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    Captains. The day of days has come - and we are getting close and closer to release. Patch will be deployed today on 31st of October. This is the biggest patch we delivered to date so expect problems and issues - they will be fixed one by one. Contents It is impossible to describe the multitude of changes in this patch so the list will be short and will just cover areas of changes New bugs and loopholes - please report issues in designated topics or in this topic Updated port user interface. Everything has changed. Just like with all interface updates it will feel weird and sometimes wrong. But it is a much better UI and most importantly it is better for localization Economy has moved to historical currencies reals - silver dollars doubloons - double escudos - gold goins pvp marks and combat marks have been abandoned. Combat marks will be converted to reals - pvp marks turn into doubloons denomination has been applied to all prices (approximately 25 to 1) please report if we missed something in this area 2000 doubloons will be issued to all captains as a timed redeemable for 14 days. Currency conversions Old gold is now reals and were converted at a rate of 25 old gold to 1 real. Combat marks were converted to reals at 20 reals for 1 combat mark PvP marks a were converted to Doubloons at rate 1 to 1 Resources were converted at rates indicated before Partial resource wipe was announced on May 4. Holds contents have been updated for combat ships traders sealed bottles chests all vessels can sometimes carry crew pay (military ships) or results of trading in doubloons (traders) and in good amounts Ship capture rules updated Previously you could not capture imported ships and could not capture 1-4th rates on the PVP server New rule is the following (mostly concerns the War (caribbean) server You cannot take non captureable ships to the open world but you can use them in the instance this means you can capture all ships for sailing in the current battle instance once you exit the instance non capturable ships will be taken over by the admiralty (with hold) Please make sure you dont exit in the imported ship or non capturable ship to the open world if you have valuable things in the hold To receive a reward for that ship sink it in the instance transferring to a capturable ship New missions Hunt and search and destroy - to find and destroy ships in the open world Weekly challenges kill missions (former combat orders) now have difficulty levels and increased rewards bot distribution changed. certain regions now have lineships (like hispaniola) some regions have 5th rates only. Mission class and difficulty now depend on ports Starting ports have lower level missions and easier missions Insurance has been added to all crafted ships you must fight bravely and do not give up the ship (sink) to receive insurance Tow to port now only works if you are really stuck in the open world Economy has been streamlined redundant materials removed (conversion tables - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wskSxkK0nJXCQ-Z-DxJcVFXu_ztPKo0huf4SUHbKQ24/edit#gid=1524048379) resources weights and prices changed building production limits have been greatly increased for lvl 3 buildings e.g lvl 3 building now allow production approximately similar to 5 level 3 buildings before the patch. as a result euro traders permits were removed from the caribbean for testing prices for buildings were adjusted based on complexity of production current buildings were closed and wiped for all players (costs to reopen was added to redeemables) new buildings introduced Forge building is required to craft naval ordnance Academy building is required to craft crew-related upgrades outposts now charge for passenger transportation Admiralty prices updated book prices for high level ships generally increased (because of ample supply of doubloons from activities) ship notes prices now correspond to the alternative of crafting that ship (a lot higher) Max BR limit for shallow port battle is now 110 (which makes Prince the highest BR ship that can enter port battles) Known issues Сhallenge events will start on Monday (light, frigate, lineships) Economy and prices are new and might require several iterations to stabilize and tune Clan leaderboard table does not work as intended and will be updated later - it only shows port battle oriented clans Very rare issue of corrupted items locking the exit from ports can still happen - but we have added the automatic deletion of such items and added additional logs to find more cases of such issue. If you cannot exit from port or sell a ship it is because one item in hold has become corrupted - please let us know when this happen in support section or by f11. Please provide feedback in this section (3 topics are pinned on top and focus on interface, economy and missions) http://forum.game-labs.net/forum/7-patch-feedback-and-general-discussions/ Next steps We plan to stabilize the patch in several iterations and continue work on