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    Despite multiple topics about it in this forum, not enough of us realises just how bad the current crafting and currency situation is in the game. Because ships have not been wiped, and because most clans are now indifferent to RvR, the enormous hurdles now placed on crafting almost any ships is hidden. But REDS has been recruiting new players, as well as old and returning players, in recent times. Players who in both cases do not have tons of ships stored. And while we are able to cover their need of ships from our storage, it gives us a glimpse at just how expensive it now is to produce even frigates. Because of permits. And woods. If DLCs are reportedly such a boost to PvP on the server because they are fast and easy to bring and to replace, why is the opposite principle now seemingly applied to all crafting of ships? Why does surprise need an extremely expensive permit, and why does the Niagara need one that only drops randomly from chests? Because Russia still organises infrequent RvR in order to get good screening- and possible PB-fights, and because almost exclusively I am the one who initiates and organises this, I get another insight into the destructive nature of the current permit situation. One of the guiding principles I use when planning Port Battles is avoiding the use of DLC-ships in my setups. @Captain Reverse, does the same, but I do not know his specific reasons for choosing to do so except to demonstrate that it is possible. My reason, however, is that while most players in my clan and that I play with, have some or all of the DLCs, I firmly believe that the game should be playable even without DLCs, and that buying them should be an individual decision and not something that myself or my clan should push on players by making it impossible for them to participate when they do not have DLCs. By using DLC-ships in my setups, I would ensure that anyone who does not own DLCs knows that there is that much fewer places in the Port Battles where there might be room for them. The huge problem that has arisen for every one of the last few port battles, is that with the changes to permits, choices are severely limited. The Surprise is a good alternative to Hercules in both Deep and Shallow port battles. But with the price for the Surprise Permit, if I did not craft them and hand them out myself, most players would not be able to afford the ship for the port battle, let alone have a Surprise that they could grind to open up slots on it. Worse, by far in this regard, is the Le Requin. It is a difficult ship to begin with, to replace, being so specialised to kite and contest circles. In the past there was two non-DLC counters to Le Requin in RvR. But the Prince de Neufchatel and the Niagara now have permits that are ONLY obtainable through random drops from chests. This means that only the most hardcore PvE-players are likely to have disposable permits for the ship to use in RvR, let alone for getting the slots and experience needed to use the Niagara or Prince effectively. This means that we are left with the only option of using DLC-ships. Even the Pandora will be a ship used in port battles that any players who joined the game after release will not be able to bring. And these are the smallest ships. The ships needing the least crew. The only roles which new recruits can be put into to participate with the rest of us, except they cannot, because they may not have bought the DLCs yet and they have no Niagara to use. DLCs in all Port Battles might work for hardcore clans, who recruit only hardcore players, and whose players all have the DLCs. But for those clans who try to expand this game, to bring up, train, and introduce more players to the endgame content, it is not sustainable, when the first thing new players always learn is that if they do not buy DLCs they cannot participate. This is not just «Pay2Win». This is blocking off basic aspects of this game behind a paywall. Without changes being done to permits, so that all non-DLC ships are available to all of us to choose from, and easily replaceable and craftable, for RvR. RvR will be DLC-only and normal players coming after release, who are not like the hardcore powergamers that have stuck with us throughout the ups and downs of development, will not be able to play and enjoy this otherwise great game. This is not just about DLCs, and not just about Niagara and Prince de Neufchatel. For all ships of all classes, that are hidden behind a RNG-drop permit or an exorbitantly expensive permit, the side that is lucky in RNG and can afford to use the most suitable ships in the most suitable roles for a port, will have an advantage to win that port battle.
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    Captains Large update will be deployed within a week (optimistic) or two. New exciting feature on port investments is going to be introduced into the game. Industry development Clans will be able to invest resources to open up new production in ports creating resource bases providing easy access to materials from one spot. Numbers on the screen are for demonstration purposes only and will of course change Clans will be able to determine who can invest and use these facilities; because they control the land Shipbuilding development Clans will be able to invest resources to improve ships built in the region in the following categories Gunnery Hull Sailing Survival Rig and Masts This feature will be available to all national captains, who build ships in this port, because knowledge on shipbuilding is not land based and other people will be able to work with specialists trained in the city. Forts and defenses. Clans will be able to build defenses for their ports In the first iteration positions of forts will remain the same as in the current game (some positions will be adapted to change placement of useless towers or forts into locations that will help defending the city) Defenses destroyed during port battles will have to be rebuilt again (depending on % of their damage) Base map will be without forts and towers. Overall balance Every type of investment will require points and having limited points per port, clans will have to pick things they want to specialize their city in. Some cities (chokepoints or front line towns) will only have forts, some will become resource bases and some will become shipbuilding cities. This balance will be supported by the changes how hostility missions are given. Hostility mission and conquest flow changes. Mission availability Hostility missions will only be available from National Capitals and County Capitals and Free towns. Hostility missions will only be available for the 2 nearest Enemy or Neutral County Capitals. Hostility missions for regional towns will only be available from the County Capital of that region (example below). County capital of the region will allow taking hostility missions for ANY regional port of that county. Conquest flow To capture a regional town you first will have to capture a County Capital of that region To do so you need to own a County capital near to that region. (as hostility missions will be distance based) Then you will be able to capture other regional towns in that County, building resource infrastructure or ship building bases in the region, and defenses in the county capital. Example To conquer Arecibo Regional town in Puerto Rico if you are Swedish working from Gustavia You first have to conquer County Capital in Virgin Islands Then you can take a mission from Virgin Islands county capital for San Juan and conquer it Then from San Juan you can take missions for regional towns in San Juan county Alternatively you can of course sink player ships or NPC ships around Arecibo and gain hostility directly. Frontlines Because missions are only available for the 2 nearest Enemy or Neutral ports natural front lines will emerge This means you can create choke points and invest in defenses in some cities (mostly county capitals) to lock access to enemies further into your shorelines. Some areas will become constant source as nations trying to move to some regions will have to fight for the key points of the map Hard nations with no capitals will have to plan their operations from free towns capturing nearby regions to expand. Open world hostility generation will remain - you will still be able to generate hostility on the port by sinking players or npc in that port area. All this features will require a full map wipe. PS other issues regarding forts To the concerns raised by @Anolytic in this topic Fort guns will undergo the following changes (some changes have already started) 1) HP buffs (some already done) 2) Points for forts were reduced as they granted easy points for attackers 3) Guns will be buffed - they will become more dangerous. 4) Some positions for forts and towers will change (at least where it is possible) so we do not have useless towers or forts in port battles Overall forts will become an expensive but very powerful allowing players to set up defensible chokepoints on frontlines. …………….. Again will repeat. All this features will require a map wipe More information will be added to this post based on your questions in this thread.
