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    Hello Captains We would like to share the development plans for the second half of 2019 Content updates will be provided with less frequency as they will require more testing due to live status of the game. content update 1: Treacherous waters - Traditional update with 2-3 patches Raids on ports NPC Aggression (both in the world and in RVR) Massive Painter DLC and looted Paint Chest update. Final localization update including additions of some approved community translation to game client content update 2: Unfinished business (continuous updates) Combat model update and improvements (including proper battle sails mechanics) More variety in upgrades, loot and books ROE update for patrols content update 3: Welcome to the Caribbean - Seasonal update New player experience missions and improvements Low cost limited content edition (a-la wow lvl 20 trial) content update 4: Chatham Chest - Seasonal update New progression system (including for crew) Veteran ranks Perk system revamp and improvements Update to knowledge and book systems Content update 1 will be delivered first.
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    Identified the source of the bug that sometimes cause extreme angle of fire for NPC ships. It was caused by the change that fixed the cases when AI did not fire at all. Will be fixed as soon as possible.
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    It seems the latest changes to the ability to level up using the crafting of hull/rig/rum is a step in the wrong direction. It used to be way back when, we crafted subcomponents for a ship, that crafting credit for leveling up was given for taking the time to build different necessary pieces for building ships. Of course, that all went away when the subcomponents for ships was eliminated. But no one really cared since most of the folks who crafted ships already had achieved the maximum crafting level. With the elimination of the ability to level up by crafting rig/hull/rum the only way to level up is for everyone to build a shipyard and level up that way. Of course, this is in direct contradiction to the way the game truly forces a player to become part of a clan and work with their teammates to put in the amazing amount of resources required to build a port up to a max level. In effect, players (especially new players) are penalized for not building a shipyard to level up. I mean what about crafting guns, isn't that part of what it takes to put a good ship to sea? I mean it takes a significant investment in creating a forge, a coal and iron mine to be able to craft guns. How about that? I mean how many people (yes i know a few) who sail warships around without guns? How about permanent mods? Don't you need an Academy or Workshop to do different levels of crafting there? Gun and Mod crafters all help in the development of ships, by contributing pieces to the overall ship completion. I request that the developers revisit and rethink the crafting credit system and provide a more meaningful and reasonable fix that will allow those who chose not to build a shipyard, at least in the early days after release, to gain crafting credit for the work they take on to help their clan build a completely outfitted ship.😠
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    Captains Small patch has been deployed today Changes and fixes Fixed Bug that sometimes increased horizontal angle of fire for cannons for NPC ships Improved loot table drop system to remove rare cases of same items dropping in consequential opening of chests Fixed 3 potential exploits thanks to @qw569 research Fixed bug with labor hours for upgrade manufacturing Fixed bug with perk requirement for Wasa and United states shipbuilding Fixed bug that did not generate proper knowledge slots for trader ships when crafting them (before release trading ships had only 3 slots now they can have 5) Changes in the previous weeks Fixed experience bug for hull repair, rum and rig repair manufacturing Added Admiralty ships flags for several nations Improved bot distribution on the OW map (some areas did not have bots generated) Fixed certain bugs in localization (typos and placements)
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    I think you should leave delivery missions as is. They give decent money for a reasonable effort. And we all need that money. The problem as I see it is that actual trading is not worth the effort any more. I would like to see trading go back to where it was 1 year ago. Leave delivery missions alone and make trading become a more lucrative option.
