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    We are working on the illustrated guide in the PantherFibel Style that will help many to understand how to sail.
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    Final part of the economy update will be deployed before the end of the year. Approximately 50+ new goods will be added for trading Dyes will be added (part for the future) Resources will be repositioned and system of distribution changed - this might cause changes of spawn for standard natural resources in some locations Pricing systems might start including distance from source into consideration Trader tool will most likely be removed as it gives too much information; turning search of good deals into modern electronic trading, destroying immersion and trading opportunities for those who want to occasionally stumble upon something special. It was always a qa tool to help developers find problems with prices and test changes in economy and pricing mechanisms.
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    Over the past few days, there has been quite an uproar over the banning of Liquicity - in this case, rightfully so. As a moderation team, we often function in the moment, clearing out reports or addressing concerns. As we each exist in different timezones, and have different availability, occasionally the feedback to and from each other occurs on a delay. We do talk internally, and we attempt to temper our own hot spots when it happens. Each one of us has different things that we have our own biases against, and come down on them a bit harder than others. 95% of the time, we agree with the actions of each other, as we've been working together for (it seems strange of me to use the word) years now, and have a pretty good measure of each other. I cannot speak for admin, however, he is someone that takes - rightfully so - an immense amount of pride in this game. After this patch, a lot of the feedback threads were flooded with criticisms not of the game, but of the developers themselves. After some discussion - delayed due to timezones and work schedules, there was some heavy-handedness that we agreed should be pulled back on. This is a two-way street, however. Please be sure that in feedback threads to focus on ideas, not people. Recall that sayings in some cultures do not translate to others. Please be cognizant of the amount of work that goes into each patch, and frankly, the long hours. I can tell you this much - the development team of this works a lot during the day, and then comes on to handle feedback morning and night - even sometimes weekends. With that said, please continue to give good feedback on how to improve things, what things need more polish, and of course, enjoy this Armistice Day weekend.
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    One of the biggest features missing in this game (IMO) is a duel room/practice room. We had duel rooms, tournament, and fleet practice in the past and they have all have been taken out of the game with no announcement of return. I am proposing that a more streamlined version should be implemented before the game is released. I envision a "Practice" button in the port UI that takes you to a practice arena. The arena could work in a lobby system where one player sets up a practice room and invites other players (same nation or enemy) to join. If the player only wants to practice against AI, there should be an option to select which AI ships to practice against and set their difficulty. These rooms should not have size restrictions like in the past; I think that 1v1 up to 25v25 should be available. With this being a practice room, there would be ZERO rewards and ships would not be destroyed. Why do this? Great tool for new players (aiming practice, practicing manual sailing, experimenting with new strategies) Instant access to test new ship builds before setting sail in OW Provides a safe place to train clan mates and practice with friends (currently you have to perform green vs. green to do this) Port battle/fleet practice. Spawn 15 difficult first rates and practice with your clan Sometimes you just want to log on for 5 minutes and shoot something Cons? Takes players off the OW - this is very true and I suspect this is why something like this hasn't been fully implemented in the past. But I think this would make the game appeal to a wider audience (causal players). It would keep more players interested in the game longer and (most importantly) it would allow players to "git gud" easier and faster. Since I am proposing that there be no rewards, this would still require players to sail in OW to progress through the game, afford new ships, and participate in RvR. Many PvP-only games (such as Dota 2) have practice rooms and I don't think Naval Action should be an exception. The game has a lot of depth and the learning curve is very high. Yes, there is a tutorial but it is not enough. Players learn best from other players and there should be an option to easily practice with each other without being forced to fight green vs. green. Cheers o7
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    Hello all! The game will soon enter a closed testing phase (in about a month). If we need further testers we will contact you with details on how to participate. In the meantime, you can declare your interest in this thread with a post, so I can PM you directly. Concept Art:
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    Vernon in Pickle getting one-shot by SOL:
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    Hello fellow sailors this will be a long reading. On the 28 August 2018 @admin posted this at the bottom of page 3 of the patch 26 thread I always had some thoughts about this and now want to share it and explain how I imagine a new officer and crew system could potentially look like. First of all I always thought that crew in this game stays to much on the sideline and has no real value other than being needed to crew a ship. Sure we have to pay a certain amount of reals to replace lost sailors but atm these are peanuts and nobody should have a problem to pay for crew. If you constantly loose first rates it could be expensive but if you constantly sail first rates, fight with them, lose and replace them, then I think that money isn't a real problem for you anyway. What I also mean with value of crew is that we don’t really care about them. We don’t even surrender to lessen their suffering when we are completely outmatched or outgunned. Crew is simply to cheap and easily replaced. And with the new patch we have even less incentives to surrender because it lessens the chance to get your insurance for your ship if your enemy chooses to keep the ship and not sink it. Our crew gloriously die for our cause and nobody even knows their names . Yet they are and should be the ones who make all our accomplishments possible. They load and aim the guns, they follow our (sometimes foolish) order to board and they set the sails and repair our ship. They keep the ship going. So what I propose is in not to make hiring crew way more expensive but kind of a radical approach to the existing system. Mainly the system of ship knowledge and books on which the biggest emphasis lies at the moment and which is subject of many heated discussions. Additionally I also think that it is finally the time to introduce morale and fatigue during the battle and not only during the boarding mini-game. So how do I imagine such a system? The main part is to introduce certain officer roles and make the rest of the generic crew somehow persistent (until they die of course. This is debatable due to many issues but more to that further below) To increase the performance of your ship you need an experienced crew and experienced officers who lead them. The officers and crew gain experience through sailing and fighting and they get better and better at what they do as long as they survive. So in short. Officers and crew take over the role of the current ship knowledge and books system. Basically this should make it possible for everyone who sails and fights a lot and is also successful during that to achieve a high level of knowledge and efficiency. It is not based on luck or plain grinding for rare books. Or paying a fortune to get the rarest and best books. It should level the playing field a bit and make it possible for everyone, even the average Joe and most casual player to achieve this if he wants. The foundation of this is the officer corps of your ship. So in the ensuing chapter I would like to introduce and explain the main officer roles to you and what I think would be their skillset respectively their duties on board of the ship and of course why I think so. Furthermore, as a disclaimer, the whole system shouldn't get out of hands like some skill books obviously do. It is important that a fully experienced crew should never break current existing hard caps on bonuses. Maybe even those caps should be lowered all together. But this may be a whole different topic. Officers: Players can have several officers because we also have several ships and of course need to crew them. We already had the officer mechanic (with name and perks) albeit only for one at a time. This time we get more. Maybe we can even implement some kind of training in the new academy building. So Officers who aren't on a ship can also be trained and gain xp at a smaller rate. I don't think that it should cost reals to hire officers. They get assigned by the admiralty and are also paid by it. No investment for the player here. On the other hand I can also imagine a market for good and experienced officers, so who knows. Lieutenants: The Lieutenants are the only other commissioned officers on board besides the captain. They are watchkeepers and have various other tasks on the ship. For example they commanded a sections of cannons and are in general a role model for the rest of the crew and supervise their work (hence the watchkeeping). That’s why I thought of these traits in the picture above. A very experienced lieutenant knows everything about his craft and naval warfare. He can teach how to increase the reload speed and how to aim properly because he also learned form the best. A very experienced Lieutenant is well respected and trusted. He gets the best out of his men and they do their best to not disappoint him. He keeps a cool head even in the fiercest battle and keeps the morale of his men high. He leads by example. Since there were mostly more than one Lieutenant on the ship I think that their bonuses could add up but give diminishing returns as their number keeps rising. So SOLs will have an advantage over smaller ships in