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    Everybody waiting for Alpha 5 Nick:
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    When you mysteriously disappear, nobody will ever find your body...
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    А я теперь стример. На стриме у Реверса спросили почему я не стримлю. И я такой : "хм... действительно" . Спустя 3 часа был первый стрим. Велкам ту ютуб:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVCq94J2IpbIh0Z1ehzp2iw Велкам ту твич:https://www.twitch.tv/dron4411
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    "The man walked to the end of the dock every morning and said: Goddamn it Nick, there's supposed to be a French Super Battleship here"
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    Captains Anybody playing from Quarantine or lockdowns? Share your stories. Ukraine will probably close borders soon. Hope everyone is ok.
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    To balance toilet paper shortage (was laughing out loud yesterday in supermarket seeing people with tons of toilet paper in their arms or liters of cooking oil..), you forgot to mention "Coles-Bentinck pump" and "Additionnal brake pump", these items will be sold millions in the next days. Seriously, this virus seems to make more damages on brains than on lumbs...People are nuts. Darwin, if you read the forum... PS: I'm not minimizing the potentiel issues, but be rational for god sake, people crazyness spreads much faster than the virus
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    In France (and elsewhere in the world), people are organizing a self made penury of pasta, toilet paper, salad oïl, etc... May-be, @admin, we can help you boosting sales of DLC: Due to Corona virus, there might be some shortage of several products, including but not limited to: Le Redoutable (made in France) Rättvisan (linked to some infested countries in Scandinavia, which have connections to Germany) L'Hermione (made in France) Flags (could be impacted by controls on frontiers) Admiralty Connection could be soon impacted if to many officers are obliged to work from home. It is recommended to purchase these items immediatly to anticipate shortage of such DLC's. This (fake) message can be modified later by Authorities. Please cascade to players who are confined at home and who stay far from this forum.
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    We shall wait for the Arch-Magos to tell us it is safe. To doubt the wisdom of the ancients his heresy.
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    2 days ago Pirate clan MERCY flipped the spanish port of Remedios. Pirates and Spanish work together and operate as allies in this area. So the attack was out of character. We quickly learned that the attack was not real, and only a ploy. A way to put the port on cooldown for several days and prevent another nation, in this case Russia, from launching a real attack on the port and possibly take it. As anticipated, the PB arrived and passed, and this happened: As far as we know the pirates didn't even go to the PB, or they may have been there, but making no attempt to win it. Pirates have been open about the fact that this was simply an exploit to protect the Spanish port from attack: This is an abuse of the hostility and cooldown system. If it is allowed to pass unpunished it would allow nations to turn their ports permanently invulnerable from capture by another nation and completely halting the RvR-system. This is different from trading ports, as ports that have been traded still allows the taking of hostility missions for surrounding ports. While ports on cooldown are still fully usable for the nation that holds them and blocks off that entire frontline from attack. We expect that the players deemed to be involved are warned, and that the port of Remedios is turned neutral as a reaction (we will let the Spanish recapture the port afterwards as we have no more interest in holding this port than we did the last time). EDIT: In case Discord messages don't quite cut it, here's an admission from the forum, in this topic, that the port was flipped simply and entirely to put the port on cooldown.
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    9th issue released https://pdfhost.io/v/RvAaJIif_Gazette9finalpdf.pdf
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    Mid you, the fact that there isn't a "proper" citadel model with magazines placed 'outside' a properly armoured transverse bulkheads can produce some unfortunate consequences from going "bow on". A 2"/50mm hit from 4.2km did this to a CL charging me. 😲 Gun's damage is listed as 30. Did 864 damage through 7" magazine explosion, straight through the bow. I'd say that's a pretty good return on a minimal investment. 😎 It's easy to poke fun at the current system, and I mean it solely for entertainment. It did make me laugh, however. If I were a CL with max effective armour of 1.6mm I'd probably NOT charge a BC that's going faster than I can, making it impossible to torpedo unless I'm approaching it more or less head on (it was coming from pretty much 90 degrees off my port beam). I don't care how magical I think my travelling smoke screen is. 😃
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    Italy is not so tragic. Yes. Numbers are rising even if mainly in one area (Lombardy). I live 150 km S of Milan, in Liguria, with far less cases. On one hand, by the time of govt. actions (few days ago), granted the incubation period, we should espect cases to grow faster and faster for the next 10-15 days... and death toll at similar rates. On the other, let's look the glass half full. I can say that situation is very (a bit weirdly or chillingly - depends on personal sensibility) quiet: there's no shortage of anykind. Until internet, electricy and food are ok, I think we're very fine: more time for family and gaming. The less (only apparently) bloody and less recognized tragedy will come later. I suspect economic consequencies will be very hard for the nation, and a lot of nations: let's remember how we feel the growth of poverty for a few GDP points loss. This could be far harsher.
