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  1. Hello Captains! We have achieved a lot last year: new ships, new missions, trading improvements, thousands of bugs fixed and finally launch of the game. 2019 was better than 2018. Naval Action has been placed into a Steam's Best of 2019 Hall of Fame by Valve and was named one of the best releases from Early Access (by revenue) This could only happen because of you Captains! Thank You. We wont let you down. Of course some grumpy landlubbers will still complain it was all alts, but who cares . Please ask those "alts", really ask them to get us on the steam top sellers list in 2
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  2. Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1K6xCXtCUd68PPzvNjBxD5ffgE_69VEoc/view?usp=sharing Revision 00, first issued December 22nd, 2019 Revision 01, Updated Feb 04th, 2020 Revision 02, Updated Feb 28th, 2020 Revision 03, Updated Apr 18th, 2020. Revision 04, Updated Jun 26th, 2020. Revision 05, Updated Nov 18th, 2020. Thank you for reviewing and help updating and correcting!
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  3. Hello folks, Thought we needed some more fun stuff and I spend a lot of time sailing places. So here it is. This newsletter will mainly be focusing on the Dutch perspective of Naval Action. I'd be more than happy to include more in the next issue if you send me info/stories/gossip etc... Trying to remain like the BBC in my reporting as it were. This link will take you to a viewable pdf of the very first Willemstad Gazette! https://docdro.id/LZEVaeT 2nd issue of the Willemstad Gazette available now. https://docdro.id/osno
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  4. Captains. Admiralty wishes you wealth, health and happiness in the 2020. Please accept the following traditional christmas gifts in the redeemables Kiritimati Masts made from the strongest trees found in the famous Christmas (Kiritimati) island visited on 24th December 1777 by the now infamous Captain Cook. Edinorog guns that will make your opponents fear your ship. Elite Christmas gift – Danish 2nd rate Christian. Redeemables must be claimed before 10th of January 2020.
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  5. Admirals, We would like to inform you that we are currently working to improve critical aspects of gameplay that are going to be very important in the campaign. Our team is progressing on radical changes regarding formations, armor mechanics, AI and various others you requested many times. Here are some of the improvements which we plan to offer in our upcoming update. Major rework of the formations The formation system of Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts will receive an overhaul of its mechanics, making the control of large fleets much easier and realistic. Firs
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  6. Tomorrow we will add a special one time item "Seeferkel Last Log" that will help us all remember him.
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  7. There is nothing more beautiful than a ship at sea. Work in progress (WIP) screenshots from Sea Legends Scale testing - untextured ship
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  9. Hello Admirals, Thank you very much for your ongoing feedback and your fantastic participation in the forum, where you share so many interesting ideas and historical knowledge with us. We would like to inform you about the planned improvements of the next patch. SPECIAL NEW FEATURES Two new 3D Base Models ships: the legendary battleship "Bismarck" and the mighty battlecruiser "HMS Hood": Bismarck and Hood hulls are available in new Naval Academy missions and Custom Battles (after year 1927). Improved Damage Decals: The damage is more detailed, according to where it actually h
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  10. RVR proposal Civil war The risk is that thanks to the forged papers (I state that I have nothing against them) many players join the stronger nation simply because it is simpler, or as for some, just to avoid fighting. This is not good for a war game, where war must remain the main purpose. Proposal Add a list of enemy clans (rogue) that belong to your nation to clans. If a clan is added to this list it can be attacked in OW and its ports can also be attacked. The clans that have the rogue clan in their friends list must decide who to side with within 30 days (it is not possible
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  11. l'architecture française est belle WIP
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  13. Please please please can you return the fleet practice lobby system, it is an excellent tool for new and experienced players to practice large scale battles and teach small scale battles too it helps new players to learn how to figth without losing the ship. It helps breed a new era of fleet commanders for port battles. it helps fleet members sharpen their skills.. newer players wanting to get involved in RvR are forced to bend the knee to the veterans because they dont know where to begin when commanding a fleet, fleet practice fills this void with the ability to practice, teach,
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  14. Thank you Everyone! Thank you very much We will open a new ship vote soon. Thank you for support and trust - this helps bring beautiful vessels to life! We wont let you down!.
