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    Thread closed. Discussion moved to: Update 26/11/2019:
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    Hello, I am not happy about 24 hour cooldown for DLC ships and paints. I purpose a new timer to be available just after maintenance. So even if you redeemed your Ratvisan 3 hours before or 23 hours before maintenance time, you can redeem one just after maintenance. You still can redeem only 1 ship within 24 hours interval. Currently if you redeemed at 0100 am local time, and lost a ship, next evening you need to skip the peak player hours without the dlc, or you have to sleep early, your 1 redeemable is wasted. I do not see any positive thing on the current 24 hour cooldown. This is not a mobile game that we can buy gold coins to skip timer. So it does not matter for developers if everyday our timer for DLC resets after maintenance time. This will bring more players and pvp/pve to the server at the peak hours.
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    The French Navy during the 17th century An upcoming monograph at ancre.fr written by P. Villiers describes the French ships armed with 70-110 guns and built during 1624-1715, ie. during the reigns of Louis XIII and Louis XIV : For the record, among others, another monograph written by JC Lemineur from the same publishing house described the Navy of Louis XIV : ...and Le Saint Philippe (1691) is described at length in another one :
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    I think being able to target secondary guns on a second target is very important.
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    Here is a challenge , do all 23 missions again but you MUST build ships with LONG RANGE! When the campaign hits we will need to design good ships with useful range so this should be a great practice. I'm 10/23 now, and I have to tell you it is a significant restriction. Good luck
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    and I think a majority of us currently playing would love incentives to create this "ratio." currently there is little reason to sail anything below a 1st rate besides the cost, and even then the cost can be mitigated to a degree through coordination with others. suggestions that @rediii has stated with BR balance and BR adjustment on ports is, in my opinion, just 1 step towards achieving a better goal in lowering the "need" for 1st rates. 1st rates are great right now, most guns, HPs, best BR ratio. They have everything and very little downsides. I don't want to nerf the 1st rate stats for the ship, what I want is someone to have to make the conscious decision if they decide to use a 1st rate in a battle, that they should expect another group to be able to take 3 - 3rd rates to match the BR value, and that those 3rd rates, if they coordinate are superior in firepower, HPs, and maneuverability. if the BR of a port was 10k, I'd like to see it where if you decided to only bring 1st rates, you could only bring 8-9 of them, but when it came to 2nds or 3rds, you could bring 15-25 ships. if you have the numbers, the 2nd or 3rds would win based on stats, but depending on who is more battle-hardened would determine the overall outcome. Alternatively we as players will always find a "meta" in RvR, if that is the case, I'd rather have a 3rd rate meta that also supports 2nds and 4ths to a degree instead of the insanely bland Ocean/Santi Meta we have now. it's legit cancer.
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    On topic: The clone 74 is very uncompetitive at its price tag. I'd even try the experiment and make her free of CM cost. Pavel can be made interesting by giving her access to Edinorogs (as the only ship in the game). She'd still not be meta but at least she'd have teeth and she carried a handfull of them in RL.
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    I am not happy at the current ship disturibution at the OW. It is very rare to see Frigate, Essex, La Belle Poule, Surprise, Cerberus etc. Some of the these ships are only seen in shallow patrol but that's also another problem for other 6th rates which are all dead except Niagra / LRQ / may be Snow and Prince. For example, a trincomalee is a non-permit ship which has 9000 hp, 800 broadside weight, decent crew and sailing profile. Endymion is a permit ship and is even better at some points. There are few more competative ships but they are no where to be found (Diana etc.) while the inferior 5th rates (most of the remaining ones !) only have around half the hp and also half the broadside weight. (frigate 5000 hp, 560 broadside weight) So as a result, we mostly see Trincos and Endymions or bigger ships around. Purposal : Do not change the broadside weight of all these ships but increase their hp, may be around %50. So this may make them more competitive on OW, they will be at least something. Also same goes for the 6th rates, they need to have more hp. Alternative Purposal : Nerf the hp of endymion / trincomalee and other superfrigates to make rest of he ship pool more attractive. we also need some love for Pavel / 3rd rate / Victory.
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    Checked his start date, it was yesterday, so decided to let him win. Dropped sails so he could shoot me but his aim was bad so just boarded him and Defended against every Fire Deck Guns. Lost eventually.
