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    Также данная ситуация показывает, что в игру необходимо вернуть тестовые ( дуэльные) комнаты. Ну позязя...
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    its called being able to go on the offense and not having to worry about defense bird brain.
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    Full speed crash stops are typically performed on trial runs. I do not know about potential damage to the drivetrain, but I suspect it would be unlikely unless many repeated stops were made. Cavitation on the props would be the big concern, I think. For the trials of the 224,950 tonne steam-turbine tanker Esso Malaysia: Traveling at an initial speed of 16 knots, a crash stop took 17.6 minutes with an ahead reach (distance traveled forward) of 4389 meters. A turn at 16 knots would have an ahead reach of only about 900-1000 meters. For the 26700 deadweight-ton single-screw steam-turbine tanker Esso Lima, a crash stop from full speed (presumably about 10-18 knots) required 8 minutes with an ahead reach of 1463 meters. The prop was stopped within 32 seconds of crash-stop initiation, and it was in full astern RPM by 1 minute 37 seconds. There are issues with crash stops. Turning is typically faster, easier, and requires less ahead-distance. Stopping can take time to enact: With steam turbines closing and opening the throttles may take ~20 seconds. Stopping will markedly reduce directional stability. For the Esso Malaysia, the ship ended up 503 meters to starboard and perpendicular to the original direction of travel. Not ideal. Additionally, the ship will take a long time to reaccelerate to its original speed, unless it has extremely powerful engines. Crash stops can be useful, however, when there is insufficient room to maneuver, or when the ship is already traveling slowly. Principles of Naval Architecture gives a figure of 6 knots as a cutoff for single-screw ships. I suspect it would be higher for multi-screw ships with powerful astern power.
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    Ships of Victory - Prove your Might. With my 13 attempt... i finally managed to do it! I won with this design by choosing Main Guns of Lower Caliber & QF, many number of secondaries guns and thick armor. Instead of trying to win at long range, i've told to myself "f**k it!" and decided to punch him with my Sword. And i did it. lol
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    I have a suggestion: Since it takes alot of time to move ships and goods what about beeing able to send ships on missions? We could use the captains we already can have in our own fleet have the option if they should sail with us in a fleet like it is now or send them on their own way to a certain destination. And by destination I mean port. Sou if you are able to sail in a fleet with 2 ships you can just send them for example from Great Corn to Porty Royal on their own. It would be another way like towing to move ships but this would take time till the ship will be in the port you've send them to. Maybe it can switch between half an our or up to 3-4 depending on which ship and how far you are sending it. On the other hand if you send a ship that way you can only have 1 ship in your fleet and not 2 anymore since that captain is on his own way. It would still take time but would give us players the option to move 2-3 ships at once even with goods. It would save alot of time just moving ships back from battles and focus more on the actual game. To sum it up with towing we would be able to move maybe 3-4 ships each day. One instantly without any goods and the others over time with goods. It would also give us the chance to bring an upgrade we just looted from one side of the map to the other side to install it on the ship we need it on without sailing all the way across the whole map.
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    I’m not upset over the timers. I just find EU players such as yourself who were staunchly against timers and dodging in particular now benefiting and boasting about them the ultimate irony. CABAL has always been in the forefront of hypocrisy tho. Klingy and his 3-6 dodge is nothing new to us and we didn’t bother with them 3 years ago....we’re not going to bother with them now. As Cuzn above posted, by situating himself in one of the few nations that could actually fight his timers he will fade into nothing as he did down in Dutchy land and blame the lack of rivals... blah blah. We’re quite happy to let him flip empty ports until his crew gets tired of the bot grinding. This rock you claim I hide behind is a bit curious. Must not be good for cover as I just saw you twice in 2 days. Both times you were running. I’m perfectly fine filling in whatever battles Russia needs myself or VSC in. My dick and truck size is large enough to where my fragile ego is not upset by VSC not having ports all over the map. The same cannot be said of WO. They consistently have double our numbers and typically align or create themselves an evening time Zerg to fight our 6 or 7 guys. We don’t recruit and actively discourage US tz players in Russia from joining us. If dear Klingon Crowns wants to work his way around to our 2 ports, we’ll be glad to fight him there. See you in battle bud!