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    all good points will be done. Only rare ships (that we want to be rare like Christian, Endymion or Niagara or Santisima) should stay with permits. The permits as sinks are detrimental and counterproductive. There must be good counters freely available like Agamemnon vs Rattvisan
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    Dear Devs I know these are not the best times in the world to make a topic like this but until I get an argument that crushes mine I cannot and will not stop fighting for what I believe is the only way to save this game. I will be blunt. You have dug yourself a grave with DLC ships being noncraftable. The issue you have created is that you cannot ever sell a dlc ship again unless it is balanced in the combat instance. If you release a ship like the Rattvisan and it is nerfed by design very few will buy the ship. If you make the Rattvisen balanced to other 4th rates like the aggy it will become overpowered in the economy because it doesn't need to be crafted. There are many players that are disappointed that you changed your mine about ship of the line dlcs. Personally I love the idea of ship of the line but unless they become craftable you are breaking your own game mechanics. When the community asked for a sandbox you said yes. When the community asked to be able to craft ships and you said yes. When you released 30 ships instead of the 10 ships that were promised noone thanked you for the extra ships. NOONE made a steam violation tread saying you released 20 more ships than promised. They did however go completely insane when you decided to release 1 4th rate as DLC. I know the world is not fair but some of us do know what you have done for us and we are grateful. So grateful to have a sailing game that is one of a kind with NO competition. Not many developers can say that about their games. This is however the problem. You spent years trying to make sandbox work in a very very difficult genre. No developer has ever done this before in a sailing game and you took the risks. The idea about your instanced battles in an open world is genius if you ask me. The 20min timers not :p I just don't understand why you are trowing all that hard work away with the completely broken DLC ships. DLC ships by design go against everything that crafting and eco is about. I know there are many players that dislike eco including myself but the game is eco focused. At its core trading and shipbuilding are just as important as the combat model. DLC ships bypassing crafting is a major issue that needs to be reverted or it will become such a major problem that you will have way bigger issues down the line. I want 1st rates as dlc. I want 2nd rates and 3rd rates as DLC. If all DLC ships are craftable it can work. It doesn't matter what you "promised" What matters to me and the majority of the community(I hope community agree) is that the game works. We want an economy that works. We want DLC that work. Both of these things can exist together but you are the only ones that have the power to make it work. First step in solving an issue is accepting there is one admin. You need to accept that DLC ships are gamebreaking. They break the fundamental core mechanics of Naval Action sandbox. That is Crafting and Trading. I implore you to change your mind. I do not know how many players like the current DLC model but liking has nothing to do with it. Game mechanics are MORE IMPORTANT than anyones convenience. By craftable i mean you get a ship permit when you redeem. (No free DLC ships!.)
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    Permits will be updated next patch. Do not spend marks or VMs on permits meanwhile. The following changes will be applied Only 10 ships will remain rare (we want them to be rare and precious), some performance stats for those vessels will be improved (especially rattles, niagara and constitution) Santisima Christian Bellona Constitution Endymion Renommee Rattlesnake Rattlesnake heavy Niagara All other vessels will lose permit requirements and will be crafteable Rare permits will be added to Gold and Silver chests so you can have a chance to earn them in PVE activities. PvP Admiral chest and Captain chest will have a 100% drop chance for one of the rare permits Admiral chest: line ships + 4th rates Captain chest: lightships frigates + 4th rates In addition to that (long overdue) the following ship notes will be added to the admiralty for combat medals for captains who wish to get those ships by in game means. (Prices are not final and might get adapted). Rattvisan - 300 cm L'Hermione - 200 cm Hercules - 150 cm Le Requin - 150 cm
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    On the issue raised by @HachiRoku @Anolytic and many other captains. There was a proposal on this forum (i think it was @OjK but can be mistaken) Proposal was this: sell the permit that the player then will craft (unique ship but still participating in the economy). Initially thought a great idea. Evolution of imported (DLC) ships thinking was this. Premium ships was announced when we did not even think about the open world (in 2014) Premium ships were initially thought as unique status items, a more beautiful alternative. Some ships introduced over time were not crafteable (Wasa, Hermione) to give us the option to add them to premium roster without taking away crafteable ships. First experiments were ran with Hercules and LRQ (it wa good to do it in early access as many things were discovered and learnt as a result) Now many players say that DLC ships reduce the role of the economy, and that there should be deep and interesting MMO economy. But let's get this straight. Crafting was introduced last, and is a least cooked feature, as all focus was always on combat model, rvr and ROE (lately PVE). Hauling was somewhat forced onto players because some time ago we wanted everyone to be the target. And here is the main discovery. Players do not buy DLC ships for uniqueness. They do not buy them because they are stronger or weaker than others (there is always a better crafted ship, sometimes 5/5 crafted ship). Rattvisan is definitely not the best 4th rate. They do buy them to support developers (thank you everyone for support) And they buy them to avoid participation in the exciting economy (mainly hauling). Trading goods is rewarding and has both risk AND profit. Hauling goods for crafting is boring, not exciting, is risky but gives you no real rewards (you make a ship that you will soon lose anyway). Thats why making permit based DLC ships is not going to achieve anything. Thats not what customers want. Now. Here is the rug change that will tie the room together. Port investments will remove hauling requirements for basic resources for all players who play with friends or have friendly clans in the nation. Clans (and you can have a small clan and capture a distant port to use it) will invest into production of all basic resources in their port defenses to protect it shipbuilding to improve ships built in this region. By doing so - player will get ALL basic resources in one location, completely removing hauling requirements out of the picture. Saving time and getting ships by just spending LH and cooperating together to get rare woods if needed. Clan can decide if they want these investments to be available to them only, to friends or to everyone who can build in this port. As a result. Clans who developed the port will be able to get ships with one click. Enemy clans who do not want to spend time developing ports can try to capture the port from the enemies (why build if you can cap). There will be a lot less time wasted on hauling and more fighting.
