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    May it be another, bloody year in the Caribbean!
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    "Circle of death in normal open world battles totally wouldn't screw up gameplay and is a valid option to stop annoying yet somewhat rare tactics. Certainly wouldn't create even more problems."
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    hehe sorry I don't know much English. I just hope we can see more Spanish heavy ships. we only have the santisima
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    Hello! We in PvE have made diplomacy possible! Look at the map we shared and discussed ^^ If you are in PvE and do not know that it exist this diplomacy, please tell me here and we welcome you to the PvE discord channel!
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    I wanted to ask the developers if it is planned to introduce some other Spanish line ship (I remember winning the survey years ago)
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    Hello gents, would it be possible to have some more options in battle ? One that prevents the bots from exiting the battle whatever happens for example , right now they'll exit battle right after their target sinks if not ordered in time ... Also it would be great to tell them what ammunition they should use, they waste chain ammo from far away when told to "dismast" .
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    it's not an alt account. Waldron is a legit player. Issue is that MONKS/MONX is based in two nations - giving them the option to sometimes join battles which they should not be able to join - and therefore have to join on the "enemy" side while not actually helping the team.
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    Just like other tribunals, bet nothing happens
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    In defence of ganking (Sorry for new topic, I couldn't find the proper thread for this, and sorry its so long, i had a long sail ) Firstly, What is Ganking? 1. Sailing around in a large group looking for solo player or smaller group to sink them? 2. Sinking a trader? 3. Sinking a noob? 4. Sinking a solo player 1v1 when you are in a vastly superior ship? 5. Coming out with overwhelming force to sink an enemy fleet running hostility on your Port? 6. Coming out with overwhelming force to sink an enemy ganking fleet? 7. Coming out with overwhelming force to sink an enemy player who has been sinking noobs? The list is endless..which ones of these are acceptable and which are not? There is this idea that ganking is 'bad' and so we need new RoE to prevent it. 1.5 BR difference is the most common idea. But what will this achieve? It is going to prevent many of these types of play, some of them (if not most, and indeed maybe all) are perfectly legitimate imo. Even number 1. The most obvious 'bad' ganking has it's upside: It might be nice to sail around all day in a gold Belle Poule with Poods and Naval clock and carta etc looking for fights and yes its shit if you lose it to a gank. But a good captain is most likely going to beat everyone he meets 1v1 in a 'fair' fight. A very good one will win most if not all fights v 1.5 BR, certainly against the average majority like me. But if 8 reasonably experienced players meet you with some fast ships and a Bellona or two with them, then it doesn't matter how good you are, you might lose that Belle. So perhaps even this bad ganking is really a good thing in that it places at least some limits on just how much advantage experienced players can wield or at least how often? Atm even the very best players in the very best ships are in danger of losing them. If we start introducing BR limits to somehow make battles 'fairer'. Does this not just makes it nice and snuggly for the best and richest players to sail pimped out ships more often, safe in the knowledge they will nearly always win? Doesn't it also mean that average players and noobs will nearly always be outclassed when they meet more experienced players or groups of players? (not just in terms of skill but in terms of the ships too (an insurmountable disadvantage, a gank even?). If you sail to an enemy port and try to attack that nations players or run hostility against them then you should expect a large force to come out and try to prevent you. I think that is acceptable. So if you do that you had better take a really fast ship, and if you do that then your options are reduced and you might find, if you meet another player who has fit for duelling or PVE. (even if he is less experienced), he has a better chance of defending himself? As others have said, ganking also allows newer players to take part in PvP and be a genuine threat. They can make up for their cheap ships, basic upgrades and inexperience (restrictions on gaming time) through sheer numbers. Imposing BR limits on OW battles might just widen the gap between the elite few and the more casual majority and ultimately just alienate more people who will quickly learn they will never have the capacity to compete in meaningful PvP where they can win, and they will just quit. When the new PvP zones are introduced, players who want to, can go there for their fair fights and elite honour duels. OW RoE BR restrictions just restrict game play, frustrate players who cant enter a battle and all to fix a non-existent problem. It might also turn the game into a playground for the few rich and experienced players and the majority of new and less active players will get frustrated and leave. Then everyone loses. There are ways to minimise ganking anyway and a lot of players enjoy the challenge of playing solo and evading gank fleets and do so successfully. So let them gank I say.
