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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Captains. Admiralty wishes you wealth, health and happiness in the 2019. Please accept the following gifts in the redeemables. Kiritimati Masts made from the strongest trees found in the famous Christmas island. Edinorog guns that will make your opponents fear your ship. Rare Christmas gift – Danish 2nd rate Christian. Redeemables must be claimed before 25th of January 2019. Attached - player made video of Christian by Captain Anolytic.
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    Hello Captains Here is the information on the trading update patch. Every region will provide trading opportunities in unique resources specific to the region. For example resources unique for the Hispaniola region will only be available in Hispaniola. Trading prices will depend on distance from the source. The further from the destination you take the resource the bigger profit will be (even on the basic goods) Local goods become important part of the economy. Trading hubs will provide more trading or crafting resources if supplied by local goods. For example - bringing livestock from the nearby ports to the trading hub will help the port to produce more white oak. Common European goods will be introduced and will provide modestly profitable trading opportunities based on distance (horses, porcelain etc.) Rare more expensive European goods will spawn as usual and will provide good profits at medium distances and great profits if you sell them at distance hubs. The main difference with the old system are: More immersion and realism in creation of the trade routes and triangular trades. You will be able to find a working trade route and exploit it for your advantage. Resources will not feel random anymore - if you want a particular crafting good you can increase its output by supplying the port. Want pearls? - they are always in San Juan. Distance based pricing. No more extremely profitable 5 min routes. More influence on conquest. Hubs will matter more for taxes and control over resources.
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    Boarding screen work in progress. (note that you will no longer see enemy commands). Commands given at the last second will also consume a lot more preparation.
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    I've been amusing myself reading ATLAS reviews on Steam. I found ONE so far that's a thumbs up:
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    There will be probably a million other "tru pyrate" localizations, but here comes first, to begin with. Not finished/final version yet. File: Pirate.csv (09.01.2019) Progress: about 40-45% + corrected some English mistakes from the original localization If you find mistakes or have suggestions what to change, feel free to write here feedback. Localizations include some minor visual text bugs & extra quotation marks (") here and there. Hopefully, this will get fixed soon by the Devs If you want to return to English, simply change it in game settings or delete the file How to install it:
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    With such a diverse community, it is hard to know when best to post this, but a chunk of the community is already in the new year, and Central Europe is about to enter as well. So I take this opportunity to wish everyone in the Naval Action Community a very Happy New Year. May the New Year set an even greater Shtandart than the old one!
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    rvr importance will come back shining soon. Expect port ownership to have major influence on gameplay. People want RVR and it is exciting. Some previous patches made it useless.
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    Sextant perk is an easy feature to implement I get it. But the map tools offered are also VERY easy to implement and give much better immersion with the game. Way more Its just as easy as it was with the Protractor tool. So there it goes: 1. Ability to draw on the map and make notes that stay on the map (including navigation drawings), thus allowing us to mark locations, distances, time, angles etc; 2. Protractor Tool needs to be adjusted how it should properly work, e.g. show degree angle. For this the first click needs to be the starting point and the target to have the protractor on. This way it will tell you the bearing to the target allowing you to triangulate your location using bearing system. Right now its the other way around. See pic below 3. Dividers needed to measure distances on the map and to assist in triangulation 4. Ruler to draw a straight line between waypoints allowing to plot the course. 5. Having this tools in place would allow to plot the course and then simply change to the right bearing once a waypoint was reached. See example below: 6. Longitude and Latitude added to the grid. Without pinpoint GPS dot on the map everyone still have to figure out their own location and it will never be OP. But coordinate system did exist in this era and not having it is just poor mechanic. We need the grid to communicate and make notes. 7. Spyglass bearing - need to be able to tell an angle degree while in OW. It could be while aiming with your spyglass at POI or a landmark. Or it could be a button that switches your OW compass from Ship oriented to Camera oriented. When in camera mode the compass marking should change to degrees.
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    soon rvr will shine and port control will matter more, trading will be even more interesting, barter will allow to increase port production, pvp missions will be added (with rare rewards), delivery orders, postal missions will help to get on foot if you lost all money. and don't forget the Chinese language. happy new year all.