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    @admin Please let Players place contracts in Ports to buy Ships like we already can do with Ressoruces and other Goods. I craft Ships whenever i can. And Currently i have to announce the Ship in Global Chat or hope taht anyine stumbles over it i the Freeport Shop. If the Players can Place a Contract with the Ship they want, including Woods, Upgrades, Guns and the Prize they are willing to pay in Reals or even Doubloons (Or even PVP and Victory Marks) it woud allow crafters to build exactly taht Ship. Right now i might build a Ship nobody cares about. And since some Ships need Permits, it a hughe waste of time to build a Indefatigable with the Wrong type of Woods. Wich is alway a matter of Opinion. This woud skyrocket PvP and Crafting, because Players woud be able to Pay , for example, in PvP Marks and Reals, allow Crafter to get PvP Marks without spending too much with PvP (If they dont want to)
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    You still dont get it. The problems arent getting the basic ressources such as coal, fir, oak... The problems are trying to get the good woods (teak, live oak, white oak, sabicu, caguairan), the time to grind those doubloons (insane amount) and the risk of hauling those woods to the crafting point. DLCs are a matter of an instant click selecting the woods you desire. Crafting a teak-white Wappen requires effort and time (now much worse due to the permits wall).
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    Please..PLEASE make them craftable DLCs, not ship notes... Make them "Imported ship" so we cannot trade them or capture them, but make it so that the crafting permit is redeemable from the DLC, not the actual ship-note like Hercules/Le Requin. A 24/48 hour redeemable live/white teak/white 4th rate is going to bring all the problems of the Hercules in the past x10. Please.
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    Some numbers first. We can craft 43 ships. 6 of them are traders. Consequently, 37 warships. From those 37 warships, 20 requires a permit. 54% of the warships requires a permit. From those 20 permits, 9 can only be earned by having luck opening a gold/captain/admiral chest. Consequently, 24% of the warships we can craft depends on RNG. This means that we can open several chests and still dont get the permit we are looking for. As it is, the current system will lead to player frustration. In Naval Action, the ships are our toons, and we want to sail the toons we like. This system based on RNG is just a HUGE mistake. If you look at other mmos end game looting tables, the rewards often gave you a token item which allows you to exchange it for the stuff you want. No RNG. Discuss.
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    Patch will be deployed this or beginning of next week. Preliminary info on important contents. Finalization of battle rewards (properly calculated even if you switch ships to avoid players losing marks if they switched to enemy ship and later sank it) Bot fixes Almost all bot routes through land will be fixed NPC hugging will be fixed - bots will always fire if they have a shot. NPC reload freezes will be fixed Crafting rebalance ( @Coco patch) Crafting levels will be changed (there will be only 7 ranks) and thresholds rebalanced Former free towns will be added to nearby counties. This will cause the reposition of standard resources in those counties Building wipe will be required Additional PVP upgrades for the admiralty. Group missions will return Delivery missions will be adapted to allow players to make some money on short term r Final pre-release DLCs will be added (when valve approves the pages) L'Hermione - french concorde class frigate Rattvisan (Ретвизан) 24lb gun forth rate Pandora might get in as well. We will try hard to push port management into the build but it is looking unlikely. Port investments allowing expansion of resources will be deployed in the hotfix if this feature does not get in with patch.
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    The (currently) 10 ranks for combat XP are named after historical ranks. Now that we are down to only 7 ranks for crafting, why don’t we add names for crafting ranks too? Instead of having only numbers 1-7. They could be (just a quickly assembled suggestion) something like: Carpenter Master Carpenter Assistant Shipwright Master Shipwright Assistant Builder Master Builder (Danish Rank: Konstruktør) Naval Architect (Danish rank: Fabrikmester) Ranks don’t have to be unique for each nation like combat ranks are. It’s just that Denmark had a notedly somewhat unique job title for their main naval architect compared to other nations’ navies.
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    reinforcements or safety has no retention correlation (we tried everything. Rookie zones, rookie waters in bahamas with new capitals, reinforcements, protection, capital etc.. it has ZERO effect. War server must be war server. On online You are totally right. In fact in the last sale more 2 players out of 3 were picking peace server instead of war server. Lets all be honest why Reasons? Proper naming and constant whining (sorry for direct description) Proper naming causes hesitating players to pick peace server. There are less players interested in War Constant whining causes players to switch nation, server or leave the game. (yes some things are not perfect but they are good enough for an indie game, but the whining exceeds all those things and people leave because they think they made a wrong choice buying or picking server). New players do not know if they made a right choice picking the server. Players are making the choice between servers on online numbers, chat friendliness and general goals. On Peace server they see a friendly chat. On war server they read how everything is horrible and everyone is unhappy and how DLC ships ruined repair business and leave the server. If this continues PVP server will continue to lose people. It is just choking itself in toxic fumes towards the game. Players do not feel that they made a right choice and leave. We are not going to find artificial reasons to bring players to war server. Previously we did it with some clever naming (Caribbean vs PVE. EU vs PVE) or work focus (only RVR and PVP). Now we work on PVE and see the benefits (even with simplest features) while some PVP players are very unhappy about almost anything not to their taste (like they are some kind of hardcore vegans) Its the same for the buyers who have not yet picked the server. This is how buyers read the reviews: Ships look great Combat is great and beautiful, PvP is horrible , NPC are hard (this is great for pve) DLC are killing RVR Timers and nighflips Gankers admin man BAD - collusion and violation of whatever. Obvious choice after reading the reviews is to pick PVE. Why? Because you care about ships and combat they are fine. You do not care about RVR or other shit on PVE. And your DLC does not interfere with anyone. Verdict Online on Peace server will continue to grow and will continue to stagnate on the PVP server (or even fall). To start growing the server PVP server players will have to actually do some work - report toxic assholes, give good reviews, teach new players and protect their waters. Game is not going to do that. We will help but we wont do it alone.
