am currently working alot with UI/UX and jumping at any chance to mess around with it in real scenarios. I threw together some ideas for UI and figured I'd share them incase anything is worth consideration Active UI UPDATED 3.12.15 Inactive UI UPDATED 3.12.15 Damage Direction Indicator ^^^ Damage Direction Indicator, Many games have this now. Seems relevant as im sure a broadside would do something to your captain even if its just a little annoyance in your eyes. Im testing with maybe splintering wood instead of just a red gradiant. Ammunition and Cannon Loadout This video shows how the images above would be represented in real time. Its a little clunky but it gets the point across. Again this would consolidate you cannon loadout to the hotbars and you would have full control of what ammo is loaded into each deck/side. Details are tiny you might want to watch in full screen. Also, reload wouldnt be that fast, its just for video purposes I removed crew status from hot keys area, and replaced with full control off ships ammunition and cannon loadout. You can control each individual deck and sides ammunition separately or altogether. Amount of available cannons on that deck is shown in the center of the hotkey. Reloads take place directly over the hotkey like a cool down in most MMOs. Crew Status Crew Status was moved above the map, and I have removed the green loading bar/circle loading bar from before. When changing status, current status will deselect and selected status will start a cooldown. Once done that status will remain hightlighted. If a status has multiple options it will pop a second menu up much like ammunition. I added Flee to replace repair as repair kits dont necessarily make sense and figure it can be handled by survival. Flee is a first attempt at explaining dropping cargo and cannons overboard. Currently this would only be related to cannons. Drop 25% means you drop 25% of your cannons, 50% you drop 50% and so on. Its not a perfect system but thought it was an interesting start to a discussion that has been going on. Chat Window This is an example of an active chat window. A user would be typing or hovered over their chat window. This is an example of an inactive chat window. A user would see this as messages came through but wasnt actively interacting with this element. Alerts and Warnings Along with the whistles this feed would provide a captain with shout outs from his crew for collisions, fires, leaks and so on. These Icons will show number of leaks, fires, and whatever other alerts that should be available to a captain. Ship Information and Status UPDATED 3.12.15 UPDATED 3.19.15 This is a crude representation of how the compass might work. Im sure the movements arent accurate to how it would actually work, but wanted to show the moving parts (added back in the water level). This panel much like the one that already exists combines the current seperate ship elements and combines them into one area. This is still rough, but working through how something like this might work. The Crew, Sail Integrity, and water level are shown on the upper right. Water Pump, Rudder, and Magazine Status are shown on the bottom right along with the speed. Ships Hull integrity is surrounding the ships icon. The thin green circle around the ship is broken up into 4 sections to represent, the left, right, front and rear of the ship. Beside the ship is the sail directions and control, laid on top much like its handled now. Wind and direction is still very much the same of the previous and so is rudder control. Skipper Auto and Manual sit atop all these elements beside the Icon alerts. Ship Status and Information is still being worked out. Map Not much has changed from before except crew status has moved above the map. Customizable UI And anyone at GameLabs please dont take this as I don't think you guys can handle the UI/UX side of things. I just am a huge fan of the game and currently trying to get myself into the UI/UX market, and figured I would share some ideas. Thank you to anyone who has read this, and happy sailing
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    Hello Admirals, We deeply thank you for all the support and feedback you are providing. We would like to inform you about our work for the next patch, which is scheduled to arrive next week. First of all, some balances: Balances/Fixes Penetration rebalance (Not so high drop-off of penetration strength, better shell shatter threshold for not so frequent partial-pens of HE). With the new settings however, angling will be even more important in order to inflict critical hits to heavily armored ships. HE penetration strength reduced slightly for compensation, making HE shells not so powerful compared to AP as before. AI choses shell ammunition more efficiently. It should switch to HE as a human player would do. Main Guns/ Sec Gun fire rate rebalance (+15% Big guns, -10% Small guns) Increased slightly the impact of flooding, making AP and torpedoes potentially more hazardous, as their hits can cause flooding