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    new lyrics sing along I don't want a lot for Christmas There's just one thing I need I don't care about the gankers flags and forgers DLC I just want them for my own More than you could ever know Make my wish come true All I want for Christmas Is poods I don't want a lot for Christmas There is just one thing I need I don't care about the gankers flags and forgers DLC I don't need to hang a pirate There upon the dockside place Admin won't make me happy With a herc on Christmas day I just want them for my own More than you could ever know Make my wish come true All I want for Christmas is Poods I won't ask for much this Christmas I won't even wish for a snow I'm just gonna keep on waiting inside the reinforcement zone I won't craft a ship and sail it To North inlet or Saint Nic I won't even stay awake to pvp at Brunswick I dont want to fight tonight firing cannon left and right What more can I do Devs all I want for Christmas is Poods Poods All the ship lights shining So brightly everywhere And the sound of cannons firing fills the air And everyone is boarding I hear those ships bells warning Devs won't you bring me the ones I really need Won't you please bring my poods to me Oh I don't want a lot for Christmas This is all I'm asking for I just want to see my cannons Standing right there in my port Oh I just want them for my own More than you could ever know Make my wish come true devs all I want for Christmas is poods All I want for Christmas is poods All I want for Christmas is poods Merry Christmas to all and your loved ones .... Bastard clan . RN
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    I have noticed how we have all sorts of combat modules, and thought it might be good to add in some modules for economy type players as well. If there are any other suggestions as well, I'd encourage people to add them - however, I do request this thread not get off topic. Ideas: "Load the Gundecks" - Increase cargo capacity of a vessel by 20%. Reduce cannon reload speed by 20% "Skeleton Crew" - Increase cargo capacity 20%. Reduce max crew 50% "Fishing Poles" - Increase drop rate while fishing. "Cargo Master" - Reduce speed penalties for cargo by 50% And, this is really useful for both, but with AI getting ready to attack players: "False Flags" - Reduce distance Open World AI will engage a player by 50%
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    You logged off in a battle on the PVP server (risk, adrenaline, danger) not knowing the rules You lost your ship You blame the game (knowing that the only safe spot on the pvp server is the port) all in caps and bold font boiling with toxicity and loudness. And now you attack the community for being toxic, just because they like unsafe seas on the pvp server We do not tolerate double standards here. Do not start boiling toxic threads if you dont want boiling toxic replies. Happy holidays! Its just pixels. Locked.
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    The promotions you get when you have collected enough XP for the next rank are somehow hidden, until you have a look at your current rank. My suggestion is to open a window during game ( most likely after battle), where it says something like: "Congratulations, you have now reached rank XYZ and are now able to command YYY crew." Maybe it can even appear in Nation chat, like the passing of the exam.
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    To promote/advertise the Flag DLC and make the game more diverse, add random DLC Flags to all NPC ships (mission, OW NPC). This should be easy to do and will make the game looking better while promoting the DLC
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    Hello Admirals and Generals! We would like to share with you few screenshots from upcoming new game - Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail. They are WIP(work in progress), but they help us to introduce you what the game will be.
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    Work in progress screen for battle UI update
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    Not 100% Naval Action but pretty close related. i like it!
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    Hello no. Logging off is only safe in port. This is a feature of the pvp game (almost any open world pvp game). You are not safe at sea (for a couple of mins). We are all busy people sometimes so we let players log off at sea. Just wait for a couple of mins. Logging off in battle sends you to sea (to avoid exploits). Then it logs you off anyway (same couple of minutes). In there future if you need to run - log off at sea (at least you can look around). Do not log off in battles (its a lottery). Overall Life is more important - so it is really recommended to adopt "f*ck pixels" attitude if you wife is calling.
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    Danes when reading Trading update patch note:
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    Con la liberación por parte de @admin del archivo de idioma del juego, me he propuesto traducirlo todo a Español. Dicho archivo contiene mas de 5000 expresiones a traducir, así que me llevará unos días hacerlo al completo. Por ahora, y por si alguien quiere probarlo, voy a ponerlo a vuestra disposición para que podáis informarme de posibles errores de traducción o fallos de otro tipo. Para instalarlo, simplemente vais a vuestra carpeta de instalación de Steam, y seguimos la siguiente ruta: steamapps/common/NavalAction/Languages En esa carpeta (Languages), colocamos el archivo. Abrimos el juego, vamos a opciones, languages y nos saldrá uno nuevo llamado Español. Lo seleccionamos y reiniciamos el juego. Al hacer eso, el idioma se cambia a español pero tened en cuenta que es únicamente la parte que llevo hecha. La traducción está al 25% más o menos, así que veréis todavía muchas cosas en inglés. La idea es que, de las que veáis en español, os fijéis si hay algo mal, ya sea una traducción errónea o bien otro tipo de error. Iré actualizando el post a medida que vaya progresando en la traducción. - Enlace de descarga: https://mega.nz/#!fcUi2CLB!9kQuLHHUPInWoXchqBcTiUFfu8GPnhEk05ouylCIB0M Si alguien lo usa, que por lo menos comente. Gracias.