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    Ленин вс 3 втфэшника
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    I have not been to church in 15 years. The week I wanted to go they locked it. I guess god will forgive me because I intended to go.
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    Then it's very important to leave scuttling option to player. Otherwise, ships will automatically scuttle in combat situations, where they still could have been useful. In other words, you do not abandon a perfectly battleworthy battleship in the middle of combat due to engine failure. You keep fighting while you can.
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    I found this HRE guy down in deriana just sitting broadside to broadside with a Russian guy neither of them moving just shooting at each other. Then all the sudden once I got close Both opened sails and started shooting at me so I am pretty damn sure that it is a guy and his alt trying not to die if I am wrong I am wrong but this kind of shit pisses me off.
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    @admin Regarding Patrol Zones, can we have a counter to see how many people there are in the zone? Maybe even how many of each nation?
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    Maybe you can explain who is Spinacia...
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    Esta es una solución que puse hace unos meses: Aqui hay un problema irresoluble con las naciones: Los alter y los trol que se dedican a joder cualquier mecanica del juego con ellos. Si tu no puedes expulsar o hundir al trol que jode el juego desde dentro de tu "meta-grupo"..... cualquier mecánica será un parche. Mirar las PB antiguas en que jugadores de las propias naciones las troleaban impunemente y fueron los clanes (o sea el "gobierno" de los propios jugadores) lo que resolvió la papeleta. El problema de eliminar naciones (como meta-grupo al que perteneces solo por comprar el juego) y pasarlo 100% a los clanes es el problema de como "gobernar" estos grupos de jugadores. Yo me inspiraría en las estructuras feudales: duques, condes y vasallos. Los vasallos (jugadores), en un nº máximo de miembros, formarían un condado (clan) asociado a un puerto. Este condado estaría representado por un conde elegido por los vasallos. Al ser el nº de vasallos limitado, los condados se agrupan en ducados en que los duques son elegidos por y entre los condes de los diversos puertos-condados (clanes). Los Ducados tendrian un numero limitado de condados. Los duques NO pueden ser condes, pero son vasallos (jugador). Lo anterior se podria implementar con las provincias actuales. Cada puerto de la provincia es condado. La capital es el Ducado. Dependiendo del BR de cada puerto, los condados tendrán un maximo y minimo de jugadores (vasallos) que eligen un conde por puerto. De entre todos los condes, eligen al duque de la provincia. El ducado actuaria como las naciones actuales para el PvP. No se puede atacar a jugadores de otro condado que pertenezcan al mismo ducado. Para el resto la cosa sería libre pero solo podrían entrar de tu lado y solo de tu lado, los ducados que asignes como amigos. O sea los jugadores de ducados amigos-aliados NO pueden entrar como enemigos en las batallas PvP y los jugadores de ducados enemigos solo pueden entrar como enemigos. Si el condado de un jugador, no es amigo-enemigo de ninguno de los que estan en la batalla PvP simplemente no podrá entrar en ella. El RvR es fundamental que tenga un objetivo preciso y limitado en el tiempo. Son los duques los que declaran la guerra a otro ducado. Esta guerra puede ser de conquista o de saqueo y SIEMPRE tendrá una duración temporal limitada. Observar que un duque que va a su bola puede ser destituido por sus condes y en ese caso las guerras iniciadas por ese duque acabaran de inmediato. Las guerras de conquista deberían empezar por los puertos-condados enemigos y solo cuando todos sean conquistados se podrá asaltar la capital-ducado. Si esta es conquistada toda la provincia pasa a ser parte del ducado vencedor y sus puertos-condados, pueden ser tomados por los condados vencedores o crearse nuevos condados-clanes dependientes del ducado ganador. Yo limitaria a 2 el nº maximo de ducados (provincias) que se pueden poseer.
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    So if we are forced to have 3 slots wasted by necessary buildings like shipyard, workshop and forge. Can we get another DLC even for 30 bucks that will add next like 10 buildings, 10 another ship slots and 4-6 ports? Because now, alone player simply cant produce himself what he wants. I'll gladly pay for DLC like this. Or give us some ingame unlocs for dubs, 1K dubs for port slot and 1K dubs for building slot, limit buyable port slots to 4-6 and building to 10. Introduce it next to DLC so noone will cry about P2W. But 8 ports and 10 buildings is seriously too low and i dont want second account.