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    Pls reintroduce the Diana to the game.
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    I accuse MONKS / MONX of joining a Patrol-Zone battle on two sides, without dealing damage to each other, so that actual reinforcement cannot join. Accused account: [MONX] Waldron We got a battle in the Patrol Zone, started outnumbered (nothing wrong about that), got reinforcement - Waldron joined but didn't bother to move / set sails, until I had called him out in team chat, as seen in the video. At some point he started sailing, only got shot by non-friends of course, and just escaped in the end. He even had a clear possibility of finishing an enemy, but obv. he would not sink his friend. (@ 14:00 in the video) Pretty sad such behaviour is a thing but oh well if that's the only way to get your kills..
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    Hello all, Im in the process of making a Narrative story video series using Age of Sail. Effectively its a Lets play series with a narrative from the point of view of the Captain in the game. Ive uploaded part one already and i think any advice or criticsm from the community would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone would like to help or participate in the idea (voice acting, Historical, Naval Advice) please say. Here is the first part for anyone who might be interested
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    Raiders stop attacking ports until 2nd of January No hostility missions are given until 2nd of January
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    There were updates (with patch notes on discord) on the 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 30th and the 31st. So pretty much every day for the last week. And before that every other day almost. There's nothing wrong with your PC, just a diligent development team.
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    Its not the Clan to blame but the players. the moment you join a battle your expected to fight. The solution is simple, a harch and swift punishment. give waldron 2 weeks ban and an asset wipe. it would probably not affect him much since he dont intend to play anyway. But it would certantly discourage other player for doing this kinda shit knowing they will get a ban. its kinda lame each time to give a player a warning and they be on their way everytime...
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    Everything works perfectly fine My dispute with Content ID has been resolved successfully
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    Thank you all for your suggestions! I got the mission on the first try with HusariuS’s design, plus the suggested Increased Ammo, plus some micromanagement of evasive manoeuvring and fire distribution. My own design (see above) was flawed in many respects. It had weaker weapons on a slower ship with I lot more armor. This formula just did not work in this scenario. Hey Evil4Zerggin, got to try this out. I wish you all a healthy and productive New Year!
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    I sincerely bet someone is going to repeat this at some point in the future
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    Escadron navigant sous Pavillon Français ! Un des escadrons les plus vieux, recrute des joueurs. Les mises à jours du jeux se succède mais notre détermination est sans faille ! Toujours actif auprès de nos alliés de la Nation France, nous rejoindre c’est : - Goûter à TOUS les aspects PVP et PVE de ce jeu : Bataille contre des joueurs ou PNJ, prise de port, mise en place de l’économie, etc. - ATR a son histoire, et ses membres toujours partant pour l’aventure, la transmission de savoir, le travail de groupe. Vous êtes un joueur seul qui débute, un vétéran qui reprend, ou un petit groupe de joueur qui cherche une team pour jouer en communauté ?ATR sera vous guider au mieux dans l'apprentissage de Naval Action et vous apporter le gameplay que vous recherchez ! Ensemble nous pouvons créer de grande chose alors n'hésitez plus et contactez nous via discord ou en MP : Mephis#5289
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    Pick Enhanced Firepower. Design a destroyer with at least 35 kt speed, some torpedoes, and a triple 5" so they can gun down other destroyers. When the battle starts, split into 2-ship divisions and put them all on AI, unless you like pausing every 5 seconds to individually micro 15-20 destroyers around each other and enemy torpedoes. Click x5 speed. Come back in half an hour and hope you got good rolls.