with more probability. Targeting became slightly sharper (fixes issues of very low accuracy at close range, due to very rapid change of bearing). Cost rebalance of the Yamato type hull, so that in mission "Modern Battleship" it is less possible to build many weaker battleships. It is still possible to do so, but they should be so weak that they will be worthless (especially with new penetration balances). Increased the accuracy of electric torpedoes further, but now they cost +12.5% more. Reload Mechanism now affects range, turret traverse speed and aiming, instead of accuracy. Together with some weight/cost rebalances it is added an extra reloading tech component with no range drawbacks but is much more expensive. Improved Auto-Designer to build ships favoring stronger main armament (and be more competitive against the player). Fixed an issue with ship stats that affected torpedo detection range for towers (causing them to be too large and battleships to respond too early without the need of escort ships.). Fixed issue that caused surface visibility to not be at realistic levels, according to ship size. Now big ships should be visible at reasonable distances. Late missions have been rebalanced in initial distance and duration to compensate for the new improvement. Fixed stats issues not updating properly several components in late techs, for example, citadel bonuses on resistance. 1st Mission has -2 minutes duration to be not a pushover. Increased +1km of average initial distance of opponent CL (2nd Mission) to reduce chance of an early lucky shot that can destroy the cruiser too soon. "Destroy Full Fleet" mission is rebalanced and moved higher in the mission list, to reflect better its difficulty. The second part of improvements The second part of the patch will be mostly dedicated to several crash fixes and fps optimizations. Two more missions and some other improvements are also scheduled for the next patch. We will provide more information in our final patch notes. Have a good weekend everybody, and enjoy the game! The Game-Labs Team PS: For those players anticipating problems in purchasing the game, we will soon offer alternative payment methods to suit their needs.
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    In 2016 the game has done the number of experiments and because of those experiments the amount of resources or wealth due to bugs or welfare for early access does not allow to tune the economy for the release state. It was known in advance and we have said before that assets will be wiped several times before the release. We absolutely need to do this wipe to see if everything we learnt over last year will be applied successfully. Wipes are impossible on release date, thus they have to be done now. Participants of the early access will be rewarded on release for all the pain.
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    Captains, he current alliance situation on pvp-1 is that one side have players in US time zone and another don't, which is the root of the problem. We tried to find out the solution that will suit everyone but we did not find it yet unfortunately. Thus, to cut the Gordian knot, we decided that until release there will be two servers, EU and US, with their prime timers. In the remaining development time until release we will still try to find out the solution, and apply it in case of success. There is a possible alternative which is still in discussions, thus the decision of separated timers is not 100% yet.
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    resource control remained. You still have to own certain regions to have full access to some types of wood or materials. fine wood removed for the following reasons. Its goal was to limit the number of rare ships and first rates, the goal was somewhat achieved together with the removal of players :). It was not a good feature and has to be rethought completely.
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    Captains Here is the new map of the region. Changes might happen but they will be minor. map removed (was too big causing problems loading) Direct link. http://imgur.com/nLGhbW5 In September (if stars align favorably) all ports will be reverted to neutral (In case of mixed historical ownership) or to original historical ownership (in case the whole region belonged to one nation. No other resets will be done. Pitt's town will change nation - if you have assets in Pitt's town - move them out. Please take necessary action to reposition resources, ships, or outposts. In October resource map will change requiring reset of production buildings. Some free towns will be repositioned. More detailed information on this will be posted later.
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    yes. we are working on the patch that will include updated battle UI, first versions of official localizations, new trading, postal missions (passengers and letters) and 1v1 patrol. If this patch will get longer than expected we will hot fix the muskets before it.
