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    Tomorrow we will add a special one time item "Seeferkel Last Log" that will help us all remember him.
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    l'architecture française est belle WIP
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    Hello everyone, We hope you are all fine, healthy, strong and enjoy whatever makes you happy. We would like to share the content of the upcoming next update of Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts. Here is all the info: Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Alpha-6 SPECIAL NEW FEATURES Flash Fires: If the main guns (or the sections below them containing the magazines) are penetrated then uncontrollable flash fires may swiftly spread, ignite the propellant containers and cause catastrophic explosions, blowing away one or more turrets of the ship with a spectacular new visual effect. So, now detonations will not only occur after a direct penetrating hit reaching to the ammo storage but also due to the impact of flash fires, just as it happened for the British Battlecruisers in the Battle of Jutland. In consequence, you must now be extra careful when you design your ships, especially your battleships and battlecruisers which carry heavy armament, because if they lack the necessary armor protection or other safety measures, they will be very vulnerable to flash fires that can blow them apart. Detailed Combat Statistics: Now you can evaluate with precision the combat effectiveness of your ships by monitoring their hit percentage, damage and penetration power against the enemy ships. By selecting your own ships you have access to their detailed logs of damage, either in summary or per gun type. When your targets are identified, you can also select them to view their combat stats, while the fleet damage statistics are accessible as previously at the top right corner with increased information when you hover on each icon. Epic Combat Music: Many new music soundtracks enrich the combat experience during or after a battle. Immerse yourself by hearing the new atmospheric music that switches according to the tension of combat. Note: YouTubers must read the terms of using the game’s music in their videos. If you have any issue, please turn off the music while recording. 33x New Destroyers: Complete revamp of the Destroyer hulls. OId models have been optimized. Many new models have been added for all nations. Here is the list of changes: - 4x Japanese special looking Destroyer models, available till the 1920s, making the Destroyers of Japan unique compared to other nations, having lighter, longer hulls that make them stealthier, faster, deadlier. - 4x Modern Japanese Destroyer models available after the 1920s, following the unique design concepts of Japan, favouring speed and torpedo armament. These models are based on the detailed hull of the “Akizuki” Destroyer and several variants that can reproduce faithfully all late Destroyers of the Japanese Fleet, including the experimental design of “Shimakaze”. - 13x Modern Destroyer models distributed to all nations with a selection of “Standard” and “Leader” type of destroyers. These destroyers are rather unique for each nation. For example, you are able to design and build very fast and powerful Destroyers similar to the French “Le Fantasque” and “Mogador” classes with role to overwhelm enemy Destroyers. - 12x hull variants of Destroyers distributed for all nations from the 1900s till the 1920s. Most of those early ships are slight modifications with different hull size ratios, guns, funnels etc. 4x Modern Cruisers: Some special cruisers have been added for Spain and Japan. These are: - 1x Japanese Light Cruiser, inspired by the “Kuma-class” cruiser, a typical type of cruiser that serviced Japan from the 1920s till the 2nd World War. - 1x Japanese Light Cruiser, inspired by the “Yubari-class” cruiser, a unique hybrid design that featured aspects of a Destroyer and a Cruiser. - 2x Spanish Cruisers, inspired by the “Navarra” and “Canarias” classes, ships of the 1920s with a long active service till the Spanish Civil War. ==All the existing, hundreds of hull variants accompanied by the new destroyers should be more than enough to cover the needs of the upcoming first campaign version, but we will continue to add more models in our next updates.== NEW MISSIONS Near Jutland: The British and Germans are concentrating their forces in the vicinity of Jutland and prepare for a major battle. Your task force led by two British battlecruisers has spotted three German capital ships heading to the location and plans to ambush them using the destroyers as spearhead of the attack. Modern vs Old Destroyers: Design modern destroyers and combat versus numerous, less advanced rivals. The enemy force is commanded by an advanced ship, a type of “Destroyer Leader” which is particularly effective against smaller destroyers. Torpedo Banzai: Feel the power of Japanese destroyers by leading an all-out torpedo attack against a large USA fleet. Your possible destroyer designs include a wide range of hull types and two specials: An experimental destroyer, which can achieve very high speeds and an experimental cruiser, which combines the benefits of a destroyer at a size of a cruiser. Mission Impossible: A powerful Japanese battleship and its escorts attacks one of your convoys. The only defense are your destroyers. The most sensible action would be to