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    Preliminary notes for the forthcoming patch 34 Improvements Localization update for the remaining elements of UI. Localization is 95% complete (there will be more fixed for new content and remaining issues) Added repair counter for hull and rig to the ship card. It will show how many repairs this ship needs for 1 repair cycle Added visualization for switched off decks when brace is active Added ability to switch off decks during boarding Fixes Fixed some of the polish ranks Fixed bugs with trade of non tradeable items Fixed the bug that changed buttons in toolbars after using chat Fixed bug that did not show brace command correctly after reconnect Fixed bug that did not show land in commander tablet after Ctrl H Fixed bug that did not show the special symbols in ship names in emails Fixed bug that shown duplicate missions in journal Fixed multiple other UI bugs Server optimization fixes
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    Hello all Today I mean to humbly present a few pictures i have taken aboard Niagara this past week (and those I will take in the coming week) for any who might enjoy them. I found Niagara on this forum thanks to a post from someone who had completed the same program I am now taking part in - I therefore hope to inspire more people to take to the sea as I was inspired. I will attempt to keep my descriptions as brief as possible... Also, after watching Surcouf's splendid Hermione thread for so long, I couldn't help myself πŸ˜€ If anyone finds these pictures useful, just shoot me a message and I'll send you a higher-res copy - I'm fine with anyone using these, just let me know - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - BUFFALO - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Pride of Baltimore, docked astern of Niagara for the Buffalo tallships festival - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - JULY 10 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - At anchor off Buffalo, early the morning of the 10th From the fore crosstrees, around 5 bells in the forenoon, en route to Cleveland Becalmed en route to Cleveland OH late in the afternoon of July 10th (ran into some technical difficulties uploading these ones, they may be a bit green now ) Late that day, Pride of Baltimore (our 'prize') hull-down from just beneath the fore crosstrees - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - JULY 11 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Calm weather led to extraordinarily clear stargazing - I had the middle watch the morning of the 11th Wind returned back before I regained the deck in the afternoon Taken at the same time as the previous image, Pride (our 'prize') was now hull-down from the deck, but flying away to windward The day progresses and the storm foretold by our barometer and the day's calm approaches... Wonderful views of Pride as we approach the storm Almost upon us... - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - JULY 12 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The morning of the 12th brought experiences I will never forget... I made my first passage around the futtock shrouds (as opposed to passing through the lubber's hole) with lightning flashing off both beams and seas rapidly increasing... climbing to take in the main topgallant to ride out the storm None of my pictures of this incredible experience came out, so I will keep them private until I try to coax something out using photoshop back at home. Niagara flying along during the Cleveland parade of sail, some hours after the storm had passed to the north - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - CLEVELAND - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Pride in the foreground - then Empire Sandy, Fair Jeanne, Picton Castle, Bluenose, and Niagara. HMCS Oriole is just behind the buildings. Tomorrow in the am we will leave Cleveland and begin racing towards Bay City (actually racing the other tall ships part of the way,) having tuned the royal masts and the flying jibboom in preparation these past few days. In any case, I hope some have enjoyed my pictures from the last week aboard Niagara thanks for scrolling through
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    would like to think that now the game is released a little appreciation is shown to Felix for all the hard work he has done with his map and how much it has helped the player base , in the past and the future i would therefore like to suggest naming a small island after him Isla del felix ? or something similar , somewhere
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    Clan docks to store and share clan ships
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    All nice except this. Depends a lot how it will be implemented...
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    Cannons have nothing to do with it. Unlockable guns exist in all arenas and progression is required for free to play arenas to survive. But maybe you did forget.. NA Arena died twice First Sea Trials - Infamous Sidestrafe was very excited for the OW plans while playing in the sea trials. But Sea trials died . In one of the last battles in March (peak was January) he literally had to fight bots live on twitch cos he could not find players - 0 other players online - only sidestrafe.. He could not find a single player 4 months after start of the arena testing. 10000 players joined - 1 (sidestrafe) was left in 4 months. Perfect chicken dinner winner. Thanks to community gods we already had a working OW prototype by then and moved everyone to the caribbean (online jumped and never went down below 100! even with low sales with no crafting and no trading. It was just OW npc hunting and pvp and despite that it has way better player numbers compared to arena) NA Legends: Same exact thing and timing happened with Legends. Some say it was guns, some say it was bots. But no. They are all mistaken. It was the arena itself. Arenas/MOBAs only survive if they get to top 1 or top 2 spot. Otherwise they die. If you have no players any arena dies. All mobas that did not get to pole position died. Unlike niche games it is a winner takes all concept. Just think about these numbers NA - legends was given for FREE to 120,000 people and only 11000 logged in and online was 0 in 3 months. (reminder about cannons - sea trials had no progression with the exception of ship unlocks and it died in 4 months). Nobody wanted it - except for people who want fair combat. But those left too because they did not want fair combat against bots. In comparison NA OW never went below 250-300 people during the worst patches with very low monthly sales We closed the arena topic for ourselves. There is no retention there. Proven twice. with pure product and with product with several progression lines (cannons/officers etc) Asymmetric hunting is what makes OW exciting and it works. Just check small group pvp streams (they exist). Players who want fair 1v1 pvp should be seen more often in the solo patrol area. Regarding duel rooms and testing rooms. We had them (duels, small battles, large battles, tournament room) as a appendix leftover from sea trials. But later we realised. Duel rooms remove players from the OW, making overall experience for the community worse. They kept part of the audience in the past. Our game is OW. Players must be risking something in OW. There is no other game. Not because we are stubborn - but because we tested the OTHER game. It does not hold average players - and as a result hardcore fans of other game have to fight bots and also leave.. Solo and Clan based tournaments might come back in form of official quarterly event. But again. We would prefer to do them in OW - old school style like wow classic will do raids when they launch. PS Small print Main reason for their removal - they steal take instance capacity from Open world (duel instances cannot be joined by other players in form of reinforcements, revenge gankers or helpers) = which means they cost more money than OW instances because i have to keep a separate server pool for them and they can be used only when people want to duel (staying idle all other time). We are all adults and know it can be solved. Duel room can be a subscription feature. This will be a real litmus test on how many people REALLY want a duel room.