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    Naval Action is the ARMA of age of sail. We have THE BEST sailing model ever done in a computer game and we will continue to improve it. We are sure that some landlubbers prefer first rates to sail as motorboats, but hey - they can sail them in other games (and even install ram on their ship) first rates no longer come out of tack at speed (it was happening because they had old inertia which is now fixed)
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    Looking at how the main nations people choose in the game seem to be the United States and Great Britain (with Pirates coming next probably) people have been looking for a way to encourage people to play the "smaller nations" such as Sweden. While I believe we still should keep thinking of ways for people to be encouraged to choose the smaller nations I think there is one simple thing that could be done as a start. When I first joined the game I looked at all the nation descriptions to see which I liked the best. I of course saw the US was labeled as Easy and when I was just starting I didn't want to learn this new game by being thrown into the deep end so I joined the US. After about 2 weeks I felt I had learned enough to go to a harder nation and went with Sweden. I expected some sort of difficulty change but I found none. The only difficulty we had was a smaller population. I feel this part of the description is misleading and should be changed. While not top priority it seems like an easy fix and could be a good step towards keeping nations somewhat balanced. I will also attach the current nation descriptions for the US and Sweden and a possible idea for how to change them.
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    We do not have enough information to answer. We have rushed opening new servers after EA launch and will not rush merging the servers before release. We can merge the servers in 1 day but do not know yet if it is a good idea or not. Half of our customers are from USA, half of our customers is from Europe. Most likely there will be two servers. RIP system works. Check the reviews - the majority of negative reviews are from people who were banned for toxic and xenophobic statements. Thus: Report, Ignore and toxic players will be Punished. EA servers are for testing and finding pain points. The only real solution is to have EU and US server with respective time zones. Or keep full sandbox like EvE Online. EU server is located in the EU and populated both by players from EU and US. In the very long term there will be one server (or two). PVE server will most likely not survive in the long term. EvE online does not interfere with time of conquest, POTBS has regional servers. Lots of pain in between of those options. Question could not be understood. Trafalgar was 33v41, Raid for Havana (1762) was 42v9. We don’t plan to have all battles 25v25 in Naval Action OW edition. The community has make hard decision on the timezones. There is no middle ground. More information above. Its impossible to balance RVR. Its a sandbox and an experience. There are weak nations and strong nations. Because of alliances every nation has access to at least 25 captains required to control zones and win PBs. The only problem with RVR is the timezone problem. Take signalling perk - it allows reinforcements and larger battles. We have no public information on raids yet. NA could be split into two games. Sitting on two chairs satisfies no-one. Then if you want no time wasting you would go to Arena. And if you want experience (salt on your face and such) you will sail in the Open world. Pacific = gulf of mexico. No-one is going to be there. We have no plans to remove rookie area yet. A lot of people who want rookie area removed are veterans. Ships will be done by us even if the model will be done by an outsider (freelancer or volunteer). Player driven town growth will not work in MMO environment, as all cities will be built out to max in 3 months defeating the purpose. The only way to make this system work is to make cities full loot (lost the city = lost everything in it including improvements). For all players. Damage to rigging = Demasting. Rigging is such a complex mechanism with so many parts that for sake of simplicity in gameplay environment you can consider it one element replicated by masts and mast sections. We have more ships than Euro Truck Simulator has trucks. To make more customers will have to support us. Regarding the completion fears - there is nothing to worry about - The game will be completed and released. We are confident that this will happen in 2017. We are working on the several ships including Wasa and Hermione. Careers were never successfully implemented in MMOs The only option is veteran reset. You reset - start fresh for badges or extra points etc. There are content plans for the first half of 2017 posted in the developer announcements. The goal is to release the game out of early access with polished UI and localized into several languages that will bring a good number of new players. Somewhere in February-March. Patches are deployed to testbed now. We expect the patch to move to main server as soon as features we are