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    My hope for the next fifth rate in game, the Pennsylvania.
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    Hello captains In terms of this post by @EliteDelta Here is the thing. I think public relations is not the source of problems, as there is too many definitions and goals of this term. The problem is in the conversation itself - on this forum. (Community management) Compare this forum with Steam forums. At steam forums you are talking with PR people (who are cold and neutral + trained steam mods who help with reports). Perfect for venting, perfect for PR. On this forum you are talking to a designer and project creator. This is not rare, but not common as well. Japanese creators for example do not talk to users openly at all (only through interviews and patch notes) due to cultural differences. Venting is detrimental to finding solutions, to development. We always talked to users openly on the daily bases since 2015 and it has been working well since 2013, as the development relied on active feedback and support, built on mutual respect; on constant experimentation and wide swings in changes to find the nuclear reaction and perfect features. We were right here with you all the time. Many did not like the experimentation and wide swings causing misunderstanding with the goals (to test everything for this game and future games). That's how yards appeared in game, or historical leeway that we declined to add for at least 1 year, but then added due to community requests. But when community was small everyone was happy about yards, leeway faced a lot of backlash as many wanted us to do something else. Every one knows his own reason for communication failures; for one it is the lack of acknowledgment due to lack of time or forum moderation, different views on the priorities and of course bans for posts that incite flame or rage or derail conversations. There are multiple reasons for this communication style not working, but there is probably only one solution. Creators seem to be unable to remove cultural differences and communication style; readers do not want to understand those cultural differences and goals of the early access development. Removing the open communication will remove the sources for frustration.
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    Hotfix is being deployed today 28th March Contents of the hotfix All buildings were wiped this patch Port changes Former free towns (like la navasse) added to nearby counties. As a result all standard resources changed positions in those counties As a result, All buildings were wiped, to avoid confusion with inability to produce resources if the resource has moved. Buildings costs in reals will be compensated (except for doubloons - doubloon costs will not be compensated) Group missions are back. Number of enemies reduced, rewards slightly rebalanced Hunt and Search missions are rebalanced. As they are encouraging player to hunt in the open world they now provide combat medals for their fulfillment. Tutorial exams now have short descriptions Trader snow is now available from NPC ship traders Delivery missions rewards and distances adjusted Short but somewhat profitable missions added in all ports so captains unlucky in PvP can quickly recover losses by fulfilling orders from the admiralty Letter delivery replaced with cargo delivery Delivery missions now mostly grant Reals (and occasionally doubloons) Crafting rebalanced Redundant levels abandoned - game now has only 8 levels Thresholds changed XP rewards for crafting ships changed. BR difference which determines if battle is equal or not is slightly increased (from 10% to 13%) so battles like endymion vs indefatigable are considered equal. Reduced the fire spread by additional 20% (lets see how it goes) Tuned the volume of powder in the magazines based on ship guns and weights of powder to have proper explosions based on the volume of powder (not on ship size as before) Battle Rewards Manager rework and final fixes Fixed the bug that lost your rewards if you switched to enemy ship and back (previously the system considered this ship yours) Fixed rewards for sinking derelects (ships with white flags) now reward manager properly knows if that ship belonged to NPC or a player (granting rewards for a sinker) Fixed all bugs with friendly kills Added new cases to reward manager (especially taking into account multiple ship switches during battle) Added the ability to preview the NPC ships stats Fixed the bug that you cannot split guns on non selected ships Fixed bugs and lightning sources in port visuals Fixed the bug with Ropes on RTX cards (thanks @ElegantWay and @Grunf) Tuned the bug with acceleration on Rattlesnake and Rattlesnake Heavy Bots no longer can sail trough land (please report the cases if you find bots sailing through land again) Fixed the bugs that stopped NPC ships from firing at close distances Fixed the bugs that stopped NPC ships reload for long periods of time Fixed the bug that did not allow to print ";" in chat Another very important announcement. Reinforcement zones are getting removed (capital protected area will remain). The fix removing the reinforcement zones will be deployed on friday 29th march. Please take necessary precautions.