escape while you can. But the High Command decided that you should stand and find an opportunity to sink the enemy battleship with your torpedoes. Only the best designed destroyers can succeed in such a mission.... with a bit of luck. Battle of Destroyers: You will command a squadron of French destroyers against a Japanese destroyer squadron. The enemy force is led by a flotilla leader, a fast cruiser with many small guns and heavy torpedo armament that you should not try to confront at close range. Contest in the Black Sea: The German naval forces in the Black Sea are scarce and do not include any battleships. The Russians possess more and heavier ships. Two of the remaining German cruisers need the support of your destroyers to attack and destroy the commanding Russian ships in the area, a refitted dreadnought and a modern battlecruiser. COMBAT BALANCES Further improvements in ballistic trajectories. Shells follow a steeper, more realistic curve. Additionally, wave motion now affects the distribution of hits between deck and belt. Horizontal penetration over very long distances is reduced. Previously, in certain circumstances, it could become overpowered against any deck armor, especially when using 18-inch Lyddite shells. Lyddite and Cordite shells cause slightly more damage. Due to the new Flash Fire mechanics, these shells are even more risky to use but if your ship has adequate protection they will offer a distinct advantage. Torpedoes will not cause so frequent ammo detonations, as previously, versus well protected ships. However, Flash fires may be ignited by an underwater fire caused by a torpedo hit. AI is much more effective in aiming and keeping distance against its targets. Maneuvering is now playing more dynamic role in targeting. You cannot make swift turns without significant loss of aim. Ships that make zig zags are more effective in avoiding shots. Ranging shots is easier against static or very slow targets. SHIP DESIGN Weight limitations of all ship types rebalanced, so that ship speeds are more realistic according to technology era. You may still make an overly fast ship but it would be very weak in protection and armament. All ship saves are affected due to this change. Turbine engine horse power is more pronounced according to type, so that early dreadnoughts and battlecruisers are not so fast compared to more advanced ships. Diesel engines rebalanced to reflect better their bonuses. Diesel engines will be more important in campaign, but now can be useful in missions too, offering more reliable and cost-effective power plants. New Hull Variant that can replicate accurately the HMS Invincible. It is a British Battlecruiser found in Custom battles between 1907-1917. Optimized a Battlecruiser variant that is available for Britain, USA, France, in the period of 1912-1919. Various hull fixes/improvements based on player reports. Light Cruisers’ maximum belt armor is now 6 inches. New visuals for the Japanese 3'', 4'', 5'' inch Mark 4/5 guns, found on their Destroyers and Light Cruisers. New visuals for the USA/British 3'', 4'', 5'' inch Mark 4/5 guns, found on their Destroyers. New visuals for Mark 4/5 8'' guns for British Battleships and Battlecruisers. SOUND EFFECTS Major improvement in sound mechanics. Issues of sound interruptions when there were many guns firing should not occur at all or can happen very rarely. Various combat sound enhancements. Impacts should be heard louder and clearer. Partial penetration sounds improved, trails better synchronized and many other. BUG FIXES Fixed an error of calculating Course Change Time, showing opposite effect (for example when you added auxiliary engines, the Rudder could steer more slowly). Now ships will steer even more realistically. Fixed serious errors with gun rotations and overlapping of ship objects, that created unbuildable ships with the known error “Some parts are badly placed” or made guns not rotating during battle. Fixed bug that -sometimes- stopped torpedo tubes from firing, although they were fully reloaded. Fixed issue that caused torpedoes to hit your own ship. Fixed bug that made -sometimes- Radar Generation 2 to not function during battle. Fixed bug that did not update UI information about accuracy when we selected different rangefinders and other related components. Fixed bug that made the secondary tower of a modern French Battleship to hang in the air, behind the stern. Fixed issue that made big guns of smaller caliber to be grouped with secondary guns when player selected targets manually. OTHER Memory optimizations: The error “Too many threads” should now be fixed or happen very rarely. You are now able to observe the penetration power of enemies vs your ship. Select an identified enemy ship and hover the cursor over one of your own ships to open up the penetration tooltip. Subtle new visual effect for over penetrations: The shell passes through the ship from the other side. Battle UI improved by providing more information for the selected ship in a more compact window. When you hover on the respective icons you can see useful ship details, such as the armor zone protection scheme, components installed and various other. Now you can click on any recent battle log report (bottom left corner) to zoom in to the affected ship. The test build is already in closed testing. The release is scheduled for next week, on Monday, if all is well. Update: Update will come when ready. Thank you all for the ongoing feedback!