working on now are finished deployed and tested on testbed. Besides structure there are new pirate mechanics, port battle changes (points does not count for first 10 minutes, new coastal defenses), general combat feedback on 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st rates. Hostility system was partially proposed by players and was supposed to bring people together in jolly cooperation vs other nations. But it did not. If there are more enemies than you have you don’t engage and enemies pve. same happens against you. Thus hostility points failed. We will try tweaking it one more time but we are very pessimistic about hostility points now. Not in the release version. Paints could be customized on certain vessels on release. Pirates will be able to sink each other if they attack each other (so called outlaw battle). Outlaw battle will not provide rewards, will be open for 1.30 hours and will be FFA (even forts will shoot at all participants and each other). This is going to be tested on testbed first. Ships are supposed to sink differently with different angles to water. But remember - wooden ships have no compartments - so they usually sink keel down with some angle. http://www.cnn.com/2014/06/12/us/hms-bounty-tall-ship-sinking-investigation/ Such features eat a lot of performance unfortunately. We have said in the past – initially there were gun recoil and open/closed port features but we was forced to turn it off to achieve a good performance in 50 ship battle. Same story here. Kickstarter will only be for ships and first one will cover a specific community request that we cannot afford doing ourselves: USS Constitution full remake (requested by several TDA members). We will be happy to provide stretch goals in form of other American vessels. If this kickstarter is successful it will do more of them in the future for example rare ship packs - like Victory with original stern (with balconies) or National ship packs (like Dutch ship pack). The ship line up composition is not final and will change on release. some ships will remain rare. We do not know yet but eventually they will be added to the game. Stern rakes are not finalized yet – but crew damage is already lower on testbed. BR limits are impossible to enforce unless entry to port battles is done through the lobby. Our goal is to make other 4th rates viable. Aga is OP or other ships are weak (unrealistically weak). Yes – please check Content plans for the first half of 2017 thread. Not yet, we will post once there are more details. Getting and keeping nation numbers = is a skill. It is a leadership skill. Number of players come up and down in nations over time (veterans know it) . Skilled players sink others despite the numbers. Of course 3 skilled captains will lose against 15 new players. There are ways to mitigate that though if we do some changes. For example removing the boarding preparation time, which will help those 3 to change ships. Or give the repair resets on kills (like DS3) which will allow those who kill more to fight longer. Crafting changes are not on the key priorities for 1H. But we might change how ships are made. Düsseldorf Germany, NJ USA. 10 members: 2.5 coders, 2 designers, 3 artists, 3 QA testers. Not before release. We never focused efforts on PvE. Did not consider this idea before. PVE server was opened based on the request of several veteran players/supporters during testing. They asked us to give them some place where they can just peacefully sink bots without attack of other players. But before that we were never PVE focused and always said that real captains in the age of sail fought other people (our webpage in 2013). What we can assure you our PVE is better than in Rust or DayZ. Raids will be somewhat PVE (with a chance of player invasion). UI is work in progress. Important statement on the time period immersive UI. If time-period UI means rotten wood everywhere partially covered by dirty 200 year old half burned and stained paper - no, we won’t have rotten wood ui. Risks of infection in an enclosed space forced navies to keep their crews and ships extremely clean. Decks were washed multiple times per day. Everything was freshly painted or tarred to avoid rot. Paper was new, and newspapers were freshly printed and white. Age of sail ships were the most modern creation then. Thus UI must be sleek and modern to actually be immersive. sailors were serving on most modern and sleek ships- spaceships of the age of sail. Docks are very expensive database wise. Like really expensive. Clan love is not on the priority list. The goal is to solve the 80% of new players never reaching the brig. If this is solved you wont have time to think about clan flag because of lots of pvp. Yes we do. We work on 2 secret projects in addition to Ultimate General Civil War and Naval Action. We are looking for AI programmers now and great animation specialists. We love that idea but will not implement it. Such feature would punish traders first. Thus we are considering in-game ship speed as a fully loaded. TLDR. No-one will survive at 8 knots loaded. It’s like fine wood squared. Rain and storms happen in battle if you start a battle in rain or storm. Yes Some upgrades will be received