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    They do what they should but they have became the mainsource of doubloons and made pure trading worthless because it is better in terms of risk/reward. Trading alone should give a bigger payout.
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    dont want to cry about the russians but theres a hostility bug with multiple hostility at the same spot. russians opened big hostility 9 vs 9 and then opened 2 more exact at the same spot. so the prussians cant enter the big fight and they run in the small fight. theres no way to stop the hostility. should be fixed!
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    The Union for Santo Domingo The day have come. "Enemy of my enemy is my friend" has never been more true than today. From all 7 top quality ports in Caribbean, Russian Empire held 5 of them - until today. Those who days ago were shooting each other, now combined their power - only for today. Despite the itching feel to shoot different direction, they forgot their differences - only for today. And that's today, when Denmark, Sweden and Holland worked together to remove Russians from Hispaniola 50 Danish Ships, 40 Swedish and another 40 from Dutch. Even some Prussian ships were noticed in the area, and few British captains - despite their own Port Battles. Almost 150 captains, just to fight the biggest nation of all - Russian Empire. Swedish flotilla engaged main screening fleet of Russian Empire: Danish screeners took care of the other group: Few others scrambled on hunting down single ships, which result in taking over at least 2 Russian artisan ships: All this allowed, what couldn't be achieved before - Danish Royal Fleet finally reached the city of Santo Domingo, and had a shot at taking it over. The battle was absolute massacre - Danish came clean, without a single ship lost in the Port Battle. After all: Russian Empire lost almost 40 ships, at least 4 of them beeing captured. Amongst them, 10 were the 1st rated Ships of the Line, and another 9 were 2nd rate. The results are still not final, as many smaller battles could have been missed in the chaos that emerged in southern Hispaniola. One thing is sure - Russian is no longer in posession of any capital on Hispaniola Island. And they can be defeated if all nations works together the greater evil. The price of that success will be lost port of Bluefields. But coalition of nation is going to fight Russian Empire there, and everywhere else. Until balance is restored in the Caribbean.
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    What can be done is this - allow national clans to set up (with expensive mission for lets say 50k-100k doubloons) port battles for open ports in their nation. This will not be clan wars (too complex politically) - just a port battle for an open port. If attacker wins the port battle it will move to their control and they can close it if they do not like it.
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    Tall Ships Races are in town (Fredrikstad) and among all the generic 19th and 20th century barques and brigantines etc. I found the replica of Peter the Great's Shtandart. Unfortunately the ship is closed to visitors right now so I've only been able to appreciate it from land. I tried boarding the ship, but was denied by a defensive move called "crew only".
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    this will change soon(tm) we will post roadmap within a week. On the roadmap there will be limited NPC agression both on PVP and PVE server which will help with the seal clubbing a lot.
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    Please put patch infos on game login with splash screen, would be great, %90 not following forums. They would be happy with patch notes, and developers efforts.
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    I have mixed feelings here But good thing forger DLC is 50% off huh πŸ˜›
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    @admin @Ink 100% translations of Traditional Chinese for Taiwan, Hong Kong and others player. include all full description and battle Icon (temporarily more than Simplified Chinese in game, after patch 34 is same ) feature: highlight Important message and adjust text size for better experience CSV.file: Chinese(Traditional) latest vision. 2019/7/10 (patch 34)
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    Heya devs, Would it be possible to increase the number of friendly clan slots? Since the introduction of port bonii, it is more critical than ever to be on the clan friend list of the port owner (or you do not get the bonii when building ships). Currently we are having some trouble keeping everyone on the friendly clan list that we need; and this is with "only" 1200 players online. When the game grows, this will be even more of a pinch point. Could we increase the friendly clan list from 15 to 30? or perhaps make it unlimited? Thanks lots!
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    Why is everyone saying how bad and how things are not working. If every week in one place half of the server gathers and many large-scale and legendary battles take place. Is this not a sign that everything works very well. Yes, there are nuances and obvious shortcomings and huge drawbacks. But guys, we get what we came to this game for. Maybe everyone will cease to fight on the forum and go to fight in the sea? Although the war on the forum, the life and activity of the forum is also a good sign.