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    New patch is coming today. Some parts of the patch will require gradual slow introduction into the game so they will be staggered. RVR Peace is still on. The deployment of new RVR mechanics will be staggered in stages. RVR Flag item is already in game but do not drop - until the patch is fully stabilized Port battle transport item is already in game but do not drop or cannot be bought - until the patch is fully stabilized Flags and Battle transports will be initially distributed using an event, or will be given to all players as timed redeem on one of the weekends for mass real time test. Description of mechanics New player experience New player mission is added to the game. The mission will let the player experience the beauty of the game right when he joins instead of overwhelming port UI. Player will immediately get into battle, learn by doing like in original sea trials and will have to deliver a message after a battle to a capital of his nation. New player protection Light protection fleets added to capitals. On War server they will attack every ship above 30BR and will ignore light traders (Including trader brig) They do not drop wood chests yet (until we teach them to run away). Only home defense fleets with skull symbol drop wood chests. Imported content 1 New Imported ship added to the game Victory 1765. The ship will go on sale as soon as Valve Approves the page ETA - Today 28 May or Tomorrow 29th May Cheaper Edition Update We have thought a lot what would be a cheaper starter edition but unfortunately the center of the game is combat and it is impossible to cut out the content without reducing the overall quality of experience. So we decided not to cut content in the cheaper edition. As a result here is the plan Every current owner of the game will receive a special ship redeemable every 24 hours Price for the game will be lowered (new package created by Valve) New package will not contain this ship (after price drop it wont be available) The ship will redeemable every 24 hours like all Imported ships but will have special conditions.This ship will not be imported. It can be captured, sold, gifted, taken over. The ship is HMS Trincomalee. Current Trincomalee will of course also remain as crafteable in game. Trincomalee has a very interesting story https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/36102-hms-trincomalee/ Port investments. Clans and large groups of people can now develop ports above their initial fixed points 25 points (initially) can be added to ports using investments. Every investment level gives 1 extra point to port development. Investment are expensive and will require group effort Woods. Woods added to blueprints but are not dropping in ports yet, because wood stats are still getting rebalanced. New woods can be only used in crafting (they are not available in notes or redeemables) PVP and PVE Hunts, Search and Destroy now also check for Steam ID, in a similar way to PVP hunt. Some guns can now be picked up from sank players. Exit timers: Important! 1 hit timer had to go. It created 1 hour chases wasting player’s time. It also allowed holding players in battles forever. This generated lots of hate, confusion and time wasting, including neverending griefing tribunals. Player now has to deliver % damage to a player to stop escaping. Battle timer increased to 5 mins (but can be increased further during experimentation phrase) Exit timer is up to 3 mins (from 2 mins) ROE Battle entry points fixed. Thanks for users for pointing this out. Previous entry points favored the attacker (which allowed his reinforcements to spawn closer to him). Now points are equal. The pull circle has increased (70%) to reduce the need to go back to enter battles. Flags for groups and conquest flag Changed flags based on the 1799 Signal book of ship of war Group flag changed to Order of Sailing flag Battle group flag changed to Battle Sailing RVR/Conquest flag has changed back to Dangerous Cargo/Enemy in sight Flag (red flag) Other changes Admiralty now buys Loki runes at 10 doubloons per rune Money Locker added to stores and allows quick conversion of reals to Money Locker and back. Money lockers will be used for Port investments Imported (DLC) ships now have (I) indicator in the name to give clear indication which ships cannot be captured (lets see how it works) OW speed of Home defence fleets reduced by 5% to allow passers by more escape chances Slightly buffed modern version of HMS Victory Increased repairs production in capitals by 50% Critical bugs Fixed bugs which spawned an NPC ship in group missions even if the group member did not join Fixed bug that generated loot when sinking your own ship Potential fix of the problem which sent Home defence fleets far away from their zone of operation Fixed bug that did not sink players outside battle zone in some conditions. Dozens of other changes. WARNINGS. Texts are not final, expect typos Features are now and this is a big patch: expect bugs crashes and asset loss. All losses caused by the game will be compensated. Additional information will be provided as we go. Explanations on the mechanics of the flags and transport to port battles will be given shortly Next steps Early week: Deployment of rebalanced current and new timber types Update of crafting blueprints for ships and guns Mid-End week: Deployment of conquest flags for testing Port battle transport service will not be deployed until flags are tested in multiple situations
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    Doubloons in shipbuilding will be removed. Please avoid overspending as ship blueprints will change this week The cost progression will be based on power that patch and will only require reals (pieces of eight)
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    Captains, We are launching servers soon. The rare bug that has caused 2 crashes over 1 week has not been reproduced yet. But we are searching for it. Launched servers will let you play and progress and will help us identify this bug faster. If you lose valuable items on the next crash after servers restart please post your losses in support forum with screenshots. They will be compensated. To alleviate the issues and increase the traffic on OW we will start the Date with Diana event which will have 3 rare ships in it in usual locations (event will start tomorrow after maintenance). Please report any issues, lags or inconsistencies in this topic. Apologies about the inconvinience. СRASHES ARE HIGHLY LIKELY BUT WE ARE WORKING ON IT AND PLAN TO WORK ON IT ALL NIGHT!