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    I've made a review back in 2017. Today it would surely look completely different. At the moment, I would not publish it because it's still an unfinished product and things might still change. But I can give you a summit of my player experiences as they are today. Perhaps it's although a kind of interesting feedback, as far as any of the developers might be willing to take a look at it. I bought this game in early access back in 2016 after stumbling over a video made by youtuber "SideStrafe" showing a trafalgar battle with 40 ships in a battle instance. The video has over 167.000 views until today. I was stunned by the sight of all those white sails moving over the nicely animated water and the ships firing broadside over broadside towards the enemies. And I was fascinated because it was clear from the very first minute watching it that these guys know what they are doing. The ship models are historically accurate and beautifully detailed. Never before did I see such a great sailing and combat game. From my youth on I was a big fan of old sailing ships especially the frigates in the period of angloamerican war of 1814. And some of these ships were already ingame! I was exited to see the Surprise, the Constitution, the Cherubim and many other beautiful ships. The next hour I bought the game via my steam account for 35€. Having joined Early Access for the first time, I was curious about the testing period and I thought that the developing process would take about one year of balancing and finetuning and after that we would hold a finished product in our hands. I never thought the developing process would last over three years. Then came the open world. The developers posted a few pictures of beautifully designed coastlines and I was curious how it would feel sailing through an open world. Since then my experience with sandbox games was nearly zero, I felt exited and enthusiastic about testing it. And we got a huge world, ready to explore and conquer. The map seems to be a historically correct copy of the carribean map in the 18th century. The first contacts with the open world model were nice experiences for me. I joined the british nation and in the first weeks there were many interesting battles as fleets were gathering in front of the capital Kingston just to lurk there and wait for victims. Pedro Cay was a nearby port which had important materials for crafting so the journey to Pedro was always exiting. Other nations did know that and so some fast ship could always lurk behind the edge of the island. This part worked really well for me. It was a short distance to go with many surprises on the way. Every other capital had a similar important trading post a few seamiles away. It was the time of calling for help in nation chat "Hey, I'm between Pedro and Kingston being chased by an enemy Mercury. Help, please." Port battles had a simple game mechanic. Players could buy a flag in some own port which opened a time window in which the flag must be brought an enemy town. If done so, a port battle started. The problem here was that some players had great advantages of this because of the time shift between countries. In best case, there were no people online to defend the port. So this mechanic was changed. Now it works with generating hostility by hostility missions where you sail near an enemy port to raise hostility by sinking ships. This is a good and important change in gameplay which suits best into the setting. Unfortunately there were other changes that don't fit very well in the game. Clans were early implemented into the game, but they never interested me much. I thought of them as a possibility of finding clanmates to sail and fight with but I preferred to sail and hunt alone so they were nothing more than a side note in galaxys history for me. But suddenly clans were promoted heavily. So heavily that they became more important than nations. Why? I never understood this change, because I always felt as part of a nation, for which I would fight. People said that's important because of RVR but I never got the reason behind this. It could be that clans of the same nation would not be friends or be even hostile (though they could not attack each other, but they could conquer ports and get benefit of it as a clan entity). Why do we need to split nations in that way? Why should a player pay taxes for buying something to another clan of his own nation? In times of war there was nothing more important than nations itself. Why clans were promoted that way by the developers is one of the things I am not capable of understanding until today. I understand it in a fantasy role play game. But in a naval warfare game this is ridiculous. Other changes followed. Mainly they were changes either to discourage solo players or to promote clans or lately even to make small ships less worth. Another point I didn't get. At first all ships were beautifully designed then only to degrate them as useless small ships which can be thrown away since a player leveled his character so far that he can sail bigger ships. I always loved frigates. I hated line ships. This won't change even if the big ships would sink me constantly. The trading mechanics were changed several times too. We had wipes that destroy our buildings. Ok, lets begin from scratch no problem. But after all I must say that trading is now completely broken. It mainly consists of sailing long routes for great profit but you transport goods that aren't needed for the crafting process and the important nearby trading posts vanished instead. This means on the other hand that enemy raiders have no specific locations where they can be sure to meet some traders like it was before. Raiding is now a matter of pure random. Not exiting as it was, rather boring and frustrating. The crafting process was lately also changed. I remember the times when everyone could craft ships freely as long as he had aquired the blueprint for the ship first and he had the required crafting level. Getting the blueprints depended on randomness. Maybe not the best mechanic, but it worked somehow. Then we had a time where the blueprints were removed and permits introduced for line ships. This was made because the amount of 1st rates ingame was incredibly high so we needed a reduction. It worked well but then it was tweaked with permits for nearly all ship types and the need for combat marks to buy a permit. Combat marks are given as reward for PVP. Then they added AI missions where you could get permits directly or for combat marks. Some ship permits are only avaliable per missions where you can get randomly a rare permit. Given the fact that durability of ships were reduced to 1 and the consequence of quick loss of ships this is quite ridiculous and as bad as random drops of blueprints were before. But given the fact that after receiving a random blueprint you got the chance to craft this ships constantly, you can now craft only one ship for one permit. A very bad idea, that makes crafting way less attractive and frustrating. If you count the fact, that special woods for ships were way more important in PVP as they were in former times and the fact, that these woods are now only available in one port in the whole map, this is much more ridiculous. The last change was to introduce a certain amount of redeemable ships. You can buy DLC and get a redeemable ship per day. Maybe a last try to raise some money for the unneccessary long development process and a try to give players ships when they have no woods or no permits. It is the least attractive way of doing this. And the least charming too. As a long term player I feel kind of betrayed. I spent money for something that was only quarter-baken. I spent money to be able to trade, craft, fight, sail. And now everything in this game is restricted. In my opinion this game lacks testing, intense testing of the developers themselves. If I learned something about OW sandbox games in the past years, then it is that these games need intense testing by the developers, because without it they cannot feel what a player feels. And then they make decisions which are not objective. They make decisions which are very subjective, influenced by a few loud and louder shouting players in the forums. Lobby thinking is here at its best. But I have to understand. Solo players have no lobby. Solo players are not wanted. They're not worth a penny. Player frustration in this game is extremly high. I remember there were better times and this is really demotivating. Since latest patches, the game has also taken a strange direction in PVP combat. It seems now that you only can succeed in this when you have ships made of rare special woods (which are practically unable to get) and rare special upgrades (which you only get if you are good in PVP). So the game relies here heavily on luck and on unaccomplishable requirements. All things we learned in the past that should be avoided. No we have them. Even more massively than ever before. My feedback during the long process of development was unheard by the developers. At least this is what I assume. My hopes were others I must admit. Now, what you get for your money is a game in which the developers had put an immense effort to bring sailing ships of the 18th to early 19th century to life. They reconstructed them from old plans, drawings and paintings in a historical accurate way. They could really have looked like this. They succeded in creating an unique game. The sailing simulator used in the instanced battles is great and with this game I learned how sailing works from the basics to advanced technics. This game gives you an authentic feel as a captain in historic sea wars era. Be aware that you get drawbacks in all other aspects. The crafting, trading, grinding, hauling and clan related tasks are often boring and unsatisfying. They require a great amount of free time to fulfil and aims at unemployees, retirees or similar people with (too) much free time. I regret very much seeing a game with so much potential in such a poor shape. When you buy this, be aware that you have to buy almost all DLC to be able to play it somewhat properly. Do not assume that you can play this easily. You need tons of hours to learn the basics and to learn how to fight successful against other players. The overall cost of this game is 131,22 € at this moment. This is far far more than I ever had spent on a computer game. Under reconstruction aspects one may consider it appropriate, I consider it to be the most exeeding money amount I would ever spend on a single game. And it isn't finished yet. If someone asks me, how I would proceed with this, I must say, I don't know the answer. Not now. Maybe other players will share their expericences here too. I'm curious.
