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    @admin I believe that it is unfair to have northern carpenters drop in an uncapturable port. Due to the importance of the carpenters I'd like to suggest that all capitals drop swedish carpenters or that Gustavia do not, and that San Juan isn't the only regional capital that drops the component in northern master carpenters.
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    Alt interference is confirmed. Ranks were demoted and warnings were issued.
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    This is a feature that is many times requested. We have not been able to offer quadruple turrets, but it is something we want to offer. It will depend on the progress of our other main priorities = campaign/crew You can already combine optical rangefinders and special radar rangefinders for increasing accuracy, aiming and spotting. We want to offer more option for Director systems and Radar, we shall gradually.
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    Im disagree. When i buy redoutable i buy because i can redem it with seasoned woods, so if this is remove now, i want my money back.
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    Barrel length is something already considered but we are far from putting it in our priorities list, because we have to focus development on crew and campaign. Using guns of lower technology is something more complex than it appears, it will need more work and therefore we cannot promise it at all. When we make all the necessary for the game, we can develop this and other similar details of the ship design system.
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    Main post updated Additional changes to Raiders Port Battles will be applied this week 1) Raider Port battles on Peace server will now happen daily and NPC raiders will only attack ports owned by NPCs to allow more port control for players (current speed is not enough), this will be done until NPCs will lose control of all ports. After this happened NPC raids will continue at old speed (9 ports per weekend). 2) Raider port battles on War server will no longer happen - we are taking them down for rework or abandonment. They have not achieved what was expected from them and only annoyed the players.
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    if they dropped in vera cruz you bet your ass that rediii would have already made a post about it.
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    PEACE Server - Raiders ATTACK! Peace server - raiders have decided that they want to make all NPC controlled ports neutral. Allowing players to take over ALL ports in the region War Server - Raiders Withdraw! Raiders have got port battles out of their system and decided that they will better resort to privateering activities on the open world.
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    So post hotfix, stern chases are still impossible to win, you always run out of ammo. Transverse bulkheads need to be in game, period. Additionally, entire columns of structure that are damaged to red need to either still take 25% of usual damage or perhaps start to flood due to the integrity of that entire section of ship being completely compromised.
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    Your great proposed Diana event missed this weekend UNFORTUNATELY. We will do a combined Date with Diana event (with a chance to get it in game) somewhere around 8th March.
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    Hallo @Gregory Rainsborough, can you publish that one? What do I have to pay?
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    An idea for port attacks by players in the PVE: keep the 6 AI defense ships that currently appear, but add one more AI ship for each extra player from the sixth in the battle of port. As in the battles of hostility. So if, for example, 10 players enter, 10 AI defenders will appear.
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    Especially new players have problems to earn enough money to replace their lost ships. Therefore I suggest that the Admiralty provides a daily ship, without port bonus, according to the rank of the player, but not above 5th rate. The ship shall be random, in the full historical setup (guns, marines, wood) and not tradeable. Maybe with one set of repairs for hull and sails, that cannot be removed. Guns shouldn't be removable, too. Breaking the ship up shall give no mats, to avoid abuse. Just take the ship, sail and fight. Could be even redeemed by everyone, though most, that can afford better ships, won't use it.
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    I feel the issue people are having with dlc ships is that you can get seasoned wooded ships And logs everyday without having to grind. I feel the community would feel better about these ships if they weren’t seasoned. Thanks and sail safe, Squeekydoor
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    You do understand basic math right? Let's say a new player/group of players joins the game. Port bonus' isn't a problem for me, I have 5 accounts and 3 of them is in Sweden, Russia and Prussia. So I craft from 55p ports anyway. But a group of players joining the game, a community so to speak, who wish to be a force in the game without adhering to the already estabilished alliances/groups will have zero, as in 0, chance to take ANY port. Why? Try testing a 55p ship against a zero point ship. I've explained the math before and I'm not about to do it again, suffice to say that the port bonus' is roughly equivalent to 8 master upgrades + the 3 (minimum) upgrade slots u can add to it. EDIT: and it doesn't matter how large a community joins NA because in the end the PB is decided between max 25 vs. 25. What happens is that u get a situation where the already enfranchised few has to do very little in order to win PBs and thus slowly deteriorates in skills, while the disenfranchised many has no chance to compete anyway. I can't be the only one looking at older PBs and seeing a marked drop in skills but a huge leap in fx. repairs done and damage penetraded disregarding angles. At the end of the day the game suffers, skills becomes less pronounced and if I were a new player I would quite frankly not play NA. Why be the lamb to someone elses slaughter or have to bend to everyone elses wishes? It's a sandbox, or supposedly so ppl should be able to do whatever they want and still have the same access as everyone else provided they want to do the grind.
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    So in this case you argue for alts as the solution, where in other cases you gladly tribunal ppl for using alts. Yeah I know. It is not the same.