this case but still not as much as simply adding up the bonuses. Below a small table about the amount of officers on board of English ships I found (please correct me if this is wrong). Master: The master’s main responsibility is the navigation and sailing of the ship. To make sure of good sailing capabilities of the ship one of his tasks is to look after the stowing of the hold and the ballast to get the best possible weight distribution --> hence his effect on the roll angle and other sailing qualities of the ship. For navigation purposes his task is to calculate the position of the ship. So I would finally introduce a feature that makes it possible to get the players position on the map. For gameplay purposes and the possibility of gaining experience in this trait I would say the position should not be pinpoint exact but with good accuracy. Thus the accuracy increases with experience. I think the position on the map should be updated once per in game day and maybe the player could demand a rough position whenever he likes (maybe also only once or two times a day?). His other traits derive of the fact, that he is responsible for the sailing and supervision of sailing maneuvers. Since one of his tasks is also the provision and condition of the sails and rigging, he could share some traits with the boatswain/bosun (further below, debatable!). Surgeon: sorry, no picture here Our beloved surgeon. His tasks are clear. Treat the wounded and amputate extremities. I would say his only in game skill should be that he affects the effectiveness of the rum usage. Though I would change rum to something more medical like bandages and bone saws or whatever I also have an idea for a new casualty system but I will explain it further below when I come to the rest of the crew. Gunner: The gunner. An important person for us players who like to fight. He is in charge of the main guns and the rest of the armament and gunnery tools including the ammunition and the powder room itself. So a greater experience in his work will lead to better maintenance of weapons and ammunition. For example sharper cutlasses, cleaner and more accurate muskets/swivels. Well maintained cannons, tackles and cannonballs including well calculated powder charges (by experience) and their perfect composition for round shot, double shot and double charge will lead to better accuracy, penetration and reload speed. As he gains experience his supervision of the powder room makes it less likely that a catastrophic mishap will happen. Carpenter The carpenter’s duty is it to keep an eye on the condition of the ship. The maintenance of the hull, the seams and the caulking, the masts and the yards is his responsibility. During battle he and his mates will fix leaks and if possible take care of repairable damages. Boatswain/Bosun A very important person on the ship. His main tasks include the inspection of the ships equipment and supervising the work that is done during the daily routine. He supervises the sailmaker and the ropemaker and is also responsible for maintenance of the sails, rigging and cordage. He is also responsible for the discipline of the ordinary crew in fulfilling their assigned tasks. During emergencies he coordinates the firefighting or other emergency procedures. Marine Captain/Seargent Another major change that I would like to see. Every warship has a certain complement of marines. No matter what and no extra books needed (we can talk about pirates who didn’t have them. Maybe everyone of them is a berserker ). I found some tables for the royal navy that showed the usual marine complement for every rate but I also think we could settle on some realistic values after a good debate. Back to the commanding officer of the marines. He is responsible for the training of his men to make sure they are the best at what they do. This includes offensive and defensive training with muskets, cutlasses, grenades and the deck cannons. A highly trained marine also has a higher morale and is a fierce fighter in a boarding action. To not make books absolutely obsolete I can think about a slot for every officer where you can choose a duty specific book or perk but I am not really a fan of this. Bonus Purser: I had no real idea for the purser but with the new patch and the introduction of doubloons I can think of one thing. Maybe the purser can hide a fraction of the looted doubloons during a cruise because he knows some place to hide it and in general is a sneaky bastard. This way there is always a part of your loot that is safe from the enemy in case you get captured. The rest of the crew: Now to the rest of the crew. Contrary to what I said earlier, we don’t need to know their names . But they are the most important people on the ship. They are the ones who fulfill the task that were assigned to them by their superiors. They should also gain experience with battles they survive and get better at what they do. I would say very small percentages that will add up if you are really successful and take care of your men. Now comes the difficult part. How does the game keep track of unnamed sailors? How do we manage that without killing the database with too much information? How to keep track if a part of the crew dies and then the player decides to change the ship, let’s say from frigate to SOL, where he now has new crew with different xp