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    Your London suck donky stick,but nevertheless ill buy everything you got😎
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    You say it's historically out of whack...but. Against early and all or nothing armor schemes, small guns at close ranges were devastating. Tsushima is actually one of the best examples of this; the IJN had less heavy capital ships and fewer high calibre barrels, but significantly more cruisers, torpedo boats/early destroyers and therefore smaller guns, and the effect of such massed focus fire was utterly devastating. (This may also however be in part due to the Japanese perfection of what is Lyddite in game, I'm not 100% sure.) More modern examples include Bismarck (It wasn't just large shells that made her a combat loss, many of her systems were knocked out by smaller shells during her final battle.), The Haguro, a Myoko class heavy cruiser, going down to a Destroyer Flotilla in a straight gun/torpedo duel at the end of the war. (Last gunfight in history for those who are interested.) The Prinz Eugen also penetrated both Hood and Prince of Wales with 203mm/8 inch HE shells, one of which was later found undetonated (a dud) inside one of Prince of Wales' secondary magazines. One of these shells set the fire on Hood that detonated her AA magazines for her secondary arms and AA guns which some still debate lead to her final detonation, and not the Bismarck. The Tenryuu sunk or damaged multiple US Heavy Cruisers with 140mm/5.5 inch guns and some torpedo action. These are just what I remember off the top of my head. But even up to WW2, unless you had heavy enough armor and a turtleback (and even this is not guaranteed protection), small guns were very capable of annihilating your ship at close ranges. Especially high velocity weapons, such as the German 203mm guns on the Hippers, could happily penetrate the kinetic equivalent of 400mm or more of steel at close in ranges. As for accuracy, Battleship main guns are actually among the least accurate of weapons until the Iowas, and even they could never boast more than a 3-5% hit rate under test conditions. To use the Denmark Strait as an example again, the Prinz Eugen collected more hits on target than the Bismarck did, despite firing less ammo overall. (If we include Bismarck secondaries also firing.) Fortunately for the British, German shells suffered many defects in production, and just over half of all hits were duds. Had they not been, it is likely the Prince of Wales would also have been lost. (Wondering if dud shells and torpedoes will ever also be added to the game. Perhaps reflecting poor economic conditions in the home country during the campaign?) As with all things in the Alpha, it will be balanced out, but just because ships had armor they were not invincible. Lighter guns could and would do significant damage to and through armor, whether the current levels in game are appropriate or not is up to the devs to balance.
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    [If you use Windows print screen instead of the in-game screenshot, you get all the interface stuff; I can't remember who it was (sorry!) but someone was kind enough to answer my question about that some time ago.] @Armchair_Admiral here are some things I consider when doing designs. @HusariuS has, obviously, also given some good specific feedback. When it comes to guns, it's very important to check the 'mark' rating. A mark 3 14" will be superior to a mark 2 15" in pretty much every respect, and we'll save weight and money as well. Bigger is not always better. When it comes to design, especially following the hotfix, speed and "target signature" are important things to consider. "Target signature" (in shipyard it's under "Stats" ---> "Detection") is what generates the "target ship size" modifier. The higher our detection, the easier we are to hit. It's why DDs are such pains to hit as they might have a -70% penalty for shooting at them due to their very low Detection value. If you put the mouse over the Detection value you can see what it does; in fact one thing I really like is how much info is shown to us about how things alter in-battle performance, such a good game design choice IMO. Max speed will determine the speed at which we can travel to maximise the "own cruise speed" bonus. We want to run at the highest speed that will give a good "own cruise speed" bonus. At the same time, we might choose to go faster than is ideal from the bonus perspective because our speed also applies a penalty to our enemies' shooting. So we're trading off making our own shooting as accurate as possible against making ourselves a harder target by going faster. Armour is a bit all over the place with this hotfix, so I suspect it's worth minimising the chances of being hit but not getting rid of so much armour we're screwed if we are. Then it's "simply" a matter of checking the enemies' chances of hitting us vs ours of hitting them and finding the ideal range at which we have a good enough chance and they don't. IF our armour is decent, we can afford to take a few more hits, so we can afford to tend in the direction of maximising our hit chances. IF our armour isn't good enough, OR we're facing too much incoming fire, we might have to sacrifice accuracy to increase our survival. That's another reason why speed is SO important, and why navies around the world were always looking at it as one of the 3 major components of any ship's design (the others being protection and firepower, although other things such as endurance - how far a ship can travel at various speeds without running out of fuel - also were relevant). It gives us the ability to control the engagement if fast enough. Too many enemies? Back off or try to lure some ships away from the rest and defeat the enemy in detail. Better at close than long range? We can control range, too. And so on. The top speed of 20 knots in the design shown is not going to cut it. You don't have the ability to control the engagement. The AI might be dopey enough, but a human player would definitely use that against you. The only real way to see what's going on is to watch a video of you playing the scenario. As @HusariuS pointed out, the scenarios can be a bit of a crap shoot in terms of what the AI shows up with. With your speed of only 20 knots maximum, however, you're pretty much going to be at their mercy. Just some thoughts. Hope some might prove helpful. Cheers
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    A happy new year gentleman. I am leading the MONKS clan. I tried to get in touch with Waldron to inform him about this tribunal accusation. He told me recently that he will be offline for a longer period so I hope I will get in touch with him. Before that happens, I will not comment here.