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    You're not that stupid so stop pretending to be. Northern master carps: 8,5% reps, 7% faster reps, leak rep 20% faster, sail, armor rep crew 8% less. Navy carpenters: 4% faster rep, 5,25% reps, leak rep 15% faster. Only someone staggeringly innept at math can state that those two are remotely similar.
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    Hello, first of all I wanted to say that I've been playing the game for a couple of days now and I absolutely love it. This is already my dreams come true, I can't wait for the campaign and future updates. But as a boat fetishist I wanted to ask about two things; Quadruple turrets? I think it'd be a good addition, in the end the whole French battleship doctrine created to counter the Regia Marina was centered around the quadruple turrets in superfiring pairs on the bows of the ships, like in the Richelieu class. Advanced Fire-control systems? Iowa would be the best example of what I mean by that I believe, instead of optical rangefinders she was equipped with Mk.38 GFCS which allowed for radar rangefinding and great automatization of the whole process and greatly increased accuracy. The night-time engagement between Kirishima and Washington at the distance of nearly 17 kilometers would be a great example of that. Naturally, I understand that it's only an alpha but I wanted to ask about the general idea about the future of the game, if the developers have those two things even in mind for some kind of later updates. Cheers.
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    This feature can be useful if you are doing it as an event, and not as usual weekend activities.
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    I got an idea that could be implemented at some point in the future, to the game. The Idea is simple, instead of choosing a gun with exact caliber, we choose turret that can fit guns from the smallest to the biggest. Like here below on that screenshot edited with my amazing Paint.exe abilities: So we choose turret that can fit any gun caliber from 305mm to 356mm in triple configuration. EDIT: Of course, we can also use on it single and twin configurations. When we choose that turret, we can change our gun caliber by using something like this thing below that we use to change armor of our ships.
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    Anniversary of Lord Capstan and his spirit wanders across the map and kills Englishmen.😁 https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/769489790228283652/2E3F6E1599E2F3968EEF367C564F28A2DAE97389/
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    800 ton cargo missions are great, but, what about missions for smaller ships? with less reward of course
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    No its not, the intention with DLC ships from what admin has said is to bring faster content, pvp and pve. You dont need a seasoned ship to do that. It worked for 2+ years from when we got DLC's until they added seasoned woods. And firstly NOW people are using their dlc's to breakup to farm seasoned woods, so the intention to get a DLC is not working as intended. Yes of course some people use their redoutables to fight with, but as already proven all other dlc's are mostly used to breakup and get these seasoned wood, not faster content!
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    It's possible to capture AI ships , what do u wish more , they can lvl up how we did with basic cutter and doing trading missions . I've spent too much time to travel and earning reals and doubloons, why should they not . + there are 5that rate dlcs ships like Hercules witch is a good ship for hunting and for capturing AI 5 th rates.
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    After passing 1 exam, the ship is given. After the final frigate Hercules. Plus Pandora's frigate can be made every day, in any tree. How many more ships does it take for a new player? Many people remember the times when it was impossible to quickly raise the level after the final exam. Personally, I think that the introduction of rapid level up after the final exam is a mistake. It killed the game on small frigates. There is no "experience ladder" when you have to learn the basics of control from a small fast sailing boat to 1 rayte. Sorry, translated with translator
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    Just remove seasoned woods and port bonus' entirely.. EDIT: Combat the powercreep..
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    Late game BB from a torpedo boat/destroyer captain's perspective:
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    @admin why not make "wooden chest" a rare trading mission reward too? That will be given after delivering and has to be sailed to "friendly port" in order to open it? I mean it contains crafing stuff = merchant
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    I feel like adding a 1st rate DLC to the game is not such a great idea and if game-labs are trying to accumulate revenue to support their developers there are other ways. Offering a new DLC for around $10-$15 that gives the player the ability to claim an extra tow permit every day doesn't seem like a terrible idea in my eyes. Let me know what you guys think... ^-^
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    нельзя убрать того, чего нету.
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    propose.. there is a collection of proposals for upgrades in a separate thread. it is still open. Danish good and danish upgrade or gun or what not.. Danish military museum had awesome guns.
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    Maybe somebody in your clan still has some honor left and diapproves of your foul play? I guess you have to be more careful now until you discovered who the whistleblower was
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    Which upgrade is the preeminent requirement for port battles? Everything else is either optional or drops in several regional capitals. I'm a bit sad for what you have been reduced to. Try to see the game in a bigger picture rather than HAVOCs narrow point of view.
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    Actually it isn't. Port bonus' is dependendant on the port u have.. Have a 55p port? - You can't lose it to a nation that has fx. a 40p port. Don't want to do what the other clans want? - get taken of the crafting list and u can't craft with port bonus' and u can't necessarily cap a new port.. The current system ensures that the same clans will always be dominant due to the restrictions of port bonus'. Add to that the most important mod in RvR is northern master carpenters and it only drops in Gustavia (an uncapturable port) and San Juan, then u have a decidedly one sided game where only a select few can compete and new players is either forced to join already estabilished clans or simply be unable to compete.
