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    It's not a bug, it's a feature.
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    This is the story: you (3rd rate) and your friend (wasa) are attacked in front of Baracoa, I think 8 pirates and perhaps more in third and fourth rates. Me and two others (two ingers and one endimion) are on your position. We decide to join your side, although we will be outgunned, but who cares about that, Russians are our new friends 😂. We fight and sink all of them, we lose an inger (us). So instead of "thanks" you say that there is a green vs green? frankly I don't understand all the salt in you!
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    Заходишь спасать вашего соклана в бой 1 на 6. Выруливаешь бой. А потом бойцы WTF убегают и оставляют тебя воевать с флотом противника. Поздравляю со званием самого трусливого клана!
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    Teleporting traders is the wrong way. You might send them as ai and your prize crew to your outpost with the risk, that someone else will take it. But then there must be a price for that comfort. Which should be, that you cannot fill up your crew in OW. I guess it could be done with an additional perk, call it "prize master ".
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    End of day it's just not worth the time, getting tagged with a liberated trader isn't a problem. When traders started carrying cargo I was capturing them instead of sinking for a few days, had almost 20 ships and their cargo at a free town. The problem is new trading mechanics are based on distance, so even if you capture a trade ship near the port it was sailing to you can't just deliver the trade goods there for high price. You have to deliver to the other side of the map. Takes up too much valuable time.
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    Well up until this patch the Snow (Ontario) was armed like the Cherokee class with 18 pdr carronades. Historically 6 pdrs because she was lost before carronades came into widespread use. As you noted smaller than the Cruizer class and half the tonnage of the Niagara. https://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=5617 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Ontario_(1780) I think they had it right the first time. @admin gave all the ships the choice to arm carros whether they did historically or not. One way to balance the older ships. There was some formula to it ie; 6 pdr ships got 24 pdr carros, 9 pdrs got 32 pdr carros. What throws this off is the allowing main gun deck carronade armament on all ships like the Trincomalee, Constitution and Indefatigable. Historically only the smaller ships did this because it allowed them to carry much heavier ordnance at the expense of range.
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    Just an idea for if less realistic hulls, guns and etc get added (like a Tillman battleship hull or guns larger than 18inch). Maybe before you start a campain or custom battle add an option that makes these parts and hulls available or not available to use when building a ship. I've seen some posts wanting stuff like this which I would be cool but there are some people who probably would not be a fan of that kind of stuff so why not make an option to remove it for those people?
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    indiaman fleets on trade runs to enemy ports regularly make millions of profit in a single trip. im sure frigate captains from your own nation would gladly provide you with an escort if you where willing to share a small amount of that profit as their wage. that game mechanic is called a "group"
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    Especially when the ship has 447 muskets but kills 719. Some musketballs must have killed more than one guy. Pure skill
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    Spanish player Campeador Genoves has insulted russians players severely during the battle.Reported in game and F11 too. Translations: Me cago en vuestros muertos = I shit in your deads Hijos de puta = motherhello kittyers me cago en vuestra puta madre = i ship in your hello kittying mother.
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    Hello @admin I am a bit lost in the forum and I don't know where I should look for some questions but when I play the game something comes into my mind. Some people did get a gift 2018 summer(?). It was the Diana. I sadly missed it due vacations. Now I just realised the Diana is in the game but only as a note. So no port bonus. And ultra rare. Why is this so at this ship? I really wanna try it out. Any plans on make it a Permit ship? #makedianaaviable Best greetings Lukas
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    I still think carronades need worse accuracy in our game, for the sake of balance. So a ship with long guns can enjoy distance fighting.
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    there should be a price to pay when using the 32 lbs carronades. Since they add a lot more weight above the waterline, the heel should be drastically increased (maybe doubled or more). So you get the higher firepower and you opponent the increased chance to shoot leaks.
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    The custom battle mode feels very restrictive. Give me the ability to design every ship in my fleet, have multiple classes of ships, design the ships in the enemy fleet as well and I'll be a happy camper until the end of time. I think the really annoying thing right now is that when it says "custom battle" a lot of people think "noice, time to play out every historical engagement and alternate history scenario ever" but as it stands it's more of a "random battle" mode where you get to have a say about some of the ships in the engagement.
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    WTB Liq, some bananas and redoutable, Thats are my suggestions
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    As someone who does a lot of solo trader hunting, I would love the ability to send trade ship prizes to port after capture. But I wonder if that would instead be the new exploit: I’m a Pirate. My Russian alt trader leaves Vera Cruz loaded with goods. 5 minutes later he surrenders to my Pirate who sends the prize to Mortimer. Bam. 5 minutes = big bucks. It would be nice to see the amount of time required to dump cargo increased. I capture a lot of empty ships.