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    Hot fix was deployed today - 3rd of April New upgrades are added to Admiralty for Combat medals Admiralty permit prices rebalanced and generally increased Patrol rewards updated (and slightly increased) Navy mast bands and Navy structure additional bonuses added Removed an option to dismiss a fleet ship at Open world (can only be done in port or in battle now) Fixed the missing messages for sinking in instance chat L'Hermione is now an imported ship Re-classed permanent upgrades slots for Wasa, United states, Constitution to 1-3rd rates. Fixed bugs with crew damage on Pandora Additional night lights added on decks of some popular ships. Gun tunes for ships (increased guns or allowed carronades on some decks) Agamemnon Ingermanland Wapen von Hamburg
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    Should do a ship wipe along with a map wipe, so we can all get used to seeing only DLC for the rest of forever.
  20. 20 points
    From game files it looks like a third rate: From historical sources looks like a third rate: But hey! I forgot Consitution is a 3rd rate with 450 crew / 54 guns while being a frigate-class and 630 crew / 66 guns SOL will be a 4th rate... http://www.navy.su/-1850/battleships/trofey/retvizan.htm
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    Either the cost of permits needs to decrease or the current rewards need buffing. Replacing ships currently is simply not worth the time and it'll just drive people from the game. I'm fortunate in that I can, I doubt others will and once they run out of ships they'll simply not bother replacing them and just log off and play another game. The amount of store ships on sale is a travesty and should be put back to how it was.
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    Just noticed Pandora DLC in steam library, and are spawnable in redeamables. Thanks Admin and the 2nd man in dev team, I know we whine and whinge but we all love Na really. Thanks for the ship and look forward to sailing her.
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    Once steam page opens. but here is a small teaser
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    Please add a name change history. If a captain has changed names there should be a drop-down or similar in the player info card (when you search for someone or right click them in your friend list), listing previous names. Forged Papers should allow you to change the name you go by, or how it is spelled, but not for players caught exploiting or spying to become anonymous again. It is annoying when some players change name every 30 days, and there is no way you can keep track of them. And many people have forged papers on their alts to move them around between nations as needed. But this also allows them to change name if they are found out. There should be a way to find out that the new name you see pop up in nation chat is actually the same player you had a confrontation with earlier, or that was called out for cheating somebody in a trade transaction. For anyone changing name because they got tired of their old name, or because they have grown some creativity since they bought the game and named themselves "Captain J4ck Sparrow III», this change should be inconsequential. For anyone using name-change to escape notoriety, this should make it harder. The only way to wipe your name-change history clean should be to delete and recreate your character and regrind. Since we should all start with a clean sheet at release, name change history should be wiped with the rest in the final wipe.
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    Dear players, the official game teaser has been released today: Also, the game website has been updated with new screenshots: https://www.thislandmyland.com/
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    We love how reduced turning skills became the magic button and actually increased complexity and tactical depth (allowing you to make choices when fighting Bots). We do feel that turning debuffs for lower level ships can go even lower. As even pro players could not rake NPCs consistently. (Now you can) Additionally we plan to add more defined roles AND adding elite NPCs with epic loot. + will address the wide horizontal shooting ark as it seems to be an annoying factor for many.
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    My suggestion: Add Rättvisan, L'Hermione and Le Requin ship-notes to Tutorial rewards, alongside the Hercules and Rattlesnake Ship-notes. My reasons: The first, simple reason is advertisement. Allowing players to try the DLC-ships, will encourage people to purchase them. You get a Hercules note, you like sailing the ship - when you loose it you will likely want to buy the DLC to get to sail it more. I once sank a Swede who was hunting in a Le Requin. He was still sailing the redeemable Le Requin that we got for testing when the ship was first added to the game. And when he sank he said that he would now buy the DLC. The second reason needs some preface. I am not going to relitigate the decision to Rättvisan as a DLC-ship to the game. I have grown to accept it and believe that if crafting is made simpler as you seem to intend, it will all work out fine. My remaining concern is the timing of adding 2 more DLCs to the game before release. Because it could look a bit «intimidating» to potential buyers with a game that already has so many DLCs upon release. There are gamers like me, who when buying a new game typically buys all the available DLC at the same time, and considers this into the cost of the game (most typically for strategy-games, because I don’t want to start playing a game with a «limited» experience only to then progressively expand it with DLC later on). But other gamers will be buying just the game alone at first, to play it and then postpone the decision of buying DLCs till they have decided how they feel about the game. For these players, all ships being available in-game without DLCs, although limited to one-time use when you don’t have the DLC might help make the decision to buy a little easier. Then there is the issue of what the game will look like immediately after release. After release, veteran players will quickly be sailing DLC-ships. First Hercules and Requin, then L’Hermione and within 3 days the first players will have reached a rank where they can sail the Rättvisan. At this point, the division between veteran players, who already have the DLCs, and new players who are just trying out the game, is going to manifest very clearly. But if all new players have to do, to be able to progress through the ranks and ships, the same way as veteran players, is complete the final exam to get these ship-notes, then that will constitute an achievable path for them to follow to get the same progress as veteran players have. Of course, to get unlimited access to these DLC-ships they will have to buy the DLCs like others have before them, but by this time when they need to make this decision, they have already been able to enjoy the game for tens, if not hundreds, of hours. This could make all the difference. And importantly, the game will also be at a point where people are getting their crafting up, and the choice will no longer be whether to have DLC-ships or fall behind, but whether to rely entirely on crafted ships, or to supplement with DLC-ships for time-saving purposes.
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    was looking for a profile pic and found this. I cannot resist.