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    same as with paints, should be 1 redeemable each reset. Now this is a QOL feature that doesent benefit one guy more then another and ruin the gameplay for all else.
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    Little Cayman PB: As the brits were kiting us near their fort for the whole time, it was more than anything an intense fight against the clock. You might want to learn to count, since I remember 2 recent battles against GB at Cayman Brac, but okay, if you want to start the count at one again then this is me after battle number two won: btw YOU were the ones flexing after a single, very uneven, battle
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    Hola a todos, Aqui, en este hilo, podriais postear todas las batallas futuras de la Faccion Española en RvR. Hubo una PB hace poco, la de Pinar, donde se vi una flota Española de Primeras. Es un signo muy positivo, la Faccion ya tiene un numero de jugadores con capacidad de produccion. El resultado de esa PB contra los Prusianos no importa mucho, lo importante es poder presentar flota, tener los medios para crear contenido. Ya sabeis todos que se tardara bastante antes de poder competir contra otras Facciones, pero pegarse contra Prusia es una muy buena iniciativa visto que es un Faccion comparable en tamaño. ANIMO A TODOS !!
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    I want to suggest an auto-redeem function for patrol zone events. As the server goes to maintenance, all rewards should be automaticaly redeemed. If this is not technicaly possible, I want to have reminder before logging off the game like: "You have unredeemed patrol zone rewards, do you still want to log off?" Also it would be pleasant to have a reminder like "your gifts will be expired in 5 days, do you want to redeem them" for the gifts like Santa Cecila.
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    Either she needs to be made faster than the Bucc and Christian with current guns, or she needs her original gun lay out of the 18 lbs in place of the 6 lbs we currently have. Though I always though the poods lay out could be added to give it something interesting. Either way this is what I would make the guns instead. Lower Deck 30 guns at 36 lb max (this will give more reason to use the french guns). Upper Deck 32 guns of 24 lbs Quarterdeck/forcastle 24 18 lbs Yes this would make it a 86 gun ship compared to it being a 82, but it still doesn't have chasers. I would still make it faster but have the worse turn rate out of all the three. The Pavel originally had: Lower Gun Deck24 Russian 36-PounderLower Gun Deck6 Russian 1-Pood Edinorog (1780)Upper Gun Deck6 Russian 1-Pood Edinorog (1780)Upper Gun Deck26 Russian 24-PounderQuarterdeck/Forecastle24 Russian 18-PounderRoundhouse4 Russian 1/4-Pood Edinorog Instead of what it has: Lower Gun Deck6 Russian 1-Pood Edinorog (1780)Lower Gun Deck24 Russian 36-PounderUpper Gun Deck4 Russian 1-Pood Edinorog (1780)Upper Gun Deck26 Russian 24-PounderQuarterdeck/Forecastle24 Russian 6-Pounder
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    Agree with the 3rd The Pavel has a lot of different issues. What many forget is that it loses it's bowsprit against all 3rd rates and above aswell. Also it is outclassed in every stat by the buccentaure.
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    I agree about the first rate spam, BR cap on ports is too high. But it's wrong to say they only participated in 3-4 real battles. Ideally the fleet compositions we have should reflect RL fleets, two deckers mostly, with three decker SoL sprinkled in.
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    Make St Pavel Great again! such a beautiful ship!
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    Не точка, а область - вышел из области и бонус потерял. Собственно это можно сделать, используя механику патрульных и столичных зон, когда на карте выделяется область с особыми свойствами и над компасом видит метка с указанием этих свойств (в данном случае буква "W" с указанием бонуса к ветру). Единственно зоны должны быть не идеально круглые, а неправильной формы, лучше всего вытянутыми в каком то направлении. Величину бонуса проще сделать постоянную, а в идеале динамично меняющуюся от краев зоны (меньше) к центру зоны (больше). Направление ветра - в идеале конкретное, но пока у нас в игре общий ветер, проще сделать его как обычно. Вообще вот неплохое в принципе предложение: Если уж говорить о реализации, то по хорошему идеальным вариантом было бы сочетание указанных на карте постоянных ветровых зон (или зон с течением), которые бы имели определенное направление и отражали бы реально существующие ветра данного региона, и временных ветровых зон, которые бы обновлялись при перезагрузке сервера и показывались на карте только, когда ты к ним подошел (не исчезая при этом после захода в порт). Это если не говорить об идее двухслойной карты, где игрокам нужно было бы с процессе перемещения открывать разные интересные полезные места и географические объекты/явления - к сожалению это крайне маловероятно, ибо разрабы рассматривают открытый мир, как статичную красивую карту
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    We could have it like this: your opponent´s BR divided by your BR = result for pvp mission. killing a trader-brig with a trinc will give a mere and reasonable 0.167 kill. Nice, isn´t it? On the other hand you´ll get almost 4 kills using the broken snow killing the trincomalee. And for sure my beautifull idea will be abused and exploited like hell
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    Да , ладно, классная же идея для стрима - Реверс от всех бегает на торговом бриге. Это игровой эвент и контент можно сделать - охота на Реверса. Да еще и с призами. Ветра сами по себе не лажа, а вот то, как они сделаны - лажа. Отличный пример того, как неудачное исполнение портит хорошую идею.
