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    Has the PvE side been wiped? I lost everything while playing the game. All my ships, all business, all supplies and ports and buildings.Was damn surprised when my Indiaman turned into a cutter and I was propelled from mid ocean to in port at Fort-Royal. I only have my rank, and reals. I lost over 30,000 dubs and 500 Combat medals and thousands in materials, blueprints, upgrades. I can see a wipe but this has left me just beside myself to lose everything during game play without any warning.
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    I really, really miss Legends.
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    had fun with you at Nassau on Saturday . oh ya, Kung Flu Stalin here . my Herc lost with grace
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    Hey Captain, Looking to join the clan stuck at home the next few weeks! Thanks, Michael Tangen
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    Was meinst Du? Überschätzt Cid sich komplett? Die "echten" Briten mögen deutsche Bevormundung garnicht und sind auch 1 Stunde nach uns auf dem Server (Zeitverschiebung).
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    o7, could you be so kind as to post another nation player % chart? Im quite curious to see the % this long after release..see the number of defectors ^^ Fair winds,
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    Where putch note for today update?
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    Where can I donate for your great work with the Na-map?
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    hello o7, i am Gamer, 3D Animator & VFX Supervisor, Developer, Tester and Commander/Leader of clans in other Games. i am a builder of Elite teams -InGame- and transmite in OBS in multi-platforms with teams alfa. I have seen the naval in different angles, as dev, as artist and as gamer. I put myself at your command inside and outside the game i have big list of ideas and plan for naval and gamers see ya later
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    Jo get us events for santa cecilia agen;) besides that love the work u guys doing, tough get more small ships;)
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    Hi, would love to join. Do you have the TS ip? KR Rudi
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    I decided to post this message in your personal envelope; the post wipe version is amazing! I can't say enough how impressed I am with the overall improvements, not to say it is finished just that the developements are simply outstanding thus far. The game is at an all time great postition and I can pass along many positive remarks from the FPM clan on PvE. Thanks for developing, hearing and implementing many nice features. One of which is; the clan membership stayed intact saving us oodles of cash and time. You may have noticed that in the first 24 hours membership has increase significantly to 60 members total. Thanks again!!
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    Congratulations Captain on earning the "Most Liked Content Award!" See you on the Open Seas!
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    Achievement Gained : Being called a Troll in one of your favorite games for the first time. 05-04-2017 16:46
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