additionally to the remaining crew from the frigate. I couldn’t find a simple and satisfying solution for that. Is it even worth to make such huge efforts to keep track of nameless sailors? Although I would really want a totally persistent crew, I can't really think of a system that wouldn't be a huge pain in the ass, overly complex and a giant strain on the database. Perhaps you have some great ideas for this? So maybe we simply leave them as no-names and just make their performance dependent on the officers’ experience? But then I would still implement a morale and fatigue value for the ordinary crew. The morale of the ship’s crew is important for their performance. With decreasing morale their performance also decreases. We could argue if this should affect the speed of their actions like reloading guns, setting sails and turning of the yards or if it should only play a role in case of a boarding action. But I would prefer the former solution. The morale of the crew is affected by shock events on their own ship like rigging shock (maybe only when a mast actually falls), reload shock, and crew shock in a negative way but also in a positive way if the player inflicts a shock event on the enemy ship. Leaks, high fatigue and heavy losses decrease the morale. A crew/ship that initiates a boarding action should receive a very small additional bonus to morale hence they are the ones who take action and actively attack. In the case that an already heavily losing player initiates a boarding as a last desperate move, the small boost wouldn't really matter because he already lost so much more before. A loss of an officer also has a small negative impact on morale. Maybe you guys could think of more ways to affect morale, like being outnumbered, outgunned or gaining on the enemy but kind of complex and maybe just too much. Very important: Low morale should never lead to auto-surrender. This should always be in the hands of the player/captain. Maybe morale should also never reach 0 during the battle. Some kind of lower limit for this value. Fatigue should definitely affect the speed of the crews actions. Fatigue should start at 0 every battle and slowly increases over time. Very slow in the beginning and at an increasing rate the longer the battle lasts. With every reloading cycle of the main guns the crew gets more and more tired and reloads slower and their accuracy gets worse (Ok, impact on accuracy is maybe too hard). Every yard turn and setting of sails increases the fatigue level and lowers the speed with which these task are performed. Handling fewer sails could decrease the rate of fatigue gain. Pumping and repairing (emergency repairs) increases the value. Wounded soldiers returning to duty are more tired than fresh and healthy sailors (more to that below). A very high fatigue value also affects the morale of the crew (some kind of threshold that needs to be reached in order to trigger this). Both morale and fatigue should decrease/increase very slow at the beginning and should only have very small effects. With severe loss of morale and high fatigue levels the effects should increase dramatically. Morale loss and fatigue should also be a function of crew and officer xp (less if more experienced and trained). Now to the part which I already mentioned during the description of the surgeon. A new wounded state is introduced. Sailors can not only be killed and then magically brought back to life by rum but the casualties should be divided into dead and wounded. Only wounded can be treated by the surgeon and maybe return to duty. Also in case of a crew shock event like a very good rake, a part of the lost crew during that should slowly come back over time. I see no way around RNG here to determine how many are only in shock or just took cover and return to duty. The rest is either dead or wounded. Even better would be to have three states. Dead, incapacitated and wounded. Only a part of the wounded can return to duty in a battle. Incapacitated sailors can only be brought back after a battle. But, this is just a bonus. So how is this achievable? The way I understand our current crew loss system is that if a crew hit box is hit there is a probability calculation of how many are actually disabled. I don’t know if it is that simple to just add another probability calculation to determine if a man is dead or wounded. It would be a lot of rng and I know you guys don't like it but as I see it this is already the case when it comes to crew loss calculations? For officers I think that a similar mechanic could be used. If this image below of the hit boxes on the ship is still accurate then I would propose that at the start of a battle the officers are assigned randomly to certain hit boxes that are likely positions of the in a battle. Maybe add a few extra hit boxes because right now it looks like there are only hit boxes behind each gun (again, if this is still an accurate depiction of hit boxes). For example the surgeon down below in the ship, though it should be very unlikely that he gets hit there. Or assign the gunner to the magazine. A bigger hit box amidships where master and maybe (or maybe not) a lieutenant can be. And because this isn't complex enough already, we need another probability calculation on top for the officers which determines if an officer assigned to a hit box gets hit and