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    Ah yes, i also used Increased Firepower bonus. I used Three funnnels to make sure that i will keep up high speed in the case one of them will be damaged or destroyed, two funnels in the middle are Enhanced Funnel (Small) and the one in the Tower is Standard Funnel. Main Tower: Advanced Tower VII - Better accuracy. Rear Tower: Rear Tower VIII - Better accuracy and additional placement for gun.
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    So i designed a ship for you, i don't know if it will work for you because, ships in academy missions are generated randomly, so you will never face same designs. I almost managed to complete the mission with this ship, but i made a mistake and didn't use increased ammunition, and i lost because i couldn't shoot at anything XD My tips are that, you are gonna keep enemy ships at distance, eliminate both Battleships out of fight (you don't need to sink them, just force them to run away, and also you need to only destroy 70% of the Fleet), when you do that, just focus your fire on smaller ships like Battlecruisers, Light Cruisers etc. and sink them. Watch out for Destroyers because they can easily torp you. Type of hull: Battecruiser III - Because i like Battlecruisers. Main Guns: 4x2 381mm - you can also use 406mm but you must consider increased Weight. Secondary Guns: 6x2 127mm - if you want to be better protected against destroyers, you can also put casemates guns. Displacement: 34,300t - To increase the length of the ship to maximum for more space. Speed: 35kn - necessary to increase chance to dodge enemy shells, don't use lower speed than 34 knots. Range: Very Short - useless in academy missions. Bulkheads: Maximum - For maximum survivability. You can also use Many bulkheads. Engine: G.Turbines - because they are better than old ones. Fuel: Oil - because Coal is for poor guys. Boilers: Balanced - because Balance. Aux Eng: Aux III - For maximum survivability, if they managed to hit your ship, there is lesser chance to damage your propulsion system and keep high speed. Shaft: Shaft III - For maximum survivability, if they managed to hit your ship, there is lesser chance to damage your propulsion system and keep high speed. Armor: Krupp IV - Weight saving and better protection. Barbette: Barbette II - Barbette III is also good choice. Antitorp: Antitorp II - Antitorp III is also good choice if you are scared of they torpedoes. Hull bottom: Double - Triple is also good choice. Bulkheads: Reinforced II - Maximum survivability. Anti-Flood: III - Maximum survivability. Citadel: V - Maximum survivability. Shells: Super Heavy - Heavy shells are also good option if you want to keep high reload speed. Ammo shells: Standard - I also recommend Increased ammunition (i actually failed to finish this mission because i run out of ammo XD). Explosives: High TNT - or standard TNT for additional penetration. Turrets: Adv.Hydraulic - The idea is to keep them at distance. Reloading: Auto - Because more shells. Range F: Rng S-V - Battlecruisers usually have weak armor, so it's good to keep your enemy at distance and still have good accuracy. Radio: None - you can also use RDF as it works as Radar I generation. Belt Armor: 240mm - Light armor, high speed. Belt Extended: 80mm - Light armor, high speed. Deck: 50mm. Deck Extended: 25mm. Conning Tower: 380mm - To protect your Commander. Turret: 285mm. Turret Top: 105mm. Secondaries: 50mm. Also Happy New Year 2020
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    this should be included in the base price
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    loooking gooood im more like this
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    Maybe we can give you some advise. Can you show us your design?
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    Еще вырезка зеленый по зеленому, остальное видно по видио ликвисити. Waldron shooting me green for green.
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    Hello, would be good to have a start up layout to well place your ships before the battle has begun for example like how total war has done it before a battle what do you think? It can add strategy, and planning.
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    dont like monx very much but you havoc guys make tribunals about everything now?