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    Admin already said that some mechanic protecting capital waters is coming back. I guess it's aggressive AI or something like that
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    This change in BR will not increase the server population. But maybe, some content for new players could do it. Especially if some in-game rule protect them against permanent ganking in capital aread, by a handfull of always the same players, farming there their glorious medals, using intensively their Elite Insulting Refit when being counter ganked, etc. In-game population question can be solved only by in-game rules. For the moment, in-game rules are just pushing and increasing ganking and new player farming (medals, leaderboard, upgrades that not a single casual player can have, etc.) In other words, in-game rules are preventing new players to stay in game. New players can't survive. New players have no content. What more to explain recurrent server depopulation?
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    fix. P.S. it sounds funny enough when a player who has been playing since 2016, having passed not many hundreds of PBs, is accused of saying something after a victory.... if he has to be silent after every victory, I'm afraid it will look like a permanent chat(forum) ban
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    Wind gusts are just a wooden leg placed in game to patch the broken economy. Now, players can transport things around the map more rapidity to earn money with long distance trading. It can be noticed that transport missions were nerfed the same day. I won't give my personal opinion on this change (don't want to be banned), but I did not see yet any player trading economic goods in game. Economy seems to be still broken, but as this is not the biggest problem of the game, the developer won't rework this immediately. We have to live with this wooden leg. As it is.
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    @adminPlease make the Diana accessible, either as craftebel or as a DLC
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    Isn't that pretty much the same thing? Making them easier to get? One thing doesn't have to cancel the other though, all permits could be available for both CMs and VMs.
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    lower the cost and would they still be worth sailing the pavel? helllllllllllllllllll no. the cost is not the problem. I have a counter proposal for all lineships that cost permits. Allow the Permits to be purchased with victory marks.
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    This is a game... Some things are going to be 'gamey' because it's a game. The learning curve is already hard enough for casual players as it is; plus NA has a lot more important things it needs work on.
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    Repairs retrieve a % based amount of HP, be it Rig (Sails), Hull or Crew. The base repair % is 25%. You can increase that by various upgrades and the officer perks rigging specialist and carpenter. The amount being repaired depends NOT on the amount of Crew you have on repairduty. You allways repair the same amount, the only thing that changes is the speed you are repairing. This is why activating boarding to split your crew more is a viable tactic when being on 100% HP of Hull or Rig. (Because you can't repair more than 100% you rather have a longer repair so you get damaged again) The cooldown of a repair starts when you hit the button. If you extend the repair by activating boarding gunnery and sailing it lasts ~5-6 minutes. The amount of repairs needed is best checked on www.na-map.netlify.com or ingame if you hover over your ship in port. The best way to use repairs is to use it very early when you know you will get damage over the next few minutes aswell. If I know I will just exchange broadsides the next minutes I normally just hit repair after I get 1 broadside of damage. In small pvp engagements it can make a HUGE difference to have your repair ready again a few minutes earlier than your enemy.
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    Where are you making this *** from? Game Labs is not a Russian game company and is not located in Russia. Your racists statements make all other the points you make irrelevant and unreadable. We value humans from all countries and timezones: from United States to Vietnam to State of Texas, and listen to all of them.
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    Wars between AI nations as well please. The lack of them in RtW (aside from those allied to the player) is another serious campaign flaw there.