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    So the answer on your question is no, BR will stay the same (500).
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    Соглашусь с товарищами которые радеют за раскрасить игру. Как то сильно она строга. Интерфейс строг и уныл. Во время абордажа хоть бы с двух сторон от окна поля с анимацией прикрутили бы где во время команд сменялась бы анимация (атака там народ на палубу лезет и т. д.) Разработчики у Вас столько игры разных, натискали бы анимации из стратегий, раскрасили игру где это можно, что бы воинственным монастырем не отдавало так от игры (с уважением)..
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    Spanish Clan SH Since 2016 always fighting with Spanish flag Language: Spanish, although it has always had a German division Enemies: VLTRA and vltraREDS Friends: Pirates and Swedes
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    Sure but that doesn't mean if we change gun caliber and number of barrels in the turret, it will not change the size of the turret. As i said, idea is simply, the rest of the job goes to the devs that will know how to improve it. And they can do it for example by adjusting a little bit turret to the number of guns and their caliber, so if we choose triple, the turret will be wider, if we choose for example 320mm gun instead of 305mm, the turret will make itself a little bit bigger. Every idea we post here can be added to the game only by the devs, and they are the one who decide how it will be implemented and how or if they gonna improve it.
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    But what you forget is who is on the forum. Lets say I go to a kkk meeting, I ask “if the the White race is suprior”. I proberbly would have 100% saying yes. Would that then say 100% of the World ppl is beliving the same. My guess that would be a no. It is the same here. My guess is that it is mainly the hardcore player that is on forum. So to belive what they say is the same as all the casuals, I would say it would be to forget some basic elements in sampling and evaluating data.
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    Some game devs add in April Fools events. I'm wondering if one for UA:D is a possibility. Maybe something like, build 20 battleships and sink this
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    Thank you for your response, this makes me cautiously optimistic. I would like to point out though that the Kongo class having been built in 1911 is a much more iconic ship of the "Dreadnought" era even with Pagoda than say the Yamato, Bismarck, or Iowa. Though I understand, as those are the most popular BB's why they were included right now. Though I will say that the Kongo class and a few others specifically are I think a very good possible addition because they are a class that will basically be purchasable early game and that can make it feasibly all the way to late game as they did historically through refits. Actually I realize I havent read anywhere or dont recall that the campaign will allow for ships refits or reconstructions but I sincerely hope that it does. I wold think thats pretty much a necessary feature especially for a campaign covering decades. And finally heres some sexy shots of the class herself over her career. Very sexy.
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    Terrible idea. DLC users matter!
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    I think it would be really nice to have some stats (showing total hits/damage taken or given for example) at the end of battles. It may not be very usefull to the game , but would add an nice little "battle end" and may improve player satisfaction after a battle and , most importandly, may help analysing post-battle what worked out well and what failed. So we can improve tactics and designs. Ps: thanks for your hard work ! Ps 2 : sorry for my hasardous english
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    I bought the game a week ago and so far I think it's very good. For me it's the best naval game (for surface vessels) I played since Fighting Steel 20 years ago. There are a few things I miss (maybe there are in the game and I just didn't notice them yet) and I was wondering if the team was thinking about it. 1. 2D game view. For big battles it's hard to keep up where everyting is and a 2D game view would be great for an option 2. Opponent speed and direction. You get a lot of information about the enemy (more then would be available to a real captain) but you don't get the speed and direction which is the basic information that you would need to calculate a firing solution for guns and torps. 3. Setting a direction of sailing (seting a course). Clicking and the ship going there is great, but sometimes I would prefer to be able to set a course, not only for one ship or group, but for different groups, so I can have them run parallel to each other. 4. Seeing which turrets can fire/are fireing and which are still not engaged. I have found myself many times just watching which turrets are fireing to see if I have my ship at an optimum angle to close and still fire with all the turrets and the changing the course a little, waiting, changing, waiting, etc until I see all turrets firing. 5. Torpedo spread. If possible I would like an option to change the torpedo spread, ad right now I see they are very thight and if I shoot 10 torps and the ship changes course just a little (at long distances) all will miss, but if I can set a larger spread, yeah 8 will miss, but two will still hit and do the damage.
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    I feel like the way accuracy is calculated is way off. Salvos will be very tight when you fire at a distance and ridiculously wide at close range. There is no reason why at say 1-2 km, a salvo from a triple turret should have 1 shot hit while the other two go in wildly different directions. I would consider doing something like separating accuracy from precision. Maybe have higher gun techs improve the precision of of shots, i.e how tight the salvo is and how close it is to the aim points and have fire control and radar affect accuracy i.e where the guns are aiming. Also keep salvo spread constant as a function of distance or something, like shells have +/- X degrees of deviation when leaving the barrel
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    pbs against raiders. thats good for pve server but not for the war (pvp) server
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    6th issue now available https://pdfhost.io/v/Tq1dwQ4F_Gazette6finalpdf.pdf
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