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    Please please please can you return the fleet practice lobby system, it is an excellent tool for new and experienced players to practice large scale battles and teach small scale battles too it helps new players to learn how to figth without losing the ship. It helps breed a new era of fleet commanders for port battles. it helps fleet members sharpen their skills.. newer players wanting to get involved in RvR are forced to bend the knee to the veterans because they dont know where to begin when commanding a fleet, fleet practice fills this void with the ability to practice, teach, experiment with builds and most importantly ITS ALSO A LOT OF FUN!! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!
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    The Tricomalee is a really good 5th rate and I really like sailing her (5 knowledge slots open) but she's not really useful in most larger PvP groups, where bigger ships are more wanted. She's great for hunting solo though and can beat a redoutable if you play your game correctly. @admin Please don't be mad at me for writing this, but you are not very good at managing expectations, which causes upsets with the community (or at least large parts of it). I will try to objectively explain why many (not all, of course) players are unhappy about the trinco DLC announcement and give a suggestion on how to avoid bad feelings in the future. Objectively nobody has a right to be mad about getting a ship for free. Obviously, your announcement to give out a ship worth 40-50€ as compensation for reducing the price of the game was appreciated by nearly everyone. The problem with this is the clear statement of a price tag. The only comparison players had for the price tag were the existing DLCs. Compared to 4th rate DLC ships (~34€) and the redoutable (42€) a price/worth of 40€-50€ produced an expectation that the free ship would either be a really strong 4th rate (which would have been a problem due to being the strongest ship in her rate) or another 3rd rate. Since you announced at some point that you wanted 3rd rates to be among the most commonly sailed ships, that was the more widely expected option. Combined with the denial of making the admiral de ruyter craftable (which also upset many due to going back on a promise - again expectations - ) many probably hoped the admiral de ruyter would be the freeLC ship. The Ruyter is a really nice ship with a different focus than the redoutable but currently impossible to earn and therefore never seen on open world due to being a collector item. Giving it out to everyone would have been a really nice gesture and given more variety to the server as people could choose between the sturdier redoutable and the faster and better armed but squishier ruyter. Instead a nice but already existing ship was chosen. This offers no real additional value to most, as it is already available in game for a very low price (100-200k really, I.e. nearly for free of you play actively). Since the Trinco is a 5th rate, a price tag of 40€ also seems off, compared to the prices of other DLC ships and the expectations people derived from those prices. So people are obviously disappointed because they expected more. Technically you did what you promised, but technically you could also have chosen the pickle (as an extreme example of a ship that was not expected for the compensation) as the free ship and slapped a 45€ price tag on it, since you are making the prices and just need valve's approval (which they will probably give since they earn their share on every sale). The one thing I actually fear is that you will also get a lot of negative reviews on the Trico DLC, going in the direction of "don't spend money, get it in-game", "get a bigger ship for a lower price with rattvisän" etc. This would be sad as the Trinco is one of my favourite ships. So all in all it is still nice of you to give a freeLC as compensation to everyone. However you should try to read your own announcements from a player's perspective and write in a way that major misunderstandings and high expectations are avoided. I know you always say "expect the worst". But always expecting the worst when being told you'd receive something (patch, gift, content) is a mood killer, not fun and generally not in the human nature. And after all we are all in this great game to have fun and care deeply for Naval Action, which is why we are so critical of your decisions. Thanks for reading this rather long post and good night. Mormegil
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    Typical behavior of some Naval Action players: declare the game dead whenever a new mechanic comes to game. ^^
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    Thank you for the 2nd server down-time in 4 days. Because of it I noticed that my girlfriend is still breathing. She seems so nice and I would have never realised it without this opportunity you're giving to your playerbase. Very kind of you. Sincerely yours, Frost
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    Kings and Queens, Parliaments have decided that hostility missions will no longer be available from Monday 25th May. New methods and doctrines of attacks will gradually spread across the West Indies after proper deliberations with peers and lords.