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    Swedes were kept in battle for barely 10 minutes in first battle video starts as majority of GB had just left , 2nd battle was longer however the initial tag was made bt sweden so cannot be griefing as they were the agressors ... GB were attacked and griefed by Pirates who were clearly in communication with swedes as can be seen in video . and attacked GB with sole intention of preventing GB joining battle against swedes ... pirates had no intention of fighting however due to lack of speed and incompetence were caught and killed ,,,, many pirates in battle had opportunity to leave as can be seen by screen shot ,, https://imgur.com/zSp6bCb 3rd battle was open water pvp and does not count as greifing as said by accuser the actual claim of over 2 hours of greifing is incorrect as the video itself proves , holding swedes in Battle until our fleet could join .. is no different to pirates holding GB in battle so swedes could escape ... griefing by its nature is when no fight is intended ,, 3rd battle is proof we intended to fight accuser is using tribunal to avoid fights he doesnt want to be in .. and choosing his own battles when he has advantage I accuse OP of wasting tribunal time ,,, trying to use tribunal for his own benefit rather than good of game ..claims by accuser are false otherwise he would not of initiated 3rd battle if GB captains are found guilty I expect as a matter of balance pirates in scren shot receive same punishmment
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    This is a test calculating the theoretical DPM of a triple mk3 18" gun on a stationary target at various ranges using all explosives. This test does not calculate pen chance or HE damage/fire affect and assumes we are shooting AP only. Alright, so here are the results: As you can see, Lyddite Shells offer the best theoretical DPM on stationary targets (with AP) given that 100% of all shell penetrate. Since I do not know how penetration, partial pen, non pen, etc. affect damage there is no way for me to make this test with armor as a variable. As it stands, the absolutely massive +57.5% bonus to shell damage that Lyddite I has makes it by far the best suited for this task, totally negating the bonus to range that Ballistite gives. Some more things to consider are that these test results are swayed both by the modern fire control on the towers, the stability of more modern hulls, and the high damage output of the triple 18" Mk. 3, It is probably very likely that the performance of these explosives would differ if different caliber guns or more antiquated fire control were used, but the only time to consider using all of the possible shells in the game would be in the late-game, and so as a result I am not sure the extent to which these confounding variables skew the result.
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    A ways to go before it meets Napoleon or Empire but definitely has the potential to surpass if the devs stick with it. The castles, units and open world of Napoleon/Empire really have my attention.
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    That's Correct, the Darth mods! Also responsible for Ultimate General: Civil War which has a lot of the elements of this game in it.
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    Agressive NPCs all over the map sounds like a bad idea at the first look.. Around capitals they got a reason to be a thing, protect noobs - but on a pvp server, being attacked by npcs all over the map? I dont know. Will have to test
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    @admin Might want to reconsider the BR limit, I can sail a Prince without consequence to any Capital cap a Indiaman and sail out. I expected the Indiaman in fleet to increase overall BR causing Priv Fleet to attack. Also can you adjust Priv Fleet speed in OW to only increase once they are trying to tag as they look rather comical speeding around like jetskis.