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    Ye, been saying dat. Hopefully the devs will take it into consideration, player choice is important and will get good press for the guys at gamelabs as well. Also i can finally play this again now that my semester 1 stuff is out of the way (just got assigned semester 2 but that can wait a bit).
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    This is the usual standard answer from PvP players who do not regularly do trade runs. How much would you ask for to escort a group of Indiamen for a 3 hour round journey? At present the trading is not too bad as smart traders can make enough to afford the odd loss of a few ships, but something needs to be done about fighting trade ships being classed as PvP. The reward for attacking trade ships should be their cargo and not the Combat Medals from PvP.
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    Well, nevertheless, they are making "realistic" their selling point. I am on the side that intends to make it as realistic, with as much granularity as I can stand and the AI can use.
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    I'm clearly doing something wrong here crafting my ships with woods instead of muskets.
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    In game alliances back maybe ? This is a mess seriously..
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    Let me flip this argument back. Why would i show to their PB/event if i know they will just turn around and sink me because its just OW? Turning on the people who came to help you because the game lets you is just bad tact. Now you will say because the PB itself is what matters. well... yes. but it's tough to have pbs when your helpers at said battle sink your ships repeatedly. We are people and game itself aside, it is just not a nice feeling. The side the does the sinking ofc considers it normal... because they lose nothing. That's not a relationship. that's literally piracy/exploitation. And we have a pirate faction already. I have no love for gb and am happy they are getting a deserve dose of smacking, but im equally tired of "sweden" running around the whole game throwing tantrums and threatening literally *every* faction with violence. and whenever it becomes and issue, the excuses of "oh we arent as big as russia so we are no threat" start pouring in. followed by the butthurt "we just declared war on you but you should totally go fight russia for us! btw, we are taking your ports nonetheless." Only the blind cannot see this at this point. i cannot defend or excuse hypocrisy. the forger dlc was the worst thing for this game ever envisioned. prove me wrong on that
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    they just pretend to be harmless traders, but actually, they are moving resources with intention of building a ship to use against you!
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    Lots of trader's sail without escort and argue that they shouldn't be sunk...or that it's unfair to sink them. It's not a nation thing, as it happens everywhere.
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    SORRY never lost a port battle
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    Thanks for the report, appropriate actions will be taken once the in-game reports are checked
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    It is not a neutral paper. So ofc the story will be painting a picture,
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    You make absolutely zero sense. Why do you think repairs cost 10 times more? take your time and think about it.
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    Well if we more a moment don’t bash Sweden(I do tho like that). In general I think RvR have gotten better. Russia was ofc strongest(fight in 2 fractions, think they still partly do). Swedn with a huge influx of players is now close in strenght to there main enemy. GB got ofc weaker, but still have a great potential with there Numbers still. VP can still manage a RvR Fleet. Thats more ore less the same. So what have changed that make me think RvR is getting better. Prussia is joining the RvR nations, so is Spain and France(a bit usure how much France, will get involved) Pirates can an do a bit. Us might be more active soner ore later. So all in all a more dynamic RvR World in NA.
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    Nailbiter down at La Anguilla Tonight We made the conscious decision to stay in B near where the square fort was supposed to be firing through land to hit both A and C. 3 Nights ago that fort was firing through land and tore us up losing the first battle here. Of course when it's time for us to use it.....apparently that was fixed? Looking at you @admin. Did this change in the past couple of days? Ended up turning into a long and tense fight of kiting and splitting up ships while we tried to contest circles outnumbered. MVP award goes to @Knuddel who decided to NOT cap the last circle and waste 30 mins sinking a herc 🙂 Good fight Spain!
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    Might as well completely remove long and medium guns from the game by now. Carronade meta is real and the latest patch only highlighted it even more.
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    I don't know, perhaps they are doing some conspiracy together with this russian nation? this is a very good question indeed! Captain 2Strong is still a british captain.
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    So why doesn't the Basic Cutter get 32 lb carronades considering I like that ship ?
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    you're making a mistake! you should help destroy the evil Russian Empire! otherwise Sweden is going to be outplayed and doomed forever! just like the rest of the world! change your actions before it's too late! if it's a player then it's PVP.
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    Feel it's unnecessary. You'll be controlling dozens of ships as an admiral, not a captain. It will get too unwieldy very quickly for a system most players will never be able to use due to an insane amount of multitasking. The only fair and sensible (IRL crews will start damage control to the best of their abilities even if the flagship doesn't tell them to) option would be to make the auto-repair as good as the manual repair, which sort of voids the whole point of an extra game system. Maybe a spinoff Ultimate Captain series could have this sytem.