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    mg @Prometeo@PelusaNinja
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    The Beautiful Trincomalee. The ultimate chase ship. Trincomalee was built in from Teak in India by the master shipbuilder Jamshoot Wadia Wadia Group is still operating in India and owns multiple businesses including an airline and a cricket team Trincomalee blueprints were stolen from HMS Java by USS Constitution HMS Java was originally French sailing under name of "Renommee" Trincomalee was built based on the Leda Class designs Leda class design was based on the French ship "Hebe" Hebe was captured in combat by HMS Rainbow which was the first combat use of the Carronades Hebe was designed by Jacques Sane Sane also designed the Ocean, Duguay-Trouin, the Redoutable. A lot of ships at Trafalgar were designed by Sane Trincomalee was a training ship alongside HMS Implacable. Implacable was at Trafalgar under the name Duguay-Trouin Trincomalee operated till 1986 These days Trincomalee is the oldest British warship afloat! Teak needs to be buffed we think.
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    For some users of the game it might be useful to change the standard white color with other colors within the chat window as shown in the examples below. To do so, you must change the language file of your choice. in this example the English location file. 1.) go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Naval Action\Languages" 2.) rename the "_English.csv" file to (for instance) - "English_color.csv". it's important not use the underscore in front of the file. this file is also then selected in game. 3.) open the renamed file with a text editor like notepad++ or similar. edit now the text messages you want to change for group invite it would be then: "ChatControl/ContactContextMenu/GroupInvite",<color=green>"Group Invite"</color> for the combat news: "OW/CombatChat/PlayerSankPlayer","<color=red>{0}</color> sank <color=green>{1}.</color>" "OW/CombatChat/PlayerBoardedPlayer","<color=red>{0}</color> boarded <color=green>{1}.</color>" "OW/CombatChat/PlayerSankPlayerNearPort","<color=red>{0}</color> sank <color=green>{1}</color> near <color=yellow>{2}.</color>" "OW/CombatChat/PlayerBoardedPlayerNearPort","<color=red>{0}</color> boarded <color=green>{1}</color> near <color=yellow>{2}.</color>" or: "OW/CollisionPanel/ShallowsWarning",<color=red>"Shallows!"</color> Sail Status information: "OW/SailState/Stop",<color=red>"Stop"</color> "OW/SailState/DeadSlow",<color=red>"Dead Slow"</color> "OW/SailState/BattleSails",<color=yellow>"Battle Sails"</color> "OW/SailState/Slow",<color=yellow>"Slow"</color> "OW/SailState/Half",<color=yellow>"Half"</color> "OW/SailState/Full",<color=green>"Full"</color> 4.) save the file 5.) select the file in the language file options in game. this is just an example what you can do and have fun when being creative.
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    release admiraal de ruyter for everyone ( permit drops i dont care how it drops it up to the development team to balance that )
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    From the art proposals Sent to programmers for estimation of work @Nixolai - Show information on ship books in Open sea in F @Mormegil - Ship tags in Navy information @der Wallone - sound playing during attack (but it will only be for one player - we wont spam others with your sounds) Delayed or rejected @van stiermarken - multiple flags and improvements for banners and pennants - impossible to rework the tech Sea Legends will allow full flexibility with banners @Audacious- add wooden or metal textures and form to windows and other parts - UI is finished and changing things back and forth like in 2017 is not going to achieve anything @mexicanbatman - Increase amount of sailors - no animation work is planned, due to complexity and low budgets for this. Combat @GrubbyZebra - launches or launched small cutter fireships were planned but delayed. Will review again @William Death- Random fire mode - ok will review (i use random fire sometimes) Not rejected but impossible to do within reasonable time range @Sea Archer Short range musket fire - It was tested internally and did not click as it requires animations, sounds, visuals of musketmen on masts, + significant rework of combat shooting which might break everything Sea legends has proper musket fire mechanics. Reverse coding it into NA will take too much time @Krists Different ammunition on different decks - significant rework of UI will be required and it is not an easy feature to make look good. Sea Legends has proper management of gun batteries (per battery), but reverse coding it into NA will take too much time. Rejected @Sea Archer - Water depths - 3d depths will require map rework and without good visualization this feature will only cause hate and frustration. Its good on paper but would be bad without proper visuals. @Gamover- close battles on request - will review again, but most likely answer is no, because despite you wanting them to close this will reduce options for others. 90% chance for NO. To be continued RVR Sent to programmer for estimation @qw569😳 - global clan leaderboard @HamBlower - mortar brig damage and range buff - under review @Yachteru - add names for players - under review Rejected or delayed @Bodye - allow deletion of outposts with ships - impossible, we allowed this in the past and have no time to recover assets for people who deleted by mistakes. @MassimoSud - clan civil war - impossible to rework nations without complete wipe, in addition to that - players come to sail for a flag. Whats important is that we now know what kind of nations should and how national mechanics must work for future games. @TheDread - Allow port transfer without the loss of investments. - Port transfer is not available by design. If port transfer is cheap and free it creates too many exploits. Also its not historical. No nation was able to transfer regions to another nation peacefully without loss of productivity.