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    Hello. Port Conil and Selam have two fortresses instead of one. . All other minor ports have only one fortress. Please fix the bug. Thank u.
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    dear Steeltrap...fully dissagree with your view of scuttling a vessel...afaik, the scuttling by the crew of a navy vessel had only happened if there was a danger of she being captured or to speed up the inevitable if you are being pursued by enemy forces. If not, she "must" come back home ...apart from that matter of honor and prestige of a navy (you know, those crazy navy guys have a tendency to sunk with their ships) there is also the ecomomics that you mentioned...here i do also dissagree with your point of view, if feasible (a thing that you only know when she is in the drydock), repairing a vessel is much shorter in time than building a new one, and even more in the period this game is focused ...even if the cost of repair vs build is the same it will bring you a vessel back in line in a shorter period... the dock space and time, belive me is not that much...you give her flotability and lay her on a pier for repairs... the scuttling thing from my point of view is as if it is already implemented on the enemy side...you only have to think that when she sunks is cause their crew scuttled her and that's all...on the friend side, if I´m the admiral and somebody scuttle one of my ship in the middle of a battle, there will be no martial court...just a bullet in the front of the b*?t*rd's head....if you want to scuttle her afterwards...well...i guess the game has to have something that helps you in that matter, like a scrapping option or similar, if not we will end up with some 1890s BB in the 40s, and thats beyond any modernization capabillity... unless you use them as monitors. IMHO, the problem we face in the game is not to scuttle or not to scuttle but enemy ships that we have almost sunk and are shooting at us as if there is no damage on them at all...is not that they shall not fire at all...they should fire ala chester in jutland...but.. they are firing with all guns and reloading as brend new!!! (of course the same happens on the friend side) so basis on the above, is how damage is modeled what matters here and maybe the game should introduce things that downgrade the quantity of guns a massively damaged vessel could operate. so maybe will be good if the game introduce things like: a) flooding colateral effect: guns should not be able to shoot (at least sideways) when the listing of the vessel pass certain angle...so no more firing stbd with a 45º port listing...not only cause of the depression of the gun, if it was not enough, but the cranes and elements to feed the gun shouldn't work quite well...if they recover great...so, then it comes counterflooding, that thing that if you do in some cases will sunk your ship...or impair your capability of suffering additional damage... b) fire collateral effect: a fire that affects the supossed area of the magazines could only bring two things...a big BOOOM, or the flooding of the magazine by the crew if they care for their lives, both cases (supposing it survives the explosion) should render the affected gun/s inoperative c) crew casualties: at some high % the vessel should turn somehow ineffective, focus should be given to sailing away and firefight/repair teams. Cookers could help on firing guns but then it should affect their efectiveness...and so and so just some ideas..
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    Those 2 secondary turrets look confused as well: T1: Why are we facing backwards? T2: I don't know
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    14.03.2020 Mugeres / Deep Water / 5'700 BR - Sweden (attacking) vs. Spain (defending) - 02:07 Server Time Result: Swedish victory Deaths: Swden 0; Spain 0 Details: The port was traded Galdonas / Deep Water / 5'700 BR - Dutch (attacking) vs. Prussia (defending) - 02:15 Server Time Result: Prussian victory Deaths: Dutch 0; Prussia 0 Details: Only 2 Dutch Requins and Redoutables joined the Port Battle Pampatar / Deep Water / 10'600 BR - Prussia (attacking) vs. Dutch (defending) - 06:21 Server Time Result: Prussian victory Deaths: Prussia 0; Dutch 0 Details: Dutch didn't join the Port Battle Cumana / Deep Water / 20'000 BR - Prussia (attacking) vs. Dutch (defending) - 12:20 Server Time Result: Prussian victory Deaths: Prussia 0; Dutch 0 Details: Only 4 Dutch joined the Port Battle Road Town / Deep Water / 10'600 BR - Sweden (attacking) vs. Danmark (defending) - 18:52 Server Time Result: Swedish victory Deaths: Sweden 2; Danmark 10 Details: - Pasaje / Deep Water / 5'700 BR - Danmark (attacking) vs. Sweden (defending) - 19:11 Server Time Result: Swedish victory Deaths: Danmark 0; Sweden 0 Details: Only 1 Dane joined the Port Battle Coral Bay / Deep Water / 5'700 BR - Sweden (attacking) vs. Danmark (defending) - 19:14 Server Time Result: Danish victory Deaths: Sweden 0; Danmark 0 Details: Swedish didn't join the Port Battle Port Howe / Shallow Water / 900 BR - United States (attacking) vs. Pirates (defending) - 22:10 Server Time Result: US victory Deaths: United States 1; Pirates 8 Details: - Buena Vista / Deep Water / 5'700 BR - Russia (attacking) vs. Sweden (defending) - 22:19 Server Time Result: Swedish victory Deaths: Russia 7; Sweden 0 Details: - Key West / Deep Water / 5'700 BR - Spain (attacking) vs. Russia (defending) - 22:30 Server Time Result: Russian victory Deaths: Spain 14; Russia 1 Details: - Carahatas / Shallow Water / 900 BR - Russia (attacking) vs. Spain (defending) - 22:30 Server Time Result: Spanish victory Deaths: Russia 0; Spain 0 Details: Russians didn't join the Port Battle Arthur's Town / Shallow Water / 900 BR - United States (attacking) vs. Pirates (defending) - 23:22 Server Time Result: Pirate victory Deaths: United States ?; Pirates ? Details:
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    Wrong my dude, touching anything that is infected and then touching your face for example is common way to catch this or most common viruses.
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    they should name this update "Alpha-5 The Big Reeeee" :D
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    I'm on holidays next week and then going to be unemployed until its all over and we are all dead. Repent
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    When you and your friend are waiting for the next update.
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    I bought some Corona beers in Belgium to get immunity. I am a fair user Abbaye de Leffe, they will pray for me to avoid buying Mort Subite. In case of emergency, man can also use Pils, available without medical prescription.
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    if you need to send something medication / masks / stuff, write me in a personal message, I'll see if we (Russia) have it cheaper or analogues I can send you sorry google translator
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    If you have access to those sources, I suppose you might consider starting your own thread, where you could summarize your findings for people to use.
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    Are you all traumatized by that clownery or why put it on topic again and again??
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    Dear Captains, All chat report tribunals are recieved and appropriative actions will be taken after weekly investigation of chat reports. The reason chat report tribunals are not approved is that it should be reported via in-game report function, otherwise the Tribunal will be flooded by similar cases. Please post in the tribunal only if you received real life threats/death wishes abuse - in that case immediate actions will be taken.
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    A good timing for a nice patch to make these hard times more bearable. And, what about a steam sale? Lots of bored dudes would be looking at the steam store soon.
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    I like the idea, and I've been working on a system myself. Might add it once I've come up with a mutually approved arrangement. I think a key element is individualizing compartments per ship.
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    I'll repost my meme from the other thread as it applies to this one.
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    13.03.2020 Cano Macareo / Deep Water / 5'700 BR - Dutch (attacking) vs. United States (defending) - 03:08 Server TimeResult: US victoryDeaths: Dutch 4; United States 6Details: Yaguaraparo / Deep Water / 5'700 BR - Dutch (attacking) vs. Prussia (defending) - 13:56 Server TimeResult: Prussian victoryDeaths: Dutch 0; Prussia 0Details: Only a couple Dutch showed up, and left the battle. Got screened out. Saint-Nicolas / Deep Water / 10'600 BR - Pirates (attacking) vs. Russia (defending) - 18:03 Server TimeResult: Russian victoryDeaths: Pirates 7; Russia 5Details: -
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    It's funny, the REDS give cities to the Amerikans and rendered all kinds of assistance to get the pirates out of Joba, then they just handed the cities to the Amerikans. It’s very honest, why is Spain not allowed? If you are not interested in remidios then why this topic? I find it strange that the REDS clan cannot fill a city faster than pirates. I think the Reds clan should surrender their cities in the first place, and then create such topics.
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    Interesting to see REDS posting and suggesting punishment to @admin after Truxillo and all the deliberately stacking of hostility missions (several times done by now). The arrogance here is reaching new levels.
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    Simple enough: A moon during the night.
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    Да так нагло никто не использовал твинка... сначала долго плыл твинк, потом зашел в бой, потом шел борт в борт. Ни стреляя, ни получая в борт. Потом вышел со сдавшимся кораблем. Ну совсем хана пираты.
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    lol, no it doesn't. I'm surprised no-one let me know that I'd withdrawn us from NATO. Mind your own business You're just upset that because we're in it we've stopped you getting in it.