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    Russia is currently 1:0 against timer dodging ports. So far so good. I would however like to point out that the Dutch used similar tactics and well....now most of them are Swedes. It would appear that placing ones hopes in WO does not always work out in the end. Eventually you'll get bored and those timers will change. It always happens. Until then Russia must be satisfied with the pleasure of seeing timer whiners like CABAL and rediii use the very same tactics they whinged about on the forums of a few years. Sometimes irony is just as good as wins. And I'm pretty sure HAVOC used stacked missions at Sisal to flip. Stacked missions were deemed a non-offense, but accusing others of exploiting however is.
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    Investing thousands of dollars in creating a ship like the Diana and not allowing the players enjoy it is a nonsense.
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    Idk i dont bother playing when theres like 200 ppl online in the middle of the night. Oh yeah and 10pm-1am (3-6 timer EST) isn't US timezone, thats the i dont wanna risk a fight timezone aka WO timers.
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    Sain Louis PB. Won by Prussia
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    36 раз из 40 рикошет? При абсолютно разных углах обстрела? Я поверю скорее в плоскую землю + дрон стрелял еще Тут ИМХО либо жеточайший баг конкретных мачт конкретного корабля либо плюс-минус один метр зарешал. Так же поддержу проверку, был случай когда я с белки в упор 32ми лонгами не сбил мачту ретвизану за 30 попаданий, он был лайф вайт без модулей на мачты и картахены.
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    As he said, all there needs to be is have the 1v1 and free for all reversed. now you cant even get to the 1v1 many times because of campers and groupers and whatever you want to call them you dont need to have them in separate places. just have that 1v1 be outside circle intead of inner.
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    Речь идет не про 3 ранг, а про аналоги на которые нужен пермит . И редут проигрывает всем своим аналогам ( буцик и имплакбл). Вазу и Консту нельзя сравнивать с редутом ибо это разные корабли. Ранг ни к чему не привязывает, важен только БР. Это как в танках называть Т26е4 средним, а 50 100 тяжелым (надеюсь аналогия понятна). А вот БР уже показатель. На 550 БР есть буцик и имплак. Буцик прочнее, больше экипажа, больше калибр. Имплак -копия редута, но с 4 кормовыми+4 с борта. Павел сложно ибо их почти не в море и понять реальное положение дел сложно. Но по ттх он не уступает даже с меньшим БР. Все перечисленные корабли мощнее редута на 5-10% в разных ситуациях, но затраты на крафт просто нереальные и игроки жертвуют этой эффективностью ради упрощения процесса. А говорить что крафтовые корабли из старого дерева, а редуты из нового очень странно. Я уже недели 2 не ходил на кораблях и старого дерева , кроме патрульных зон, и не собираюсь.
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    I think what would be nice is if the 1v1 Patrol Zone and the Open for all patrol zone is in different areas. I live in the US but most of my clanmates/nation live in Europe, which means I'm often playing alone. I would like to get guaranteed 1v1 fights (still new to PVP), but half the time I'm ganked by more than two ships before I get into the 1v1 zone.
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    Thank god we can’t be broken more 😀
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    Xp for sea travel needs to go towards ships too. Never understood why this didn't happen as it was very little xp, but that would add up for folks that use trade ships in the long run.