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    Russia when they realised they lost to Britain even when Britain didn't use fireships :
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    Well in a couple of days will be marking my 5 year anniversary here and not going to calculate how many thousands of in game hours lol. We started with (After Trials) sand bar ports with a dock, pretty much just sand bars and water and a couple of ships. We have come a long way from that to what we have now with all the detail in game and on the ships. Thank you for creating a game that can give you joy one minute and the next drive you to the brink of insanity lol. Has been an interesting journey and thank you for letting me experience and be a part of this experience. Congrats Devs and players for getting us to where we are now and Happy Holidays to you all. WELL DONE. Dragon
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    I can only heart you're post once I wish I could heart it many times
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    How big is the chance that Redoutable will come this month + expected price ? Thanks for any answer @admin
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    Le Redoutable, 74 guns, built in France in 1794 (Téméraire class), sank in the storm following the battle of 1805, before any change of name HMS Redoubtable, 74 guns, built in UK in 1806 (Armada class) If I ain't mistaken 🙂
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    Is this a joke? I was looking for some irony in your post, but could not find any
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    I have posted this picture before, but I have decided to redo it with more information, to properly look at how it works within the context of the ships involved so as to give an Idea of Fama, and how she compares to other ships of similar sizes. I have also reuploaded the image to have much less distortion from page bending. The picture is of a comparison of how various ships sit in the water and is from the book Das Erbe Der Serenissima, by Dr Karl Klaus Korner. I have also included some specifics of the ships featured so as to further understand the comparison. Concordia (1772) Venetian 40/56 gun Fregata Grossa/Second Rate: Improved San Michele Arcangelo Class Designer: Antonio Nadal di Annibale Measurements Total Length: 128,85 (Venetian foot) (44.8m) Keel Length: 110 (Venetian foot) (38.25m) Total Width: 35 (Venetian foot) (12.17m) Bilge tip: 27.5 (Venetian foot) (9.56m) Draught: 16.5 (Venetian foot) (5.73m) Armament: Fregata Grossa: 20 x 30lb (Venetian pound) (9 kg each) 20 x 14lb (Venetian pound) (4.2kg each) Total Broadside: 440 lb (Venetian pound) Second Rate: 24 x 30lb (Venetian pound) (12 kg each) 24 x 14lb (Venetian pound) (4.2kg each) 8 x 12lb (Venetian pound) (3.6 kg each) Total Broadside: 576 lb (Venetian pound) (173.38 kg) Plans: Short History: Designed as an improved, more modern version of the San Michele Arcangelo class first launched in 1749. Concordia was laid down in 1767 and launched in 1772. The majority of her career was spent supporting Venetian convoys to and from the eastern mediterranean, as part of this role she supplemented her role as a heavily armed transport ship and carried spare masts to support the Venetian navy. She later took part in the war against the Bey of Tunis where she took part in the hunting down of barbary ships and bombardment of Tunisian towns. Once the war had ended she returned to Venice and was in 1793 refitted as a receiving ship, where she served for 20 years before being broken up. Dolphin (1781) British 44 gun 5th Rate; Roebuck Class Designer: Thomas Slade Measurements Length of Gundeck: 139' 11" (42.37m) Length of Keel: 115' 6” (35.06m) Width: 37' 10” (11.28m) Depth of Hold: 16' 4" (4.89m) Tons Burthen: 880 47⁄94 Draught: 19’ 3” (5.87m) Armament: 20 x 18lb (8.16 kg each) 22 x 9lb (4.8 kg each) 2 x 6lb (2.72 kg each) Total Total Broadside: 285 lb (129.27kg) Plans: Short History: HMS Dolphin was one of the batch of Roebuck class ships launched in 1781 towards the end of the American war of Independence, she was commissioned for service in the North Sea and was present at the battle of Dogger Bank, fighting against the Dutch. She was reassigned to the Jamaica Squadron in 1782 where she would spend the remainder of the war. With peacetime she was repaired and then laid in ordinary where she would stay until 1789, when she was refitted as a hospital ship in response to the Nootka crisis, where war with Spain looked likely to erupt, although by the time the refit was finished the crisis was over and again laid in ordinary. In 1793 she was commissioned as a storeship for the Mediterranean squadron where she took part in the evacuation of Porto Ferrajo and the capture of Minorca then returning to Lisbon to serve as a Hospital ship. In 1800 she returned to England and was refitted as a troopship, and later dispatched back to the Mediterranean where she took part in the Royal Navy’s Egyptian campaign, then returning and being paid off in 1802. In 1804 she saw another refit into a storeship, and would work to take