killed/wounded. The chance to lose and officer due to enemy cannon fire is of course way lower than for the average sailor. But it can happen. So why all the fuss? Mainly I would like to get rid off almost all skill books this way (please don't stone me to death). With a sophisticated crew mechanic every players has the possibility to get a good working and effective ship. On the other hand the crew and their officers have more value than simply a bit of gold. Maybe there also develops a better connection of players to their officers and crew. This is for all the roleplayers out there. A surrender is a more likely option to safe the crew and prevent their total loss. This is where I come to my final point. Surrender. A historic aspect and probably the most likely outcome of a battle back in the day. What happens after a surrender? After a surrender the remaining crew and officers are safe. No dead officers equals no hard earned experience is lost, which would be the case if the ship sinks. Maybe you lost a few officers but that’s still better than all of them. Doubloons are assigned to the captor and all captains that did damage to the ship. The captor additionally gets a monetary reward for the remaining enemy crew and their officers. The value is determined according to their experience. This is simulating the ransom for the prisoners of war, which the enemy nation would have to pay to get their officers and sailors back. The captor gets a part of that from his admiralty. I don’t know if the captain who surrendered should be punished with a small real payment somehow. I would say no. It is debatable. Maybe the returning of the crew is delayed until he can pay his part (this would only make sense if we really track the xp of the ordinary crew, but see the problems above). The winner and captor is always paid immediately. An additional scuttle mechanic could also be interesting. Ship gets abandoned and set on fire while the crew escapes into the ship's boats. Crew is still captured but the ship is sunk. Maybe if close to friendly ships/forces the crew doesn't get captured. Then all doubloons would be safe. Interesting but I can also see a lot possibilities to troll and grief here. If this crew loss system is too harsh because you always lose all your experience when you sink we could talk about the possibility that a part of the crew and officers almost always survives via RNG. For example even if a ship sinks some swim away and get rescued by friendly or enemy ships (prisoners in that case and ransom/reward for the enemy). A small summery: Pros: the best possible ship performance isn't limited to players who have all the rare books bonuses aren't over the top if they are capped at reasonable values potential to make ship performances more equal or at least the difference between both extremes not so large even the best sometimes have to start at zero again crew has a real value and purpose a new incentive to surrender books can be wiped too at release (sorry) Cons: hard earned and grinded books become useless and all the work was for nothing too complicated and performance intensive harsh impact on database maybe frustrating if you lose too often and never really gain experience and knowledge many more I can't think of right now but I bet you can So this was a wall of text but I wanted to get this idea out. It is here to discuss and debate. I am not demanding this to be implemented. I often have some complicated ideas that might not really work or simply wouldn’t be fun in the long run and I just don’t see or realize it mainly because I have no clue how a game is developed or how hard to code it is. But nobody prevents me from posting it right? In my mind this all works best with my other idea thread about new gunnery mechanics and maybe even with an overhauled ship damage/hit box/penetration system (perhaps I will write something about this too some day)
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    More goods, no trader tool, this looks like total hell to me. You capture a cargo, then you have to rely on your memory (100+ goods name & values to remember ) to sell it at a good price, or visit every single port to eventually sell it a the best price if the port is not already full of it and refusing more ? This is totally a bad move, just making things painfull, difficult & boring, with less tool than a real life job, while serving as food for hunters.. Good good ...
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    api will contain same prices information but it won't be in game (but on community managed resources). Which is a lot better for us. We cannot improve the trader tool and do not want to have an unfinshed feature in a final game. And i personally believe that electronic trading and knowing prices for goods 1000 miles away is against the age of sail setting.
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    If you remove trader tool can you do use all a favor and put back on the map what ports can produce (buildings) and maybe major resources like we had before the wipe? I know I prob won't be the only one saying this....."I'm not going to go from port to port in a trade ship to find out where every thing is only to be ganked constantly." I'm not saying list all goods in that port bu something like This port produces Fir, Coal, Hemp and Caribbean goods.