localization in parallel Next big patch will focus on localization. Official promised languages will be localized by GL, but we will provide the tool to change the language to another if it will be localized by the community (access to language file will be provided and players will be able to replace it with their own). Important information Doubloons for shipyard lvl 2 and lvl 3 will be delivered to redeemables or directly to money chest by the end of the day today. Spread the news. We wanted to deliver the update during maintenance and not wait until the evening. Hotfix 1st November Patrol rewards updated Gold doubloons can only be transferred to money chest in port (transfer cannot be done in OW) Clan leaderboard visibility fixed and shows to everyone (not only people who are in clans) - leaderboard still only based on port battles (will be fixed later) Tow prices (sending ships to other ports) updated and denominated (by 25) Old NPC ship on sale (at old prices) were removed from stores. Hotfix 2nd November Fixed the bug that did not let access the looted cargo from NPC trader ships Fixed the bug in the assist formula (assists now give proper reals - not inflated reals) Search and destroy and Hunt missions in shallow water ports are now only for 7th and 6th rates (no longer they give hunts for 1st rates) Fixed the server exception bug that did not sometimes failed to track hunt missions kills and did not register port battle results participants of 5 port battles that failed to register will receive compensation into redeemables Fixed the doubloon icon in shops Increased doubloon rewards for patrols Hotfix 6th November Bug with 6th and 7th rate missions fixed - they now appear in the mission list in Capitals Safe PvP doubloon rewards for kills slightly increased in line with overall rewards Christian - Danish 2nd rate delivered to all captains who have fulfilled he testbed testing requirements. Check you redeemables. Hotfix 9th of November PvP rewards that drop into holds are significantly increased Shipbuilding woods NPC deliveries slightly adjusted - they deliver woods a bit more often now. Shooting skill book changed from % of muskets to musket accuracy All upgrades in the fire arms upgrades category slightly rebalanced (accuracy slightly lowered) % of muskets for crew decreased. Firearms upgrades will still remain strong - musket fire during boarding using advanced firearms will inflict significant losses Hotfix 14th of November Friendly fire damage against NPC ships is turned off (including fleet NPC ships) Limit on re-taking kill missions for 6-7 rate ships is turned off Amount of kill missions is increased in nation Capitals 1-4 rate NPC ships no longer visit uncapturable ports (excluding Free towns). Respawn time of NPC trader ships is corrected Players no longer need to have reals in wallet to teleport "Max" button collects all resources now Upgrades are removed from the Trader Tool list Economic tunes: Profit of selling trading resources is slightly increased Players can sell more upgrades to NPC shops NPC price of upgrades is lowered Insurance payment is lowered to remove insurance scamming
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    We pondered and will focus on unfinished things
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    Captains NPC positioning changes next with Port UI patch. Feel free to use this information for changing locations for your future activities. One Port - One Flag. NPC fleets will carry the flag of the port they are assigned to. Dutch ports will send out Dutch traders, Dutch combat patrols, Dutch fleets to sea. Sail along them to get extra protection when trading or returning to base. Of course traders and NPC patrols will venture to enemy areas, but expect to see mostly Dutch ships if you are sailing through Dutch coasts. Regions Matter To help players find their perfect hunting spot, to help with search and destroy missions and to provide natural chokepoints and meeting places for players certain classes of NPC ships/fleets will now prefer to sail specific regions. For example: Yucatan Region, Hispaniola, and Lower Antilles will mostly have 1-3 st rates ship of the line sailing solo or in fleets. Missions currently avoid this requirement. Kill Missions will continue provide targets based on mission not on region.
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    So basically in this patch ganking gets encouraged even more? Pre patch, if you fought 2v4 you perhaps Managed to sink one or two and get some reward for it. Will still most likely die in the end though, but you got somethinh out of it. Now in this patch, even if you sink 3 out of 4 and loot them all for a couple Thousand dubloons - if you die to the numbers gank in the end, it was all for nothing? Message here being: only attack when absolutely 100% positive to win, dont take any risk, especially do never go fight at 1:1 odds Great Stuff
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    You can't even switch outpost without losing all your ships.