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    Werte Kapitäne, im September 2015 - noch während der Closed Beta Phase - entschlossen sich viele deutsche Spieler dazu, in der schwedischen Nation zu dienen. Unter der Flagge des Heiligen Römischen Reiches Deutscher Nation fanden und finden sich Spieler von Flensburg bis ins Tiroler Land zusammen. Seitdem besteht die [HRE] als einer der ältesten deutschsprachigen Clans in Naval Action, hat viele Höhen und Tiefen erlebt und steht weiterhin im Kampf für die schwedische Nation ihren Mann. Die HRE bietet allen deutschsprachigen Spielern eine Heimat und eine tolle Gemeinschaft für alle relevanten Aspekte von Naval Action: - Ist Handeln deine Welt? - Produzierst du gern Rohstoffe, Güter und Schiffe? - Suchst du Schlachten und Herausforderungen? - Bist du ein Haudegen, der in Portbattleflotten dabei sein will? - Bist du ein Jäger oder Kundschafter? Egal ob Produzent oder Kaperkapitän - oder eine Summe aus anderen Ideen - die HRE ist ein deutschsprachiger Clan, der tüchtigen und angehenden Kapitänen ein langfristiges Zuhause bietet! Ein installiertes Teamspeak und Mikro sind wichtig, aber nicht zwingend. Vollmitglieder sollten das Tutorial (Endurance Exam) bestanden haben, alles weitere findet sich. ...und wir bieten noch viel mehr: - ein Bootcamp für neue/ unerfahrene/ ehemals berentete Kapitäne - PvP und PvE in Gruppen - diverse Guides zu Schiffen, zu Gefechten und zum Kapern - Trainings mit erfahrenen Offizieren und Kameraden - Schiffe, Kanonen und Startkapital Wir freuen uns auf deine Bewerbung! Sprich uns ingame an, besuche unsere Website unter https://hre-clan.com/ oder schnack mit uns auf dem schwedischen Teamspeak Server! Wechsele dort in den Kanal “Join HRE”
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    Hello! I'd like to list some ideas that I have for the game in general. 1- More cruiser hulls. It annoys me the little amount of modern heavy cruiser and the almost complete lack of modern light cruiser hulls. 2- More destroyer hulls Going with the small amount of modern cruiser hulls, there is a complete lack of hulls for ships like the Fletcher class. 3- Quad gun turrets Not only would it make meme ships even more memey, quad gun turrets should be limited to France and Britain, or locked to certain gun calibers. 4- Country exclusive turret designs I don't know if/how many country exclusive turret designs there are, but just adding some/more would be pretty nice 5- Ship design saves I'd like this for custom battles, so I don't have to remake ships every time. I also have two questions for devs Will aircraft carriers be a thing, and will submarines be a thing? Thank you for your time!
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    @admin They will come out in a dlc, maybe a bundle, or in an other way for the 8 March, woman day? I remember that i saw in a thread a suggestion to release them for the 14 Febraury but was not possible o7
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    When I left the main battle to the point A, turned on the repair and lost all repairs, but got a new ship. Report ban
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    From another thread though relevant, I personally welcome WO back! Unfortunately they chose a nation that is literally bursting at the seams with players. But it’s their $40. I understand the whole timer thing..... BUT dear Sweden and WO: the game and the demographics have changed in the last 5 months.... the enemy you seek at this time is no longer your enemy 😂😂 Setting Swede timers to 3-6 or 2-5 or even 1-4 only allows the 1 nation with a population on at that time to hit you: Sweden. 😂😂😂😂 Thus: empty PB’s and No content. I fear WO will fade into obscurity once more.
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    You can attack these timers ? Or does fighting KOC still make you brown sauce your breeches ? As always you speak with forked tongue.
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    This has been proposed many times by various players, e.g. here:
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    Good news everybody! I might found a solution. On my research for other GPU drivers for my RX 5700 XT I found this: Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.2.2 Highlights Fixed Issues Performing a task switch with some Radeon Software features enabled or some third-party applications with hardware acceleration running in the background may cause a system hang or black screen. When Instant Replay is enabled, a TDR or black screen may occur when launching games or applications. So I installed this driver (which is available in the radeon software as an optional driver) and gave UA Dreadnoughts a spin. And it worked prefect in an custom battle with 20 vs 20 Ships on good graphic settings. I don't have much time this week. I will keep reply later when I think I can confirm or dissmiss this solution.
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    Si alguien espera que un imperio se mantenga con lo que sale de una mina apañao va. España construyo un imperio territorial mientras inglaterra construyo un imperio economico, no podiamos hacer sino perder.
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    Земля плоская, иначе бы упали...)))
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    No need to rework the AI. NPCs were buffed due to their lack of artificial intelligence. NPC behaviour is very predictable, so it is not a big problem to beat them 1vs1. If you need help, ask a friend or in nation chat, sail with others and learn. Some things you might want to consider: always angle your ship to the enemy do not waste a broadside when the enemy is angled NPCs only have medium cannons. If you have long cannons, you do damage at range while they don't NPCs do not shoot sails or masts, but they do shoot at bow and stern NPCs don't repair, but you can do that When you are in a small ship versus a large one, you should use your maneuverability to stern camp it. Shoot ball into the stern until the stern armour is gone. Then you can switch to grape, reduce crew and finally board it, or keep shooting balls until the center structure is gone (the NPC might also lose his masts), then sink him. Take a Hercules or a Snow and sink 3rd rates or 2nd rates to gain huge amounts of XP.