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    Now that clans with the next update will be able to expand their ports with more industry opportunities, in return for an investment, and as both clan-members and friendly clans will be able to benefit from this. It is high time that Resource extraction from industry buildings should require taxes paid to the port owner. The port owner has facilitated that this port is available to you and expanded with the resources that you need, and hence they should be entitled to some taxes from everyone who benefits from these facilities. This would also make tax rate a factor in where some players/clans would set up their industry. If a clan sets a lower tax rate they could entice more players to make their crafting bases in their port. Obviously the base daily cost of upkeep of a port should also increase in relation to how many port expansions and defence options are enabled for the port. Taxes from industry would help pay for this increased cost.
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    I brought this up before but honestly we should be getting the xp for traveling in OW going towards our ship knowledge. It's not a big amount of xp and I really can't see how it can be abused cause it's sailing from point A to point B not dependent upon how long you been at sea. This would give players a little help at opening slots and help on trade ships that don't have slots perm open.
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    Hello Admirals and Generals, We would like to introduce you a video of landing operation.
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    I have a question. Some days ago you put paints DLC and now another DLC? It might not be your intention, but it sounds to me like you are trying to milk the low player base you still have playing the game. Why didn't you wait some days in order to not sound like money grabbers? If you keep going the DLC way, when the game is eventually released new players may be afraid of a game with a lot of DLCs + 40 bucks for the game and not even consider the purchase. But it's only my opinion.
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    The following should happen 1. ALL Permits should be available in the admiralty 2. each rate Except for 7th rates should have only 2 ships under Permit cost 3. for each class, one permit should cost doubloons, and the 2nd permit should cost combat medals 4. All Lineships Except the 3rd rate should have their permits cost ONLY victory marks. the 3rd Rate ship should cost Doubloons for it's permit This insures a couple things. A. no more RNG - each player knows for certain how to get each ship B. Chests from rewards can still give permits - instead of relying on luck for a permit you want, you get a permit as a bonus. C. Every player has every opportunity to sail a ship of each rate/class
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    Full speed towards release!
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    Its become clear there is a bit of kickback surrounding Rättvisan and its status as and announced DLC ship. While I'm not interested in going into the debate over whether its going to be positive or negative as a game design choice to include a large ship as part of the DLC roster its probably worth clearing a few things up and help people understand what the ship is, her role and where she stands in the general sense of herself historically. Here is a piece i wrote about 8 months ago as part of a general comparison taken from a picture in the book Das Erbe Der Serenissima by Dr Karl Klaus Korner during my general research for the Fama thread I have built up over my years playing NA. It offers some fairly basic information about the ship and a good starting point for people to understand her. Lets start talking about her role and rating. Sweden has a long and impressive naval history when it comes to ship design and general projective ability for their sea power, they relied on quality design work so as to be able to defend from their main military threat, Russia. What Sweden wasn't however was a first rate naval power, which arguably Russia was, they are clearly a second rate nation when it comes to their navy, and as such had to behave in a way that was fitting, clearly not having such significant resources as the largest European navies. They did however make up for this with some pretty impressive innovations, such as the original 24lb frigate. The designs of Swedish ships were well regarded by other nations upon capture and Chapman, the designer of Rättvisan, is one of the period's most celebrated naval architects. Rättvisan is within the Swedish Navy rated as a 3rd rate, and as such she was part of the main battleship role, even as a 62 as Sweden had less resources to build and maintain the typical 74s of the Period, we also need to remember that the naval rating system of the period was simply a tool of rough role definition and funding administration, which defined how many men the ships were to be crewed by, what support and what jobs the ship was best suited for, which varied significantly from nation to nation. NA takes their rough guide of the rating system from a fairly late rendition of the British Royal navy, which from 1760 onwards classes 64s as 3rd rates, and 1817 onwards 70+ as 3rds, which on paper at least leaves Rättvisan as a solid 4th rate. There is however the classic issue with gamelabs design choices is that when modelling ships for the game they tend to up-gun them fairly significantly and skew things up a little, classic examples of this include Rättvisan's half sister Wasa, who bizarrely appears as a 64 rather than a 60 and Bucentaure who has squeezed in 88 guns. I'm also fairly sure I saw it mentioned that Rättvisan would be a 70 gunner which would push her into the 3rd rates, despite her typical service being as a 62 and 64 gun ship. Her general performance was well known as a good sailor which can be easily cross referenced as it was agreed by each of the nations who commissioned her. her hull is very similar to Agamemnon and the Ardent class built by Britain but she was also more lightly constructed so as to be significantly faster and a little more than the similar Ardent class 64s, it also meant she could carry a significantly heavier armament including a main deck of Swedish and even Russian 36s which gave her a broadside of 352kg under Swedish wartime service and a staggering 400kg during her time with the Russians, which was far greater than the typical British 64 firing around 270kg, again arguably pushing her into NA 3rd rate territory especially as she should really be able to load 36s, which don't really have any distinction against loading 42s in the current game state. However she also took a much lighter peacetime load out to make the most of her sailing qualities, a point that brings some impressive versatility to her design as realistically its incredibly difficult to build a ship to behave how you want it with two very different set ups. As a ship if balanced to her historical build she should be a light-medium hull strength and thickness with a nasty broadside behind her. She should sail well but with obvious significant drawbacks in agility when armed with her heaviest 36lb armaments and realistically she should behave depending on that armament she is given, which is what she was designed and built to do. Part of what makes this discussion so blurry is the fact as a ship she was specifically supposed to bridge the gap between Line ship and Heavy Cruiser. Armed with her wartime armament she is most realistically a 3rd rate Ship of the Line but during peacetime she sits solidly in the Cruising heavy 4th rate. She's an impressive design and a real credit to the ability of Chapman I hope this helps shed a bit more light on the ship and hopefully smooth over discussions a little in what seems like a fairly heated environment right now. As ever thank you for reading .