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    More detail and variety to ports and cities would be nice, maybe even more different architecture styles than the 3 we have now. Maybe some people and scenery like a carriage... Also the ability to upgrade forts and towers would be nice, with new model. All pictures are from naval action work in progress except for the last that is and example of how it could look taken from AoE3. Also more "hidden" places like Kidd's Island just smaller would be nice. I feel like you have this huge map but you don't use the space... Only really cool places I can think of are Kidd's Island and Bensalem. Bensalem should not be on map either and located further away from the coast but it still looks cool.
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    My suggestion is a secound Global channel just for Trading. Not for negoshiating just WTB WTT WTS offers alowed. That would be very nice caurse all the small Talk in the Global is Pushing the Gamerelated stuff away. That would be very nice. Thank you.
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    Screen battle outside of Santo Domingo. Video up later.
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    Heh, I was out sailing with her four years ago off the coast of southern Norway (Lindesnes).
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    @admin I believe there are some improvements which are easy to implement, but which would improve the game quite a lot. Those are: remove random fire mode auto-claim patrol zone events 30 minutes before maintenance auto-claim weekly events on week's end when you put ship to fleet, equip it with max crew by default on right-click on ship list, add option for your main ship to go directly to docks allow to scuttle ships in closed outposts by right-clicking on a ship (otherwise it's impossible to remove outpost without sailing there) when in port, show how many repairs a ship uses per repair cycle when game crashes, report is sent increasing time for re-login. It could be sent asynchronously, so that a captain has better chance to save his ship just like ESC is a default cancel action for active window, make enter a default confirm action Some more advanced: reload old book preset when ship is moved from fleet to main add option "auto-equip guns" on right-click of already equiped guns, which equips a given type of guns on all decks, choosing highest possible caliber clan docks, 1 space per clan member Some bugfixes: turning on guns in boarding should re-enable ability to fire boarding guns when two battles are exactly in the same place, put swords one on top of another (to avoid exploits as well) Added by others in this thread: Be able to sell basic cutter without having to destroy their guns teleport button automatically docks your fleet remove option to disable survival during boarding (I'm not adding suggestions I don't understand, or those that would be controversial, or complex, like eg. auto-loot)
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    The Clan warehouse could be used more efficently.. I'd like to see the following added: Ability for a clan to group items in "tiers", which will then only be withdrawable by clan members being assigned said tier permissions.. E.g. Cannons: Tier 1 - Everyone with that permission is able to withdraw cannons. (Often in our clan it is the case non-officers have to wait for an officer to withdraw guns for their new ship, which results in pointless waiting) Valuable upgrades: Tier 2 etc. Ability to withdraw the exact amount of guns (longs / carros) for each ship - Add this by impleneting a "gun set" tab. One click instead of a dozen. Crafting ships directly through the clan warehouse (possible?) Post below what other adjustments youd like to see Non-CWH related: I'd like to see clan docks finally being implemented.. too often a member has to wait for the crafter to get online and get his ship
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    Could we get the duel room back, but as a practice room, where we can only fight people from our own nation? It's an indispensable tool for training. The practice room lets you try new things and refine skills. Back in the day we practiced demasting, leaking, boarding, stern raking, and anti-stern raking maneuvers. If you lost, you noted your mistakes and tried again. This is impossible in the OW. Not only that, but most of the people who did use the duel room to practice are STILL PLAYING. This is because they learned the skills to be able to sail alone in the open world. This is how we get Rear Admirals who can PVP vs Rear Admirals that get clubbed outside their capital. They aren't getting clubbed because they're at their capital, they're getting clubbed because they lack the skills not to be clubbed. In the OW they get sunk before they can learn, and eventually become disheartened. A practice room would solve this. P.S. You can't say no one used duel rooms, but also they took people out of the OW. It's one or the other. πŸ˜‰
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    All activities that use labor hours should yield experience. It's as simple as that.
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    instead of looting it all you should be able to get a normal hold window where you can put the loot in your ship or/and your fleetships hold (people that dont know it ask again and again in helpchat)
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    No-one cares because not everyone wants to have a massive port battle. The problem is that BR for ports is too high. Bugger all port battles these days because devs ramped up the BRs because of the nostalgia of some Russian players for zerg wars.