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    First statement Every Single Other? Are you sure To our knowledge WoW allows multi boxing if button presses are done by a person switching windows. Archeage allows multiboxing (without third party software syncing button presses) - there is an official statement online Black desert allows multiboxing (without third party syncing) - there is an official statement online EVEn EVE allows multiboxing if you are not using software to automate (allowed if you switch between windows and press buttons yourself) It is not obvious - maybe someone can help us to decipher the video, but from what i have heard that guy switches the windows..(its not automated and synced between clients). Second statement - advisable? Its not advisable. But its not forbidden. If you know Gabe Newell email (we dont) please send them (Valve) an email and ask them to forbid running several steam accounts at the same time on one machine. We have no control over steam client. If we had our own launcher it would be possible.. but we cannot rely on our own launcher being a small indie team. It would be great if they changed that. Third … Its not a design decision. Ship combat is slow.. I am not sure where you lead with the design decisions statement. But here is the thing. A - we have bots and fleets - you can add 3 ships to your fleet. B - we are very sure its not actually easy. Lenin (the guy on video) did this in POTBS (pirates of the burning sea) and became in game famous for this, multiple people tried to copy him in time when the game was sub based (14 dollars per month) - but only he could do it. Maybe you can try and let us know how it worked?
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    Captain Hotfix has been deployed in preparation for the Port UI patch The following temporary changes have been applied. Contracts and ship contract number has been set at 0 (no contracts can be placed) Time to expire for contracts and ship contracts has been set at 1 day (contracts expire in 1 day after placing) The changes will be reverted once Port UI patch is deployed (ETA this week - by 2nd November)
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    You should relax and enjoy life Captain ))) ignore the current pixels… plenty of new pixels coming. Its still one of the best true age of sail sailing games on earth and looking on skull and bones rockets and rams its still going to be for quite a while. Port tax income is irrelevant in the long term and medium term. Our recommendation is to remove timers on ports that you dont really need, and re-enable them once contracts come back. New economy changes and new upgrade system (class based) and new loot from traders might drastically change the upgrade meta and tax incomes will shift as well.
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    never patch on friday, usually it ruins your weekend
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    Full collection (pirates already above) Future flag additions will be added to the Naval Action Flags DLC for free and will unlock automatically. we know we need to add merchant french and some others but do not have time now. Please propose in this topic if we missed anything
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    Contract that raises the price must be placed at +10% higher - its already on testbed. So an incentive to overbid ONLY if you really want to overbid.
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    😫Grief filled me as I learned of his death in real life. But I would like to honor you here, who inspired you with your Scottish fighting spirit Sweden and gave it so much. Which you have also brought me without it, so many things brought.😔 Lord Capstan teaches Pit Pinsel😊
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    How it feels teleporting between outposts. How it feels after finding 1800 dubloons on an ai LGV
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    I’m not a grinding bot to pay 10 coins for each teleport. Change this stupid decision.
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    When you spot a nice gank When+the+crew+spots+some+nice+booty_d0f4f6_6787041.mp4
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    10 Doubloons (pvp marks) for each TP. You are killing trading - and forcing players into hours of extra boring sailing.
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    eventually the port BR limit should depend on tax income (tax goes up - BR goes up) in a couple of hot fixes we are planning to lower costs of timers and port infrastructure maintenance - we want average port to be money neutral or profitable overall across caribbean.
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    To provide smooth and easy material conversion within couple of days we will issue a hot fix for live servers and apply following TEMPORARY changes Number of allowed buy/sell contracts and ships on sale will be set to 0 (no more new contracts) Number of days contract can stay live will be set to 1 (1 day) This changes will stay until the Port UI and material conversion is deployed / applied; these changes will be reverted after the patch. It is advisable to not set a lot of new contracts before the patch and claim all resources that are held in unclaimed contracts. Contract hotfix will happen on Monday 29th October
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    I think its time to let go of the "who's winning and losing" mentality at this point and focus on providing gameplay testing until release. Everyone's shiny objects will be gone soon enough... (with any luck).