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    Here is the data from the partial wipe until last week for the War Server. PvE top players (Amazing survival - number of deaths includes all deaths pve and pvp - which means pve is not dangerous at all on the war server). PvP Kills PvP Kills per battle
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    Apart from that detail the entire changes surrounding the cargo and transportation of goods seem solid. Albeit lots of clans still having excessive warehouse stashes the trade lanes, and by consequence the raiding and anti raiding spirit of the grand age of sail, seem to be on the rise again. One can only speculate at this point what it would be with clean slate warehouse and nation/clan getting on the move to assemble their fleets once more. One good outtake of the changes is the abundance of frigates in the OW, often squadron with a 74 gun but all in all perceive a more balance composition of the squadrons. I am really appreciating the patch detail about all loot having to be carried until arrival to a safe harbour. It adds a good measure of "the hunt". But I am kind of confused why does the currency and books ( unless they are read by captain on the spot ) has to be transported in the hold but not the modules/equipment ? Shouldn't Modules have the same mechanics as dubloons and only be safe and "teleported" to magic chest once captain reaches safe harbour ?
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    With the patch that made doubloons into loot from holds in battle, the looting mechanic has been pushed to the forefront and become one of the most important mechanics in the game. The problem is that the mechanic is currently * (not very good). Before I could do most missions and just ignore looting. Now you can’t afford not to loot in case the RNG-gods are mercifull. This leads to battles where you might spend 10 minutes killing a ship, and as much as 5 minutes sailing upwind to loot it. You could be spending 30 minutes on a battle, and 10 minutes trying to loot, and yet there is a chance that you don’t get to loot because the ship sank too fast, or you didn’t get all the way there before the battle instance closed. And never-mind all the times where you sail for several minutes to loot only to find an empty hold or a basic hull refit. Is this good gameplay? No. Spending 1/5th to 1/3rd of the time in battles just fighting the wind(mill) - after the actual battle is over - is a horrible way to waste our time in-game. Yeah, you can help yourself by being strategic about when you deal the killing blow to enemies. This works in easy PvE-fights. Even in Epic Events. But it doesn’t work if you took on a challenging NPC-fleet alone, where the number of enemies mean you barely scrape by, let alone a PvP-fight. Is this realistic gameplay? Who remembers reading the thrilling tales of Tordenskjold, or Nelson, sailing their respective flag-ships against the wind for 4 hours to loot their enemy of randomly generated loot after battle? No, they had boats that they put to sea before battle. If needed they could use their oars to easily maneuver around the «field» after battle. To pick up survivors or even loot. And why does loot become unavailable after the wreck sinks too far beneath the surface? Lots of loot would be floatsam and jetsam on top of the wreck site. My on-the-spot, simple suggestion for a new looting mechanic: -You can loot at 250-500 meter range. You click on the sunken ship (with CTRL), and you can open the hold and move the loot to your own ship. -While you loot, your ship needs to be immobilized for 5-15 seconds (simulating launching the boat). -A ship can be looted even if it is completely submerged. -For the first 2 minutes after a ship sank, only whoever got credited the kill can loot it. Better suggestions are welcome.
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    So traders don't want more trade goods and they would like more information. So we decide to have more trade goods and no information? Wow. Dumb.
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    Hartmann did have excellenct statistics going for him, yes. 352 confirmed kills, at first glance you think - wow. However, if you go any deeper into it - which I did, in a project i did a couple years ago - you will soon realize that he actually wasn't all that great you thought he was.. Most of Hartmanns kills on the eastern front were on, due to the lack of experienced pilots, poorly trained pilots flying very vulnerable IL2's... Hartmann would just do what he did best.. get real close up and unleash a quick deadly burst, without them ever seeing him coming. Some sources claim that he got as close to 20 metres before pulling the trigger. So yeah. He did get a lot of confirmed kills on vulnerable IL2's not even seeing him, unable to do anything about it - and not on p47's, p51's, well armed, protected B24s etc. on the westfront. I think, though, the analogy is perfect. Hartmann scored 352 kills. If you didn't go deeper into it you'd think he must have been a great fighter pilot (He surely was a great pilot, not denying that), but once you go deeper into it you'll see the truth. Ingame we got about the same happening. Requins camping spawnpoints of inexperienced, vulnerable newcomers lacking the experience to even realize what's coming at them. But seeing it as Skillful..... Don't really know.