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    I hope we get Chasing AI only in Protected zones
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    A overview of the political map in the carribbean can be described as this: chaotic. While everyone tries to get ahead in the race of shipproduction and pressing more crew into their ranks it's easy to miss what is happening on the map. This months map ends probably in the following. Russia is waging war against prussia and is successfull in the taking of La Bahia and Aransas from prussia. These ports will probably be used to make the jump to Nouvelle-Orleans. Will russia own the whole gulf soon? Apart from that Les Cayes was taken by the dutch in a surprise attack on the port. Everyone was bamboozled about the dutch ability to sail a that long distance with such a big fleet and attack a port! Probably all nations in the caribbean, and poland, learned from that. My spynetwork isn't that big so I can tell you from 3 spots on the map were something happened: Nassau - The attack of 25 danish captains against ~35-45 russians ends in a bloody day for both sides. The port being defended without a actualy portbattle happening Santo Domingo - ~23 danish captains tried a attack on the port of santo domingo which was defended by ~35-40 russian captains by heading towards the attackers fleet. A big fight evolved that the danes decided for themselve in the first battle. The 2nd battle however didn't went as good for them and they all died to the hands of the 2nd russian fleet that was planned to defend the port originally. Basse Terre area - Poland makes its try to appear in the caribbean, 2 times now they wanted to land their troops on the island to raise their flag but 2 times they got pushed back by various swedes and danes. Rumors tell all these actions happen because 1 special person is playing and leading the polish fleet in the caribbean. That's all from me. @Graf Bernadotte @Anolytic @Jags and others your turn.
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    Admin/Ink, It would be wonderful if we could actually get some patch notes as to what you are changing!
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    We were doing hostility for mantua. First russians joined against us after they realized that they cant sink us with their rattvisans vs our xebecs some started joining our side (because it was vs neutral port) and acted like they would want to sink on purpose against the AI in order to lower hostility. To me it looks like mechanic is flawed Therefore I suggest: That it is only possible to join hostility missions when your clan is on the clan friendlist in order to reduce exploiting by alts. (Applied to attacker and defender)
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    fix the 160 degrees firing arch on the Ai cannons
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    it's fun to see how Britain turns to a worthy opponent after loosing many of its PvP players, clans. I won't be surprised if KPR announced as most dangerous place on the map soon, because of bloody British captains πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I understand how desperate some clans are for heroic stories, but glory belongs to people who stands against odds, not to people who carefully choosing weaker pray. Salute to Danish captains who showed up for "fight."
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    I think its just logical that clan should be able to build clan docks in selected port. Only one like the warehouse. This is for crafters to dock clan's ships. We can have them unlocked by in-game money as well as DLC too. We need space to hold 25+ ships ready for PBs. Pleeeeeease ☺️
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    Then France Nation shall become Dunkirk & a Navy of Privateers. Is a shame though to see two historic nations reduced to minor nation status as the sheep flock to the fantasy which is Russia in the Caribbean. Game should be 4-5 historic Nations and Pirates that's it. And actual Pirates not Nation Black.
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    Dear devs, since the game is heavily based on clans and clan activities, would it be possible to create clan docks where the clans’ shipbuilders could just store ships and members could use them much like the clan warehouse where the officers and above rankings are the only ones with the ability to do it. I think it’s a win win feature that everybody would like.
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    1. Lower BR on Ports - allow for more mid-sized battles and mid-sized clans to take part. 2. I agree with @Havelock - Carronades on shallow ships are way too oppressive and the 32pd Carro needs to get out of the shallow water. This really should be looked at further as it is also a Mast/demast issue as well. 3. I would love to see the player voted ships be added to the game soon like the Tremeire (spelling), and the Dutch 2nd rate (wrecker?) 4. I would LOVE, LOVE some further balance changes. Ships like the Essex are poorly placed and could use some love, same with the Pavel. I personally think Balancing should be consistently looked at - maybe a patch every 3 months for small balances tweaks. 5. AI/NPC buffs are too oppressive and really should be toned down. What frustrates new players most (for what I have seen) is the sheer outlandish nature that some NPCs seem to be able to do. the rather ridiculous arc of fire for cannons, their insane reload rate. It all needs to be toned down by a good 20-30%. 6. Lastly, a hard look at adjusting the economy for Cargo missions and Trade Goods. I have said it in other threads, but I propose the following: reduce the Real rewards for all cargo missions by 10-25%. Make it so every cargo missions has a doubloon reward. Short - 800 doubloons medium - 1,200 doubloons long - 1,800 doubloons Increase ALL trade good sell prices by 20-40%. The goal is to make Trade goods the primary way to get the most reals possible instead of cargo missions. Cargo missions should be for folks who don't want to sail far distances past a 20-30 minute sail Trade goods should be for players who have the time to sail 1-2 hour trips and they SHOULD be making a lot of money.
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    new update coming soon please let us know what you want to see in the new roadmap
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