in the admiralty. some upgrades will remain rare drops. The modelling cost is miniscule compared to getting the ship work in game (damage model, colliders, textures, paint schemes, animations, rigging, yards, sails, crew, cannons, waterline, structure, etc). Timezones questions were answered above. National alliances were requested by players (persistently). Players want alliances and they will fall into stalemates if players will keep them. Players who don’t want alliances can join pirates and sink everyone. Because privateers are not pirates. The next wipe will be ship wipe. We will provide some other solutions to test eco changes. We hate spamming and thus don't spam. Many will return when the game will release but the majority of inflow will be from new players. Steam announcements, facebook will inform most of the fans. But remember - for many players games are like books. Read it once and look for a new one. There are only 2 rare resources available in 2 regions only. The rest can be get through alliances and conquest. Smuggler was supposed to be a risky mechanic. Trade ships under neutral flags (or just trade ships) could enter other nations in history.. we don't see why not. Outposts = ships/items = database entries = cost. We don’t want subscriptions. Maybe there is another way but we have not yet figured it out. Balancing is never complete and will continue. We do not know yet – but at the moment you can test ships on testbed server (when it is live). We are happy with the prototype but now there are other priorities. On average 40 captains join the game EVERY DAY for the last 1-2 months without any marketing. That is 1200 players per month. That’s enough to fill both PVP servers in 2 months. What did you personally do to make them feel at home, happy and willing to stay and fight alongside you? Remember that your negativity spreads and stops them from playing. No. Spyglass is not a priority. Not before release. Chinese is one of Asian languages. Initially we did not include Portugal because The Treaty of Tordesillas have placed the Portugal line below the current in game map. Boarding will most likely be updated after release. The game content will continue to improve. Yacht was not nerfed. report a bug. Lighthouses and such are theoretically possible. We have plans to come back to this feature in the future. This is a very interesting idea but currently has low priority. Combat is still in tuning. We plan to rebalance ship’s stats. Nelson’s fleet at trafalgar was a screening fleet. He had to stop the combined French fleet from providing support to the invasion fleet of Napoleon and did it by winning the battle of Trafalgar. Screening is part of conquest. But screening should have a counter. You can interpolate the % from the alliance votes and then apply that % to average daily online number. We plan to remove the ability to keep XP when deleting players. XP Synchronization was provided for EA only. You won’t be able to change nation in the future without starting completely fresh. We do read player suggestions. It will make ganking easier. Captain, please put more details or rephrase the question in the next Q&A session. We of course want more ships from more nations. Spain has some beauties. Two of the most prized ships in game are Spanish (fully or partially) Santa Cecilia is spanish as well as Santisima Trinidad (first time in history of sailing computer games this ship was done properly). Also remember that for us ships have no nationality. We love them all equally, thus we just make ships our art director loves or our community proposes. Please bring beautiful spanish vessels to the voting when it happens next.
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    Hello Captains Map will be updated with the forthcoming patch. We do not have an estimate when it will be deployed, but it would be good to start preparing for the move of assets. direct link http://imgur.com/a/r7Oj9 You can right-click on the image in the link, then choose "Open in a new tab" for a better resolution. NB: the yellow indications in parenthesis (example: Port Morant ( B ) ) are just old informations, they don't indicate the ownership in the september patch - only the colored zones do. Detailed list of port ownerships in the september patch: All regions (except for some in Bahamas) will start with their historical ownership. This was decided because we don't need neutral cities as it will require players to pve a lot during first weeks of conquest. What to expect. Because of the resource changes all buildings will be destroyed by a massive earthquake and their costs will be recovered to players by national insurance companies. Outposts will stay intact all assets in warehouses or ships in docks will be untouched. But if your outpost is currently located in your national town or in a neutral town this might change. Regions will change ownership and neutral towns will disappear. Players who want to have access to assets after the patch should move them out to their national region. Alternatively players can just capture that region after the reset. PVE server players will have to move them out or use smugglers.
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