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  1. Hello all, A hotfix has just been uploaded which includes the following: *Hotfix v88* (17/9/2021 UPDATE) - Fixed major bug of gun armor resetting for saved designs, when trying to apply new gun armor settings. - Fixed major bug of armor penetration, incorrectly evaluating the armor thickness of guns and causing too many detonations and flash fires. - Fixed issue with part selection in ship design, that could become overly big and inaccurate. - Fixed bug that caused keyboard edit of gun armor to use only inches measurement. - Fixed bugs of Auto-Design which could cause build
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  2. A successor to my original ship repo thread, which has been rendered obsolete by the new update I figured out how to extract a ship design from the game, however the savefiles are a bit messy in order to add designs, you have to go to C:\Users\yourusernamehere\AppData\LocalLow\Game Labs\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts, locate a file called "custom battle data", then paste the contents of the text file into the custom battle data file under the correct "key" value, i.e. a ship built in 1918 should be pasted under the 1918 key. If said key does not exist, create your own ship for that ye
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  3. Excellent work again, thank you so much!
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