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    I know that what a lot of what I’m about to say has been said before, but I feel suggestion reports often work on a principle of ‘accuracy by volume’ I will preface this by saying that the compelling facebook adverts (which have slowly ground down my will into purchasing a £40 over the course of several months) are pretty misleading since I now see on here, that the devs have said back in October that they have no intention of implementing a similar system to adjust the hull. This borders on false advertising which I don’t think is fair for a game of this price! In general I find designing a vessel a very straightforward process and which produces very realistic-looking designs, but the limitations are such that I find myself getting frustrated — which is sad since otherwise this game is the answer to my prayers. Essential changes: Superstructure and barbettes are extremely limited on placement. I understand locking to the centre line (although don’t necessarily agree) but having a very small margin of placement makes no sense to me. What If I wanted to make a Nelson-style ship on one of the ‘dreadnought’ hulls? Personally I think you should be free to place them anywhere there’s physically sufficient beam to fit it. ‘Secondary Tower - is needed’ ‘Main Guns - at least 2 needed’ Why? I understand mandating the main tower and funnels, but what if I want only one tower? What if I want to have no ‘main’ guns and use lots of heavy secondaries? Obviously there’s disadvantages to this, but that should be up to the player to discover, not the game to dictate. Similar to the above, why does it limit the number of some things? Why not let me have two secondary towers? Even worse, why limit the number of barbettes/turrets? Dreadnought/superdreadnought hulls seem limited to 6x centreline turrets, which is not only unnecessarily limiting to the player, but ahistorical (HMS Agincourt having 7). Although it seems trivial, cosmetic customisation will be key to maintaining player interest. The ability to place spotlights and lifeboats for example (and perhaps the ability to customise how the bridge superstructure looks?) gives the player the ability to sink more time into customisation and become attached to their designs. Nice to have Things which I don't consider essential, but would still greatly improve the general playability of the game. Mirroring is very unintuitive, sometimes decides to turn off, the icon isn’t particularly clear either. Perhaps have a ‘ghost’ version of the mirrored item? Also, rotation should be mirrored. When you are in item-placement mode, left-clicking on an object already placed should automatically clear the selection. For example, if you’ve just placed a funnel, your cursor is still ‘loaded’ with the funnel. Currently if you click on, say, a placed tower, you’ll get an ‘overlaps with tower’ warning. Instead, it would be more intuitive if clicking clears the funnel and selects the tower. Left clicking on an object shouldn’t immediately pick it up, but simply highlight it. A second click should be required (or alternatively a click-and-hold) to move the object. This prevents you messing up a placement by clicking on an object by accident. Pressing esc while ‘holding’ an object should clear it. Then you’d press esc again to bring up the menu. Current casemate system is very restrictive, limiting you to the pre-provided slots, and leaving you with said slots if you decide to not have casemates. Instead hulls could be blank by default. When you select casemates, a strip will be shown on the hull for acceptable placement. Once casemates are placed, a slot will be rendered. Basically, TL:DR this game currently doesn't allow you the level of customisation that is suggests, limiting your building needlessly. ALLOW PLAYERS TO BUILD WEIRD THINGS! If I wanted a generic 4 turret superfiring battleship I'd play World of Warships! Thanks for coming to my TED talk
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    Your unhappiness with a game or its creator (me) or forum, or forum policies does not give you ANY right to ruin a memorial service for someone and does not allow you to behave like a shithead. Get out and dont come back until you calm down and come to the senses.
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    @admin So our 40-50$ DLC ship for supporting the game is the hello kittying Trinco? What a load of shit that is. Not only is its 'DLC Value' practically nothing with the ratt, leopard and redout and victory all being better DLC's, but you have essentially just ruined the crafting of trinco's and most other 5th rates and the selling of them as well. Who ever advises you these are good decisions, hello kittying fire them 😂 This is even more of a slap in the face than the fact you actually removed the Hermione and made it a DLC. On further reading, it actually sounds like you have done exactly this with the trinco. Although actually for buying the cheaper version of the game, you have just removed the Trinco from people, which is a valuable ship in the leveling process. Dick move on your part @admin
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    Guys we had to add more fixes, for example this one: "Fixed issue that made big guns of smaller caliber to be grouped with secondary guns when player selected targets manually." So the update will come tomorrow!