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  15. Hello everyone, We hope you are all fine, healthy, strong and enjoy whatever makes you happy. We would like to share the content of the upcoming next update of Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts. Here is all the info: Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Alpha-6 SPECIAL NEW FEATURES Flash Fires: If the main guns (or the sections below them containing the magazines) are penetrated then uncontrollable flash fires may swiftly spread, ignite the propellant containers and cause catastrophic explosions, blowing away one or more turrets of the ship with a spectacular new visual effect. So, n
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  16. Hello Admirals, We would like to share information about the upcoming major update of Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts. Here is what is included: Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Alpha-5 SPECIAL NEW FEATURES Major improvements in ballistics: Repaired issues that made shells to travel at unusual wide arcs or at inconsistent speeds. Shells now can hit other vessels except the ship you target, making cluttered ship formations more vulnerable to shell fire. Friendly fire can happen if ships fire too close to each other. Previous ballistic system had some omissions that were needed
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  17. Short range musket fire, very efficient to kill the crew of nearby lower vessels. The crew has to be assigned to that task, like sailing or boarding and is missing on other stations, marines are automatically assigned to that task. The assigned crew will load their guns and fire at nearby targets, when triggered by the player. The closer the enemy, the deadlier the result. No automatism in it (except for aiming). Range max. 50 to 75m. This should do away with small ships hugging big ones.
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  18. Clan ship docks (1 ship per clan member)
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  19. Hello Captains There is a mechanic in game where you are able to join enemy NATION battles if they are open and support one side or another. It works like this You can support other nations in combat in open sea by joining one of the sides (any nation even if you just captured their ports) If your nation (for example Britain) have joined side A only British can join side A after that This has no consequences for the player and it opens up exploit ability that players use. For example joining for the enemy side in one battle and then joining on your side in the
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  20. When pressing F at open sea to open "Fleet", i would like to see a thing, that shows what kind of books you have applied to the current ship. Example: a player might forget if he has marines or some gunnery book applied. Then when at sea, he can only know for sure if he gets into a boarding, i which case he will die.
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  21. pbs against raiders. thats good for pve server but not for the war (pvp) server
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  22. With all DLC ships i have a problem with my space in docks, maybe it will be a good idea that any DLC you buy, includes one extra docks space.
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  23. Captains, We are launching servers soon. The rare bug that has caused 2 crashes over 1 week has not been reproduced yet. But we are searching for it. Launched servers will let you play and progress and will help us identify this bug faster. If you lose valuable items on the next crash after servers restart please post your losses in support forum with screenshots. They will be compensated. To alleviate the issues and increase the traffic on OW we will start the Date with Diana event which will have 3 rare ships in it in usual locations (event will start tomorrow after maint
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  24. The Tricomalee is a really good 5th rate and I really like sailing her (5 knowledge slots open) but she's not really useful in most larger PvP groups, where bigger ships are more wanted. She's great for hunting solo though and can beat a redoutable if you play your game correctly. @admin Please don't be mad at me for writing this, but you are not very good at managing expectations, which causes upsets with the community (or at least large parts of it). I will try to objectively explain why many (not all, of course) players are unhappy about the trinco DLC announcement and give a suggestio
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  25. I know that what a lot of what I’m about to say has been said before, but I feel suggestion reports often work on a principle of ‘accuracy by volume’ I will preface this by saying that the compelling facebook adverts (which have slowly ground down my will into purchasing a £40 over the course of several months) are pretty misleading since I now see on here, that the devs have said back in October that they have no intention of implementing a similar system to adjust the hull. This borders on false advertising which I don’t think is fair for a game of this price! In general I find de
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  26. The accuracy of stern chasers compared to bow chasers. I don't understand why the rear is so much more accurate, it only benefits those who run away.
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  27. @--Privateer-- You didnt asked for an edit so I made one Like if you laughed Thanks if you dont like those AI things in the game Sad if you will miss me once Im banned
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  28. Admirals, We would like to share with you the plans on the Steam release for UA: Dreadnoughts. Game launch The game will launch in Steam Early Access after Steam Summer Sale. Valve does not recommend launching during the Summer sale and we had to move the date from mid-summer to end July August. Estimated date 10th of August, the date depends on the Valve’s final approval of the store. But we are trying to push for an earlier date. Price for Early Access Edition – 35 USD (with Steam regional pricing differences). Steam keys for Limited and Standard edition buyers We are request
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  29. Doubloons in shipbuilding will be removed. Please avoid overspending as ship blueprints will change this week The cost progression will be based on power that patch and will only require reals (pieces of eight)
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  30. Now we can relax and go gank or patrol area And sometimes do good port battle without this fck screen, multiflips and others not good mechanics. Play and have fun. We all won.