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    Captains, this is not a bug. Battles in a reinforcement zone are open for 2 minutes (instead of 10 min) to all players except owners of the zone
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    ehm sorry i think you misread my statement. I would love to help this guy to sink lynxes in his cutter with ease with just 3 turns and 6 broadsides in under 3 mins (as i have to level up a new account every month to never lose touch of new player experience). But i would love to help him by reviewing his style of play and helping him to improve it. I have NO PLANS WHATSOEVER to dumb down the game to the so called mass market appeal and casual crowd. This game is not for everyone. And some people will not like it. We have no anxiety at all. Peace server is tranquil and does not have a single problem described in the post. He is a Peace server player but he is ruining his experience on the war server for no apparent reason. There is no ganking and there is zero seal clubbing on the Peace server.
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    We understand the arguments for full wipe. Even out the starting position because of new players. Players suggesting full wipe do not answer though to the following points Majority of sales do not come in the first week. - they come over 6 months. What about those players who buy in a month? in 3 months? Why it should be different for them. What about players who buy tomorrow? In a week? They worked hard to get books and knowledge too. They are new players too.(currently). They wanted the game now and now they will be upset about this choice
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    the dilemma of new players without books and wiped players with books is a made up dilemma to our opinion - but we are not 100% sure thus we left "almost" when describing what will happen to books. The main reason for the ephemeral nature of this dilemma is the lack of universal standard of principles. If the principle is correct is must always be applied. If the principle cannot be applied in all situations its not a principle. Here is the great example of why removing books once solves nothing. Steam Autumn sale is coming soon. A good number of newcomers will come into the game. Lets say 10000 want to buy it this time and half of them will drop because they will read the reviews from vets with 500 hours that the game has no players (or adminbadman). Some of them will buy and wait for the wipes because they dont want wipes 2500 buy the game and start playing - these are all new players Why should not we wipe the books then for everyone this November? On the huge influx of new players? Why should current players suffer when new player comes into the game? Should he? Maybe we should go even further. And wipe everything for all players as soon as new player comes into the game. I understand the beauty of the fresh start. But this is an a MMO and this fresh start feeling will be gone in less then 7 days. Should we wipe the game every time new player comes into the game to give him an equal footing and fresh feeling? Or he should come to a living world where Gandalfs Experienced Nelsons already exist and are actually sailing in the first rate. ps. Rust wipes everything every month. Fresh feeling always for new players: now or in 29 days at least.
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    Having said all things above about skill - WE DO NOT WANT I WIN Buttons given and will eliminate overpowered upgrades from the game - we have already started with group limitations and will continue with tuning the upgrades to remove extreme importance of upgrades or giving them excellent counters. multi reps are hated but i think they give the chance to recover from mistakes - (good for lower skill players) AND they force the player to be aggressive. Timing them is a skill and i think they increase depth.
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    I wanted to add more dynamism for boarding and allow captains to resolve the boarding quicker against defensive or last click boarders. I did not like the low casualties from grenades cannons and muskets (sometimes they felt useless). You had 250-300 muskets on a first rate it felt silly to kill such low number of people in a volley from 50 meters We have interesting good long term ideas on marines and muskets (as equitable items instead of %) Thus the variety of muskets and their strength. I think they were nerfed one more time today patch. We also plan to update the deck guns and grenades.
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    Trading will be adjusted next patch. Trading in high volume lower margin demanded items should provide more trading opportunities (like grain). Player should be able to trade if he wants to only trade as his main activity. Trading resource spawn volumes were too low to satisfy this demand.