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    Most important: this statement I am making does not come because of this post. We were planning to do it for a while. Here is a statement We are aware of the complexity of some missions and while hardcore players like me and many of our fans enjoy that challenge a lot of players don't like the almost impossible feeling and secretly hate it. We just could not support two modes before. We plan to implement 2 modes for Steam launch or right after the launch Normal mode - hard but fair Hard mode - current mode We used the same method for Ultimate General Civil War which is very highly praised by players. It has a easier mode and while people like hard challenges sometimes they just want to enjoy the game and relax. Two mods will allow everyone to experience the game they enjoy.
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    Following the latest patch balances, we've noticed that several missions became too hard for most of you. We share a list of mission changes that are going to be available in the upcoming update. First Casemates: CSS Virginia: +15 minutes time, you now face only one monitor ship (instead of two). Defeat the Semi-Dreadnought: Increased initial distance, Increased funds for player, Decreased technology gap between AI and player ships, AI will never retreat. Destroyer Attack: Increased funds for player. Added one more hull option. Torpedo the Dreadnought: Increased funds for player. Added more hull options. Destroyers vs Torpedo Boats: Increased initial distance, Increased funds for player, Added one more hull option, player must protect at least 10% of his Destroyers. Meet the US Battleships: Increased funds for player. German Raiding Squadron: Increased funds for player, Decreased technology gap between AI and player ships. Hurry Up: Increased funds for player, Decreased technology gap between AI and player ships. Destroy a full Fleet: Increased funds for player, AI will never retreat. Rise of the Heavy Cruiser: Increased funds for player. Dreadnought vs Modern Cruisers: Increased funds for player. Numbers don't matter: Increased funds for player. Sink "The Cruiser Killer: Increased funds for player. Heavy Duty: Increased funds for player. German Pride: Increased funds for player, Decreased technology gap between AI and player ships. Prove your Might: Decreased technology gap between AI and player ships, More enemy cruisers added but now it is not necessary to sink the German Battleship (You can alternatively sink the majority of enemy forces). A friendly battleship will arrive as reinforcement to help you out. AI will never retreat. The US Super Battleship: Increased funds for player, AI will never retreat. Design your own H-class: Increased funds for player, AI will never retreat. Wounded Beast: Increased funds for player. Modern vs Old Destroyers: Increased funds for player. Torpedo Banzai: Increased funds for player. Removed option of "More Funds" because base technology is vastly inadequate for the given hulls. Objectives became less strict: You need to sink 60% of BB and protect at least 10% of your own forces. Mission Impossible: Increased funds for player. Battle of Destroyers: Increased funds for player. Contest in the Black Sea: Increased funds for player. All other missions might receive an additional small amount of funds, just to help players design stronger ships against the AI. The changes listed here will work in combination with other improvements, such as the more dynamic targeting, which will make more comfortable the control of small maneuverable ships, which are very vulnerable against gun fire. Feel free to add your own recommendations.
  32. 14 points
    Working a$ int€nd€d
  33. 14 points
    Минутка откровенности от человека, который в режиме защиты 24/7 отбивает не глядя все, что прилетает на форум? Для огромного мира, который вы зачем-то создали, онлайн это кровь, которая делает его живым. При 500 этот мир полумертвый. Вообще ничего толком не работает, как двигатель без масла. Продажи это оценка маркетинга. Онлайн - самая объективнейшая оценка качества игры. Растет или хотя бы держится - вы на правильном пути. Падает - вы что-то делаете не так. Людей (аудиторию) изменить нельзя, а механики можно. Это как брак, пожениться можно за день, сохранить брак и получать от него взаимное удовольствие невозможно, если ставить свое эго превыше всего. Лично я и некоторые знакомые по игре люди искренне считают, что Вы сами в этот проект не верите, не собираетесь в него более вкладываться (уже давно, еще до релиза), стремитесь максимально монетизировать ту аудиторию, что осталась, отжать по максимуму и забросить. Со стороны это выглядит именно так. Повторюсь, нормально сделанных игр, в которых есть какой-то реальный движ на глобальной карте открытого мира, с прямым честным non-target управлением, без рояля со скиллами и кучей набивших оскомину рыцарей/эльфов/колдунов - их просто нет. Я даже не про сеттинг говорю, а про архитектуру. Это уникальная ниша, непонятно, почему вы не желаете ее качественно окучивать.