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    Never underestimate the smallest advantage one may get with single biplane. Such arrogance is a down fall of any army or navy. To see your opponents maneuvers before they see yours is a advantage of unimaginable for a commander. Hence to win your opponent you must know yourself and know your enemy (now were the heck are we on this map again?)
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    its sad that the game is only about for and against russia or sweden now. Miss the old times when every clan could come to random portbattles and just sink some ships of each side for content. and dont have to fear get wiped out for having some fun. 😓
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    What does mentioning one of the best players in the game have anything to do with the average trader though? Problem with most traders is that they never even prepare for a fight. If you tell a lot of these players that they need to put guns on their ships they laugh. 'It takes space in my hold, I'd rather have 1 more trade good' or something like that is what you'd get from them. I'd agree with whoever in whatever thread mentioned that we need more trader raiding because maybe then traders would grow some balls. Everyone is used to trade with fir/fir ships, very few build their indiaman fleet out of anything but fir. Many still dont bother with guns, they undercrew all the indiaman an minimal crew, they prefer to cry for help instead fighting, they bring no escort warship even they sail into a national port, etc. If a raider encountered 3 or 4 indiaman of strong wood, well armed and with a player ready to fight, most raider would probably end up running away.
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    Yes yes. and then the swedes 5 minute later start tagging you. yes, you should have mentioned that part too. might be why nobody really invites them anymore.... well maybe except the dutch because they dont really play so i suppose there is nobody to sink there
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    two screens from the 28th december. i guess because of ppl like this, that dont understand the difference between RvR and OW hunting the brits are loosing ports now these two in the last fight where the spearhead of their revange fleet btw, the two ships of that fleet fast enough to sail so far away from their heavy support that i could engage them without said support
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    Over 700 kills??????? Damn I was expecting that I seen everything in this game. But 700 kills by musket volley is something beyond my horizon
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    That was and always will be the case in everything and everywhere, isn't it?
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    Hello! As we know, the following chat channels will blink continuously when it has unread messages: 1) Trade 2) Clan 3) Nation 4) Global 5) Help 6) Combat news But the PM chat once you leave to other tabs do not continue to blink when you receive a new message and some player do not check the tab if it is not blinking. This make that some people do not know they have a new reply from the user in PM. My request is a small request and a feature that exist in other chat boxes. Which is to make the Pm chat of the other user blink continuously if there is unread message. If there are players who do not like a blinking, maybe there is option to turn this off somewhere would be nice for them too ^^ Thank you for reading!
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    Maybe add a second layer of shallows which ships upto medium frigates (belle poule / frig / trinc / essex / ...) can enter
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    Admirals, Today some REDS-players entered a hostility mission at Gasparilla, thinking they would find a fight against the Spanish players that had joined on the opposite side. What they found is shown here: 4 Spanish players had already surrendered in this battle. All presumably in store-bought ships (without cannons maybe?) The logical conclusion from this is that Spinacia, who currently tops the PvP-leaderboard as I type this, is an alt. Our suspicion is that the surrendered Spanish players are working with this alt in an effort to set a port-battle on Gasparilla, where with no clans on the friendlist of NRED2, this would leave the port invulnerable for several days, preventing a real attack on Gasparilla. There is a very recent and very relevant precedent that applies here: In this recent tribunal hostility on a port was also raised with the use of surrendering enemies. But in the case at hand, the purpose is more malicious. This time it is not a creative way to trade conclude a mutually agreed port-trade. In this case, all evidence suggest the purpose is to make a port invulnerable by cheats. I want to point out that all the players that joined on Russian side after the initiating player are unaware and uninvolved in the action. Both REDS and RIC players joined looking for a real fight. On the Spanish side, the actions of the surrendered players in the screenshot speak for themselves. As for the rest that joined I don't have enough information to determine their involvement or not.
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    Creating natural battle channels would be great, see battle of copenhagen as example. The narrow channel at cartagena also almost creates this picture, being cought out there and you're destined to beach if you have bad wind @admin "Parker gave Nelson the twelve ships-of-the-line with the shallowest drafts, and all the smaller ships in the fleet.[citation needed] Parker himself stayed to the north-east of the battle with the heavier ships – whose deeper drafts did not allow them to safely enter the channel – screening Nelson from possible external interference and moving towards Copenhagen to engage the northern defences.[note 1] Nelson transferred his command from the large 98-gun HMS St George to the shallower 74-gun HMS Elephant for this reason. "
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    Boarding some indiaman with 6th rate but you forgot fleet perk and he has dem goods...
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