supplies to Ireland. She then was refitted again in 1805, and went on to serve in the Leeward Islands, was refitted again and then broken up in 1817. Grampus (1782) British 50 gun 4th Rate Grampus Class Frigate Designer: Edward Hunt Measurements Length of Gundeck: 148' 1 (45.11m) Length of Keel: 121' 8" (36.89m) Width: 40' 8" (12.4m) Depth of Hold: 17' 9“ (5.19m) Tons Burthen: 1,070 25⁄94 Draught: 20’ 7” (6.27m) Armament 22 x 24lb (10.89 kg each) 22 x 12lb (5.44 kg each) 6 x 6lb (2.72 kg each) Total Broadside: 414 lb (187.79 kg) Plans: Short History: Built in Liverpool in 1782 very little seems to be written about her that I have seen, a similar design to the portland class although slightly larger with some interesting features like a fully built up bow and one of the ships that started the theme of enclosing the waist. She was first commissioned in 1782 in home waters, in 1783 she was refitted for foreign service and recommissioned the same year although sadly I can’t find details to where this service took her. She returned in 1785, when she was refitted for African service, and then commissioned to serve there. She was later returned to Depford in July 1794 and broken up a month later. Rättvisan (1783) Swedish 62 gun Third Rate Improved Wasa Class Designer: Fredrik Chapman Measurements Total Length: 167 (Swedish foot) (49.6m) Width: 45’ 9” (Swedish foot) (13.59m) Depth of Hold: 19’ 6” (Swedish foot) Draught: 19’6 (Swedish foot) (5.79m) Armament Peacetime: 26 x 24lb (Swedish pound) (10.2 kg each) 28 x 18lb (Swedish pound) (7.65 kg each) 8 x 6lb (Swedish pound) (2.55 kg each) Total Broadside: 588 lb (Swedish pound) (249.9 kg) Wartime: 26 x 36lb (Swedish pound) 28 x 24lb (Swedish pound) (10.2 kg each) 8 x 6lb (Swedish pound) (2.55 kg each) Total Broadside: 828 lb (Swedish pound) (351.9 kg) Plans: Short History: Rättvisan was one of the Improved Wasa Class ships drawn up by Chapman, constructed at great speed in Karlskrona, with her keel laid down on 19th of July.1783 and was launched only a month and a half later on the 2nd of September straight into service. Rattvisan was heavily involved with the Swedish-Russo war of 1788-90 where she took part in the battles of Hogoland and Vyborg. It was during the battle of Vyborg where she was captured by the Russians, who much prized Swedish ships. Now with Russia, she was commissioned to the Baltic in 1791, then stationed in Revel’ Roads between 1792-4, England 1795-6, then the Baltic again in 1797, the same year she was docked in Kronshtadt and surveyed for draughts so as could be copied. She departed her dock in 1798 and went to assist British efforts in the North sea until 1800. She then returned to russia, and received repairs between 1803-4 after which she returned to service in the Mediterranean. She fought at the battles of Mount Athos, The Dardanelles and Lemnos in 1807, was stationed to Lisbon between 1807-8 and then went on to be interned at portsmouth. She remained there until she was sold in 1813, although her guns were returned to russia. Fama (1784) Venetian 66 gun Fregata Grossa/Second Rate (3rd Rate French/Austrian ship) Fama Class Designer:Domenico Giacomazzo Measurements Total Length: 138 (Venetian foot) (48.00) Keel Length: 122 (Venetian foot) (42.42m) Width: 37 (Venetian foot) (12.86m) Draught: 17.5 (Venetian foot)(6.08m) Bilge Tip: 28 (Venetian foot) (9.73m) Armament: 26 x 40lb (Venetian pound) (12 kg each) 26 x 30lb (Venetian pound) (9 kg each) 14 x 14lb (Venetian pound) (4.2kg each) Total Broadside: 1008 lb (Venetian pound) (303.41 kg) Plans: Short History: Designed as part of a modernisation project, bringing Venetian ships up to date with the double framed typical european standards of the time, she was launched in 1784 and sailed for Malta where immediately became the flagship of Angelo Emo, she took part in various action during this campaign, attacking large barbary ships and taking part in the bombardment and destruction of many of the most prolific bases for north african piracy. Following the death of Angelo Emo she returned to Venice carrying his body with full honours. After this she was displaced from being flagship by the larger ship Vittorio and she was sent to be stationed in Corfu, where she would spend the rest of her Venetian career patrolling the coastline for pirates. Following the surrender of Corfu she was captured and enlisted into the French Fleet, where she was sent to Toulon and received a small refit and rearmament, and was renamed Renomee, then Dubois. She then went on to serve in Napoleon’s Egyptian campaign, where she would sadly come into collision with the french flagship L’Orient at Alexandria, because of the damage she received she was then used as the command headquarters for the French forces, and later partially sunk to block the British fleet from entering the harbour, after the British routed the French from Egypt, she was captured by the British who inspected her and found her in poor condition so fully sank her. (For more history of her and her sister ships, please check the other posts in this thread, there are more in depths plans too)
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