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  1. The principle is further detailed in the Fernandez-Gonzalez doc page 48 and 51. The tacking times come from Surcouf. In addition to the detailed 64-gun Le Réfléchi, the 74-gun Téméraire-class and the 80-gun ship above, there are: La Melpomène (1887) This ship served as a topman instruction frigate. Length: 53.3m Beam: 13.8m Draught: 6m Displacement: 2000t This data is taken from sea trials reports, for a tack in a light breeze, very smooth sea, mainsail+topsail+topgallant Speed - head to wind - un-backed fore yards - full tack 5kn -
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  2. Doran is still around. Rumour has it he is slowly preparing a new version of the treatise updated for changes in the game. Having the weather gauge is simply being upwind of your opponent.
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