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  31. What happened: Swedish Player [CRC] Die Geist, Rank Kapten, created 23.08.2019, started a hostility mission for Truxillo. A fleet of Russian 1st rates joined him to flip the port. The Port Battle is scheduled for 10.02.2020, 13:58. [CRC] is not on the friend list on any of the major Swedish RvR clans - it 99% surely doesn't have the capabilities to take any port. (It actually only has the 1 single player. can't really be more obvious.) Most likely an alt account, british or russian - up to the devs to check. In the mission, the hostility was actually grinded by the russian 1st rates
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  33. Sooo...you're saying that for every choice we make in PvP from now on, we are limiting our future choices in PvP? By definition we're all eventually only going to be able to join the battles of ONE other nation, if any. And that nation might be different for different people in the same clan. People from the same clan, sailing together, in the same group, will not be able to join the same battles. Did you take into account that alliances change? Or that a nation you're allied to might be enemy with another one of your allies? Or the fact that there are different clans within the sa
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  34. Would be awesome to hear a whistle and the rumble of drums when you start to tag another ship. If sailing in a group it would be helpful for them if they hear that sound as well.
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  35. AI trading (DLC) It would be great to have OW full of ships owned by players and not by AIs. I realize that implementing a player-controlled automation system is a not indifferent effort, but I think it could be solved by making a dlc. My proposal is to be able to command a trader ship in my port to navigate to another port (where I have a base). This activates an AI that navigates through preset points on the map using the shortest route between them. To do this you have to pay a price (let's say the price of hiring a captain), and therefore it must be done only for goods and materia
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  36. Hello Admirals, We would like to share news about the progress we have so far and the status of the upcoming update. The team’s reorganization is working great and we are very happy with the results. These last 2 months we have touched upon all major aspects of the game with the new lead programmer (from formations to AI to ship designer) - and finally we can say - now the new team is more than ready to continue with the development of the campaign. We plan to add extra resources in November, which will help us to speed up the develo
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  37. Admiralty connection Part 2: Price 5 € : -You contact in the admiralty give you the chance to rename a ship every day, but you can't change the name of a ship already rename In battle example :- Royal Princess ( Le bucentaure) - Saladin (Wasa) - Ink ( Trader Lynx)
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  38. Prussian town work in progress
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  39. Clan Docks please! 1. Makes everything ship related so much easier: Lost your firstrate in pb and the crafter is not online? Take one of those in clan docks. Want to trade a ship from clan crafter to clan member in a different timezone? Send to clan docks. Want to roll the dice but your docks are full? Send ships to clandocks to have room for more! 2. It will benefit both old and new players, as the old players can take their ships from the officer clan dock, while the new player can take his snows and trincos from the member clan dock. 3. doesnt take anyhting away 4. Perh
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  40. The devs really need to step up on improving the clan management aspect of the game. Right now it is way too vanilla compared to the clan management systems in other games. Here are some thinks I would like to see (some have been suggested before): 1. Customizeable clan member rank titles. 2. Permission levels for each rank. 3. Ability for leader/co-leader to set minimum clan bank balance. 4. Clan ship warehouse (up to 30 slots, one slot per 2 active members). 5. Automatic purge of inactive clan members (6 months). 6. Port incomes need to show in money log. 7
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  41. The Grind. Everyone does it, in one way or another, but nobody likes to feel the pressure of grinding to have a special cannon, seasoned woods, upgrade (steel toolbox, for example) or the rare permits (specially the latter). Same with grinding knowledge slots, nobody really like to do pve to unlock those slots faster. The unsatisfaction with the grind also comes from the bad rewards of mission and silver chests (people only go for gold chests and upper) and the low chances of getting the permit you are looking for. Many permits are considered rare so getting the one you are looking
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