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    Hi there Dev Team and Comunity, first i want to say that the Game looks awesome, i played it 3 years ago and i did restart 2 weeks ago. But the Buisnessplan of the Game is just not going the right way, sorry to tell that. Many People here i would say still remember the Game Sid'Meier's Pirates. It was a Gold Mine for Sid as Civilization was. But the Game was not an online Player Game, it had something Romantic and a lot of new Features Bounded to the Ports and Ships. Atm Naval Action is doing the same mistake as Eve Online did 5 years ago and lost about 80-90% of its Players.. It has to do with Psychology. First to completley enjoy the game, the Player is forced into a clan, to get the same upgrades for ship crafting and economy such as Teak Log etc. Secondly, there is no reason why to explore the Carribean, no rare trading resources are popping up in random Ports, no Books in random Ports, nothing actually is in random ports. There is only one reason to travel, Missions.. No treasure hunt, no Port AI. So my Suggetion : and please take you time while reading : 1. The Game needs more Free Towns .. i mean a lot of more Free Towns about 50+.. This is needed to support new Players and Players that does not want the clan wars, more Free Towns leads to more freedom in choosing a home Port for production. In those Ports also single Player "Now to the PVE mode" can invest, and the port upgrades are available for the investors. This gives freedom of clan based game play and attract more freedom liking players.. means more money in the Buisnessplan for the Game devs. 2. The Ports need more attention. A port should always have at least some goods to trade with, and i dont mean only trading goods. lets say 10-20 reps a day, some logs, some of a lot of the goods, not all but, no one likes empty shelves. And some Ports already producing "Iron, Oak Log, and the Basic Stuff" and traders bringing some Rare stuff to random Ports too. This brings more realistic wealth to the game and will attract more new Players.. means more money for the Game devs.. 3. The Ports need to be something like an AI. at the moment Ships spawn somewhere and doing routes no one can understand.. The ships should leave a port make a patrol, or a Trade. Also each free Port or Neutral Port should have a own defend fleet, and within a Area depending on Port size the defend fleet is acting as an anti gank system. if some one is attacked in this area the defend fleet will help the victim and will join the fight 2-3 min after. Like that clans can upgrade the defense and the zone, Free towns doing that too with solo Player investments and trading that is done, but not forced by the players, and as the investments go back, the city saves money by reducing the protection. This will save the new and more freedom liking players from ganking of bigger groups and will players give the feeling to stay and enjoy the game longer and even buy new DLC, means more money for the Game devs... 4. Admirality or Free Town missions, or even Tavern tresaure hunts. atm you have 6 missions in every port.. always, there is no randomness only in mission destenation. the game needs more different missions.. with upper named improvements, a mission could be called, weaken the town La Mona by attacking a trader of that town. that is what flags were made for and still are.. there is a reason why a lot of ships still sail under the flag of Panama or an other city. a Player also can Choose if he wants to serve for a city and gets a Letter of Marque but then have to sail for a certain time under the flag of that city.. There are so many things the devs could implement to make it more attractive for new players.. and if it is attractive enough i bet a lot of people would pay 5 dollars a month to finance the servers and the maintance so the game stays intact for a long time period and can improve over time. 5. Balancing the player count on nations. To balance a playercount, the nation with the lowest pop need to have very attractive admirality missions where you can earn a lot of money. the nation with the biggest pop should have the lowest payout for missions.. and the payout should be that attractive that the pop distribution really happens.. lets say, if a nation only has 5 players, a mission from admirality could pay out 1mio. and a nation with 1000 players get only 10k.. like that nations would attrackt Players and a distribution would start until a decent distribution is reached.. until then the low pop Nations player will have more money to compensate theyr efforts. this would prevent all one nation migration and with that player loss and with that again more money for the devs... thats why a lot players left EVE online.. every one went Minmatar because as bigger a nation was as more payout they gave... so every one was minmatar or had a minmatar alt.. 6. No Alts or Twinks... Having alts and twinks is supporting paranoia.. no one will undock of a port anymore without having twinks in other nations to see nation chat or areas to not get agressed.. this will show an increase of players first and then a leaving of players because they dont agree with this mechanik.. at the end every one has 2-3 twinks and a hughe server population is visible and still nothing is happening. there are many other things that could improove the game and with that give the devs more income.. and the changes arent that big as you might first think. but such Skripts of towns and theyr interacting with eachother and also goods balancing are not as hard to write as you might think. lot written, little said ... but that would increase server pop for sure ^^
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