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    Ок, ловполи. Всегда хотел узнать это пробивает или нет?
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    there is no visible distinction possible
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    Sounds like you got attacked in the patrol zone. There you will recieve damage outside the battle circle, in a "usual" OW fight there is no circle. You can be attacked in a basic cutter, but cannot attack other players.
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    The best fight you can give someone in a trader is to make them chase after you for an hour or more
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    If you would give us reasonable PB times, that would be great. Clans have families, jobs. You know, a real life. We can't fight every day in the middle of the night like we had to do for the past few weeks now. People went early to bed and got up early to fight PB before they went to work. Keep doing this and you will lose more players. And we don't need a mechanic which allows us to set timers - for reals. Let us set the timer once and that's it. Make the game reasonable, fair and balanced. At the moment we can't anymore. People are done. Exhausted. We are forced to fight while you devs are sleeping. And the next day we are forced to sail 3-4 hours to sail our ships back where we need them. And then we have to sail our goods for crafting and earning reals and dubloons which means we are investing 8-12 hours each day just to keep track with all the stuff that is going on.
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    Good luck fighting with smaller traders. You literally demand people to attack everything at see with their traders. Remove the travelling xp and it will be much worse of a grind. Any mission should give xp reward. You already earn 100 for sailing across the whole map risking to lose your ship AND goods. There should also be more missions for traders and adventurers like finding maps. The game already hands you a perfect map from day one. New players could discover the map by missions. There would be alot of ways to earn xp. Not only fighting, fighting, fighting. There is no point in fighting with a fully loaded trader against far bigger ships.
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    I have guns on mine. I got jumped by two ships, got away....still no XP gain. literally got no XP. why? because a traders bring can't fight two trincs, hell can't even fight one privateer. with 60 crew you just get instaboard captured. lets get real here. people in traders aren't starting fights and nobody in their right mind would try to go toe to toe in anything bigger than a lynx
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    Before coming to my points, let's address something. While you are free to express your opinion just as everybody else, I would caution you from trying to impose it as the single correct point of view. After all, sometimes people like Cptbarney and Woodrow make convincing arguments against your position - let's respect that. Now, to my points... The game was announced as a realistic naval game. Therefore, your idea of keeping arbitrary restrictions simply contradicts the very premise of this game. Whatever you may think of "casual players" and their choices, you are not entitled to make decisions for them, including limiting their right to choose. To further elaborate on my point, if it is possible in reality, then it should be featured in this realistic game. People (who are not naval experts - just players who want to have fun) should have the means to do what they want, regardless of how stupid you think their actions may be. The game itself should "teach" them what decisions work, and what don't. How to go about something, and what not to do. If use of reverse to slow down is not going to be very useful (or will even be potentially dangerous), then people should be the ones to figure it out, whether by reading a tutorial, or by making this mistake in game. We all paid money for it, based on premise of realism, and objectively, our reality is not constrained by some arbitrary limitations - like the kind you insist on having. And since this is not a multiplayer game, there are no viable justifications for implementing such arbitrary limits - especially against expectations of the community. You wanted to be "intellectualy honest"? Fine. Then accept this: UA:D is a complicated strategy game. People who buy such games are usually quite sophisticated, capable of learning and willing to do so. They don't need arbitrary protection from reality and consequences. They can handle it. And if there are some not very effective or even potentially dangerous solutions in reality, then we as players should have them at our disposal, with all the risks therein. After all, that's the "realism" we paid big bucks for.
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    Not only, but for a privateer, there is more money to earn by capturing traders... But, from times to times, I can board Hercules from my Privateer. Nothing to earn there, except glory (but I've tons of that at home, my kids make toys with...) 😝
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    HMS revenge and HMS russell 71k tonne ships armed with 9 432mm guns and 12 127mm secondaries engages the giant 118k tonne Heavy Battleship the normandie during the Battle of Great yarmouth April 3rd 1946.
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    hi i do know it has some concerns ,.... but i am not against it . perhaps as a option in the settings for those who do not want communication ? what i can remember was when it was removed from the game i experienced it as a restriction ... so in my concern the old situation can come back ,i see no problem (especially perhaps when the new moderation comes in place) greetings
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    Hi All, have been new to the game over the last month or two and I must say enjoying the game immensely. Have a question and apologies if there has been the same previously as the amount of discussion within the forum is quite large. Is there any thought of having a post combat results table after each combat to detail vessels lost, damage dealt and received by each vessel, etc. For myself I would like to see this type of information as it would be interesting to see which ship did what, etc. Cheers.