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    "Туда ехали - за ними гнались, обратно едут - за ними гонятся. Какая интересная, однако у людей жизнь" (с) Если же серьезно, то это и правда будет оживляж посреди банального ганка нонстоп с периодическими баталиями на трехдечниках. А что не собрались - так есть разница - драться с Реверсом на боевых кораблях и проигрывать, или весело с гыгыканьем ловить Реверса на груженом торгаше, ориентируясь по стриму. Особенно, если там будет ценный груз в качестве приза - те самые золотые караваны о которых говорит @qw569 З.Ы. Заметьте, не я это сказал про текущую ситуацию с перевозками и торговлей. А САМ РЕВЕРС!!!!
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    i suggest to increase their costs of mats to 50k frame woods and 30k planking....1-2-3rd rates must be rare in this game, not a spam. and buff 1-2-3rd rates HP guns damages as it was in early time of damage patch model
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    А как же фан и удовольствие от игры и движухи, о чем кто-то нам все время проповедует?
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    The US developed a new tactic for their revenge fleets and it worked pretty good against me the other night. They leave some ships near the battle still, but they also place some ships at a wind boost and wait for your battle to end. If I don't come out of the battle with a boost in sight, they are guaranteed to catch me. I don't mind a revenge gank in general, because I sail a fast ship when I go into harm's way, but in cases like this, the wind boosts supply a very unfair advantage. It removes any skill from the equation when you can drop 6 (larger) ships with a wind boost onto one player who has no chance of one.
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    The bug report tells the story - it would seem my loki rune malfunctioned. I used the rune and my screen faded to black, but immediately faded back in to port Thank you Edit: the rune is back. It seems to have been refunded automatically. Sorry about the hasty report!
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    Roseau - единственный порт в этом регионе, где добывается и сахар, и уголь и железная руда. Давно уж наверное инвестировали в дуб и крафтите там и ром, и хулки, и орудия Не-е-е-т, хочу посмотреть на человека, который в вечерний прайм-тайм через полкарты провезет бочку мимо ганкеров нескольких государств за 800 дублонов и сотню тысяч реалов
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    What sort of turret designs are exactly being planned for this game, and will they have different advantages for each? For example, the German turret design of the Bismarck or the turrets of the Hood. As well, will we be able to use prototype turret designs from proposed ships like the A-150 20 inch turrets, or are we keeping it within 18 or less Pic related is the bismark turret im working on
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    Hypothetical scenario. You are in bellona. Two trincomalee tag you. You sail close hauled and reverse to deny your stern, but one trinc gets a good rake and a crew shock. The other rushes and boards your side. You are dead quickly as continued takes make the boarding one sided. Compare to now, you have a much better chance to recover from that one miss timed reverse. Is this good change or will it only promote more the ganking and bring back the days of rage boarding?
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    I wish people would stop crying that the Devs always try to favor the russian nation in game, everyone at this point should know the russians benefit from the trading the most. If they wanted to favor them they would've fixed trading long ago and the russians would be even richer. Offending the developers in their own forums is a poor way to try to have your opinion heard. Some people here just seem to always want to focus on the negative of everything or just have nostalgia for NA early access. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    take away permit for 3rds and add 4 wasa
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    And a crapton of heel added (if I'm not confusing ships, thats what she did historically)
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    Figurehead of Le Commerce de Marseille during her monarchic period (1785-1792) without painting : here. (from Delacroix' monograph) very nice work!
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    When we are talking about pre WWII technologies, then the only gun aiming technology is optical. The larger gun mounts and/or range finding mounts could hold a much wider stereoscopic range finder, which obviously means far greater accuracy in range calculation. The more stable gun platform from the greater mass means that the shells are more likely to land in the vicinity of the target (prediction). It is a simple fact that a smaller more lively gun platform, say...a destroyer, will spread it's shots more widely.
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    No sorry, this is a realistic game, if you want unrealistic buffs or nerfs to make cruisers or destroyers at the same level of a battleship you should play at World of Warships, in real life a cruiser or a destroyer are inferior to a battleship, the game is called "UA: Dreadnought" for a reason, the other types of ships are secondary, moreover, a WW2 battleship has a superior accuracy than an old Dreadnought thanks to the radar and the modern Fire Control System, which is correct and this must not change.
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    My experience is that usually those who complain about being ganked are the ones who love to gank others.
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    Oh yes I think they're very beautiful ships, they just uh.. didn't do to well when it came to combat. Easily my favorite pre deadnoughts.
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