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    How many times have you clicked on the crosses of a battle, only to against your will also select an AI fleet or player ship that is sailing past? And then this happens: You cannot see the information about the battle, like BR, because you cannot hover over the flags. And you cannot click to enter battle if you are within the joining area. This is a recurring problem with Port Battles especially, where there are often numerous ships between you and the battle crosses. With PBs there is a workaround: click on the town, not the crosses. Something we have to instruct every new player about. It is manageable, yet not a very smooth solution. In open seas the only solution may be to sail a detour to get the angle between yourself, the battle crosses and the player/AI to increase. Please consider implementing something it like this: Or this: ...when the game is unable to distinguish between wether we clicked on a battle, or on a player/AI.
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    When you have to set up a new account to read the forums
  43. 15 points
    Last ban I requested from mods was for the guy who started to teach us that I must not talk to Trafalgar Gun Company and must not arrange a real gun salute on game launch release, as I HAVE better things to do. Some might say it was harsh. But we do not need an anonymous armchair project managers to tell us what to do and how to do it in harsh tones. We do not ban for satire but for asshatery and overall toxic behaviour. We always give toxic posters multiple second chances but if after all those chances the person tries to use satire in the wrong place and wrong time he gets banned. To the person like you it might seem he was banned for satire. but its not the case. In 100% of cases its a chain of previous offenses OR siding with people actively with such offenses. They do not give us second chances - why should we? Spring cleaning will continue. This forum must become useful friendly and helpful.
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    DLC gives content yes but what kind of content? You mention Reverse, he is a good player of course but I have seen his streams. They are boring. Not him, he speaks Russian mostly which I don't speak but I am sure he is really interesting and funny guy But the streams are: sail sail sail, see ship, sink it, get stuff, sail sail sail see ship, sink it, get stuff. Maybe PB, maybe Patrol (sail less, see more smaller ships, sink them, get stuff). Then it's back to sail sail sail see ship, sink it, get stuff. For him and players like him yes DLC is probably great! He just wants more ships served up so he can sink them, so he loves DLC and loves Patrols cos he loves sinking ships! That's his 'content'. Then I hear you say 'DLC ships give content' and other players saying 'Let's have Nassau Patrol every day! Yay!' and it seems you only listen to them. But there is another Naval Action. I remember when I first played, exploring this massive map. I remember Kolte's guide to solo PvP, about how he would stake out possible targets, look for likely trade runs and patrol them. I remember all the different kinds of players being into different stuff. The outlaw Pirates, the hit and run KPR gankers, the far flung areas of the map explorers, ship builders, traders, solo players, duellists even the meglomaniac RVR Warlords were fun. This game isn't ONLY about serving up as many ships as possible to sink, sometimes having to wait a bit and work stuff out and plan operations is the best bit and knowing you are not always guaranteed a fight when you might want one makes it all the better when you do get one. Doing the hauling, sourcing the woods, gathering the mats, trading the blueprint made sailing the ship more fun. Patrols, DLC ships, Legends it's all fine but it's all the same and not very interesting tbh. The recent comments you have made all rely on this 'the more ships you sink in a day the more fun you must have had' mantra, like that's just 'common sense' and written, but it simply isn't true, not for me anyway and so much more is being squeezed out. Have your DLC if you need the money, I will tolerate it, I will even buy them, but please don't try and tell me it's for my benefit. Could you please spend a bit of time thinking about the other kinds of 'content' too? A long line of casual players in DLC ships to sink inside a circle and who don't really give a shit anyway? that might be what Reverse wants but it's not what I want and there are others like me (maybe more than you think?). If your game goes stratospheric and the server is always full, please open another server, but this time with no Patrols, and no DLC Ships, no towing and no teleporting and where a solo player can get hold of a little bit of teak if he's prepared to haul it. I want to play on that one! I will even pay for the Server space! How much does it cost?
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    STOP! Reading the tribunal takes time from the developers. This time can be spent on coding something useful in the game. Thus, by creating such topics, you give more and more reasons for developers to close any conversation (disable chat) in the game.
  46. 14 points
    Ahoy, I assume other players allready complained about this, but today was the first time i ran into problems regarding the Constitutions too high BR, so heres the deal: It is allready hard enough to fight 4th rates with this ship, as they all have an big advantage regarding firepower and turnrate. The worst thing about it is, that if you attack a ship like that, wich can outturn and outDPS you easily, the battle wont close since the Constitution has more BR. Since that battle didnt close, i had to run away. Its hard enough allready to fight an Agga 1v1 with this ship, i did not want to have to fight a 2nd rate at the same time. It seems like 5th rates and traders are the only ships i can fight, since i can sink those befor reenforcements arrive. Please change something to make this beautiful ship compatible with 4thRates again. o7 edit: Apart from the problems mentioned above, it also has no place in the patrol zones, since it cant enter battles in the 4th rate zone, and in the solo zone it has to fight against Bellonas and other proper 3rd rates.
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    Through all the faults that NA had back in early 2016 - I'd rather erase everything and go back to that then the current game we have now.
  48. 14 points
    But doesn't that remove a part of the gameplay -raiding? Me and many other clan members prefer that kind of gameplay, probably other people too. Personally I don't want to fight just for the sake of the fight. Raiding was a huge part of the era
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    Please post the locations here if you know of places where NPCs are still sailing through land after the 28th of March Hotfix. I haven’t seen any AI sailing through land recently, though it used to be such a commonplace thing that it is entirely possible that it wouldn’t register with me now even if it happened right in front of me now. This topic is not only to help devs find and root out all, if any, places where this bug still occurs, but also to give some credit for finally and thoroughly addressing this issue which was so loathed by the community. For all the time that it persisted it was regularly pointed at as a bad mark on the game, yet since it was fixed it is as if nobody ever even noticed it, let alone credit it. For all the past negativity, I think this particular bugfix deserves some notice from players.
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    Captains, two new imported ships added to the game: L'Hermione - a beautiful Concorde-class frigate Rättvisan - a beautiful 4th rate built in Karlskrona, Sweden Both ships are available daily, the frame and planking wood types are chosen by players
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