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    Not sure how this can work ... Why not do both? Imho inactive Clans are a bit a problem If they own ports behind the frontlines ... So why not use AI-PBs as an "Activity-Test" ... If the port owner is still active he has some content and some seasoned Wood delivered meanwhile the customer of the mercenarys has only costs ... but If the portowner is inactive another more active clan can get the port ... You can easily tune the use of this instrument by price and maybe cooldown for every port ...
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    Systems work the same way as before. They are just better indicated for players.
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    1. Deception will be possible but enemies could see through deception as well. Especially if they seen your ship before and or know about you from witnesses. 2. Yes. There definitely will be communication, logs and intelligence showing known routes or last known locations. 3. Depends on waste of time this features generate. If they generate too much waste on 3-4th try they should be abandoned or allowed to be skipped. (For example waiting for 1 hour for a boat to arrive is nice 1st time, and will be annoying on 100rd time) 4. Yes. Crew will have skills, strength, morale, fatigue and experience levels in a variety of ship activities. 5. Yes. Not only that. You will have to place them properly to avoid excess heel or pitch 6. Naval Action systems are top class, but we will try to improve them even more by adding elements like stress, deterioration over time, or rig entanglement 7. Not sure yet. Soon.
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    Might be a little late in the day and might have been mentioned before (not gonna read through 20+ pages) here are my thoughts... the newest academy missions are not too hard, what is hard and utterly ridiculous are the enemy ships turning and running. even though they are undamaged. this wouldn't be an issue IF the retreating ships were sinkable. but they are not. not in the slightest, as soon as an enemy ship turns and runs you may as well just go back to shipyard and do something else. this in my opinion (and im sure others too) is BIG game breaker in alpha. I would understand this if it was campaign, there would be an advantage of "fight another day" but in academy there isn't, so why not make ALL academy missions "no retreat"? on to my next issue. the "random A.I ships" need to change. in the latest patch there seems to be one ship that you need to kill that's always faster than you. for example. "design the H class" I set my max speed to 25knts. the A,I always seem to run away but have a speed for 28knots. I go back to the ship yard and design a ship with 28.5knots and HEY-PRESTO the a.i now have 30knots top speed and they always seem to have just as large calibre guns and the same armour as they did before u left the battle. again, this is a game breaker and needs to change drastically or the campaign is gonna FLOP big time coz people will wise up to this and stop playing faster than a boy racer seeing a speed camera. I understand the need to make the game a challenge, I really do and its a good thing, but there is a line when the game becomes frustrating and disappointing. all of the above points to this. there is no reason in the academy that BBs OR target ships should be retreating, its the academy nothing more. next on the agenda is AP vs HE. let me start buy saying my ol`man is a navy vet. having served on the HMS Fearless (frigate) HMS Decoy and the HMS Juno (destroyers) the armour on these ships are very very small. most of us might know why this is, for those that don't its basically this..... a large calibre AP shell would pass through the thin armour of a destroyer without causing TOO much damage. the HE shells in the game work well for destroyers and are much much better than AP. however I STILL see better results from HE at distance over AP against bigger ships like BBs. not sure what you guys think? I still think we need better control over torpedo launching. perhaps maybe add a (im gonna get slaughtered for this I know) add a "world of warship" torpedo aiming system, where you get a cone of fire for the trajectory of torps to intercept an enemy ship. restrict it though...…..i.e cone fades the longer the distance? but above all torps need a manual fire system in place. as it stands torps are hard to use...….near impossible because they never launch when you want them to. I am the human player here, not the A.I, ill decide when I want my torps to launch. this brings me on nicely to my last whine about the game. …… STOP switching targets!!! I don't care what A.I thinks I should be shooting at!! I want to shoot at whatever I want to shoot at. if that's my downfall so be it, im ok with that! what I don't want to be my downfall is switching to another target causing me to lose all my accuracy on the afore mentioned ship! its infuriating and numerous times its cost me the game! hope this is treated as constructive!
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    Plymouth PB 🏴‍☠️ 29.02.2020
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