  34. 14 points
  35. 14 points
    RIP Screening RIP The best Fights I ever had in this game...........
  36. 14 points
  37. 14 points
    Delete Deadman Cay Patrol area. Add Frigate Patrol Area (only for 5th rates) in La Tortue area.
  38. 13 points
  39. 13 points
    9 pages of crying, although no one even knows how the new mechanics will work. I'm not talking about the fact that no one knows how she will show herself in perspective. Community Naval action, you are amazing :D
  40. 13 points
  41. 13 points
    Ich hab es ja heute schon angedroht und mir schwirrt es schon eine Weile im Kopf rum und deswegen habe ich angefangen meine eigene Autobiografie nieder zuschreiben. Das erste Kapitel ist schon fertig und der Link folgt gleich. Vielleicht noch ein paar generelle Vorworte. Es ging mir darum einige Sachen richtigzustellen bzw. meine Sicht der Dinge wiederzugeben. Wichtig war mir keine Einzelpersonen anzugreifen und die Story wahrheitsgemäß und ohne großes Roleplay nieder zuschreiben. Sollte sich vielleicht doch mal wer angegriffen fühlen, bitte ich dies zu verzeihen. Ich versuche mich hier keineswegs im besten Licht darzustellen und Fehler die gemacht wurden werde ich zumindest versuchsweise im Laufe der Geschichte kritisch reflektieren. Die Geschichte wird episodenmäßig direkt hier veröffentlicht. Diskussion erwünscht aber bitte übertreibts nicht mit dem Hate vorläufige Kapitelübersicht: Kapitel 1 Cid lernt Segeln (Zeit vor dem Release) Kapitel 2 Release the KRAKEN (Release Tag und mehr) Kapitel 3 Ende mit Schrecken besser als Schrecken ohne Ende? (der Fall von New Orleans) Kapitel 4 Haevn! das Ende? Kapitel 5 Lama in GB Kapitel 6 wieder Preußen! Wieder KRAKE 2.0! Diesmal wird alles besser oder?! Kapitel 7 der kurze Krieg gegen die Russen und die Kapitulation der NATO Kapitel 8 stand heute Kapitel 9 größte Erfolge größtes Scheitern und Bedauern Viel Spaß o7 Cid
  42. 13 points
    Patch soon. We needed to rework conquest flags and flags is a big complete feature itself. Hence it takes longer, but it will feel like a complete conquest overhaul patch with teleport to port battles and unexploitable conquest flags!
  43. 13 points
    Your crew and you when you turn off survival and tell a thousand souls to say their prayers because you screwed up and sailed right into the enemy fleet.
  44. 13 points
    Pretty much sums up the NA career
  45. 13 points
  46. 12 points
    we all know the true reason they disabled hostility missions is to stop Poland expanding
  47. 12 points
    Cid right right after joining another nation/war/coalition:
  48. 12 points
  49. 12 points
    Months of help from Swedes = fine, Russia starts helping a little = DED GAEM Sealclubbing the British when they were down = Fun, how DARE they ruin your game by getting organized?
  50. 12 points
    To start off i am dyslexic so i apologise for spelling and gramma..... You go out to sea. there is a nice Ai ship not a soul in sight, you Think yeah i got time for a little A.i fight before making the dinner. Start the fight as it counts down still no one around. join real time battle countdown to start and Before you fire your first volly one,two, three enemy players jump into your battle. While you were waiting for the clock timer to start. enemy players have crossed vast swathes of oceon with wind boosts and waded into the fight which would have been long over and every one back for tea with equel timelines. it is totally unrealistic and unimersive to the simulation i signed up for and was sold I know its PVP game and yes if i get tagged in the outerworld game on. i got tagged yesterday with a player in a niagara and me a renomanee and it was a good fight. i lost but it was a meeting and engagment from open world to the battle Not every player wants to do port battles all the time and pvp all the time but also dont want to be on pve either I wish we could have something which allows you to opt for closing AI fights and let us lesser players and noobs get a break from the veterans who cruise around like speedboats on steroids jumping in . They get to choose or pass and jump in leaving you with no chance at all as they often have numbers. so i feel it should be that no one shouild be able to join a fight if beyond visuel distance of the starting engagment at least becuase of the wind boosts The game more and more is geared to the hard core players more and more alienating casuel players .
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